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The Bellicose Proxy Recap

Watch and Ward welcome Monarch and 21 to the Guild of Calamitous Intent. They drop them through an elevator to the Guild Strategic Operations base and show their guests around. They enter the Blackmail Training Center where Guild women are practicing seducing a man. In the Surgical Alteration Center, the doctors make up a man to be David Grohl. In the next room, the Hypnosis Training Center, a doctor commands Monarch and 21 to fall asleep.

When they enter what Watch and Ward believe is the Hologram Training Center, they realize that it's actually the Vicious Animal Training Center. They quickly back out and go to the Guild Interrogation Hub, and Monarch says that they're looking for something to level up. If they tutor a Guild newbie for a day, they get massive points. The only person available is Augustus St. Cloud, who is arching Billy and Pete. 21 tells Monarch that they need to do it because they work for Rusty. When 21 accidentally hits a panel, a screen reveals Girlfriend. Watch and Ward say that it's Guild business and escort Monarch and 21 out.

Girlfriend questions S-464, saying that all he needs to do is confess that he's a member of the Peril Partnership and then he can become a double agent. If he doesn't then they'll punish him. S-464 quickly agrees to talk about the Partnership.

21 and Monarch don their costumes and go to see Augustus, who owns the X-2. Augustus also has the helicopter Blue Thunder in his collection. When Augustus comes out, they're shocked to realize that the short little man is Augustus.

At the tower, Rusty brings crullers and Billy demands proof that he's the real person. Billy and Pete show Rusty a scroll welcoming them to their demise on behalf of the Guild. Rusty isn't impressed, but Billy is and Rusty calls Brock who is also unimpressed.

Girlfriend tells S-464 to keep an eye on Partnership operations. Dr. Z bursts in and threatens S-464, and Girlfriend says that S-464 has agreed to work for them if they get his girlfriend back. Dr. Z apologizes for the mix-up and takes S-464 for a makeover. He describes what he's going to do, and S-464 and Girlfriend both refuse.

21 admires Augustus's collection and shows them his villain ensemble. He admits that he doesn't have any weaponry or superpowers except Restless Leg, but he does have money. Monarch figures that they can work with that.

Rusty calls Billy out of the bathroom where he's hiding. When Billy comes out, Brock shoots him in the head with a paint ball and Rusty explain that Billy has to be on guard at all times. Pete comes in and Brock shoots him, and then tells him to come at him. Crying, Pete runs away.

On Augustus's rooftop tennis court, Monarch and 21 have Augustus display his smoke cloud and toss out his catch phrase. Augustus doesn't do very well, and his evil laugh sounds like an asthma gasp. Monarch demonstrates his evil laugh and calls for a reset.

Hank arrives at the tower and finds Billy hiding from Brock training him how to fight. After Hank shows Billy with a paintball gun, Brock comes on Hank's go-phone and reminds Billy not to trust anyone.

Augustus, Monarch, and 21 drive through the city in Augustus's Batmobile collectible and Monarch tells Augustus that he's going to pull his first Preliminary Effective New Information Schooling: PENIS. They snicker when Augustus asks why they don't call it "penis".

Watch and Ward hack OSI's computer banks and find the records on Kimberly. She's working level 1 arches, and confirm that Augustus put in a requisition for a level 1 arching. Girlfriend has them upgrade his lightning rifle requisition to level 6 so she has to intervene due to the apparent treaty violation. Then the Guild will intervene and S-464 will get his girlfriend back.

Gentleman is at home reading when Augustus breaks in the window and says that he's there to arch Billy. Gentleman grabs him and calls in Rose, explaining that Augustus is Billy's nemesis. Rose wants to beat up Augustus, and invites him to take the first swing.

A helicopter drops Augustus's laughing gas on the tower, and Billy apologizes for listing the tower as his Sanctum. An evil laugh is spelled out in the gas, and Rusty figures that Monarch is involved and says that they're stepping up their game.

After Rose beats up Augustus, he returns to his base. Monarch gives him his new lightning rifle and figures that it will get him his points with the Guild. They toss the rifle to Augustus and he falls over.

Rusty takes Billy and Pete to Enzo to get new costumes, and says that he wants them invincible for their first New York arching.

Kimberly gets into position with a truck, blocking traffic. Girlfriend and S-464 watch from a coffee shop as Augustus sets off his laughing gas near the tower. Rusty sees it and tells Billy to get out there, but Billy refuses to go out in his Delta Boy costume that Rusty found for him. Pete is wearing a Killer Drone costume. Billy staggers out in the metal Delta Boy costume, and Augustus calls Billy out. He fires the lighting rod at the tower, and it's more powerful than anticipated.

Rusty tells Billy that Pete will shoot drones from his butt while Billy makes a heroic speech. Brock assures Billy that it's all a show and to wrap it up because they're blocking traffic. Billy and Pete come out and Augustus confronts them. Pete tries to fire a butt dart at them but nothing happens.

Kimberly confronts Girlfriend and S-464 and says that she's shutting down the Guild operation. S-464 tells her who he is, and she complains that he's on "daycare duty" as well.

Billy gives his heroic speech, and Augustus gets tangled in his cape as he gasses himself. Monarch sees Girlfriend and wonders why she's there, while Augustus, Billy, and Pete burst out laughing from the laughing gas.

Kimberly says that the Partnership is done and she's done with him. Girlfriend tells Kimberly to give S-464 a chance, and says that S-464 is defying the Partnership for her. Kimberly is impressed, but Girlfriend prepares to kick her ass. Monarch comes over, says that Girlfriend is 21, and leads her away as 21 tells Kimberly that they'll handle it. As they walk away, Monarch reminds his wife that she would have lost her job on the council for breaking the treaty, but assures her that she would have kicked Kimberly's ass.

The next day, Billy and Pete tell Hank and Dean what happened. Rusty and Brock watch, and Brock asks Rusty when he's going to tell them that they hallucinated the entire thing and they found them asleep in a pile. Rusty says that he never will.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 10, 2018

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