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Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance Recap

Colleen continues training Danny, and finally says that his physical training is nearly complete. He has to learn to control his emotions since Davos is his blind spot.

Davos meditates as his new students perform their exercises. He then tells his students that with practice comes mastery, and with mastery comes knowledge, and with knowledge come strength. Davos says that they must strike without hesitation or mercy.

Colleen tells Danny to keep centered and to keep control, and let Davos wear himself out. She says that Davos is filled with overconfidence and Danny shouldn't be the same. Collen his Danny in the face and says that's enough, but Danny insists on continuing.

That night, Colleen tells Danny that the volunteers are getting the word out. Danny calls her "sensei", and Colleen says that he doesn't have to call her that when they're out of training. She says that his reflexes are almost back to normal and that it's him, not the brace. Colleen figures that they need Misty to get the cops onboard or they can't get the bowl or Davos. She explains that her grandfather taught her to fight with the bo staff she's been using to train Danny, when she went to live with her grandparents after her mother died. Danny figures that Colleen's katana is her father's, and she says that he taught her in bushido. He sent Colleen on missions so that she could observe the world around her and remember what she fighting for. Danny says that he's learned to fight for everything, just not the Fist, and Colleen warns that facing Davos will be emotional as well as physical.

A tip comes in that Chen's car is heading into Chinatown. Colleen tells Danny to come with him and says that it's field training.

Chen and Davos pull up to the address of James Wong, a Hatchet man. Chen asks to help with it, and assures Davos that it's the right place. Davos says he'll never trust him and goes to the apartment alone.

Danny and Colleen knock at the door and find Liu and Wang inside. They go inside and spot Chen on the street, and tell Yang that Davos is coming.

Davos walks up the stairs and Liu tells James to grab a weapon and stand beside him. Danny warns that they don't stand a chance and they're there to get them out, and they go out the back door. As they go down the stairs, they hear Davos smash in the apartment door and Danny starts to go back. Colleen tells him that it's a test and he should control his emotions. After a moment, Danny goes with them.

When he searches the apartment, Davos discovers that the coffee is still hot.

Chen spots the group leave the apartment and comes over. Colleen tells Liu to get out while she handles Chen, and he attacks her. They fight and Colleen takes Chen down. She sees Davos and gets into Yang's SUV when it arrives. They drive away as Davos arrives. He grabs Chen and accuses him of betraying him, and Chen says that they took his eye and Davos would do worse if he crossed him. Chen sees a nearby poster with his car's photo on it and Davos realizes how Danny found him.

The next morning, Walker wakes up and plays back Mary's video saying that she'll trust Walker. She explains that Joy came by and wanted Walker to protect her, just like Walker protected Mary.

In Sokovia, two soldiers find Walker lying on the ground, tell her that she's safe, and ask her name. She says that she's First Class Sergeant Mary Walker They don't know what happened to her and came there because the area lit up. Walker doesn't know what happened there, and the last thing she remembers is them coming to kill her.

Joy enters the factory and watches the students train. Crank tosses BB to the ground, and BB wonders why they're learning to kick each other's asses. Ryhno tells them to start over but BB walks off. Once he's alone, BB looks at the poster that Colleen put up and starts to leave. Joy comes in and asks where he's going, and takes the poster. She warns BB that he doesn't want to be on Davos' bad side, and advises him to go back in. BB goes back in, and Joy looks contemplatively at the poster.

Danny and Colleen go to Yang's safehouse where she's meeting with the Hatchets. They go in and tell Yang that Davos will kill them all now that they've united against him. Colleen says that they have a plan and are going to move soon, and Danny warns that more people will be killed if they go after him. Mrs. Yang says that she's trying to be more like her husband and learn from her mistakes.

Joy is looking through Davos' things when he comes in and asks what she's doing. He wonders why she's there with him, and Joy says that she wants to be a better person. Davos demands to know why she trusts him if she was afraid of him, and Joy figures that he needs her as much as she needs him. She talks about how the factory was a Rand purchase and it was going to be an apartment, and says that first impressions matter. Joy tells Davos that he's a good man, shows him the poster, and says that he has to show people a different side of himself than just a killer. He should show her how he will better people's lives. Davos agrees with her and apologizes for doubting her.

Walker meets with Dr. Paul Edmonds and says that she didn't kill the men who imprisoned her in Sokovia. She shows Edmonds the video left by Mary and explains that it's the first time Mary has reached out to her. Edmonds suggests that one of the other seven soldiers on her patrol might have freed her, and Walker says that they all died and her captors showed her the corpses. The doctor wonders if Mary is the only other alter Walker has and she's the one who freed Walker, and Walker insists that Mary is the only one. Walker doesn't want to take the minimum of six months necessary for treatment and possible integration, and advises Edmonds to forget that she was ever there.

Ward goes to a floral shop and tells the florist that he needs an apology bouquet, and lets her choose. Joy calls him and asks him to take over the factory he bought for her. Ward figures that it's a poison pill, and Joy tells him that she has other matters to deal with so she's moving on. Ward figures that it has to do with Davos, and agrees to do it and tells him that he doesn't have to understand. Once Joy hangs up, the florist rings Ward's purchase up. He pays and then walks off without the bouquet.

At the apartment, Colleen complains that Yang is boxing them out. Danny says that they'll do it and probably get killed, and Colleen says that he managed to keep his emotional distance. He tells her that they're being forced to choose between ending Davos or ending the two of them together, and wonders if they're exclusive. Colleen says that she didn't want any of it and is fighting for what she believes in, and Danny says that he wants to handle Davos the right away. She tells him that she needs to see it all in action and is going to take him to a cage fight.

Ward goes to Joy's apartment to get the keys and deed for the factory, and finds Walker waiting. She says that Ward isn't supposed to be there, and explains that she was looking for Joy. Ward tells Walker to get out, and Walker figures that Ward will do. She asks him to access the Rand database and find out about her redacted military history. Ward says that he can't, and Walker figures that he can pay someone who can because he's doing Joy a favor. As he gets the paperwork, Ward finds a photo of his mother while Walker says that she needs the file because of Joy. He tells Walker that he'll get her file but needs something in trade. Ward figures that Joy asked him to take on the factory and the solar cell project because she doesn't figure she'll get out of it alive. If he gets Walker the file then she'll make sure Joy is safe. Walker warns that Joy isn't safe as long as Davos is alive, and Ward agrees.

Davos tells his students that they're leaving and tells Chen to arrive transportation. BB tells Ryhno that he's not feeling well, and Rhyno warns him not to be on the wrong side of what's happening. Ryhno sees Davos watching and punches BB in the stomach, says that he'll deal with him later, and tells the other gangers to take BB to the dark room.

Joy watches the whole thing, and talks to BB privately. She offers to get him out if he'll find the bowl and give it to her.

Davos and the gang go to Henry's restaurant and has Ryhno apologize to Henry for busting up his restaurant earlier. The Fist then says that he'll provide protection and there'll be no charge, and all he wants in return is for Henry to be a good man. Henry says that he just wants to stay out of all of it, and Davos figures that he's still in league with Tigers. He slams Henry against the wall and uses the Fist to kill him. Davos then tells the gang that Henry was party of the cancer rotting the city. When Ryhno disagrees and says that they're out, Crank cuts his throat and recites Davos' mantra. Davos asks if anyone else doubts him, and they all quickly agree and leave with him.

That night, Colleen takes Danny to the cage fights' location and explains that the authorities shut it down six months ago. The cage is still there and Colleen says that they're going to fight. Danny refuses but Colleen says that she knows how to push Danny's buttons just like Davos does.

Joy and BB search Davos' room for the bowl. They finally find it in the hollow that he created in the brick wall and start to dig it out, but hear Davos come in. Joy tells BB that she'll distract Davos while BB gets the bowl and takes it to Colleen.

When Joy confronts Davos, he says that she mislead him. Joy plays for time, asking him what he thinks that she did.

BB removes the bricks and gets the bowl.

Davos says that lies and half truths won't solve the problem, and he's realized how to do it. He explains that in K'un-Lun they broke them down to make them accept the truth, and the people of the city don't want to listen. Davos goes to his quarters, and Chen emerges from the shadows and tells Joy that she's not half as clever as she thinks she is. He says that he'll survive if Joy tries to muscle him out.

Danny and Colleen fight and she scores the first two out of three points. When Danny tries to get control of himself, Colleen taunts him. He says that he knows what she's trying to do and he's going to take the Fist back. They continue fighting and Danny scores a point, and Colleen says that he lost control to do so and they need to get him past that. She tells him that he needs Danny to separate himself from his love--for Davos and for her--and show Colleen that he can fight.

They fight and Danny scores a second point. Colleen says that she used to come there and fight out of anger, until she remembered what she was fighting for. She asks Danny what he's fighting for, and Danny takes her down and grabs the strip taped to her chest representing the third point. However, he refuses to take it and walks away.

Colleen finds Danny looking out over the city. She says that she pushed too hard too fast, but Danny tells her that he grew up with everything, When it was taken from him, he sought to gain the Fist. He just repeated the cycle that K'un-Lin taught him, and now Danny has realized that he's fighting for the Fist. Danny can feel it calling him to, making him a danger to everyone that he loves. He thinks that they should give the Fist to Colleen.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 14, 2018

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