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eMergence Recap

Reeva Payge meets with the Hellfire Club Inner Circle and says that she has answers for what happened in Atlanta. She says that they want peace and freedom, and none of that happens unless mutants have a place of its own. Reeva figures that the mutants that they found in Atlanta are powerful enough to create such a place. One man, William, sarcastically applauds and says that the mutant homeland project has been discussed and dismisses as two dangerous. Reeve reminds everyone that mutants are dying and she took risks to get there. The Frost triplets side with Reeva, and William complains that Reeva recruited Polaris. He says that she acted without authorization, and another member agrees. Reeva emits a high-pitched tone, immobilizing the Inner Circle members. The Frost triplets kill the immobilized members, shooting them dead.

Six Months Later

In DC, Lorna looks out the window of a building and remembers her past with John. Andy comes in and asks if she's ready to go, and Lorna says that he doesn't have to come with her. Andy insists and assures her that he'll do his best as Reeva and the Frosts come in.

At Liberty Park Apartments, Sentinel Services raids the complex and orders the mutants inside to surrender. The soldiers break into one apartment and shoot the father, and the mother yells for her girls to get out. One of the two girls, Cristina, uses her telekinesis to throw a chair through the bedroom window.

Reed hears the radio report about the raid and calls John, who is holed up at the underground's base at a junkyard. John tells Marcos that they have to move out.

The soldiers snag mutants as they try to escape and order everyone else down at gunpoint.

John and Marcos track one group coming that way and find the children in a condemned building. Clarice and Lauren track down hiding in sewer drains, and Lauren points out that it's the third raid that month. The women find the soldiers closing in on a group trapped in a building, and Clarice opens a portal. Lauren goes through and orders the mutants through the non-metallic panel, and then uses her power to block the door so that she can escape.

Later at the hospital, Caitlin is tending to the injured Cristina. Cristina's powers go out of control due to her pain, and Caitlin tells her to keep control while she stitches up the wound. Once she finishes, Cristina asks about her 12-year-old sister Jazmine. Caitlin says that they'll find her once she's done, and says that she lost someone as well.

That night, Caitlin goes to a storage closet and enters a hidden room. Reed is inside working on fake IDs, and his wife wonders what they're doing there. He points out that they rescued ten people, and Caitlin says that the mutants they rescued didn't know about Andy. Reed says that they have to keep searching for their son.

The next day, Reeva and the others go to an abandoned munitions stronghold and Reeva tells Lorna that they'll modify it for her comfort. Lorna's baby kicks and her powers briefly run out of control, causing the nearby metal to shift.

At the junkyard, Reed reminds the group that they saved ten mutants. He says that he's organized transportation for the refugees to get to Baltimore. Lauren reports that Cristina doesn't want to leave without her sister, and suggests that she stay at their place. Marcos says that he talked to a mutant hacker, Wire, despite the fact that his group are criminals. They argue about whether they should risk exposure when the government thinks that they died in Atlanta, and Marcos says that he's done being careful.

At the warehouse, Lorna is sitting and contemplating her unborn child when it kicks again. Reeva comes in and says that she's not worried about Lorna's powers. Lorna says that she hates being alone, and Reeva talks about how she has always been hated because of the color of the skin and her powers, and they need her. Lorna says that she heard rumors about the mutants who were part of the Inner Circle before. Reeva admits that she's made sacrifices and would do so again for what they're trying to achieve.

The Frosts pull up to a contamination facility and use their powers to control the guard into letting them in. They then meet with the owner and tell him to order everyone to leave, claiming that there was a spill. Sage offers him a case full of money in return for his cooperation, and the Frosts say that the question is whether he gives them the facility or they take it. After the owner evacuates everyone, the Frosts call and say that it's done.

Clarice asks Cristina if she wants anything to eat, and assures her that John can find anyone. She goes over and flirts with John, and says that Marcos gets less rational the closer it gets to his baby's due date. John agrees to talk to him, and they kiss for a moment before Clarice walks off.

Reed returns from Baltimore and finds Caitlin checking computer files. He hears a ringing in his ears and shrugs it off after a moment. Reed says that they need to find her a job, but Caitlin tells her that they need her contacts in the mutant shelters to find Andy. Lauren quickly leaves rather than get in the middle of a fight. She goes to a parking garage and finds Andy waiting for her on the roof, and hugs her brother. Andy takes her hand and their powers starts to activate, and Lauren tries to yank away. Her brother says that it's what they were meant to be... and Lauren wakes up from her nightmare.

Lorna tells her parents about her dream, and Caitlin wonders if it's a dream or something else. Lauren apologizes for not knowing more, and Caitlin assures her that it's all right and they should forget it. Caitlin goes to the kitchen to get Lauren some water, and then calls Marcos and says that she wants to talk to Wire.

At the sanitation facility, Lorna tells the workers to check the seals on the panels they're putting in. Reeva and the others arrive and Reeva says that the doctor is concerned that Lorna is over-exerting herself. The doctor tells her to get bed rest immediately, and Reeva sends Andy out to help the workers. As he goes, Lorna tells Andy that the birth may not go well and figures that Reeva will choose the baby over her. She asks Andy to protect the baby and stop them however he has to with his mutant powers. Andy promises to do what she's asking.

John has Clarice put contacts in to disguise her eyes, and she asks if he's talked to Marcos. He says that he hasn't.

Marcos and Caitlin go to Wire, and Marcos warns that the hacker is erratic. He warns that the hacker group plays for keeps and that Caitlin should let him handle it if anything goes wrong. They go into an abandoned building and meet with Wire, who complains that Marcos brought someone with him. Caitlin notices a bottle of pills on Wire's desk, and Marcos persuades the hacker that Caitlin is cool. Wire says that the Hellfire Club is into some heavy stuff that Marcos didn't mention, and he and his fellow hackers draw guns on Marcos. The hacker says that they're renegotiating, and suggests that the Hellfire Club might pay for Marcos' location.

Caitlin grabs Wire, takes his gun, slams him into his desk, and tells him to give them what they came for or she's going to shoot him. When one of the hackers shoots at Caitlin before she takes Wire, he grazes her stomach. Wire quickly gives in ad orders his people to back down, and then says that the Hellfire Club spun off of the Inner Circle, and the Inner Circle is hidden through a dozen shell companies. Caitlin says that they want the people, not the money, and Wire warns her that the Hellfire Club makes people disappear. All he knows is that they have big plans and he's not getting in the way. Wire gives them a flash drive with the information, and Caitlin and Marcos quickly leave.

As Lauren looks on, John and Clarice tells Cristina that Jazmine got to the bus depot and then got picked up without a struggle. Clarice assures Cristina that they'll find her, just as Caitlin and Marcos come in and say where they were, showing them the flash drive.

At the hospital, Reed takes some pills for his apparent headaches. John calls and tells him to bring a suture kit for Caitlin, and Reed hears the ringing noise again. His right arm writhes and John clutches at it as energy surges through it.

Andy keeps Lorna company, asking if she's sick. The lights flicker and Lorna tells Andy that the baby is coming. They take her to the room that the non-metallic room that they prepared for her.

As Caitlin sutures her graze, Reed complains that she went off on her own. He points out that they've been searching for Andy for six months and found nothing. When Caitlin says that Andy was taken, Lauren comes in and says that Andy went willingly with the others. Reed agrees, and Lauren says that Andy left them.

Marcos goes through the information Wire gave him. The lights flicker and Marcos looks out the window and sees power surges through the city.

Lorna screams in pain as the lights flicker, and the doctor tells her to push.

Reed tells Caitlin that Lauren has a point, and starts to explain about his own problems. Before he can, Marcos calls them out to look at the city.

Meal flies and the lights blow out around Lorna.

On the rooftop, Marcos says that the power surges are tied to Lorna as Lauren joins them. Caitlin figures that Lorna is having the baby.

Vehicles and metal pipes fly across the room, and the doctor tells Reeva that Lorna isn't dilating and her blood pressure is going off the chart. He says that it's a mental block of some kind and if they don't do something, she'll die.

The underground members drive through the city, tracing the power lines.

Reeva and the Frosts tell Andy that they're going to take care of it. She says that Lorna needs to remember what they're all fighting for. Andy agrees and Reeva tells Lorna to listen to her. She has the Frosts show Lorna a telepathic vision of the future once Lorna's child is born. In it, all mutants are welcomed as saviors of humanity and Lorna hugs her daughter, Hope. Lorna says that she wants it more than anything and concentrates.

The surges end and the underground members lose the surge. John confirms that the power has gone out everywhere, and Marcos wonders if Lorna is dead or gave birth. He sobs in anguish, falling to his knees as his hands glow and he tries to keep control.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 26, 2018

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