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Ballers Recap

Owen tells everyone to focus on how they're going to get out of the Hunt. Pack insists that Todd didn't do anything, and Jess tells Pack that they should team up so they have a better chance of surviving. Pack tells her that the timing isn't right because Todd is trying to kill him. Todd says that he knows Jess and she doesn't think she can do things on her own. Pack swears to Todd that they're not hunting together, as the alarm goes off. Jess goes after Pack when he screams and runs, and Todd grabs some weapons and goes after Pack.

Pack runs through the woods and trips over a log. Jess asks if he's okay, and they hear Todd coming. After Jess covers him over with leaves, she hides. Todd easily finds Pack, who says that it's not his fault but he's just naturally charming. As Todd prepares to kill Pack, Jess clubs him unconscious from behind. Pack asks where that came from, and she says that she was in color guard in high school. He suggests that they hunt together-together and Jess readily agrees. She gives him Todd's bow and tells him that they should double back. Pack suggests that they run away to a hiding spot and Jess can protect them with her stick skills. Jess agrees and they go to hide.

Todd wakes up and finds a red door hanging in mid-air. Rob Corddry, second lead on HBO's Ballers, says that it's trippy and tells Todd that he's not the second lead. Rob explains that Todd is unconscious and they're in his unconscious with Rob as his spirit guide. Todd is thrilled to have Rob as his spirit guide, and wonders where the Rock is. Rob explains that the Rock isn't there because he's busy shooting movies but Rob has plenty of time. He says that they're going to step through the door and Todd is going to learn a lesson about himself. If Todd doesn't learn why he's there then the real Todd will never wake up again. They go through the door together.

Jess looks for hiding spots but Pack says that it's about anticipating danger. They find a cave and Pack figures that it's the perfect hiding spot. As he prepares to go in, a man puts a spear to his throat. It's Bruce, who is with Chet and five of the other plane survivors. Jess doesn't remember any of them because of her amnesia. Pack explains that Jess had head trauma and Chet points out that they had sex together. Bruce invites them all in together.

Martha monitors the survivors fighting each other when Declan comes in from the bathroom. The maid reports that Pack and Jess have disappeared, and Declan tells her to find them.

Todd and Rob emerge in Greg Graff's bathroom. Greg was the bully who picked on Todd in elementary school. Rob explains that Greg was going through his own personal hell. Greg's parents yell at each other, and Rob tells Todd to go to him. Todd punches Greg in the stomach, and Rob says that Todd was supposed to learn that Greg was taking out his personal problems on Todd at school. Greg insults Todd and spits on him, and Todd is ready to fight. Rob quickly takes Todd back through the door.

Bruce tells Pack that birds killed one of the survivors. The rest of them washed up on shore. Chet points out that Pack abandoned them to die, and says that he just walked around until he found Bruce. Pack claims that the gorilla killed the others before Jess can say anything. She takes Pack aside and says that they have to tell the survivors the truth. Pack warns that if they know the truth, they'll think that the others could bring Declan's people there and then the hunters will kill them so they'll kick Pack and Jess out. Jess wants to save everyone because the survivors don't have bracelets, and Pack insists that he's trying to protect them and she shouldn't rock the boat.

Todd and Rob go through another door to a bank waiting room where a young Todd is sitting. Todd's mother leads her out and takes him away, and Rob teleports Todd a few minutes into the past. Todd's mother is meeting with a loan officer, pleading for money so she can get Todd into a good school because he'll never survive in public school. The officer denies her request and the woman storms out. Rob tells Todd that his mother taught him how to cover up him to mask feelings of hurt and sadness with aggression because she did it. Todd hits the loan officer over Rob's protestations, and Rob leads him out.

Pack and the other survivors laugh, and Bruce tells Jess that he hasn't heard laughter after everything they've been through. He thinks that they've turned a corner and be 100% safe. Jess starts to tell him the truth, but Pack comes over and complains about their new sleeping spot. He realizes that Jess was about to say something.

Rob takes odd into a dojo and tells him that if he wants to fight then he can do it. There's another Todd there, dressed in a Cobra Kai outfit. He shoves Todd and calls him a little bitch.

Jess explains about Hunt Day, and Chet figures that they don’t any choice. Bruce figures that as long as the hunters don't spot them, they're safe, just as Martha flies a drone in. Chet draws a knife and says that there can only be one survivor, and stabs Bruce in the leg. Bruce tells everyone to rush Chet, and one survivor does so and Chet throw his knife into his chest. Chet runs out, and Bruce blames Jess and Pack for leading the hunters to them. Pack screams and runs out, leaving Jess surrounded by the survivors.

The two Todds dare each other to start something, until Rob tells them to do something before time runs out. The two Todds fight and the real one knows out his Cobra Kai counterpart. Rob holds up a mirror showing Todd his beat-up face. Todd doesn't get it, and Rob explains that Todd did it to himself. With some prodding from Rob, Todd finally figures out that when he chooses aggression he only hurts himself. Todd says that he knows what to do and starts to go through the door. He tells Rob that Rock may be the rocks and abs and ass on Ballers, but Rob is the heart. Todd then walks through the door and wakes up in his real body.

Bruce says that he promised the survivors to protect him. Jess grabs her stick and uses her stick skill to defeat all of the survivors.

Todd bumps into Pack as he runs through the jungle, and tells Pack that he doesn't want to thrash him anymore. Jess arrives and says that she can take care of herself, and hits Pack in the shin because he abandoned her. They hear Florence scream and Jess runs off to find her. Todd runs after Jess, and Pack runs after both of them.

On the cliff edge, Steve starts to say what Declan told him. Jess, Todd, and Pack arrive in the distance and see Steve fall off the cliff as they realize that Chet shot Steve with Todd's bow.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 19, 2018

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