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Baby, If You've Ever Wondered Recap

Andy sits at his desk and listens to Johnny on the radio. He then gets up, turns down the loudspeaker, and Jennifer comes in and says that it's there on Arthur's desk but he won't open it.

In his office, Arthur stares at the package as Les and Herb stare at him. Bailey comes in and asks what's going on, and Herb explains that it's the Arbitron book with their ratings. Andy comes in and asks Arthur if he's going to open it. Arthur says that he can't, and Andy escorts the others out. He opens the book and looks at the station ratings.

In the lobby, Herb listens at the door and Les paces. Jennifr finally tells him to stop, and tells Bailey that it's the same thing twice a year. Johnny comes in and asks what the word is, and Bailey jokingly says that it's a boy. Herb hears Arthur moan and tells the others. Les complains that all of their jobs are on the line, and Jennifer points out that hers isn't. Johnny figures that there's nothing to be nervous about and drinks coffee from the pot.

Arthur and Andy come out, and Arthur says that it's a very good book. Andy says that it's an okay book and tells the others that they picked up some. He tells Johnny that the morning times have a substantial gain, and Johnny head back to the booth. Les asks about the news, and Andy tells him that they're all right. Les is ecstatic that they're all right, and Arthur says that it's the first time WKRP's ratings have gone up rather than down. He goes to get champagne despite Andy pointing out that it's not a champagne book. Once the others leave, Jennifer notices that Andy is distracted happy and asks if it's an improvement. he says that it is and leaves.

In the bullpen, Herb is going through the book, and Les complains that his audience is tuning out because of the rock n' roll music that they play. Bailey reads Arthur's press statement to them, and Les complains that she didn't mention news. Herb reads it, emphasizing his part. Andy comes in, tells Bailey that it's fine as is, and tells her to mail it out. Herb want a rate increase, figuring that it justifies a Cordova.

Venus comes out and Andy tells him that he did good. However, Andy warns that Moss got killed and the afternoon ratings are so-so. He sarcastically tells Venus that they're now 14th instead of 16th in the market. Once he leaves, Les and Herb fight over the book until Venus takes it.

Andy goes to his office and angrily knocks things off of his desk. Bailey comes in, sees him, and quickly leaves.

Jennifer goes to Arthur's office and finds him dancing with joy. He wants to do some real radio business, but Jennifer only has his fishing magazine. Jennifer starts to go and Arthur shows her his blueprints for the Arthur Carlson Building. There's a little room for Arthur, and he insists that it's not a hiding place.

Andy comes in and Arthur quickly hides the blueprints behind his back. Jennifer helpfully says that they were looking at dirty pictures. Once she leaves, Arthur insists on showing the blueprints to Andy. Andy says that it takes hours to determine what the numbers really mean, and Arthur says that he'll study them. He asks Andy if he's okay, and Andy claims that he has a headache. Once he leaves, Arthur goes back to looking at the blueprints.

Johnny sneaks out of the booth and Venus finds him. They talk about their numbers being up and congratulate each other, and Bailey finds them. She asks if the ratings were good overall by Andy's standards. Arthur comes by with a bottle of champagne and says that it's one of the happieset days of his lives, and leads Johnny off to talk. Venus says that he'll talk to Andy as Johnny slips away.

Venus goes to Andy's office and says that everyone is pretty excited. Andy says that it's not a great book, and the format change would have been enough to bring up the ratings. He wonders why Venus stays, and Venus says that he likes it just like Andy does. Andy complains that he's gotten results everywhere else and he had a perfect record, and admits that's what bothering him. He didn't do what he could do to fix the station, and says that he should have gotten rid of Herb and Les. Johnny doesn't play what Andy wants him to play, and Andy figures that he became friends with everyone. Venus points out that Andy would have had to fire Arthur if he fired everyone. Andy says that Arthur is the station manager, and Venus notes that if he couldn’t fire Arthur then he couldn't fire anyone else. Venus tells him that he's the head guard at a nut farm, and Andy admits that he likes it there. He wonders if he's a guard or a nut, and venus tells him that he's a guard on the way to becoming a ut.

Arthur tells them to come to the party, and hesitantly orders them to come to the party. Once he leaves, Andy admits that he didn't have friends at the other stations that he worked at. He figures that he deserves credit for hiring Venus. As they go to the party, Venus fulfills his dream and messes up Andy's hair. Andy laughs and jokingly promises to break his leg if he does it again.

In the bullpen, Jennifer has Herb take champagne to Venus in the booth. Arthur shows Bailey the blueprints and his "think tank". Johnny tells Andy about how he kept changing his online name when he got bad ratings. Arthur proposes a toast to Andy and everyone joins in. Andy insists that he's not responsible.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 12, 2018

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