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Target: Iron Fist Recap

In a subway station, Danny lies on the floor bleeding as Colleen calls him. Danny's attacker crushes the phone and then drags him away.


At the apartment, Danny tells Colleen that it was dark and he couldn't make out what he saw. Colleen wonders why the Tigers bothered with negotiation if it was their ambush. She suggests that Mary might have been responsible, but Danny is sure that it wasn't Mary. Danny figures that he blew their shot at peace, and Colleen assures him that no one else is fighting the fight. He worries that it will escalate further, but Colleen figures that any peace will have to happen at the bargaining table. Danny wishes that they were past all of the trouble, and Jessica assures him that her past will still be there when it's all over.

Joy tells Mary that they saw the photos in Danny's apartment, but Mary is telling them that they don't have to worry about it. Davos notes that it is a contradiction, and tells Mary that they need answers. Mary says that if he touches her then he'll lose his hand. Joy says that she's not paying Mary until Mary tells her why she gave Danny the photos. Mary says that she didn't, and admits that she's asking them to take her on faith. She knows everything about Danny and there aren't many people who can handle the Fist.

Mary and Davos talk privately, and Davos says that he has a lot to prepare. Joy tells him to go and she'll handle Mary, figuring that Mary needs the job and Joy can get her to talk. Davos reluctantly goes, and Joy goes back to Mary.

Ward is getting dressed after a night of sex with Bethany, and tells her that he's in a loop. She talks about how she relapsed, and Ward explains that he chickened out of the dinner because he couldn't face Joy. Bethany advises him to channel his best self, and says that she's going to have Carlos take over as Ward's sponsor. Ward asks what he is if he's not her sponsee, and they make love.

Danny and Colleen go to Mrs. Yang's house to meet with her. They hear a beeping noise from a room and start to look in. Security Chief Liu and his men come in and calls Danny a clown, flashes his gun, and tells them to leave. Danny advises him that he doesn't want to do it, just as Mrs. Yang arrives and tells Liu to stand down. She orders him to attend to the other matters, and Liu and his men leave.

Mrs. Yang says that their temporary alliance has run its course, and says that the war will only intensify. She refuses to make any more answers, and Danny tells her that they won't allow a war to start. Mrs. Yang says that the Tigers seized the docks and the Hatchets won't allow it. Colleen asks if it's coming from Mr. Yang, and Mrs. Yang nervously says that she speaks for her husband in his absence. She admits that Yang has suffered a stroke and the prognosis isn't good, and it happened a few days ago. Danny figures that it's no coincidence that Yang had a stroke when he was planning a peace conference.

Colleen asks Danny to give them a minute alone. As Danny goes, he tells Mrs. Yang that he and her husband have a mutual respect for each other. Colleen apologizes for Danny's attitude, and Mrs. Yan figures that the men want to burn the city down. Colleen says that Mrs. Yang doesn't want war.

Danny goes into the next room and sees an unconscious Yang. He notices the bruise on Yang's neck where Davos struck him. Yang opens his eyes and stares at Danny. Danny asks if Davos did it and why, and Yang mutters "Hancock two one two" before passing out again. The monitor goes off and a nurse pulls Danny away. Mrs. Yang comes in and demands to know what Danny did to Yang. She has Liu take Danny and Colleen out. Outside, Danny tells Colleen that Davos attacked Yang using a pressure-point strike. Misty gets out of a nearby car and calls to them, and says that she's been looking for them. She tells them that they have to talk and has them get into her car.

Back at the apartment, Misty explains that the police force put together a task force to take down the Triads. They got a man on the inside, Donnie Chang, and Donnie is a friend of Misty's. Donnie became Ho's right-hand man and one of the men that Danny fought. Misty says that the people moving in wee cops and if Danny hadn't interfered, the police would have put away the leaders of both Triads. She tells them to stay out of it, but Danny says that there's something bigger going on with Davos. Danny tells Misty what Yang said, and she tells them that Hancock Transport is a maritime shipping company. They figure that Davos had a deal with Yang to ship something and Yang called it off. Misty warns Danny that if Davos is involved then he can't interfere. Colleen agrees with Misty, and Misty tells Danny that he is off of it. Danny agrees and asks for a minute to get some head space.

Danny goes outside, gets an idea, and walks away.

Joy looks at Mary's sketches, and Mary says that they're not hers. When Joy talks about how Ward used to be an artist until Howard told him it was a waste of time, Mary insults them both and Joy agrees. Joy finds a flyer for a getaway cabin and talks about her relationship with Ward. Mary tells her to stop touching her things, and Joy says that she wasn't helping herself or Ward and decided to take care of herself. She finds Mary's medical discharge from the VA and asks Mary if it's real. The discharge says that Mary has dissociative identity disorder, and Mary comes over and repeats her request for Joy to stop touching her stuff.

Misty looks around the apartment and notices that Colleen has hung up her katana. Colleen says that she doesn't carry it because it encourages violence. Misty notices the surveillance photos and Colleen explains that someone is following them. She explains that she's been keeping her head down and then she found her family's box. They realize that Danny hasn't returned and Colleen confirms that he's left.

Joy says that Mary should have said something, and Mary grabs her by the throat and talks about how her other self was too busy taking pictures to eat. She lets Joy go and says that she doesn't want her pity, and Joy apologizes for offending her. Joy realizes that the "good" Mary gave Danny the photos, and Danny hasn't met the Mary in front of her. Mary tells her not to ask her questions, sits down, and says that she needs the job. Joy asks if she can manage her condition that day, and Mary says that she probably can. She looks Joy in the eyes and says that she can do the job, and Joy leaves.

Davos goes to Hancock Transport, kills a guard who gets in his way, and goes to container 212. When he finds three Tigers unloading a container, Davos steps out and says that he's come for what is his, then kills them. Davos opens container212 and opens the coffin inside. The coffin holds a mummified body wearing the Iron Fist mask. The body has the dragon tattoo on its chest. Davos starts cutting the chest open.

That night, Danny arrives at Hancock and goes inside. He finds the dead Tigers and calls to Davos, but gets no answer. Danny finds container 212 and the body inside. The chest skin with the tattoo is gone. Colleen and Misty arrive and find Danny, and he says that the Tigers were dead when he got there. He complains that they wouldn't listen to him earlier and explains about the coffin and the body. Danny wants to find Davos, but Misty tells them that they can't leave an active crime scene. He tries to walk past him, and when she stops him Danny tells her to get out of his way. Colleen asks Misty to let them go, and Misty reluctantly walks into the container.

Colleen snaps at Danny, telling him that he doesn't stop to think. She tells him that he put Donnie in the hospital, and Danny says that he thought she'd understand when someone close goes bad. After a moment, Colleen tells him to go.

Davos sits as three women mix powder and water into the bowl holding the tattooed skin. One woman brings the resulting potion to Davos, who braces himself and drinks it. The women help him lie down.

Joy returns home and finds Ward waiting for her. She reluctantly invites him in and asks what he wants, and Ward tells her that he knows she's doing business with the photovoltaic cells. He admits that he bought out the company but tells Joy that he's doing her a favor. Joy complains that it's the same thing Howard would do, and Ward tells her that he's giving it to her, no strings attached. She angrily says that she doesn't want Ward involved, and complains that his need for co-dependency is pathetic. Joy tells him to stop treating her as his surrogate mother, and a shocked Ward tells her that her comment was cruel. She says that she's never coming back to Rand or Ward, and advises him to make his own way before ordering him out. As Joy sits on her bed gasping for breath, Danny calls her but she refuses it.

In the subway, Danny leaves a message for Joy warning her to get away from Davos because he's dangerous. Mary attacks him and injects him in the leg with a syringe, and then shoves him into a train. They fight and Mary tosses Danny out of the train onto the floor. He tries to get through to her, but Mary renews her attack. Danny starts to pass out from the sedative, and she knocks him down. He summons the Fist and hits the ground, and Mary takes cover avoiding the shockwave.

Colleen calls on Danny's phone and he warns her that it's Mary. Mary knocks the phone out of his hand and then wraps a cord around Danny's glowing fist. She slams him to the floor, then puts on a pair of dark glasses and kicks Danny in the face. Danny lies on the floor bleeding as Colleen calls him. Danny's attacker crushes the phone and after he passes out, drags him away.

Later, Danny wakes up tied to a post. Davos is lying on the floor nearby and the three women are kneeling by him. The lead woman, Avalon, burns the skin, cuts open Danny's shirt, and cuts into the skin on his chest. As he screams in pain, Mary watches from the shadows and then slips away.

Once Avalon has enough blood, she and the other use it to tattoo the dragon onto Davos' back. Once they're done, Davos rises and turns to Danny, and says that Danny has given him what has always been his.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 9, 2018

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