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War Without End Recap

Danny takes Colleen into a maintenance tunnel and shows her a room the room that he was using to train. He says that he used the Fist to smash things there when he couldn't find things to fight on the Fist. Colleen admits that she suspected something but didn't want to admit the truth, and told Danny to step back. Danny insists that he can't hold the Fist and learn from his mistakes, and after a moment Colleen refuses. He says that in K'un-Lin the Fist was the greatest honor one could hold. Colleen still doesn't believe it and tells Danny that he can't just pawn it off on her because he doesn't want it. Danny insists that he wants it back but he knows who he is when it's a part of him. Colleen says that when he beats Davos, Danny has to take the power from him and there's nothing else to consider.

Crank calls BB and says that BB really screwed them and Davos will eventually take it out on the other gangers. He tells BB that Davos killed Ryhno. BB is with Yang's people and says that they want to take Davos down hard.

Davos tells Joy to be honest with him, and she insists that she's done nothing wrong. Chen reports that BB is gone and someone must have let him out. Davos asks Joy where BB took the bowl, and Joy points out that she bought Davos the bowl and now he's accusing her of helping steal it from him. Davos threatens her life, and Joy claims that she sent BB to the FBI to tell them where the killer is. Chen suggests that they burn the factory up, but Davos says that Joy is lying and figures that she's helping Danny take the Fist from her. Joy tells her that no one knows that she's there, and says that Davos is out of his mind and someone has to stop him. She points out that Davos stole the bowl and is just as much a criminal as the people he kills, and any adult would see that he's a hypocrite.

Crank comes in and reports that BB is at Bayard, and Davos tells him to go there with the other gangers and bring the bowl back. When Crack says that the Triads are there, Davos tells him BB has led them to their enemies. Once Crank leaves, Davos tells Joy that she has a failure of vision and hasn't chosen the vision of righteousness. Joy says that his family is gone and he's brutalized his best friend. She tells Davos to consider if it's really what he wants, and Davos says that he's never had greater clarity and shoves her over the balcony.

At the apartment, Danny studies Misty's photos of the scroll and rehearses the hand gestures shown in the picture. Misty arrives and Colleen joins them, and Misty tells them that they have a task force. She went over Pike's head to Ridley, put in a rush request for a no-knock warrant, and figures that they'll go in and get Davos and the bowl. Danny wants to talk about giving the Fist to Colleen, but Colleen cuts him off and asks if there's more. Misty says that she brought Choi with her. He cut a deal with the Feds to turn against the Triads, and Misty convinced them to let Choi talk to Colleen before they put him in Witness Protection.

Choi tells Colleen that he sat on the box for a while after he received it. Colleen shows him the ledger and Choi explains that the Tigers brought the refugees over and Choi prepared the papers. Choi gives Colleen the cipher solution and says that the woman who gave the box to him said that it was worth a fortune. She said that a princess fell in love with a fisherman, who was marked for death by a pirate king. The princess ends up killing the pirate king and taking his ship, and the box was made from the bow sprint. Colleen recognizes the story as "The Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay", which her mother told her when Colleen was a child. She realizes that her mother told Choi the story.

Misty takes Choi out and Danny wonders if Colleen's mother made up the story. Colleen doesn't want to talk about it, and says that she should have left it alone. She goes out to get some air as Misty comes back, and Misty figures that she made a mistake bringing Choi there. Danny explains about asking Colleen to take the Fist, and figures that if they can repeat the ritual then they succeed.

Colleen is out looking over the city when Misty joins her and apologizes for bringing Choi there. They admit that what they have with each other is the closest they have to a healthy relationship. Colleen figures that Danny is crazy for wanting her to take the Fist, and Misty says that most people are too weak and selfish to be a hero but Colleen isn't. She figures that if Colleen had it then she'd use it right and kick some serious ass, and tells Colleen and Danny that they have to work it out.

Ward gives Walker the report and she confirms that he didn't read it. Once she's done, Walker burns the report and tosses it in a garbage can. She tells Ward that she's not going to get close to Davos but knows someone who can get them the right ordinance.

The next morning, Turk is by the river practicing his golf swing. Ward and Walker show up and Walker explains that Ward is fronting her costs. Turk takes them to his van and shows them the ordinance that Walker requested, and Ward insists on going on. He explains that he shot his father dead repeatedly and Walker agrees. Ward gives him the money and some golfing tips.

Joy wakes up in a pool of her own blood and discovers that her phone was broke in the fall. Chen walks over and says that Davos isn't done with her, and will bring Danny back to kill him in front of Joy or vice versa. Joy asks how much Chen will take to let her go, and Chen says that money means nothing to him now. He figures that Davos means what he says, and Joy says that she's a better person then Chen and she ended upon the floor. Chen is impressed that joy isn't begging for her life, and she passes out.

Danny and Colleen go to the center, and Sam tells them that Mrs. Yang is still there and he overheard her saying that the Triad is making a move. They go to the room where Mrs. Yang is meeting with lieutenants, and she tells Liu that they move in two hours. Colleen arrives and tells them to go, pointing out that there are children upstairs. Mrs. Yang says that Davos is killing innocent people like Henry, and Colleen warns that the FBI is going after Davos and the Triads will be caught in the crossfire. She says that it's an opportunity for Mrs. Yang to end the fighting. Danny says that he won't let them down again, and asks Mrs. Yang to end it that night.

BB comes in and gives them the bowl. They take it upstairs and BB explains that Davos has been teaching the gang kung fu. He says that Joy asked him to steal the bowl, and warns that if Davos knows then he'll kill her. Sam comes in and says that the gang showed up outside and are just standing there. BB admits that he might have made a mistake, and Colleen figures that they have to get everyone out. Mrs. Yang and her people arrive, and they figure that the gang is after the bowl. Mrs. Yang tells Liu that they'll escort the civilians out of the building, and says that she's taking a chance trusting Danny. Danny tells Colleen that they have to take a stand, and Colleen figures that they need a sedative to knock Davos out. Sam has the drugs that they've confiscated from people coming in. While Danny goes with Sam, Colleen realizes that BB has left.

BB goes out to talk to his gang, and Crank says that they're real players. When BB warns that the Triad men have guns, Crank says that Davos will take care of them.

As Yang and her people lead the civilians out through the kitchen, Davos steps out. Liu tells Yang to get everyone upstairs and goes to confront Davos himself. They fight and Davos easily disarms Liu and drives one of his hatchets into his chest. He then summons the Fist and beats in Liu's head, and goes upstairs.

BB says that Ryhno had their back and now he's dead for nothing. He tells Crank that it isn't their fight and if they get out, they still have a future. Crank stabs BB in the stomach repeatedly as Colleen comes out and sees what happened.

Davos enters the main room of the center and finds everyone there. Danny limps out and Davos warns that he will do worse than cripple him if Danny doesn't give him the bowl. Davos plans to kill the Triad members as well and the people with them. He yells at Danny to move, and Danny keeps coming forward.

Colleen attacks the gang while BB bleeds out on the ground. She takes them all down and goes to BB, but discovers that she's too late.

Danny tells Davos that he would go back and do it differently if he could. He apologizes for abandoning Davos, and Davos tells him that he never should have won the Fist. Danny agrees but says that Davos shouldn't either, and attacks him. They fight and Danny asks Davos why his father called the fight. Davos figures that it doesn't matter because they're all dead, and Danny manages to catch Davos' arm as he strikes with the Fist. Danny continues asking Davos what his father would think of him, and Davos knocks him down. As he takes out a syringe, Danny says that the tried to reach Davos but he gave him no choice. Davos grabs him but Danny manages to inject Davos with the syringe. Davos falters and Danny gets him in a choke hold and Davos finally passes out.

Crank recovers and tells Colleen that she's next. He attacks her and Colleen beats him to the ground. The others get up and Colleen says that she knows what it's like to be lost and angry. Misty and her men arrive and arrest them all, and Colleen tells Misty that they killed BB. After Misty calls an ambulance, she tells Colleen that she got there as soon as she could and it's not Colleen's fault. She says that they can't save everyone, and Colleen figures that BB didn't deserve it. Misty agrees and asks where Danny is, and Colleen runs inside.

The civilians are leaving the building, and Danny is with the unconscious Davos. Misty explains that BB is dead, and Danny says that they have the bowl and need to get Davos to the apartment to perform the ritual. Colleen says that she'll take on the Fist because she's realized that she needs to stand up and protect the community just like she's been telling Yang. Misty asks if she's sure, and Colleen says that she's no longer afraid of having a weapon in her hand. Sam and Yang come in and Sam gives them the keys for a van they use for field trips. Misty tells them to hand Davos over to her once they've completed the ritual.

The Crane Sisters meet Colleen and Danny at the apartment, and Colleen tells them to perform the ritual and tattoo her family crest onto her. They begin the ritual and Danny cuts off a piece of the dragon mark. The Sister make the ink from Davos' blood and use the ritual tattoo blades to put the tattoo on Colleen.

Misty goes to the factory alone to find Joy. Joy is tied to a chair, and Chen attacks Wu. They fight and Ward arrives and shoots Chen in the neck. He admits that he thought Chen was Davos and goes to Joy, while Walker comes in and tells Misty that they're there for Joy. Ward promises Joy that he'll kill Davos, and Misty tells them to get out and call an ambulance for Chen. As they go, Misty thanks Ward for his help. Walker shoots Chen dead and says that he wasn't going to make it. She tells Misty not to go for her gun, then knocks her unconscious rather than kill her.

Colleen wakes up and Danny asks if it's done. She looks at the tattoo on her arm and tells Danny that they should finish it. They go over to the unconscious Davos and Danny explains how she can draw the Fist into herself. Colleen does as instructed and Davos wakes up. He summons the Fist and hits the floor, knocking Danny and Colleen across the room. Davos tells Danny that he's failed and crawls to the bowl, and Danny grabs Colleen's sword, draws it, and tells him to come on. Colleen stares at her own left hand, which glows with a white light.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 15, 2018

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