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Rise of the Villains: Mommy's Little Monster Recap

Butch leads Oswald and his men to the warehouse at the port where Theo is holding Gertrude. Gertrude promises to make Theo and Tabitha pay for what they've done. They enter the warehouse and find Gertrude in a cell, and Oswald says that he's taking her home. The lights come up, and Theo and Tabitha step out. Tabitha admits that she's been torturing Gertrude, and Theo insists that the woman is older. He holds up a key and says that it's the only way to open the cell. Oswald orders Butch to shoot both Galavans in the head and take the key, and Butch hesitates. He then turns the gun on Oswald's men and shoots them dead. Oswald insists that Butch has to obey him, but Butch says that the Galavans fixed him. Tabitha found the trigger word and got Butch to remember it.

Oswald begs the Galavans to spare him, saying that he's still valuable. Theo doesn't believe it, and Oswald begs them to let his mother go no matter what they do to him. The Galavans make him get to his knees and beg again, saying that he'll do anything. Theo suggests that Gertrude has served her purpose, and gives Tabitha the key. She releases Gertrude, who runs to Oswald and hugs him. Tabitha stabs her in the back and Oswald screams in fury as he holds is dying mother inhis arms. He tells her that nothing is wrong and they're together now, and that's all that matters. He asks for her forgiveness, and Gertrude assures him with her dying breath that he's always s been a good boy.

Theo tells Butch to kill Oswald and dump the bodies. As he walks off, Theo calls him a coward and says that he doesn't have the guts to kill him himself. Theo comes back, takes the gun from Butch, and prepares to shoot Oswald. Oswald slashes his neck with the knife from Gertrude's back, cuts Butch, and leaps through the window as Tabitha shoots at him.

Edward lies on the floor and dreams of accidentally killing Kristen. He wakes up and finds Dark Nygma watching him. Edward insists that he will make things right, and Dark Nygma gestures and Kristen's body is gone. There's an envelope there instead, with a riddle from Dark Nygma telling him to look for Kirsten's initials at the GCPD. Dark Nygma admits that he took over Edward's body for his own good, and tells him to find the body before anyone else does.

At the Galavan penthouse, Theo and Tabitha watch the pollsters predicting a landslide win for Theo in the mayoral election. Silver wants to go to the victory party, and Tabitha wants to go with her and unleash some hell. Theo tells them that there will be plenty of time for that once Bruce signs over his company and met his unfortunate destiny. Until then, Theo needs focus and wants Silver to make sure no one is influencing Bruce. Silver assures Theo that she has Bruce under her control, and Tabitha says that she'll handle Oswald. He says that it's time to use his new army.

At the station, Jim admits to Harvey that he doesn't trust Theo but is happy as long as he gives the GCP what it needs. However, Jim still wonders why Oswald was apparently going after mayoral candidates and then burning down buildings. Theo and Dent come in, and Barnes tells Jim that Oswald tried to kill Theo. They meet in Barnes' office and Theo claims that Oswald came to him seeking an alliance. Jim isn't convinced, and Barnes assures him that they plan to put Oswald behind bars. Dent hands over an arrest warrant for Oswald and search-and-seizures on all of his properties and associates. The DA informs Barnes that Judge Turnball has declared a state of emergency and granted the mayor's office additional powers. As soon as he's sworn in, Theo will declare martial law. Barnes sides with him and says that they'll be acting within their legal rights, and pledges his full support to Theo.

Outside, Jim tells Theo that he's cautious about what's happening. Theo points out that desperate times call for strong measures, but Jim warns that people still need trust them. The new mayor says that at the end of the day, people want to feel safe. As he goes, Theo reminds Jim that Jim came to him.

At the manor, Selina breaks in and finds Bruce watching the news. He points out that he hasn't seen her in a month, and she starts to explain about Bridgit. Silver comes in and Selina realizes that she and Bruce are together. Bruce introduces the two girls, and Silver asks Selina to join them for lunch. She sends Bruce to have Alfred set another place and then tells Selina that it would be bad if she comes around again. Silver says that she's Bruce's only friend and dismisses Selina as a piece of gutter trash. She asks if anyone would miss Selina if she was just gone. Bruce comes back and Silver says that they were talking about girl stuff.

Edward returns to the station and tries to decipher the riddle. He finally goes to the vending machine and presses the KK button continually, and a severed hand finally comes up. Edward jars it loose and leaves with it.

At the penthouse, Tabitha warns Theo that the manhunt will drive Oswald underground and they won't be able to find him. Theo figures that Oswald will deliver himself to them out of rage and a desire for revenge. He assures Tabitha that then she'll get to kill him.

Oswald returns to his men as Zsasz and the others watch Theo's speech against Oswald. Theo says that Oswald is a man that not even a mother could love, and Oswald smashes the screen and tells his men that Theo dies that night.

At the station, Harvey learns that Butch is holed up at a bar. Word on the street is that Butch has started his own crew. As the partners head off, Leslie comes in and gives Jim the keys he left at the apartment. One of them is the key to her apartment, and Leslie insists that it's just a key. Jim wonders if she wants a key to his place, and Leslie says that she doesn't.

Alfred serves lunch, and Selina taunts him about slapping her in the face. Silver asks her about her family, and Selina ask Bruce if she's buying Silver's face. She calls Silver a two-faced slut and figures that she's after Bruce's money. Once Silver runs out, Selina warns Bruce that he's not the best judge of people and Silver is bad news. He tells her to leave, and Selina walks out. As she goes, Bruce says that he thought Selina was his friend but she has no idea what that means.

In the records room, Edward examines Kristen's hand and finds another riddle on a slip of paper under the ski. It tells Edward to find the two things missing from the hand. Dark Nygma appears and says that the riddles are good for Edward. He's trying to show Edward what he really is, and Edward realizes that there are two periods missing from the riddle: M and E, Medical Examiner. Dark Nygma admits that he really did it.

Jim and Harvey drive to the bar, and Jim is clearly distracted. He figure that Oswald is a pragmatist and wouldn't attack Theo, and figures that Theo planned his rise to the mayor's office. A deliveryman pulls up, and Jim and Harvey full him in. They order Butch's men to drop their guns, and point out the guns leaning against the walls. Butch says that he has no idea where Oswald is, and doesn't work for him. He refuses to tell them, just as Zsasz calls from outside. He's on the street with his men, and says that anyone who stays dies. Butch's men quickly run out, and Jim handcuffs Butch to a radiator. He threatens to leave him with Zsasz unless he tells them the truth. Butch spills Theo's involvement and how he killed Gertrude.

Zsasz and his people open fire, and Jim and Harvey grab Butch's stash of semi-automatic weapons. They shoot back and Zsasz calls out that he'll see Butch later. As Oswald's people drive off, Jim and Harvey discover that Butch has unfastened his fake hand and escaped.

Bruce goes to the penthouse to find Silver, and Theo greets him. The boy admits that Silver met his friend Selina, and Theo says that it's clear Thomas gave Bruce a sound moral compass. The mayor talks about how they are both haunted by loss and driven to prove themselves worthy to those who came behind them. However, he warns Bruce that it can consume him. Theo admits that it never goes away, but one can find closure. Bruce wonders how and Theo says that they'll talk about it in the future. Silver comes down and tells Bruce that she knew he would come.

Oswald tells his men that Theo is his. His bodyguard Gabe offers to do it for Oswald, but Oswald refuses to hear of it. He says that they have a party to attend.

At the station, Barnes tells his men that Theo is going ahead with his victory celebration. It's their job to protect him, and Jim will run point. Jim says that it's time to show citizens what it means to carry a badge. The police secure the manor where the celebration is occurring, setting up snipers on the walls. Harvey has learned that no one has seen Gertrude in two weeks. Jim figures that after what Butch said, Gertrude is dead. They're interrupted when Dent introduces Theo

Edward goes to the medical examiner's office and finds the drawer where Kristen's body is hidden. Leslie comes in and Edward hastily says that he's checking notes for a Jane Doe case he's working. She points out that he doesn't have any notes, and Edward finally says that he and Kristen had a fight. He thanks Leslie for her support and hopes that they could grab a coffee and she could give him some advice. Leslie leaves and Edwards put Kristen's body back before joining her.

Theo greets Jim and asks if Jim got anything out of Butch before the attack. Jim says that he didn't, and Theo goes on his way. Martinez calls in that a large group of men are coming in and draws a bead on Oswald. Jim tells him to hold his fire and orders the perimeter units to engage. Someone shoots Oswald and Martinez says that they have an unknown sniper on the roof. Above him, Tabitha lowers her rifle.

Oswald's men step over the dead men, and Theo confirms that it isn't Oswald. The other men take off their coats and Martinez warns Jim that all of the men are dressed as Oswald and heavily armed. Jim tells him to engage and orders the rest of his men to open fire, just as Oswald's men burst in. Cops and guests go down, while on the roof, Martinez gets the drop on Tabitha. She spins and snags his legs with her whip, then drives her stiletto heel into his neck.

Jim grabs Theo and says that they have to get him out while Harvey covers them. Outside, Oswald takes a radio from a dead officer and hears Jim's plan to get out the back. He gets there and shoots down the officer with Jim, and then tells Jim to step aside so he can kill Theo. Jim says that he can't, and Theo tells Jim to shoot Oswald. Oswald says that Theo killed his mother and Jim says that he knows. Theo repeats his order, and Oswald describes how he held his dying mother. Harvey comes up behind Oswald and tells him to drop his gun, and Oswald says that he's made his peace with the fact that one of them is going to die. He warns Jim that if he dies then Jim has no idea what Theo's end-game is, and it concerns someone Jim knows and cares about. Tabitha shoots from the roof, hitting Oswald in the shoulder. As Jim and Harvey return fire, Oswald crawls into Theo's limo and drives away.

Once Oswald's men are down, Harvey tells Jim that Oswald smashed through a checkpoint. However, the officer doesn't figure that Oswald will make it out of the city. Jim figures that Oswald won't try to make it out, and says that they lost good people. Harvey assures him that it isn't his fault, and Jim agrees: it's Theo. Theo gives a speech to the press about how they will emerge from the fire and bring about a new day in Gotham.

At the penthouse, Bruce and Silver watch the thief. She says that she doesn't want to come between Bruce and his friend, and Bruce says that he doesn't care because he likes Silver. She kisses him, while on a roof across the way, Selina watches.

Theo confronts Jim and figures that he would make the hard choices to rid Gotham of his monsters. Jim says that he's just decided he's going to start with Theo. Theo reminds Jim that he's now the mayor, and Jim says that it's desperate times.

Edward returns to the morgue, takes out Kristen's body, and asks Dark Nygma why he did it. Dark Nygma points out that Edward got away with murder, and insists that it's the point. He knows that Edward feels the rush of almost getting caught and what he would have done if Leslie had found out what he did. Dark Nygma asks again how it felt, and Edward says that it felt beautiful. He then takes a saw and, smiling, starts cutting.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 3, 2015

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