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Stronger Together Recap

A week after Supergirl reveals herself to the world, she flies to the desert where Hank Henshaw and the DEO test her with missiles. He wants to know that she's in full control of her powers, just as Supergirl breaks the sound barrier. The DEO launch two more missiles, and Supergirl diverts them into each other and then lands at the DEO base. Alex assures her foster sister that Hank is just looking out for Kara, and admits that she's glad that she doesn't have to hide her real career from Kara.

Winn calls to tell Supergirl that there's a fire raging in downtown National City. Alex warns her foster sister that she's been pushing her limits, but Supergirl doesn't want to waste any more time and flies off to help.

At the docks, Supergirl arrives and offers her help to the fire chief. He says that the nearby ship is holding a million barrels of crude oil, and if the fire reaches it then it will explode. Supergirl hesitates and the chief says that Superman would have blown it out by now. When she does so, it just makes things worse and she pushes the freighter out to see away from the fire and out to the harbor. The firemen applaud and then the bow of the ship breaks off and the oil spills into the water.

The National City news is soon declaring Supergirl's attempted rescue a disaster. Kara arrives at the Tribune smelling of burning oil, and Winn assures her that she's going to make some mistakes. On the news, financier Maxwell Lord talks about how Supergirl will bring super-powered menaces to National City just like Superman brings the same thing to Metropolis. Kara hears Cat coming up in the elevator and warns everyone, and then gets her boss her latte.

Cat calls a content meeting in her office in two minutes, and points out that the Daily Planet is running stories on Supergirl, scooping the Tribune. Now Supergirl has been proving herself less than super. James points out that Superman made plenty of mistakes when he started, but Cat isn't impressed. She plans to take control of Supergirl's narrative and scoop the Planet, and get an interview with Supergirl. Kara snickers and tries to pass it off without success. Cat asks James to have Superman arrange something, and he warns that it doesn't work that way. She insists that they have to have it and demands a sit-down by the end of the week.

Cat has Kara stay behind and tells her to get her head in the game and focus on her job. Outside, Kara tells James that she won't do the interview. James assures her that Cat won't recognize Supergirl as Kara, and says that he can handle the pressure from Cat. Kara wonders that she started her career too soon, and James assures her that she can fill Superman's boot.

That night at a chemical manufacturing plant, two guards are discussing Supergirl when they find a man working on the pipes. They order him to show his ID and he refuses, and the man expands his jaw, revealing an insect-like alien visage. One guard runs and the intruder jumps across the ceiling and tackles him.

The next day, the DEO hears about the incident and arrives at the plant. Alex calls Supergirl in and has her take a look around. Hank explains that the plant specializes in manufacturing explosive chemicals, Meanwhile, Supergirl sees a technician pulling a stinger out of one of the corpses.

On Krypton, Kara is at home waiting for Alura to arrive home. Her mother arrives and explains that she was trying a criminal from a race known as the Hellgrammites, As an adjudicator, Alura obtained justice for his victims. Kara hopes to help people one day and Alura assures her that she will because she has the heart of a hero.

Back at the DEO base, Supergirl tells Hank and Alex that they're looking for a Hellgrammite. The information the DEO salvaged from Fort Rozz confirms that there was a Hellgrammite prisoner. Hellgrammite can camouflage himself into any species, including humanoids. Supergirl is ready to take him on, but Hank wants to make sure she can have it.

Alex takes Supergirl into a training chamber, and then punches her. She explains that the room has kryptonite emitters that weaken Supergirl, making it a fair fight. Alex says that the prisoners have mastered their abilities and they need to be prepared to face anyone, and the two women fight. Alex easily shoves her away, and Supergirl comes at her again... and again when Alex takes her down. Supergirl finally shoves her against the wall but Alex pins her. As Supergirl leaves, Hank comes in and Alex complains that he made her do that. He says that it may just have saved Supergirl's life.

Later at work, a sore Kara brings Cat her coffee. She notices an upcoming headline about Supergirl failing to launch, and wonders why Cat keeps criticizing Supergirl for trying to save the city. Cat points out that women have to work twice as hard and notes that Supergirl has left disaster in her wreck. Kara asks what Cat would advise Supergirl to do, and Cat says that she should slow down and not try to take on so much. She insists that there's a learning curve and explains that she had to fight every step of the way to get ahead. Cat says that Supergirl should take a page out of Kara's page and start small.

Kara has Winn meet her in the alley, and he finds James waiting there. They both say that they're meeting someone and try to get the other to go inside... just as Supergirl lands. Both men are initially unhappy that the other also knows Kara is Supergirl. Supergirl says that she will need to practice if she wants to get better and be a hero. She wants their help and James and Winn both agree.

That night, Hellgrammite is eating the chemicals that he stole when two Kryptonians arrive and confront him. They remind him that General Astra demands his loyalty, and Hellgrammite says that he'd rather go home. Astra arrives and says that they're stronger together, and wants Hellgrammite to serve as bait so she can capture Supergirl.

The next day, Supergirl flies on missions while Winn and James instruct her via earbud. She takes on robbers at a pizza place and helps an ambulance reach the hospital. The news are soon praising her efforts, and Supergirl returns to her apartment to watch the TV. She thanks James and Winn for their help, and Alex arrives. They talk privately and Alex apologizes for mishandling things earlier. Kara assures her that she's not a scared little girl anymore, but Alex says that she'll always be Kara's protective big sister. When Kara asks for Alex's faith, Alex hesitates. She gets a call and then heads back to the DEO.

At the DEO, Hank tells Alex that they've confirmed six similar chemical raids across the country, leading to National City. One technician warns that the blood tests show that Hellgrammite's DNA isn't carbon-based. It has a chlorine foundation, and each of the facilities stores DDT, a chlorine pesticide. Alex figures that Hellgrammite is eating the DDT, The government is destroying DDT, so Hank figures that they can use DDT as bait.

The next day, Cat calls James in to ask how the interview is going. Kara listens in with her super-hearing as Cat orders James to use his position to get the interview. He refuses to use his position to exploit his friends, but Cat makes it clear that her position is more important. She gives him 24 hours to get the interview or he's fired.

That night, the DEO is transporting DDT and Alex and Hank escort it in a SUV. Hellgrammite leaps onto the truck, and Hank and Alex open fire. He fires a stinger, hitting Hank in the shoulder, and then leaps aboard theirSUV and shoots another stinger into Alex's leg. The alien then rips open the roof, grabs Alex, and leaps away.

Hellgrammite delivers Alex to Astra at an empty warehouse. He walks out and Astra tells Alex that she's been waiting to get one of the DEO agents alive.

Kara finds James out on the Tribune building and invites him to join her and Winn. H turns her down, and Kara says that she'll do the interview to save his job. James says that he appreciated the fact that he was friends with someone who made a difference, but thought that he could be his own man by moving to National City. Kara says that on Krypton, she was taught that to accept help from people is an honor, not a shame. She explains that "S" is not only the El logo, but stands for the family motto: "El mayarala," or "Stronger together." Kara tells James that she understands that she's part of a team, and says that James needs to learn when to accept help. She assures James that she wants to do the interview for what they're trying to do together. Hank calls Kara and says that Alex has been abducted.

Supergirl arrives at the DEO and complains that if Hank had let her be there, then she might have stopped the attack. She says that Alex is family and Hank says that he had family... once. Supergirl heads out to use her superhearing and find Alex.

At the warehouse, Astra points out that Alex is bleeding. Alex calls Astra Alura, mistaking her for her sister. Astra explains that twins are rare on Krypton, and says that her goal is to save all humans, not kill them.

Supergirl hears Alex and heads for the warehouse, calling in her location to Hank. Hank tells her to wait but she ignores him, and Hank heads out with a strike team.

When Supergirl arrives at the warehouse, Astra punches her and says that it's been a long time. Supergirl wonders how she survived Krypton's destruction, and Astra explains that she was a prisoner aboard Fort Rozz. Alura imprisoned her for speaking truth and being a hero, trying to save their world. She tells Supergirl that her alliance with the humans is misplaced, and refuses to let Earth die like Krypton did. When Supergirl refuses, Astra knocks her through the building. The two women unleash their heat vision at each other, while Alex grabs a radio and calls for help. Hellgrammite grabs her and throws her into the wall.

Supergirl redirects her heat vision, knocking down the scaffold onto Astra.

Hellgrammite prepares to drive a stinger into Alex, but she kicks him in the groin and drives his stinger into his chest.

Supergirl and Astra fight in mid-air, and Astra finally drives Supergirl to the floor. She throws her out the window, but Supergirl speeds back and hits her. Overpowered, Supergirl remembers Alex telling her to use a stronger foe's strength against her. She throws Astra through the wall as Alex arrives, but Astra returns and hits them with her super-breath. Hank arrives and orders to stop, but Astra grabs him and says that he has no weapon that can hurt her. He stabs her with a kryptonite weapon and she flies away as the rest of the strike force arrives.

Later at the DEO base, Supergirl points out that Alex handled Hellgrammite on her own. When Alex says that she can't imagine what Supergirl is going through after meeting a family member, Supergirl says that Alex is her family. She asks Alex to train her how to fight like she can, and Alex promises to make her even better. Supergirl remembers that Alura and Astra fought on Krypton, and Alura said that Astra didn't have faith in people. Alex assures her foster sister that she has faith in her and always has. She assures Supergirl that she has always had the heart of a hero, and takes her to a chamber that she's prepared that only Kara can open. Inside is a computer hologram AI of Alura that Alex recovered from Supergirl's travel pod. Alex leaves to let the two of them talk, and Supergirl asks the AI about Astra.

Alex finds Hank and thanks him for help setting up the chamber. He calls Kara "Supergirl" for the first time and walks off... his eyes glowing red.

Astra's physician removes the Kryptonite blade from her leg. He admits that he's never seen anything like it before, and confirms that it's admitting radiation. She tells her superior that Supergirl is stronger than she thought, and they will have to delay their takeover of National City until they can deal with the Kryptonite.

Cat gets into her limo and tells James that his time is up. Supergirl picks up the limo and flies it off across the city. She sets it down on a hill outside of town and says that it's time to talk.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 3, 2015

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