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The Other Woman Recap

Purgatory, 1887

Father Juan Carlo is dictating to Maeve Perley in church when Robert comes in and tells Juan Carlo that Wyatt is coming. Juan says that Wyatt is right on time and the Blood Eclipse is coming and he'd hoped they'd be spared. Robert asks Maeve if she dares hope, but she refuses to answer and Juan Carlo tells her to take to her home what he's been dictating. Once she leaves, Juan Carlos tells Robert that they need to ride to the Flats and deliver Peacemaker to the Champion.


In BBD in his cell, his cell, Bobo insists that they must, and Wynonna tries to decipher what he's saying. He tells her that hope is gone and agrees with Wynonna that they have to keep him locked up because he can' be trusted. Waverly and Jeremy return to BBD with coffee, and Waverly says she's worried about Wynonna since she lost Doc and Peacemaker. Wynonna tells her sister that she has to do something and leaves.

In the mountains, a woman stands on a mine platform, removes the helmet of her protective suit, and dares the Chosen One to come and get it.

Waverly goes over what they have on Bulshar and his search for the Garden of Eden, and Jeremy tries to cheer her up. He suggests that they need a recap, and Waverly says that they know that Bulshar has power over the woods. They realize that all of the holy books say that there are the Trees of Life and Knowledge in the Garden. Bobo yells at them to let him out of his cell, and says that "he took her book".

Wynonna arrives at the homestead and finds Charlie in the barn, fixing her lawnmower. He tries to flirt with her, and she tells him about the coming apocalypse. When Charlie jokes about it, Wynonna hugs him and tells him to shush when he works out what it means.

Bobo tells Waverly to ask Doc about a witch, and then mentions Juan Carlo. He says that Juan Carlo defended the witch when no one else did, and that he is coming and tells her to ride to the flats. Bobo flips out, and Nicole comes in. She asks where Doc is and Waverly finds a photo of Doc and Maeve and suggests that she ask Doc who Maeve is.

Wynonna drinks and tells Charlie about the Garden, and admits that he's winning and she doesn't know what to do. A car pulls up outside and Wynonna goes out to investigate. The woman introduces herself as Kevin and tells Wynonna that she's going to help her save the world.

At Shorty's, Doc is tending bar and is unhappy when a man comes in and says that he only has one bag. The man tells him to make it last and leave, and Doc gnaws at the bag. Nicole comes in and Doc explains that it's blood and his man works at the veterinarian office. He says that Kate has disappeared and insists that he'll do whatever he can to keep Wynonna safe. Nicole explains that Bobo sent her to ask about Maeve, and Doc identifies her as one of the Perley sisters. He agrees to go with Nicole to the Perley homestead, but gives her a gun and says that she can protect himself if he does anything untoward. Nicole reveals that she already has wooden bullets and gives him his gun back, and Doc thanks her before going with her.

In the homestead, Kevin says that she's a representative tasked with looking after the balance in the world. The times are desperate and she asks if Wynonna is going up against Bulshar with no weapon and no training. Kevin admits that Wynonna is their only hope, and the Menfolk don't think Wynonna deserves Peacemaker or can wield it. She warns that her training will come and says that they're going to go hunting. When Wynonna realizes that Kevin is serious, she leads the watching Charlie out on the porch. She asks him to leave, and says that it's not going to be about him. He wonders if it ever will be about him, and points out that she doesn't know who Kevin is. Wynonna says that they'll worry about it after the Apocalypse, and a disgusted Charlie walks off.

Waverly comes in and finds Kevin eating pickles from the refrigerator. Wynonna comes in and Kevin says that she has a magical arm and offers them pickles.

Doc and Nicole go to the Perley homestead and Doc explains that Maeve helped women with women things. A mob came for her days before Wyatt shot Bulshar, and burned her at the stake.

Kevin says that Bulshar's severed arm is still in the mine where he was entombed. She's confirmed that it there but only the Chosen One can get it. The mine is unstable and might collapse, and Waverly says that she's going with Wynonna. Wynonna tells her that she isn't, but Waverly refuses to be left behind.

Doc and Nicole enter the homestead and realize that Gretta Perley is gone. There's no heat or signs that Gretta or Maeve are there, and Doc starts a fire in the fireplace. As he lights a match, the flames roar up on their own and Maeve asks who dares enter her home. Doc grabs a poker and asks for Juan Carlo's journal, and she says that she's locked in fire for eternity and doesn't care about the Apocalypse. Nicole talks to Maeve and the fire goes out. Doc warns that it won't work, and Maeve takes over Nicole and tells him to shut up.

Wynonna and Waverly go to the mine to get the severed arm. Waverly says that she saw Mercedes, and they approach the barn where a man screams.

Maeve/Nicole realizes that Doc is undead and says that she needs a fresh body. She cuts Nicole's finger and offers him the journal if he gives Maeve Nicole's body.

Smoke rolls out of the mine entrance and a man walks out. Waverly figures that it's a radioactive Revenant since there used to be uranium in the mine.

Maeve daubs Nicole's blood on her throat and invites Doc to bite it. He pulls away and says that Nicole is her friend, and Maeve mutters that she can't stay there much longer. Maeve tells Doc that he has to get her a fresh corpse and kill it in front of him. Doc refuses and Maeve dares him to remove her from Nicole's body.

Robin brings Jeremy fast food and sees Bobo. As Bobo growls at him, Doc calls Jeremy. Jeremy says that he isn't talking to him, and Doc tells him that Nicole is possessed.

Waverly shoots the Revenant, but he comes after them and she realizes that it's One Armed Clint. He killed a miner for his claim, then Wyatt blew the mine and trapped Clint there. Waverly explains that Clint now has Bulshar's arm.

Jeremy goes to the Perley homestead and Maeve assumes that he's her new body. She enters him and Maeve/Jeremy admires her new body while Nicole tries to work out what happened. Doc tells Maeve that it isn't her body, and Maeve says that she needs someone purely. Maeve jumps back into Nicole's body and coughs up a page from the journal to prove that she has it.

Waverly and Wynonna run back to the truck and Clint comes after them. Wynonna stabs him in the neck with the truck keys and gets radiation burns on her hands, knocking her unconscious from the pain. Wynonna helps her down the road. As Wynonna wakes up, Waverly realizes that she can't get a phone signal. Wynonna suggests that Waverly use the ring, but Waverly points out that Clint is toxic. Her sister suggests that they head for the Gardner house.

Robin trains a gun on Bobo, who points out that he's had his eyes closed for the last ten minutes while he's listened to jazz on his headphones. Bobo tells him not to open the door and then chats about the jazz music. Robin holds up the headphones to the glass and Bobo listens appreciatively. He then tells robin that sometimes humans make truly beautiful things. Robin wonders if Bobo is a good guy or a bad guy, and Bobo ask to listen some more.

Jeremy confirms the page is from the late 19th century, and Maeve refuses to hand over the rest until Doc gives her Nicole's body. She invites Doc to give her one little bite, and Jeremy insists that Doc doesn't bite his friends anymore. Maeve threatens to burn the journal, and Doc works out that it's in the fireplace. He gets it, and Nicole threatens to shoot herself with Nicole's gun. Nicole takes control of her body back and Doc tells Jeremy that they have to get the journal back to BBD as Maeve's spirit flares up the fire in the fireplace.

Waverly and Wynonna get to the Gardner house and Mercedes greets them. She's thrilled that her face is better, and invites them in when she sees Clint coming.

When he gets a report of a fire, Charlie and the firefighters drive to the Perley homestead and break in.

Mercedes tells Waverly that she healed her face as the sisters barricade the door. They tell her to run as Clint breaks in. He comes after Wynonna, and she tells Waverly to touch Clint's face. She finally does but it doesn't work, and Clint throws her aside and grabs Wynonna. Waverly hits Clint with a chair, and he drops Wynonna. Wynonna distracts Clint, and Waverly discovers that she can control the arm using the ring. She has Clint grab his own throat and he soon collapses of radiation poisoning. The sisters manage to yank off Bulshar's arm and Waverly admits that she still doesn't know how to control the ring.

Charlie finds Doc on the floor and drags him outside. Maeve possesses Doc, grabs Charlie, and bites him in the neck.

Kevin arrives and says that she's impressed, and explains that the arm isn't the weapon. She says that now she knows that Mercedes' claim is true and Waverly is the champion.

Nicole finds Doc after he's fed, and she realizes what Doc has done. He shows her the journal and admits that the fire was too much, and Nicole draws her gun on him but can't bring herself to shoot Doc. As Jeremy arrives, Nicole tells Doc that if she sees him again, she'll kill him. Doc walks off, and Jeremy comes over and realizes what Doc has done. Meanwhile, Maeve/Doc her fangs and laughs.

Kevin says that Bulshar stole the ring from Julian, and explains that Juan Carlo and Julian were two angels tasked with protecting the Garden. Mercedes comes in and pours drinks.

Back at BBD, Jeremy reads in the journal that Bulshar was created in the Garden to enjoy the spoils of Paradise. Bulshar originally took the form of The Snake.

Kevin explains about Bulshar being the Snake, and says that they had to confirm Waverly had power over the ring because she's half-angel. She figures that there's hope for them all.

Juan Carlo wrote that he and Julian guarded the entrance to the Garden to keep everything in. On the night of the Blood Eclipse they must stop Bulshar. Robin explains that the Blood Eclipse is visible every 120 years, and there's one happening the next night. Bobo mutters that they'd better get ready.

Kevin tells Waverly that she has to take her place on her father's throne and seal the Garden. Wynonna demands to know what the cost is, and Kevin says that Waverly will turn to stone in the process. She figures that one life is worth saving humanity, and Waverly says that she doesn't think she can do it. Kevin says that she's selfish and weak-willed, and she expected more from Waverly and so would Julian.

At BBD, Nicole offers Charlie's body to Maeve and tells her to wake up. Nothing happens, and Jeremy figures that Maeve is gone and so is Charlie. He wonders what they'll tell Wynonna, but Nicole doesn't know.

The sisters go back to the Earp homestead, and Waverly says that Wynonna would sacrifice herself if their positions were reversed. Wynonna insists that Waverly is the only thing that kept her going through some dark times and she won't let her die. Waverly hugs her and reminds her that she's said that being an Earp sucks balls. They realize that the sun is still shining at 9 pm at night.

Mercedes goes to greet her date at the door. A man grabs her and drugs her out.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 22, 2018

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