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Poster Girl Recap

The She Spies confirm that a package has arrived at a museum, and Shane hangs over a skylight and waits for D.D. to hack the security system to open it. Cassie goes in posing as a security guard and takes over the present guard's shift. D.D. emerges from the crate that was delivered, waves to Cassie on the security camera, accesses the vault master control, and opens the skylight. The guard comes back and Cassie says that she's going on break.

The skylight opens and Shane drops in. D.D. and Cassie join her. They dramatically walk down the hall to the vault and Shane blows it open with a C4 charge. A girl is inside, handcuffed to a chair, and the Spies free her and say that they're taking her back to her family. The Thin Man in Black is waiting in the hallway with two security guards and grabs the girl, and the Spies attack the guards while the Man walks off with his prisoner.

Once the Spies take out the guards, the girl bites the Man's hand. When he slaps the girl, Shane sees it and goes after him. The Man runs to the roof and draws his baton, and attacks Shane. She kicks his butt and knocks him over the roof, and then grabs his wrist. The Man asks her to pull him up, and Cassie and D.D. arrive and say that Shane isn't killing. He apologizes for hitting the girl, but Shane lets him go and hits the sidewalk several stories below.

Later, the Spies return to the apartment and Jack complains that they dropped the Man, lost a company vehicle, blew up several paintings at the museum, and transferred frequent flyer miles to orphans. Cassie figures that the Chairman beat Jack up and that's why he's taking it out on them. Jack briefs them on their new mission, to take on charity scammers and playboys Mica and Leo Divornak. They've stolen most of the money for themselves. The Spies have to find the money, save the children's hospital, and expose the Divornaks as fraudmeisters. D.D. will go in as a nurse and find out who is transferring the money on the inside. The Divornaks are holding a fundraiser at their hotel that weekend, and Shane will go in as a cocktail waitress and find out where the Divornaks' stash is. The inside man at the hotel is Joshua Bick, the concierge, and screens targets for the Divornaks. Cassie will go in as a rich divorcee so that Joshua can spot her and let the Divornaks know.

Cassie arrives at the hotel and Joshua spots her. She complains about how the hotel lost her reservation and trips. Lots of money falls out of her purse and Joshua helps her pick it up. Cassie offers to pay cash for the Presidential Suite, and Joshua readily agrees. She tells him to give the homeless man out front a meal and a room, and Joshua says that he'll be well-taken care of. Once Cassie leaves, Joshua calls Leo and tells him that they have a target. Mica figures that it's time to go to work.

At the hospital, D.D. helps a young girl in a wheelchair pick up a paper cup that she dropped. Amy figures that D.D. is a new nurse and explains that she's the poster child for the Divornaks' charity. Dr. Paul Ellison walks up and D.D. is smitten with his smile. Amy asks if D.D. can work on her wing, and Paul says that it's up to Dr. Zirby Once Amy leaves, Zirby comes over and tells Paul that with his expenses there's no justification for hiring a new nurse. Paul says that his patients need a nurse, but Zirby isn't impressed. As he leaves, D.D. spots a sign identifying the computer room.

Cassie is out sunning by the pool and Shane brings her a drink on the house. Shane says that she hasn't found anything yet, and Cassie figures that the Divornaks will come to her. As Shane leaves, Micah and Leo come over and introduce themselves. They say that they "took care of" the homeless man--by beating up on the undercover Jack--and assure Cassie that they won't see him again. Leo gets a call from the accountants warning that the hospital might close down, and leaves to talk to the board. Mica explains that some of their corporate sponsors pulled out of financing the children's hospital, and Cassie offers to help.

That night at the hospital, D.D. breaks into the computer room and hacks into the system. She determines that the foundation files are on a computer in Zirby's office. Zirby comes in and D.D. hides before he can see her. She knocks a shelf over on him and climbs out the window before he can see her.

The next morning, D.D. enters Zirby's office and accesses his desktop computer. The files show that Zirby is the Divornaks' inside man, siphoning off money to buy diamonds. Shane is in a surveillance van disguised as a frozen food truck, and confirms that the diamonds are shipped to "Mr. Divornak" at the hotel and are in a wall safe. Jack and Cassie are with her, and Cassie says that she' on it.

When D.D. emerges from Zirby's office, Zirby sees her and asks why she was in his office. Paul overhears him and covers for D.D., and Zirby says that there was a break-in and asks if D.D. saw anyone. He tests her medical knowledge, and D.D. expertly answers it. Clearly unsatisfied, Zirby walks off and D.D. thanks Paul for saving her. As Paul walks away, Amy wheels over and says that Paul hasn't smiled since his wife left him and things are weird around the hospital.

That night at the hotel, Shane bumps into Joshua. She pickpockets his security key, while Cassie meets with the Divornaks. However, Cassie says that her board has a few questions that she wants them to ask the brothers. Shane uses the security key to break into the office with the safe and starts cracking the safe.

D.D. starts to break into Zirby's office but discovers that the door is unlocked before going in.

Shane discovers that the safe is empty, and sets off a silent alarm. Joshua calls Leo, and Cassie flirts with Mica. Leo tells Mica that they have a problem, and Mica reluctantly excuses himself.

D.D. trips over Zirby on the floor and realizes that he's dying.

Joshua comes in behind and tells her to freeze. She knocks out the lamp to make sure he doesn't see her face, kicks the gun out of his hand, and they fight.

Zirby wakes up and say that someone murdered him, and she realizes that there's a bottle in his hand. As Zirby passes out, Paul comes in.

Cassie runs to help Shane.

Shane and Joshua fight and she finally knocks him out.

Paul says that Zirby is having a heart attack and takes out a bottle similar to the one in Zirby's hand to give Zirby an injection. D.D. figures that it would stop a good heart, and Paul advances on her. Amy comes by and says that she can't sleep, and Paul injects the drug into Zirby. He says that Zirby is dead and tells D.D. to take Amy back to his room.

The Divonraks arrive in the office, and Cassie listens at the door as Leo says that they should take off. He tells Mica that Zirby is dead, and admits that he gave him a drug to induce a heart attack. Mica says that they'll go ahead with the fundraiser as planned and will get away after they get Cassie's check. All Joshua knows about the intruder is that she was a mean woman.

The EMTs take Kirby's body away, and Amy gets some water. D.D. realizes that the girl has an old wheelchair, and asks her what she meant about weird things at the hospital. Before Amy can answer, Paul comes over and tells her that she needs her rest. Amy says that Zirby was going to take her to the fundraiser, and asks if D.D. can take her instead. Paul agrees.

Back at the apartment, D.D. tells the others that she's sure Paul is innocent based on his smile. Jack confirms that Paul and the Divornaks were frat brothers at Harvard. He figures the Divornaks will leave once they have Cassie's check, and they wonder how the Divornaks will smuggle the diamonds out of the country.

The next day at the fundraiser, the Divornaks welcome everyone. Shane serves drink and checks in with Jack in the van. D.D. and Paul bring Amy in, and the Divornaks say that they have a surprise for her later but want to see Paul first. They walk off with him, and Jack tells her to abort the mission if Amy gets in any danger.

Joshua checks the kitchen, and Shane sneaks in. She sees Joshua checking on an ice statue, removes the diamonds, and puts them in a plastic box. Joshua leaves with the box and Shane follows him.

At the party, Cassie tells Mica that she has something for him and he tells her to meet him in his office. After she leaves, Joshua reports that there are audio-visual signals coming from within the building and shows them a photo. He then activates a scrambler blocking Jack's surveillance, Joshua draws a gun on Shane and ushers her out.

In Mica's office, Cassie offers Mica the check. Mica says that Joshua suspected Shane, had her followed, and got a photo of her with Cassie and D.D. He puts her in a walk-in freezer with Shane.

Jack reroutes his computers and brings up a newspaper article on Amy and the Divornaks.

At the fundraiser, the Divornaks invite Amy up. They give her a new wheelchair and say that they're sailing her to a foreign country so she can get treatments that will let her walk. A guard puts the plastic box on the new wheelchair, and D.D. tries to call Jack but gets no answer. Leo tells D.D. that she can go and they'll take care of Amy, and D.D. asks to say goodbye. She then tells Amy that she's in danger and says that she won't let them take Amy on their yacht. Joshua comes over and escorts D.D. to Paul, who is waiting in the office.

Jack discovers that Amy has been featured in fundraisers for over a decade, and she never gets any older. He tries to warn D.D. without success.

Paul apologizes to D.D., and Amy injects her with a sedative. Leo and Mica step out, and Amy tells them to get rid of D.D. The guards toss her and Paul in the freezer with her teammates and lock the door. When she wakes up, D.D. is happy to learn that Paul wasn't voluntarily working with the Divornaks. She figures that if they turn off the power, it will stop the signals. Shane uses a frozen chicken to break a light bulb, and then sticks a crowbar into the socket shorting out the power. They contact Jack, who releases them from the freezer.

As the Spies drive to the yacht, they figure that Amy is the Divornaks' older sister Amity. She killed Zirby and masterminded the charity scam. Amy suffers from a rare aging disorder where the mind matures but the body remains childlike.

The customs agent searches the Divornaks but doesn't find the diamonds hidden in the wheelchair. The Spies, Jack, and Paul arrive and introduce themselves. Joshua hits the female custom agent, and Shane goes after him. D.D. fights Leo and she finally takes him down.

Cassie hits Mica repeatedly, finishing him off with a kick to the groin.

Shane fights Joshua on the yacht and he surrenders. She confirms that he smacked the woman and says that he has to pay, and kicks him into the water.

Amy knocks Jack and Paul over and speeds off on her wheelchair. The Spies chase after her in a pedal cart and chase her through an arcade and out onto the docks. D.D.D. finally tackles her, knocking the diamonds out of the box. Jack and Paul arrive as D.D. chastises Amy for stealing money from kids who need the charity. Amy falls over and Paul explains that Amy really is disabled.

As the Spies get back in their jeep, Jack says that he isn't going to send them back to prison. They drive off to grab a pizza.

After serving their sentences, Leo and Mica were surgically attached at the hip and toured state fairs.

Amy eventually regains the use of her legs, and then is hit by a taxi and tries to regain her legs.

Paul spurns D.D.'s advances, moves to Paris, and becomes a runway model named "Starfire".

Zirby's theme song becomes #3 in Japan and all royalties go to the Dr. Zirby fund for young evil doctors.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 22, 2018

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