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Heart of the Dragon Recap

Outside the factory, Davos shatters a stone slab with his newly-acquired Fist. He removes his mask and remembers.

The Past

A young Danny and Davos play tic-tac-toe and Danny wins. Davos points out that his father taught them that they must kill their enemies, but Danny isn't sure that he could do that. He wonders if Davos could kill him if he were Hand. Davos says that he couldn't because they are brothers, but Priya comes in and says that it would be Davos' duty to do so. She tells Danny that compassion is his weakness, and says that the Iron Fist must remain above all others without family or friends. Priya slaps Davos' hands as punishment for his sentiment, and Davos says that he strives to become the immortal Iron Fist as his mother slaps his hands until they bleed.


Davos wishes that Priya a was alive to see his triumph. He hears a windshield break and goes to investigate. A factory owner is pleading with Tiger soldiers for more time so he can pay their money. They don't believe him and their leader tells his men to break the owner's wrists. Davos kills the Tiger and the owner says that he didn't see anything. The warrior says that he came to protect the owner and asks who the Tigers were. The owner identifies them and directs him to a club where they hang out, and Davos leaves. As he goes, the owner asks who he is and Davos tells him that he's the immortal Iron Fist.

The next day at the apartment, Colleen tries to call Danny and tells Misty that she still can't get an answer. She describes what she heard over the phone when Mary and Danny fought, and Misty tries to reassure her that Danny is fine. Misty puts the photos in a plastic bag so she can check it for prints, and Colleen gives her the sketch that Mary did. Colleen says that she knows someone who can check the prints faster and they leave.

Mary tosses the unconscious Danny on a bench by the river, takes a phone video of the cut in his stomach, and then injects Danny with a stimulant to wake him up. Once Mary walks off, Danny staggers away.

When Mary goes to Joy's apartment, she shows her the photo she took to prove that she did what Joy paid her to do. Joy reluctantly watches the video and Mary says that she appreciates trusting her to do the job. When she asks why Joy seems nervous, Joy tells her that she and Danny were children and that she'll arrange the payment. Mary tells her that Davos is dangerous, and Joy says that their partnership is effectively over.

Colleen and Misty meet with Ward and he tells Misty that he's the specs on her bionic arm that Rand provided. The women ask him to identify Mary's prints from the photos, and he says that he'll put his corporate security on it. Once he leaves, Misty figures that Colleen doesn't like him. As they go, Misty tells Colleen that she has the right instincts for investigation and asks if anyone else might have a lead on Mary.

The injured Danny comes across a gang stealing bicycles. They recognize him from the Silver Lotus and consider handing him over to the Tigers. They easily subdue Danny when he tries to fight back and knock him unconscious.

Davos goes to the club and takes out a bouncer when the man tries to stop Davos. He defeats another Tigers who come at him, spots Ho, and fights his way through the guards to get to the Triad leader. Davos tells him that he's ending the Triad war. Ho chuckles, and Davos kills two of his men. The leader approaches Davos, who punches him in the chest with the Fist, killing him. Chen Wu says that he can help Davos end the Triad, and Davos says that wants to stop all criminals. Joy sends a text to Davos asking him to come by, and Davos tells him to meet him in two hours and bring a list.

The Past

Priya wakes up the adult Davos after his fight with Danny, and says that Davos' father had more important things to do. She says that Danny will face the Dragon, and tells Davos that she knows that he's thinking of the excuses for his failure. Priya tells Davos that he lost his birthright to an outsider and is a disgrace, and now she wears the shame of Davos' defeat. Davos apologizes and says that he will make her proud.


The gang chains Danny up in their lair and wait to hear back from the Tigers. Danny says that he can get them money, and warns them that whatever their planning isn't worth it. They ignore him and Danny discovers that he has lost the Fist when he tries to break the chain with it.

Colleen and Misty check the coffee shop where Danny met Mary, but no one there remembers her. Misty suggests that they keep hitting the streets, and Colleen says that she told Danny to go. She knew that Danny was getting reckless with the Fist, and Misty tells her that just because they're in a relationship doesn't mean that Colleen can take responsibility for Danny. As they drive away, Misty tells Colleen that it's not her fault. The dispatcher reports a "616": a possible suspect with abilities. Misty drives to the club where the report came from.

BB finds Danny unconscious and warns that he's not going to make it. Ryhno says that they need Danny breathing, and BB manages to wake Danny up. Danny recognizes BB from the restaurant and asks him to tell Colleen that he's there. BB wonders why he would do it, and Danny says that he doesn't blame them. He assures BB that he'll get him whatever he needs, and says that if he dies there then BB will have to live with that.

Joy returns to her apartment and finds Davos there. She tells him that Mary showed her the video, and says that they should get together and make sure they have covered their tracks. Joy asks for her key back, and Davos says that he's only just begun. He explains that he has become the thing Danny never had the strength to be, and says that the Fist is a weapon to be used. Davos is going to do what Danny couldn't do, and Joy warns him that it can't blow back on her. He says that Joy has become part of her sacred duty, and warns her that every choice she makes will have consequences. Once Davos leaves, Joy makes a call.

As Davos leaves, he remembers the past.

The Past

Davos goes to the door to Priya's room and says that he's leaving K'un-Lun and is going to bring Danny back. Priya doesn't respond, and Davos says that he may not return. He asks if there's anything she wants to say to him, and Priya remains silent. Davos says that he will make her proud and realize his destiny, and then maybe she will say the words she cannot say. With that, he walks away as Priya touches the other side of the door he was leaning against.


Davos takes the elevator down to the street.

Misty and Colleen arrive at the club and Misty claims that Colleen is her CI. The tech reports that Ho suffered massive blunt-force trauma to the chest. The witnesses reported that the killer had a glowing red hand, Colleen picks up on the color discrepancy and figures that Danny wasn't the killer, and Misty wonders who it was. BB calls and tells her where Danny is.

One of the gang members, Crank, comes back and tells Ryhno that Ho is dead and no one knows who his replacement is. Danny hears Crank says that a man with a glowing fist killed Ho, and Ryhno has his gangers bring Danny over. The leader demands $500 from Danny in return for his freedom, and Danny attacks his captors. Ryhno beats him with a pair of bolt cutters and prepares to cut off one of his fingers.

Misty and Colleen arrive and tell Ryhno to stop, and Misty threatens to shoot them. Ryhno figures that Misty is bluffing, and Misty fires a warning shot. The leader drops the bolt cutters and Misty tells him that he almost crossed a line and orders him to go. Colleen and Misty take Danny out, and he explains that Mary took him to Davos, and Davos took the Fist from him. Danny refuses to go to a hospital, and tells them to call Ward and get him a doctor. The women agree and drive off with Danny.

Ward brings in Bethany, who checks Danny at the apartment and tells Bethany that they need to keep Danny out of the spotlight. Colleen provides Claire's first aid kit and Bethany goes to work. Danny stabilizes and Bethany tells them to keep the wounds clean. She tells Ward not to call her the next time Danny is injured and leaves. Ward apologizes to Bethany, saying that he was scared for his friend so he called her. Bethany tells Ward to be upfront with her and says that it's good to know that he cares about someone.

Misty checks with Ward, who says that she was medically discharged and went freelance. They figure Davos hired Mary, and Colleen says that Davos took the Fist and is killing members of the Triad. Ward worries that Joy is in danger. He figures that Joy won't answer his calls so he has to go in person, and Misty tells Ward to stay there while she and Colleen go to pick up Joy. Colleen agrees, saying that Danny can't be left alone, and the two women leave.

Joy calls Mary in and gives her the money, and tells her that she's right about Davos. She wants to hire Mary to deal with Davos, and Mary warns her that if Davos wants to hurt Joy and Joy doesn't want to run, she needs to hire her to eliminate the threat.

Ward tends to Danny, telling him that he needs to rest. Danny explains that Davos got the drop on him because he was one step ahead of Danny. He's sure that he lost the Fist and was burning up his chi rather than seeking balance. Danny explains that he was going out trying to keep the peace, and he felt the Dragon as he learned how to wield the Fist. He felt the Dragon's rage and it was good. Ward tells Danny that it sounds like addiction and he's seen the same dragon.

Joy considers her options, and Mary tells her not to think too long because she's leaving town. Colleen knocks at the door and says that they need to talk about Davos. When Misty identifies herself as NYPD, Mary ducks out of the room and Joy opens the door and says that she's alone. Misty says that they think Joy is in danger and tell her to come with them. Colleen explains that Davos did something terrible to Danny with Mary's help. Joy feigns ignorance and Misty realizes that someone else is there.

Misty draws her gun and comes in, ordering Mary to come out. Mary attacks her and knocks her out, and Colleen attacks Mary. As they fight, Misty wakes up and grabs her gun. Meanwhile, Mary draws her machete and attacks Colleen with it, and Misty points her gun at Mary and tells her to stand down or die. Mary puts the blade down and Misty handcuffs her.

Ward tells Danny that he can't talk about himself in the AA meetings, and Danny says that he just has to keep showing up. His friend says that he's stuck on the fourth step of taking moral inventory because he murdered his father twice. Danny tells Ward that his mother told him with her dying breath that she loved him. He never got the chance to reply, but he carried the words with him and in K'un-Lun, kept them alive no matter how much the monks beat him. Danny didn't know if he'd ever get the chance to say the words to the people he cares about the most: people like Ward. He tells Ward to make his peace with people that he cares about while he can or it'll be too late.

Before Ward can say anything, Misty, Colleen, and Joy arrive with Mary. Ward tries to hug Joy, who shoves him away, and Colleen tells Danny that Joy was also working with Davos. Joy admits that she did it to Danny, and knew from the start what Davos would take from Danny. She says that she wanted to hurt Danny and she did, and Davos isn't done yet.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 10, 2018

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