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Undo It Recap

In the homestead, Nicole and Waverly try to remove Bulshar's ring from Waverly's finger. It doesn't move, and Waverly says that it's fine, but Nicole worries that it might hurt one of their friends next time. Waverly tells Nicole to get Wynonna's bolt-cutters to get the ring off.

In the barn, Wynonna and Doc have sex twice and then wonder if they did. Nicole pounds on the door and they tell her that it's NSFW inside there, and she asks if they're on again. Once she leaves, Wynonna says that she's forgiven Doc for becoming a vampire, and he assures her that he'd never do anything to betray her trust. They go to sleep in each other's arms, unaware that they're staring off into space, fully clothed, and Bulshar and several black-clad beekeepers have surrounded them. Bulshar declares that they're his.

Waverly and Nicole call in a jeweler, Derek, who examines the ring and says that it's quite robust. They have him try and cut if off, but the saw doesn't cut through. He finds marks on it saying "Paradise", and Nicole gets a call that there's a disturbance at the Gardner house. As they leave, Derek says that the already has a buyer for the ring.

Wynonna and Doc walk through the woods, and Wynonna remembers the Tarot cards and the Garden. Doc asks if she's okay with both of them, and says that he became a vampire for her. There's a buzzing noise and Wynonna says that Peacemaker is giving her a headache. She insists that there's something wrong, and wake up in a darker as the beekeeper turn to face them. They try to put a plant in her mouth, but she kicks free of them, slaps Doc out of his spell, and turns to face Bulshar and more of the figures. Bulshar says that their fates are linked and is impressed by her ability to resist his spell. He blows more dust in her face, and Wynonna and Doc collapse.

Wynonna wakes up alone in a strange room and calls to Doc and Bulshar, but gets no answer. She still has Peacemaker, and looks around to realize that she's in Shorty's. Someone shoots her with a poisoned dart in the chest, and Wynonna collapses.

Wynonna wakes up alone in Shorty's basement room and discovers that the bolt is gone. She calls to Doc and Bulshar, and sees his face on the wall. She says where she is, and Doc tells her that he's paralyzed and doesn't know where he is. Wynonna goes to the bar and the dart misses... and another one hits her in the chest. She wakes up in the basement, sees Doc's face projected on the wall, and goes upstairs. She reappears a few seconds later and says that she was hit by a red-hot bolt. Doc suggests that pain is the end game, and Wynonna goes back up the stairs.

Nicole and Waverly arrive at the Gardner house and find Mercedes pounding on a safe. She's bandaged up, and says that her brother changed the combination so she's pounding away at it. They explain that someone has been staying there, and explains that she's been all over the world seeking facial construction but nothing took. Nicole shoots the safe open, and Waverly sees someone outside the window.

Wynonna reappears in the basement and starts counting how many times she's gone through the cycle. She goes back upstairs, is hit with acid, and marks off her next trip. Doc tells her to slow down and think, but Wynonna goes back upstairs. Doc realizes that he's lying underneath a house foundation.

Derek enters the Gardner house and says that he can't get the ring out of his mind. Mercedes tells him that there's nothing for him to see it, and Waverly realizes that he's a demon. Derek grabs Mercedes by the throat and demands the ring, and Waverly reminds him that she can't take it off. The demon has brought a pair of cutters and says that he has to pay fealty to Bulshar. Nicole shoots him but the bullet has no effect, and Derek grabs her and tells Waverly to cut it off or he'll kill Nicole. Waverly grabs him by the face and the ring burns him dead.

Wynonna finds herself back in the basement and realizes that there's some white substance on Doc's face's image. He tells her that she needs to rest, and Wynonna wonders what she's doing wrong. She realizes that it's like a video game and there's always a way to beat the system. The floor starts burning and Wynonna runs upstairs. When she goes through the door, she finds herself in the homestead. Doc's face appears on the fireplace and Wynonna says that they're home.

Bulshar watches Wynonna, wrapped up in a tree, and boasts that Wyatt's heir will watch as he enters and the world burns as he enslaves humanity.

Doc says that he can feel the vibration of Wynonna's feet on the floor, and directs her to him. Wynonna realizes that he has dirt on his face, and realizes that Bulshar is burying him alive. Doc says that he had a conversation with Bulshar, who threatened him to make it himself. Bulshar said that he'd cleanse Doc's soul if Doc did Bulshar's doing. Doc says that he refused, and Wynonna goes outside to get a crowbar.

Waverly worries that she might hurt someone close to her. Mercedes says that all of the Earps are cursed, and the only thing the Widows were scared of was Bulshar. Waverly assures Mercedes that she's beautiful, and Mercedes pulls away and tells Waverly to put a mitt on her friend. She leaves to catch a plane, and Nicole suggests that they need demon magic to remove the ring. Jeremy calls and says that he noticed something very Bulshary on the cam for Eagle Nest and he'll sent them his location.

Wynonna goes to the barn and finds Bobo there. She draws Peacemaker on him and shoots him, and he goes down. Wynonna wakes up in the house and tells Doc what happened. Doc coughs on the dirt that is slowly covering him over, and he says that she's been gone many times. There are more chalk marks on the wall, and Wynonna realize that she's shot Bobo dozens of times. Doc tells her to do something else, and Wynonna puts Peacemaker down and goes to the barn.

When Nicole and Waverly arrive, Doc suggests that the staircase he and Robin saw was the entrance to the Garden. Nicole spots a mound of tree branches.

Wynonna enters the barn and shows Bobo that she doesn't have Peacemaker, and asks him how they can beat Bulshar. Bobo says that Juan Carlo and Constance are dead, and he's no longer the Robert that cast the spell hat trapped Bulshar. Wynonna asks Bobo to help her, and he attacks her. Wynonna stabs him and they both collapse. As they lie dying, Wynona says that Michelle let Bobo out, Willa loved him, and he saved Waverly. Bobo says that his resolve is gone and Bulshar cursed him to fight everyone Wyatt had a hand in killing. He figures that it will never end and he finally gave up... and Wynonna will, too.

The trio examine the mount and Waverly identifies it as a beaver lodge. They start to hack it apart and see Bobo's hand.

Wynonna wakes up in the house and makes another chalk mark. Doc is all but buried, and Wynonna wonders if she's in Hell. Doc says that he isn't because in Hell it was alone. Wynonna wishes that he hadn't given up on her, and Doc says that he never would give up on her or Alice. He asks her to make one more attempt, and Wynonna goes to the barn.

The trio pull Bobo free and Waverly yells at him. Bobo wakes up and says that Bulshar has Wynonna and Doc. He says that Bulshar is everywhere and the trees are his, and he wants revenge.

Wynonna goes to the barn but Bobo isn't there. She goes outside and finds Bulshar standing in front of a red wooden door. He tells Wynonna that Doc could have made it easier, and steps between Wynonna and the door. Peacemaker appears at her side and Bulshar says that soon it will be his. He holds up the Tarot card and says that it protect the Garden. Wynonna shoots him but nothing happens, and Bulshar says that it only sends the Revenants back to Hell because of his curse. He says that eventually she will give him Peacemaker willingly, and Wynonna goes back in the house.

Bobo says that Bulshar blew dust in his face, and Jeremy figures that the "dust" was hallucinogenic spores. The former prisoner says that he was trapped and now Wynonna is, and Wynona killed him over and over.

Wynonna pulls up the floorboards and finds Doc.

Bobo says that he was weak and broke, and Jeremy figures that they're close. He points off into the woods and goes after Wynonna and Doc. Bobo realizes that Waverly found the ring and says that maybe it found her.

Wynonna pulls Doc up out of the dirt. He asks how she defeated Bobo, and Wynonna says that Bobo is gone. She explains that Bulshar showed up and asks Doc if he's ready to take the game to him. They go outside and see the door but no Bulshar. They head to the door and Wynonna figures that it's a trick. Bulshar appears and says that he can't keep them there and they're free to go. He says that their fates are intertwined, but Wynonna shoots him anyway and he disappears in a burst of dust.

Doc and Wynonna go to the door and step through it. They find themselves in the barn in their real bodies, and Wynonna hugs Doc and says that Bulshar is dead. As she wonders if they broke the curse, Nicole calls to them. Wynonna goes outside to greet her, and finds herself back in Shorty's basement with Doc's face on the wall. He says that he's near-paralyzed and can barely move, and Wynonna collapses sobbing as Bulshar's laugh echoes through the basement.

Wynonna goes upstairs and finds herself in the forest facing Bulshar. He says that there is no victory, only surrender, and he can keep it up forever. Wynonna refuses to surrender, and Bulshar says that she's almost alone as he steps back, leaving her between the graves of her family and friends. She says that Waverly will never give up on her.

The trio run through the forest.

Bulshar says that they all die alone and asks if she would like to be with her loved ones before she dies. Wynonna insists that she wants to free them.

The trio find the stair and they figure that Paradise is at the top. Waverly finds Doc and Wynonna nearby.

Bulshar holds up the Tower card, and Wynonna realizes that Peacemaker is the Tower and Bulshar needs it to enter the Garden. He says that he has many more trees and lets Wynonna hear Doc dying.

The trio find the lodge holding Wynonna and Doc and start hacking it apart.

Wynonna starts digging up Doc's grave. She hears Waverly calling to her, and Doc tells her not to do it. Wynonna breaks into tears, and Bulshar says that there's only one way for her to save her loved ones. He gives her his word that he'll let them go if she gives him Peacemaker. Wynonna whispers an apology to the people she loves.

Once they remove Doc and Waverly from the lodge, Waverly cries over Wynonna and touches her face with her ring-wearing hand. Wynonna and Doc wake up and Bulshar tells them that they're safe. Doc asks Wynonna if she gave up Peacemaker, and Wynonna just stares at him.

That night at the homestead, Wynonna tells Waverly that Bulshar defeated him and he has Peacemaker. Waverly insists that they can still fight, but Wynonna doesn't believe it. Her sister explains that the ring is stuck on her finger, and says that they'll take the fight to Bulshar on the stairs. Wynonna says that she didn't see any stairs, and figures that they can only be seen by those who are good. Waverly assures her that Wynonna isn't just good but her sister, and they laugh over the ring.

At the Gardner house, Mercedes removes her face bandages and realizes that it's healed. She figures that Waverly healed her.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 15, 2018

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