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Ice Man Recap

The Spies are throwing a party for Shane, and D.D. is cooking dinner while Jack frosts the cake. Cassie is busy staring off into space and insists that she's not going to be a party to the party. She warns that D.D.'s surprise party will end in disaster like every party she's been involved with. Jack finishes frosting the cake and it's not very good. Shane arrives and everyone hides.

Shane comes in from jogging and assumes that it's an ambush. She knocks out the waiting agents and someone finally turns on the lights.

The next morning, the Spies are cleaning up after the party. Shane complains that she's slowing down as she ages, and Cassie throws a knife at her. Her friend easily catches it and Cassie assures her that she's fine. They discuss where to go for dinner, but Shane doesn't want to celebrate that she's one year closer to middle age. Shane has never had birthday parties for herself but for her parents.

Jack and two agents, Kembrell and Wright, show up. Kembrell tried to cancel the She Spies program and send them back to prison. Kembrell figures that they shouldn't reward ex-cons. Wright was recently promoted to field assistant and is helping Kembrell. The agents are trying to track down an assassin, "The Ice Man", who goes after national and international government-based figures. No one knows what the Ice Man looks like, and his money is laundered through a comedy club owned by Edward Malloy. The Agency has never been able to prove the two men are connected. Herb Myer, an accountant for the club, recently came across some information that would identify the Ice Man but he disappeared two days ago before he could say what he knew. Now the Agency is sending the Spies undercover to find Herb and stop the Ice Man.

The Spies talk to Jack privately and refuse to work for Kembrell. Jack warns that if they don't then the Chairman will send them all back to jail. The Spies immediately tell Kembrell that they're happy to help. Cassie is going in as a new accountant.

An Elvis impersonator is performing ventriloquism, and Edwin comes in and says that he's supposed to meet his new accountant. Cassie saunters in and says that she's the ballsiest accountant that Edwin has ever laid... eyes on. She performs a song-and-dance routine, dragging Edwin onto the stage and playing a dominatrix. Edwin snaps out of his dream sequence and asks Cassie when she starts. Alysia the dental hygienist comes in and sits Washman down and sticks a tube in his mouth. She then gives a coat to D.D., and D.D. assures her that she's looking forward to learning everything. D.D. suggests that they have lunch and chat, and Alysia says that she prefers to keep her mouth shut and starts picking plaque off of Washman's gums.

That night, Shane breaks into Edwin's apartment and Jack tells her over the ear bud not to pick up anything for herself. She deactivates the alarm system but sets off a backup motion detector. Shane puts a heat source under it to confuse the system and stop the alarm. She then tapes over the sensor and spots a trip wire, and steps over it. Shane goes through Edwin's files, finds a thick one, and Edwin comes in. Someone calls and gets his voice mail, and Shane hides in the closet as Edwin tries to get the call and misses it.

A deliveryman drops off a package, and then a Girl Scout comes by to sell cookies. Edwin yells at her to go away, and Shane calls Edwin's phone before he can see her. He answers the phone and gets no answer, and Shane slips out while he's looking the other way.

The next day at the club, the ventriloquist is rehearsing his act. Edwin takes Cassie to his office and tells her to save him money. She starts to go through the files, and Edwin says that it's all on the computer. The ventriloquist comes in and complains that they have to follow the Little Richard ventriloquist. Cassie calls D.D. via ear bud and tells her that everything is on Edwin's computer. D.D. says that they'll have to crack the encrypted file and walks Cassie through the process. Cassie finally locates the encrypted file but there's nothing in it. D.D. figures that it means Herb was trying to hide something, and Edwin comes in. Cassie gives him accounting babble and comes onto him, then walks out.

Back at the apartment, Shane tells Jack that the file showed that Herb and Alysia and a cable. Edwin had a photo of them cheating at sex, and Jack figures that Alysia knows where Herb is.

Later, D.D. goes to the dentist office and Alysia says she can't take the pressure and secrecy, and Herb needing more. She says that he's staying at his place hiding out, and wishes someone in law enforcement would come over and take Herb into protective custody.

Shane drives to Alysia house and sees Herb come out. Two gardeners threaten him with their tools, and Shane runs over and attacks them. She takes one out, grabs his trimmer, and fights the other one armed with a trimmer. They duel and Shane knocks him out. The other one runs, and Shane discovers that Herb has fled.

Back at the apartment, the Spies tell Kembrell what happened. Kembrell complains that they're incompetent and says that the operation is a disaster. Wright suggests that Kembrell calm down, but Kembrell refuses and points out that the Spies have found nothing. The Spies point out that Kembrell came up with nothing in two years and came to them, and Kembrell takes offense. When he insults the Spies, Jack comes to their defense, saying that he's proud to work with them. Wright intervenes, reminding them that they're all on the same team. Shane points out that the killers were there before she got there, and figure that the Agency has a leak. Wright suggests that they should check on, but Kembrell refuses to waste time. He tells them to find a way to win or they're going back to prison.

Once Kembrell and Wright leave, the Spies thank Jack for his support. He warns that they're going to have to do what Kembrell said, and the Spies talk to Alysia. She reveals that Herb knew about a secret room under the club's stage, and the Spies break in. They enter the room and discover that it's filled with comedy props. Edwin and the two killers knock them out, call the Ice Man, and tie the Spies up.

When the Spies wake up, Edwin says that he suspected Cassie all along. He explains that his club wasn't making money so he jumped at the chance to make a profit laundering money for the Ice Man. D.D. tells Edwin that if he gives state's evidence then the government will cut him a deal. Edwin figures the Ice Man would kill him if he did, and says that they'll die underneath the stage rather than on it. The Spies are not amused. Edwin calls the Ice Man, who says that he's busy and Edwin should kill them. The assassin says that he'll be there in thirty minutes, and Edwin leaves for his pedicure and back wax.

At the apartment, Kembrell gets a call and says that he has to leave to deal with business at the Agency. As he goes, Kembrell tells Jack that he's off the case. Wright tells Jack that she hopes nothing has happened to the Spies before she goes. Once the two agents are gone, Jack tries to raise the trio on the radio but gets no answer.

D.D. tells everyone to settle down and not panic. She then panics a few seconds later. Cassie says that Jack will find them and reminds Shane that they have her birthday dinner that night. Shane says that the worst part is that she didn't add anything to the world. She wonders what she has done all of her life except take. D.D. spots a bottle of seltzer water nearby and suggests that the carbon dioxide in the water will expand the ropes and let them slip free. Once the Spies get free, the two killers come down. Shane tells Cassie to get the files while she and D.D. fight the killers. Cassie finds a file pointing to King's Crown, and Cassie realizes that refers to the Elvis Impersonator ventriloquist and the crown refers to the crown on his teeth. She says that the records are in a microchip, as D.D. and Shane knock out their opponents. Cassie admits that she figured it out because it says "microchip" at the bottom of the file.

The Spies meet Jack at the dentist's office, and Jack says that he went to dental school before he became a spy. He admits that he's never done any dental work, as Cassie brings in the ventriloquist. She's convinced him that the club has HMO and are going to clean his teeth for his performance. The ventriloquist insists that "Little Elvis" stay with him. The Spies use nitrous oxide on the ventriloquist and Little Elvis, and Jack removes the microchip.

Kembrell and Wright come in and Wright draws her gun. She says that she's the leak in the Agency and knocks out Kembrell, then tells D.D. to hand over the microchip. Everyone starts laughing from the nitrous as Wright explains that she got herself assigned to the case to find out who Herb knew. Wright finally starts laughing as well, and Jack realizes that the nitrous is leaking. Wright figures that she can lock them in and the gas will kill them, and no one will know that she's there. Shane kicks the gun out of Wright's hand and then knocks her down. Laughing, Wright figures that it's over and she'll get the chair. Kembrell wakes up and Jack knocks him out by hitting him with Little Elvis.

Later, Cassie and D.D. bring in a present for Shane and wish her happy birthday. It's an inflatable male sex doll, figuring that it's the perfect guy for Shane. Jack comes by and does the wrap-up. Edwin is in jail, Kembrell is grateful to the spies, and Herb and Alysia are back together. Jack also has a photo of Agent Brian Titlebaum and his family. The Ice Man was going to kill Brian, and thanks to Shane now he'll have a long life with his wife and kids. Shane thanks him for the gift and says that she doesn't feel so bad about birthdays, and Cassie takes a picture of everyone together.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 23, 2018

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