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Morning of the Mindstorm Recap

The paramedics take Danny to the hospital and he's rushed into the ER. Colleen and Misty wait outside, and the doctor comes over and tells them what's going on as Ward arrives.

The doctors operate on Danny's leg and then screw a brace onto it. Later, the doctor takes Colleen to Danny, unconscious in his hospital bed. She takes his hand and he wakes up and takes her.

Chen waits outside of a Triad operation, and Davos smashes holes in the walls inside. Ryhno and his gang arrive and ask Chen what he's doing there, and Chen tells them to back off. One of the gangers attacks Chen, who easily defeats him. Davos comes out and watches as Chen takes on and defeats the other gangers, and Ryhno draws his gun. Davos uses the Fist to smash down the door and then tells the gang that he's there to free them. Chen leaves, and Davos explains that he's spent his whole life working to obtain the Fist. He asks if they want to live as scavengers and offers to show them another way. When BB mocks him, Davos suggests that they devote their efforts to a noble purpose and offers to make them warriors. In return they help him turn the neighborhood around and eventually the city. He offers them room and board at Eden Towers on the waterfront and warns that he'll work them hard, but says that they'll be better for it.

Misty meets with Captain William Pike about the Triad murders. She warns that the man responsible has special abilities, and Pike says that Danny took out petty gangs and then busted up one of their sting operations. Misty explains that Davos is the new player, but Pike doesn't care. She asks for a few detectives and unis to bring Davos in, but Pike says that he's got it handled and tells her that it isn't her problem. Misty figures that he's dragging his feet on the case and warns that people are dying, and Pike tells her to go back to Harlem and take the captain job.

At the apartment, Misty tells Colleen that as long as Davos is killing Triad, Pike doesn't care. She refuses to go over Pike's head and asks how Danny is doing, and Colleen says that the doctors can't tell them anything definite and the scientist who built the brace also built Misty's arm. Misty hopes that she's taking time for herself, and Colleen says that she's been working on Choi's ledger. She's figured that people were paying off Choi to bring them to the States, and someone paid him with the box.

Danny comes in, much to their surprise, and says that the brace is speeding up the healing process. He came home because he couldn't stand the hospital, and asks about Davos. Misty confirms that he's killed eight more Triad members and the police won't help, so they still have to get the Fist out of Davos and then arrest him. Colleen notes that they need the bowl, and Misty figures they'll learn from Joy where Davos got the bowl. Danny suggests that Misty check out the art auction and she agrees.

Once Misty leaves, Danny snaps at Colleen and then apologizes. He tells her that she's wasted enough time dealing with the situation, and he did it to himself trying to reason with Davos. Danny wonders what he's supposed to do, and Colleen tells him to come with her to Bayard and spread the word that Davos is on the streets. She points out that Danny can help even if he can't fight, and Danny agrees.

At her apartment, Joy is talking to Sofia on the phone when Misty arrives at her door. After Joy opens the door, Misty says that Davos put Danny in the hospital. She points out that Danny is why Joy and Walker aren't behind bars, and asks her about the bowl from the auction house. Joy says that it was a Tibetan antiquity and Davos needed it for the ceremony. Misty warns that Joy's security precautions won't help her against Davos, and Joy says that the curator, Mika, may know more but she isn't a fan of Joy after Joy pressed her for the bowl.

At Bayard, Colleen and Danny put up posters of Chen's car. She suggests that they go home, but Danny insists on helping her put up the posters. Colleen warns him that he's bottling up his anger, and says that Danny isn't responsible for Davos. Danny figures that it's happening because of him, and Colleen hugs him. He worries that he keeps testing their relationship, and says that Davos was his friend in K'un-Lun and he's terrified that the police will kill Davos. Colleen says that she understands because she still cares about Bakuto.

Ward's assistant Katie calls him as he's drinking at a sports bar. Ward hangs up and gets another drink, and Bethany comes in and asks what he's doing there. She says that Katie gave her Ward's location, and tells him that he needs to get to a NA meeting. Ward says that he's lost Joy and Danny, and Bethany suggests that he let it out in a safe space. He isn't interested, and Bethany tells him to own it and decide who he wants to be. Ward tells her that he doesn't know and laughs, and Bethany wonders what she's doing. She starts to walk out and Ward stops her. The bartender tells him to let Bethany go, and she leaves for the NA meeting. Ward throws a punch at the bartender and misses, and the bartender shoves him to the bar and then punches him in the face. Ward keeps fighting and missing until the bartender knocks him to the floor.

In a motel room, Davos kills a Triad man. He goes out to the car where Chen is waiting and says that they need to prepare for his students' arrival. Davos figures that Danny will come after him again and he needs more men then Chen. Chen figures that the gangers are disposable, and Davos says that they're not if they rise to the occasion. He needs warriors to help him burn the cancer out of the city.

Three men are stripping a nearby car, and Davos sees them. He goes over, kills one thief with the Fist, knocks out another, and throws the last man on the hood of the car. Chen yells that they're not Triad, and Davos asks if he wants to die with them. He says that he's speeding up the process and breaks the last thief's neck.

Misty meets with Miya at the auction house and asks about the bowl. Miya figures that it's very bad, and says that it's a rare Tibetan singing bowl. She shows Misty a hanging scroll from the ancient city of Shambhala Bhilai with information about the bowl. The scroll has the dragon design printed on it, and Miya explains that the bowl was believed to be the key to a ritual. Misty takes photos of it and thanks Miya for her time, and Miya asks Joy to let her know if she was helpful.

Joy goes to Walker's apartment and Mary answers the door. Mary has no idea who Joy is, and lets Joy in. The water is running, and Mary says that Walker won't be back for a while. She insists that Joy can't talk to Walker. Mary remembers that Davos hurt Danny and asks Joy how Danny is. Joy starts to leave, but Mary asks her to stay so that she'll have company. She asks Joy to tell Danny that she hopes that he feels better, and Joy says that they had a falling-out. Joy admits that she did something awful to her, and Mary says that she tried to warn Danny about Walker but it was a bad idea. She figures that Walker is a good person in a bad place, and suggests that Joy is the same way. Mary says that Walker wants the money to go away from her, and Joy tells her that Walker has risked everything to keep Mary safe. She figures that there's a way out of everything and she's the one to find it, and starts to go. She sees Mary's sketches on the end table and says that they're good, and leaves as Mary stares at a sketch showing a woman looking at her dark reflection in a mirror.

In the past, a beaten Walker sits in a cell and listens to the gunfire outside. Water drips into a cup that Walker has set out to catch it, and it starts raining through the bars in the ceiling. There's a coin next to the cup, and Walker uses it to sketch on the wall.

Mary dumps her Valium down the sink and turns off the water.

Misty goes to the apartment and shows Colleen and Danny the photo of the hanging scroll. Danny confirms that the text is ancient Tibetan and can read it. The text has the measurements and hand placements to transfer the chi. There's a warning that the transfer is complex and if mishandled, could mean death for everyone involved. Misty figures that they'll need someone to help them take on Davos and get the bowl back. She goes to find someone with the police, and Danny tells Colleen that he needs to be ready to face Davos and he can't do it alone. Colleen realizes that he wants her to train him, and Colleen says that he's asking everything from her because she decided not to teach. Danny says that he needs that side of her even if it hurts after what happened with the Hand. Colleen says that it's something that she can't give, and Danny clears space to train himself. She figures that he wants the Fist back, and Danny says that she's afraid. Colleen says that it's not his place to decide to turn the apartment back into a dojo, and walks out.

At the NA meeting, Bethany talks about how long she's been sober and how she wanted to start using because of what happened earlier. Ward walks up to the door of the meeting room and hears Bethany talking about how she wanted to start using when she met him. Bethany describes what happened without mentioning Ward's name, and says that he got her pregnant. Shocked, Ward starts to walk off but hears Bethany say that her baby's father is an addict just like her. She wonders what she's supposed to do, and Ward walks away.

Mary records a video for Walker, thanking her for all of the times that she protected Mary. She suggests that they get help, and that she trusts Walker enough to trust her to do what needs to be done. Mary then puts out her sketches and a note asking Walker to watch the video.

Davos is hitting sandbags at his warehouse when Joy comes in. He's surprised to see her there, and Joy talks about the empty screens and false promises in her life. What they did to Danny mean something, and since then she was afraid of Davos. Davos says that he doesn't want to hurt her, and Joy says that she was more afraid of letting go then of Davos. Davos says that he's building a future, just not obtaining revenge, and Joy tells him that if she wants to make the world better, she has to be better first.

Relieved, Davos says that he's glad to have her back and he's her protector. Joy asks about the bowl, claiming that she hopes to sell it back to Miya to fix their friendship. Davos says that he needs it, just as the gang comes in. Davos welcomes them and says that they should call him Shifu. BB looks at Ryhno, who nods that he should do it, and BB calls Davos "Shifu".

Danny clears the apartment floor to set up his training space. As he strikes a post repeatedly, Colleen sis in her room and listens. Danny tries kicking and yells in pain, and Collen comes out and helps him up. He apologizes for what he said earlier, and Colleen tells him that she called the dojo because she couldn't be a part of sending anyone else to their grave. She says that when she teaches someone, what comes from that is on her. Colleen warns that if she trains him then everything changes between them, and she'll have to separate herself emotionally from Danny. She figures that they've both made their choices and knocks Danny to the floor. Colleen tells him to get up and attacks him again and again, knocking him down each time. He parries her third attack but then she knocks him down, and Danny lunges at her.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 13, 2018

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