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The Unicorn in Captivity Recap

Billy, Pete, and Rusty test a teleporter using an apple. Once they teleport it, Pete refuses to eat it and Billy runs diagnostics on it. Once he confirms that the diagnostics are clean, Rusty takes a bite and says that it tastes like it success. The others refuse to volunteer as test subjects, and Billy figures that in a couple of months they could move up to mice. Pirate Captain comes in and steps on one teleporter pad, and teleports across the room. Up by the roof, Tiny eagle reports that Venture has done it and flies out. He bumps into Brock coming in, and Brock grabs and squishes him.

At the Monarch mansion, Monarch tells girlfriend that he's going to join a team. She says that he's just filling in for one job, and she had to pull a lot of strings to get him the job. Girlfriend says that Monarch needs it, and if the heist is successful then he'll get a full EMA level. Monarch insists that he's not a team player, and girlfriend suggests that he go and meet with them.

Later, Monarch goes to the apartment and Copycat greets him. He introduces Monarch to the others and says that he's Tiny Eagle's replacement. The team consists of Dot Com, Tunnel Vision, Presto Change-O, Ramburglar, and Driver X. Monarch asks for the details, and Copycat says that they're going to hit Venture Headquarters.

Brock wants to talk to Rusty about the security breach, but Rusty would rather focus on the press release for his new teleporter. They go to their new tenants, Dummy Corp, and Brock reveals that it's a front for OSI and they need to talk. Presto will turn into a snake and sneak in through the vents, Dot Com will shut off the alarms once Presto plugs in the transmitter, and Ramburglar will grab the goods and haul them out the loading dock where Driver X will be waiting. Monarch will conduct aerial reconnaissance. Monarch figures that he should be taking charge of the operation. He wants to hit Rusty high and hard. Copycat refuses to change the set list and announce that they begin the operation in one hour.

Rusty tells Gathers that he's licked teleportation, and Gathers tells him that he has to decommission it and never speak of it again. When Rusty wonders why, Gathers explains all of the ramifications it will have on society. Brock explains that they're protecting Rusty from himself, and Gathers fastens Rusty to his chair and leaves with Brock. The silhouettes of the Illuminati appear on the screens and say that they secretly control the world. The teleporter is a game-changer, and the Illuminati want Rusty to join them. All he needs to do is give up the teleporter. They invite Rusty to their secret meeting that night and then he can decide.

21 is sparring with Xxx when Monarch calls and tells him that the operation is going down that night. He points out that he doesn't have his flying wings and tells 21 to find them in the Morpho Cave. The gang tells Monarch to come out of the bathroom where he's calling 21 from.

That night, Brock drives the blindfolded Rusty to the meeting and then drives off. Rusty goes inside and is ushered into the main meeting room where everyone is naked and engaged in sex games.

Copycat coordinates the gang and when the subway train passes, Tunnel Vision uses the noise to cover his tunneling. Monarch is up on a roof and claims that he's flying.

Rusty makes his way through the party and tries to find an Illuminati member. The bartender asks Rusty if he's thinking of joining, and offers him some liquid coverage at the open bar. rusty realizes that they're serving orphan sashimi, and he runs out to the fountain to clean out his mouth. A masked Girlfriend is there and says that she's just an anonymous working girl there. Rusty suggests that they go somewhere private, and as a man takes her away Girlfriend tells Rusty to meet her at the tapestries in 20 minutes.

Presto sneaks in, but then hides when Brock comes in. Ramburglar wants to fight him, but Dot Com says that they can't draw attention and tells Monarch to go to the penthouse to draw Samson away from the lab. 21 arrives with the wings and asks if he can use Copycat's bathroom. As a cover story, 2 disguised the wings as man diapers.

Brock is packing up the teleporters, and Presto disguises himself as and goes in, pluggin in the transmitter. Dot Com plugs into the mainframe, while Brock realizes that Presto isn't the Venture's robot. Presto reverts to his normal form as Brock draws his knife, and the security alert goes off and automated claws grab both teleporter pads. Dot Com says that it's an emergency evac and she can't stop it. Presto grabs one of the pods before it can be taken into a wall. Brock goes after Presto, and Ramburglar knocks him out.

21 looks for the bathroom and finds Copycat and his clones boasting that they triggered the emergency alert to take the pods where they want them. Once he sneaks away, 21 calls Monarch and says that the gang is decoys. A helicopter flies by, knocking Monarch out of the sky and into the apartment. He lands in Rusty's bedroom and the bed droops him into the saferoom where the other teleporter pad is.

Rusty is waiting in a bedroom when the masked Illuminati leader comes in and says that they're going to keep Rusty captive where he can't be harmed. The other Illuminati members come in and the leader says that he either choose the Lady or the Tiger. Girlfriend or Tiger, Tiger has a machete dildo and is not at all friendly.

Ramburglar wants Tunnel Vision to drill Brock's knees until he tells us where the other teleporter pad is.

Monarch grabs the pad, but Hatred arrives and fires at him. The bullets are teleported to the other pad, and a startled Ramburglar drops the pad. it activates, teleporting his head to the other pad. Brock wakes up and Presto grabs the pad and runs with Tunnel Vision. Brock calls for backup and goes after them.

Hatred tells Monarch to come out, Copycat activates explosives, blasting a hole in the ceiling. Another Copycat clamps onto the safe room with a magnet crane and pulls the entire saferoom out.

21 runs to the van and tries to tell Driver X that the whole thing is a setup. The Driver X suit is empty after one of the Copycats inside of it dissolves himself, and Dot Com wonders what 21 did. Presto and Tunnel Vision climbs out of the sewers, and Brock pulls Tunnel Vision back in. Dot Com tells 21 that he's their driver now and Presto gives him the pod while Presto turns into an elliptical machine and traps Brock on him. Brock stabs him in the head, and 21 drives off.

Hatred runs out after the helicopter, falls into the pool, and accidentally shoos the rotor. The Copycat pilot transfers back into his original body, and the helicopter slams into Copycat's apartment. The saferoom falls to the giant hand statue in the plaza below, and the teleporter pad Monarch is holding sends him to the other teleporter pad in the van. 21 crashes the van and the hand statue bends but doesn't quite drop the saferoom on them. The teleporter pad falls out and Brock and the OSI arrive. By the time they surround the plaza, Monarch and 21 have escaped.

After making his decision, Rusty enjoys himself with the Illuminati's call girls... unaware that he's in a VR projector at OSI with a giant sex machine, and everything he "saw" at the party was his own imagination.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 17, 2018

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