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A Duel of Iron Recap

In Kun-Lin, Davos looks at a sleeping Danny and tends to him as he lkies frozen. Danny looks up at his future brother. As they grow, Danny shows Davos how to make a paper airplane. When they're adults, Davos helps Danny to his room after he takes the Fist, and Danny stares at its power.

Colleen stares at her glowing fist and collapses to the floor in pain. Davos asks Danny why he would give the Fist to Colleen, and Danny says that Davos can't interrupt the ceremony halfway. Danny hits the floor and the shockwave shatters the windows. By the time Danny and Colleen have recovered, Davos has fled. She says that they'll go together after Davos.

Walker locks Misty in the factory, and Misty tries to find a way out. Miosty finds a bar and tries to pry her way out without success. She manages to make a whole in the frame and starts punching her way out with her bionic arm.

In the main factory, Walker sings to herself as she drags Chen's body away. She then walks out, still singing, and checks her weapons.

An ambulance takes Joy and Ward to the hospital, and Joy tells her brother that she figured eventually Davos would finish what he started. She says that she didn't ask for Ward's help, and Ward tells her that he came anyway. He says that what she did to Danny still bothers him, but she did a great thing by going back to Davos to get the bowl. Joy claims that she did it for herself, and tells Ward to stop making excuses for her behavior. Ward recites one of his NA steps and tells Joy that he did something unforgiveable to her and since then he's been holding onto the idea that he had no other choice. He admits that it's his own problem, and says that he will always be there for Joy if she needs him whether she forgives him or not. Joy tells him to do what he wants and says that their family is cursed to bring darkness to everything they touch. Ward says that he's going to be a father, and he explains that he screwed up his relationship with the mother. She tells him that the negative shit piled up might be the thing that gives him a chance to do things right.

Davos staggers into the factory and calls to Chen, telling him that they must prepare for Colleen and Danny's arrival. He sees Chen's blood and then ducks behind a pillar just as Walker shoots at him. He dodges among the pillars as she continues shooting at him.

As they walk down the street, Colleen says that the power is burning her up from inside and Danny says that they have to finish the ritual. They enter the factory and Danny says that he's done trying to protect Davos but figures that if Davos dies then Colleen will die as well. Colleen gives Danny her katana to free up her hands and they continue on.

As she digs at the frame, Misty hears the gunshots out in the factory. She finally breaks through the door and releases the bar.

Walker tells Davos that she has plenty of bullets. Davos suggests that they talk, and Walker invites him to come out first. He points out that Joy is gone, and Walker says that she's just there for shits and giggles and really doesn't like Davos. Davos summons the Fist, steps out, and knocks a brick at Walker. Walker assumes a new position and shoots at him, and then drops to the floor and moves in. Danny and Colleen come in and Danny says that she can't shoot Davos. Colleen suggests that they work together to stop Davos, and Davos grabs her while Danny disarms Walker.

Walker staggers away and draws her knives, and fights Danny as he draws the katana. Meanwhile, Davos tells Colleen to give back the Fist and attacks her. He gets her in a choke hold and tries to draw the energy back, but Colleen breaks his grip and attacks him with a piece of rebar.

Walker kicks Danny in his recently-injured leg. She goes for her semi-automatic but Misty arrives and punches her.

Davos summons the Fist and shatters the wall behind Colleen. They emerge onto the street beyond and Colleen tells Davos that the Fist never belonged to him. He insists that he is the lost son of K'un-Lun and Colleen renews her attack.

Misty blocks Walker's knives with her bionic arm, and Danny cuts a water pipe. He tells Misty to use her phone light as a strobe light, and pins Walker to the wall. Misty shines the light in Walker's face, and the light and rain cause Walker to revert to Mary.

Davois summons the fist, and Colleen summons her Fist. The two Fists collide and the impact knocks them both back.

Danny tells Mary that she's safe, and she smiles and calls his name. Misty tells Danny to go get backup while she stays with Mary.

Davos recovers first and approaches the unconscious Colleen. He begins the ritual to regain the full power, and Danny hears Colleen's screams. Meanwhile, Colleen knocks Davos away. Danny attacks Davos and the two men fight. Colleen joins in and together they take down Davos. She performs the ritual and takes the full power of the Fist into herself. Davos tells her to end it, and she says that she'd be just like Davos if she did and walks away. Danny steps back and Davos screams at them. When he comes at Colleen, she hits the street and knocks Davos down.

The police arrive and Misty says that she left Mary with the EMTs. She tells Danny that it's his chance to say something to Davos before she books him. Danny talks to his former friend, saying that he didn't want it to end his way. Davos is surprised that Danny has approached him with compassion, and Danny says that he has his fault and Davos brought what happened to him on his own. Davos insists that he grasped at a glory that Danny can't comprehend, and that he inspired many people. He tells Danny that at least he picked a path unlike Danny, and Danny hopes that one day Davos will come back to himself. Disappointed, Danny tells Davos behind and leaves.

Misty points out that Colleen now has the Fist, and figures that she can bling out her arm. She asks what the Heart of the Dragon is like, Colleen says that it feels right. Colleen hopes to use a weapon to make peace, and asks Misty if she's going to take the captain's job. Misty figures that she doesn't need the politics, and Colleen says that she couldn't have done it without her. She suggests that they grab a beer sometime and they hug. Danny comes over and thanks Misty for letting him say goodbye.

As he and Colleen walk away, Danny admits that he might be as misguided as Davos and asks about him and Colleen. She says that Danny did what he saw as right and just has to be honest about the consequences, and tells him that they'll always be bonded. Colleen goes back to the center and Danny goes to the apartment to clean up. They kiss briefly and walk away from each other.

Danny cleans up the apartment and finds the box belonging to Colleen's mother. The metal crest has come loose, and Danny finds an inscription on the other side.

When Colleen arrives at the center, Sam greets her and she tells him that Davos won't be a problem anymore. Crank is in custody and the others are in custody, and Colleen says that they were struggling and she'll find a way to help them. She suggests that they have a service there for BB and Sam agrees. Yang and her people are still there, and Colleen goes over to talk. The Triad leader says that the war is over and they won't forget what Colleen and Danny did for them. Colleen says that they have to change and move into legitimate businesses. Yang agrees but warns that it won't happen overnight, and Colleen promises that she'll watch in case Yang backslides. The Triad leader says that she won't book any interference from Danny or Colleen, and they both agree that they have a delicate balance.

Ward meets Bethany as she leaves the NA meeting. He says that he has something to share and Bethany has everyone sit back down. Ward tells the attendees that he's an addict and terrible at relationships, and he's deeply alone. He talks about how he was at a bar drinking and a friend of his came to him and asked him who he wants to be. Ward admits that he doesn't know how to consider the question, and says that he has estimated his self-worth based on what others thought of him. Now all of those relationships are gone so he's there to tell the attendees that he has no one and doesn't know himself. He thanks them for listening and Bethany thanks him for sharing.

Afterward, Ward waits for Bethany in the hallway. She realizes that he knows that she's pregnant, and he says that he heard her when he came by earlier. Bethany says that she planned on telling him, and Ward tells her that he wants to be there for Bethany and the child. She tells him that it's just what happened, not fate or destiny, and Ward insists that he figures that he can make the right decisions going forward if he has help. Bethany says that she has to do it on her own, and that all she can handle is taking care of herself and her child. Ward admits that he doesn't like himself, and Bethany kisses him on the cheek and tells him to be well before walking away.

Walker breaks into Joy's apartment. Joy limps out holding a gun and tosses Walker her money, and Walker says that Davos won't bother Joy anymore. She explains that Mary came out and by the time she took control back, the police arrested Davos. Joy tells her to take the cash and the job is over. Walker tells her that their deal has changed and says that she can't go back to the way things were since she found out who saved her in Sokovia. She explains that someone got her out and it wasn't her or Mary.

Joy tells Walker to come out, and Walker advances on her and says that she's afraid of herself. She explains that Mary Walker's fingerprints were on the knives used to kill the Sokovians. It means that there's another alter and she doesn't know who it is, but she might be trigged by someone aiming a gun at her. Walker says that she's going to leave the money and draw it out later, and wants to use Joy's reach. Joy asks if she gets a say, and Walker compliments her on her sense of humor before leaving.

Colleen returns home and finds a note on the table next to her katana. The note says that he has to determine if he knew only half the story. Danny writes that he has to leave, and explains that he heard Choi's story before in K'un-Lun, of the first woman to defeat the Dragon: the Pirate Queen. He figures that the destiny he was seeking was Colleen's, and the Queen may be Colleen's ancestor.

Danny takes a taxi to a charter jet at the airport, and finds Ward arguing with the pilot. He knows from Katie that Danny is flying to Asia, and refuses to let Danny pass. Danny says that whoever supplied the body to Davos may have the answers he needs, and he has to find his true path by going in person. He wants to be worthy of the Iron Fist, but he can't trust himself with the responsibility until he knows what he stands for. Ward lets him pass, and then gets on the jet with him to complain that he'll be running Rand. Danny invites him to come with him and find out who he can be. He tells Ward that he's coming with him.

Months later, New York City

Robbers run out of a bank and find Colleen waiting for them. She draws her sword and it glows with the Dragon's power.

In Japan, Ward is sitting in a bar and tells a shady guy that he knows their employer is selling on the black market. He asks them about the shipping container and the corpse inside, and wants to talk to the man who sent it: Orson Randall. The shady guy says that he's never heard of Orson, and Ward tells him that he's spent a lot of time trying to find it including a shipment in Jakarta. He admits that things went sideways, and the man gestures a tough forward.

Ward tells them that they don't want to mess with him, and motions to Danny. Danny complains that he thought Ward had it handled, and the shady guy says that their employer wants his property back. Ward walks away, and Danny draws a pair of guns. HIs hands glow yellow, and when the shady guy shoots at him, Danny shoots his bullet out of the air. Chuckling, Danny tells him not to try it again.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 15, 2018

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