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Hunt Day Recap

On the morning of Hunt Day, Declan wakes up bright and early, and the three hunters get together for beers at the house. Declan shares a toast to the greatest hunt ever assembled, and the big screen TV comes on. Martha speaks over the loudspeakers, welcoming the survivors to the Hunt. Declan lays out the rules: they let the last one standing go free. He warns that they've set up pylons around all key areas, and if someone crosses them then they'll be electrocuted. Someone must die every six hours or they'll randomly blow someone up and do it themselves. Finally, they'll watch and listen to their every move so they should be entertaining.

Todd tells Pack that he'll let him choose which weapon Todd will beat him to death with. Karen says that she'll give everyone a 30-second head start before she starts murdering. Steve complains that she didn't tell him that she was married before they had sex, while Jess tells Todd to leave Pack alone. Owen says that they should focus on surviving, and Florence complains that he always focuses on himself. Danny ignores them all and focuses on the pile of weapons.

The buzzer goes off and Pack runs screaming off into the jungle. Jess goes after him and Todd runs for the weapons. Karen tries to count down 30 seconds and Steve complains about her infidelity. When Karen keeps counting, Steve goes to get weapons, while Florence and Owen argue. Danny walks to the weapon pile and gets a chainsaw, then screams and charges after Owen and Florence. They take refuge in a barn, and we find out that Danny is really good with shuriken.

The hunters complain that the hunt isn't very exciting, and Declan tells them to be patient.

Steve gets a morning star and manages to throw it away. As he picks up a whip, Karen finishes counting and kicks him to the ground. He tells her to apologize, and she kicks a weapon into his groin.

Owen and Florence find a barn, and run inside when Danny throws a shuriken at them. He cuts through the door, and Florence tells Owen to find his own crate to hide behind. Owen finally tries to crawl away, and Danny throws shuriken at him until Owen retreats. Danny tells them to make up or he'll kill them. Florence complains that Owen's friend is doing it, and they fight. Danny tells them to apologize rather than fight, and Owen says that he's going to come out so they can talk.

Once he emerges from hiding, Owen says that he and Florence separating is for the best. Danny throws a shuriken into his shoulder and Florence says that it looks gross. She stands up and tells Danny that he's crossed a line, and he throws a shuriken into her shoulder.

Karen knocks Steve down, and he throws a knife into her thigh. She pulls it out, tosses it away, and says that she understands that Steve has feelings for him. He says that he doesn't and tackles her. The hunters watch on TV and try to follow along, and Declan tells them to shut up.

Florence pulls the shuriken out of Owen, and he tells Danny that they don't have time for it. Florence says that they're fighting isn't their fault and Danny agrees. He says that they can come out if they admit that they have feelings for each other.

Steve and Karen run through the forest, using weapons on each other. Steve says that his wife cheated on him and ruined his life, and he got on the plane to start over. He throws an ax at Karen and says that it's for her husband Anthony... and misses. Karen shoos a dart into his hand.

Florence and Danny steps out, holding hands, and say that they've decided to get back together. Owen says that Florence realized that she's been a huge bitch, and Florence says that Owen apologized for being a giant asshole that didn't pay taxes. Owen has no choice but to agree, and Danny says that they need them to prove it. He tells them to slow-dance together. When they point out that there's no music, Danny starts humming.

Karen and Steve struggle, and Karen says that she and Anthony have an understanding and an open marriage. Steve doesn't believe it until Karen explains that Anthony told her that as long as it's just sex, he doesn't consider it infidelity.

Owen and Florence dance while Danny hums and then tells them Florence to touch Owen's "cool butt". Florence admits that she once told Danny about Owen's cool butt.

Karen says that Anthony wants her to be happy, and she and Steve start making out. The hunters watch and Declan admits that it's a first. When Steve wonders if it's safe, Karen leads him off.

Once Danny finishes the song, he calls for a group hug. They grab him and say that it's best for him, and point out that Danny made them hunt. Karen and Steve come in and the trio quickly hide. They finally realize that Karen and Steve are having sex. A long time goes by and they don't say that they're there. Florence figures that they should let them finish. Danny apologizes and says that he thought that if they got together then they could put the Dream Team together and save the others. Owen tells him that they still care about each other even if they're not together, and they'll always be the Dream Team.

Greg walks off and Brewster tells Errol that Greg and his wife are going through a rough patch.

The trio hug, and a shuriken falls out of Danny's pack and lands on the floor. Karen and Steve realize that someone is there and Karen tells them to come out. The trio stand up and claim that they didn't hear anything. Danny throws a shuriken at Karen as a distraction so they can run, and Karen goes after them as Steve looks for his clothing. Outside, Florence and Owen split up and Danny tells them not to make him choose.

Owen and Florence grab Danny's hand and they all run together. They trip and Karen clubs down Owen and then knocks out Danny. Florence leaps on Karen's back and Danny tries to punch Karen, but Karen catches his fist, knocks Florence off her back, and punches her in the breast. Owen knocks Karen over the head and they run. Karen recovers and shrugs off the pain. Steve arrives with an ax that he found and they go after the others.

Karen and Steve corner the trio on the edge of a cliff and Karen prepares to kill them. Florence begs her to give them a chance, and Karen says that it's nothing personal. Steve steps in front of her and says that it's nothing personal, and someone shoots him in the chest with an arrow. As Steve falls off the cliff, the hunters discover that they don't have a camera on the shooter. They're upset that it's a literal cliffhanger.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 12, 2018

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