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Waiting Forever for You Recap

Wynonna is at Shorty's with Jeremy, showing him how to play pool. They talk about how Doc and Wynonna aren't together, and Jeremy says that he and Robin are sticking to a text-based relationship at the moment. Wynonna avoids saying that Doc is a vampire, and drops behind the pool table as Charlie comes in. Jeremy joins her and Wynonna explains that she ghosted Charlie. Jeremy calls Charlie over despite Wynonna's objections, and Wynonna gives him the ring to take with him as he goes.

Charlie comes over and tells Wynonna that he got her message, large and clear. She suggests that they have dinner, and Charlie agrees.

Bulshar is in a field casting a spell from a tome. The ground cracks open and a headless figure crawls out. The demon lord takes out a head and puts it on the headless figure, and tells it not to fail him. He gives it a weapon and tells it to fetch, and the female-like figure walks away.

Doc goes to the Gardner house and finds a man tied to a chair. Kate tells him that it's a gift and cuts open a small cut on the man's neck, but Doc insists that she's not his mistress even if she made him a vampire and walks away. Once she's alone, Kate realizes that Bulshar knows that she's there. The tied-up man assumes that it's sex play and demands that she release him. Kate feasts on him and he screams.

Jeremy calls Robin and invites him to a BGD--big gay dinner--at the homestead. Doc runs through the woods, trying to restrain his bloodlust. Robin hesitates and then Doc leaps on him, and Jeremy hears him screaming over the phone.

Doc drags the unconscious Robin to the office and assures Jeremy that Robin is still alive. Jeremy realizes that Doc is a vampire, and Doc says that Robin smells like rancid earth and might be ill. When Jeremy says that Wynonna is moving on, Doc's eyes flows for a moment and he says that he's moving in as well. Jeremy wakes Robin up and Robin wonders what happened.

Wynonna and Charlie eat at a diner, and Charlie asks her what it was like growing up in Purgatory. She admits that she didn't know why she thought having dinner was a good idea, and tells Charlie that bad shit follows her around. They banter and Charlie tells her to buckle up when it comes to hot messes. Jeremy taps on the window and motions Wynonna out, and she excuses herself to meet Jeremy at the door. He says that Doc is a vampire and almost bit Robin, and assures Wynonna that Robin is fine. Jeremy wants to kill Doc, and Wynonna says that she's going to fix it. She goes over and tells Charlie that they're going to kill a vampire, and Charlie agrees.

Later, Doc gets a text from Wynonna to meet her at Shorty's. As he tries to apologize, Charlie surrounds him with a holy water-soaked rope to freeze him in place, and says that Wynonna went to talk to Kate.

Wynonna breaks into the Gardner house and Kate shoots at her, forcing her to take cover.

At the homestead, Nicole and Waverly greet Jeremy and Robin. Waverly leads Robin away to help her with dinner, and Nicole assures Jeremy that it's just dinner. He rambles about her becoming sheriff and asks if Wynonna is okay.

Wynonna steps out and Kate says that they both have Doc forever. She accuses Kate of seducing Doc, and Kate invites her to have a drink and hear her side of the story. Kate says that Doc was the one responsible for turning her, and Wynonna sits down with her. Once she does, Kate explains that her family is from Europe and they were nobility but not vampires. They came to America looking for liberty and ended up in Purgatory.

Kate tells fortunes for a living and one night meets a man whose future she can't read. Doc intervenes and they both draw guns on the man. Once the man leaves, Kate offers to buy Doc a drink. As they leave, Doc palms three of Kate's Tarot cards.

Doc tells Charlie that he's a passing whim, but Charlie isn't impressed. The figure--Constance--comes in and walks past the trapped Doc, then grabs Charlie. Doc tells Charlie to let him loose, and Charlie attacks Constance and then breaks the rope barrier. Doc punches her in the heart and, pleased at his own strength, says that they should use salt and call Constance.

Kate tells Wynonna that she's a lot like Wyatt. Wynonna's phone ring but she ignores it, and says that she came to do her job rather than go on her date with Charlie.

After sex, Kate tells doc that she loves him. He tries to ignore her, and Kate invites him to come to New York and then Hungary with her. Kate explains that she came there to make her own life and it's not working, and figures that Doc won't remember her. Doc asks if she's playing games with him, and when Kate insists that she isn't, Doc kisses her and then coughs from his TB. He walks away and Kate looks at his blood-covered handkerchief.

Wynonna says that Kate left Doc alone, and Kate grabs Peacemaker, forcing Wynonna to draw a dinner knife from the diner.

As they work on dinner, Waverly tells Robin that Jeremy is quite a catch. Robin abruptly asks her what a potato feels like when it's in the ground, and says that Bulshar can talk to the trees. As he licks a potato, he tells Waverly that sometimes he wants to lie in the forest and have the trees take him.

As Nicole sets the table, Jeremy tells her about Doc attacking Robin. He notices that Bulshar's ring is sticking out of one of the biscuits Nicole is putting on the table, and she drops it in shock as Waverly comes in. Waverly sees the ring and assumes that Nicole is proposing to her. Nicole explains that it's Bulshar's ring and Jeremy says that Wynonna gave it to him and he locked it away. When Waverly tells them what Robin said, Jeremy tells them that Doc bit Robin. They hear the door close and realize that Robin left.

Charlie and Doc dump Constance's body in the trunk of Doc's car and take her to the well. Doc explains that the well was his personal hell for a hundred years until Wynonna rescued him. Constance pulls herself back together and drives off, and Doc refuses to shoot her. Doc explains that Constance put her in the well, and explains that Bulshar resurrected his wife the Stone Witch.

The trio follow Robin out to the barn, and find him crouching in the corner saying that it'll be over soon and they need to keep fertilizing the soil.

Kate and Wynonna pace around each other, and Kate wonders how long she can keep it up. Constance comes in and Kate gives Wynonna back. They both train their guns on her, and she looks at Kate's cards and then walks out. Kate explains that it was the Stone Witch and figures that Constance was looking for someone or something.

Doc and Charlie run back to Purgatory, and Doc says that he already lost control once that day. He passes out from blood hunger and then growls as he tries to bite Charlie. Charlie shoves him away and Doc tells him to punch him unconscious. Grumbling Charlie drags Doc into town.

Waverly figures that Robin is tapped into Bulshar's mind. Robin says that Bulshar is close and then snaps out of his trance and wonders where he is. He says that he heard whispers from the tree roots, and they said that they don't want to do Bulshar's bidding but have no choice. Jeremy assures Robin that he's not crazy and asks him for his potato. Constance comes in and starts going through boxes, knocking Waverly aside when she tries to attack the Stone Witch. Jeremy throws the potato at Constance, who finds some cards and advances on Jeremy.

Bulshar's ring glows red-hot and Nicole drops it. Waverly grabs it and puts it on, and discovers that it fits her. She knocks away Constance when the Stone Witch attacks her, and Constance staggers out. They confirm that Constance took three Tarot cards, and Kate and Wynonna come in and explain that Doc took them after their first meeting in the past. Kate explains that Sheriff Clootie was the man that she did the reading for.

Bulshar tells Kate that he needs to find something of his own, and he needs Kate to do it. He gives her a set of Tarot cards and Kate says that she won't read his future. As Bulshar grabs her hand, Doc arrives and tells Clootie to mind his own business but leave the cards, and Bulshar leaves with his wife Constance who has been watching.

Kate says that Bulshar wants to find his future, now his present, and Wynonna heads off after Constance. Before she goes, Kate tells Waverly not to underestimate the power of the ring. When Waverly tries to remove it, she discovers that it's stuck on her finger.

Constance meets with Bulshar in the forest and gives him the cards. The card representing his future shows The Lovers, and he laughs in triumph.

Wynonna and Kate follow Constance's trail through the snow, and when they catch up to her they realize that she can't even speak. She drops to her knees in front of them, and Wynonna asks her to help them find Bulshar. Kate says that Constance has nothing left to give, and Constance puts the barrel of Peacemaker to her head so that Wynonna can finish her off.

Doc wakes up at the bar and Charlie pushes him a glass of blood that he got from a paramedic friend. Doc thanks him and figures that he can drink the blood and avoid run-ins with his friends. Charlie says that he likes Wynonna, and Doc tells him that he doesn't know Wynonna like he does and never will. The firefighter says that Wynonna hunts what Doc has become, and Doc tells him that Wynonna will come to understand.

Kate tells Wynonna that she tried to forget Bulshar's card reading, and explains that her death won't restore Doc to humanity. Wynonna figures that she's linked to Bulshar by the curse so they share the future, and if Kate reads her cards then they'll know Bulshar's future as well.

Nicole tries to remove the ring without success, and Jeremy sees an inscription it that wasn't there before. He goes to find a dictionary, and Wynonna comes in and says that Kate read he cards. Bulshar's past card is the Devil, his present card is The Tower representing darkness and destruction, and his future is The Lovers. Wynonna explains that they represent Adam and Eve. Jeremy realizes that the inscription is Arabic for "Garden of Paradise", and they figure Bulshar is after that. They wonder if the Garden of Paradise is in the Ghost Triangle, and Robin comes in and says that Bulshar already found the Garden.

Wynonna goes outside where Kate is waiting on the porch. She has a basket of breadsticks from the diner that Charlie left for her, and a note asking her not to ghost him next time. Kate admits that she hoped Doc would chase him, but instead she left him thinking he had nothing left so he made a deal with the Stone Witch to escape the disease. She says that she was playing a game but loss.

Kate confronts Constance in the street and demands to know where Doc is. When Constance refuses to answer, Kate draws a gun on her. Constance freezes her with a spell, puts a knife to her throat, and says that she lost her children and that was loss. When she frees Kate, Kate says that Doc wasn't responsible and can feel that Doc is still alive. Constance agrees but tells her that Kate will never find him. Kate promises to try and says that she doesn't need Constance for immortality. Constance suggests that Kate leave Doc behind like he left her, and Kate walks off.

The fortuneteller says that she went to her uncle Otto claim his vampiric kiss and become immortal, but Wynonna found Doc first. Kate says that she's leaving Purgatory and walks away. Wynonna goes to the barn and Doc approaches her, pointing out that he was uninvited from the homestead. He says that he's done hiding from Wynonna, and he's become a vampire because he's determined to be there as long as Wynonna needs him. Wynonna says that the curse ends with both of them, and tells Doc that Bulshar is there for the Garden of Eden. Bulshar comes in and blows dust on them as they draw their guns.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 8, 2018

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