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The Dark Prince Returns Recap

Danny, Owen, Karen, and Florence stare at Chet, who says that there can only be one winner so he's going to collect the cash prize. Owen points out that there is no cash prize, but Owen doesn't believe him and asks them to holds till because he only has one arrow. Karen charges at Chet, who shoots her in the stomach. He says that things are going to get weirder and runs off. Karen tells the others to pull the arrow out of her, and Owen holds her hand while Florence tries to do it and faints. That leaves Danny, who breaks it in half. Karen has no choice but to pull out the arrowhead herself and Danny faints.

Once everyone wakes up, Owen suggests that they get a first aid kit for Karen's injury. Florence points out that Karen just tried to call them, but Owen figure that they need Karen if they're going to defeat Declan. Owen and Florence argue about how he never listens to anyone but himself, and Florence finally says that they should get after it. Danny goes with Owen to get the first aid kit.

As Todd, Pack, and Jess run through the jungle, Delcan announces via their wrist bands that Chet has made the first kill.

At the manor, the hunters celebrate the first death and Declan says that it makes them feel alive. They don't notice that on the monitor screen, Jess' bracelet has gone off.

Jess tells Todd and Pack that her bracelet has stopped working. Todd tells her to run somewhere that they won't find her, and says that he got a life lesson from Rob Corrdry. Pack suggests that there's a power shack across the river and Jess can bypass the shock pylons because her bracelet is off-line. Todd wants to go with Jess, but she refuses and insists that she can protect herself. When Todd says that he made her quit color guard because she never shut up about it, Jess turns and hits Pack with her staff, knocking him out.

Karen asks Florence that if she makes it home, she tell Karen's husband Anthony that she fought to the end. Florence asks how she met Anthony, and Karen describes that she was fresh out of the cult and Anthony was a YMCA lifeguard.

Owen and Danny return to the circle and discover that all of the supplies are gone. Bruce is lying on the ground, and coughs up blood and says that they shouldn't be there. He tells them that the Dark Prince--Chittewompwomp--caught up to him and killed him. Owen and Danny don’t follow, and Bruce says that Chet attacked him and left him there as a warning. Chet took all of the supplies and the other survivors to a camp deep in the jungle, and Owen figures that he has the first aid kit. Bruce tells them that they'd better be prepared to kill Chet and wishes them luck as they walk off.

As Danny and Owen follow the path, Danny wonders if Owen could kill Chet. Owen says that he's fought plenty over parking spots. Someone whispers Chet's voice from all around them, and a survivor steps out. It's Keith, who is covered with mud. Keith explains that Chet had him cover himself with mud, crawl around the jungle, and whisper Chet's name to creep people out. Owen asks him to take them to Chet and stop him from whispering Chet's name.

Todd and Jess carry the unconscious Pack to a stream, and Jess say that the current is too fast to cross. Disagreeing, Todd removes his shirt and Jess can't avoid looking as he stretches. A lot. He then picks up Pack and starts walking, and the rapids knock him down. Pack drifts off on the water.

Danny, Owen, and Keith watch from the jungle as Chet lords it over the survivors. Danny tells Owen that they'll disguise Owen as a sultry lady and he'll distract the guards. Owen refuses and Danny suggests that they find two guards that look like them, knock them out, take their uniforms, and sneak in. When Owen points out that there are no guards and no one looks like them, Danny suggests that they dig a tunnel. Owen tells him that they're all lousy plans, and says that Keith will walk in and get the first aid kit, and in return they'll be his best friends.

Pack wakes up, and Todd grabs him and pulls him to shore. Jess extends her staff but can't pull them out, and they end up pulling her in. They finally wash ashore and Jess falls on Todd. As they look romantically at each other, Pack throws up water and sees the power shack fence.

The hunters watch as Karen tells Florence how she met Anthony. Martha comes in and tells Declan that Todd, Jess, and Pack are heading for the generator. Declan isn't worried, figuring that they'll be fried as soon as they cross the pylons.

Keith enter the camp and sweats. A lot. He turns to tell them that he's doing it, and they tell him to stop looking at them and get the first aid kit. Chet comes back from a ride on one of the survivors, and realizes that Keith is up to something. Keith helpfully points out Danny and Owen. and Chet's people capture them and bring them into the camp. Danny wonders what happened to Chet, and he talks about how they used to be wild animals and the weak became civilized.

Chet slaps Keith for no reason and tells his subjects to build the fire up and burn Danny and Owen. Owen figures that Florence was right and now he's going to die, and he's no different than Chet.

Pack takes Jess and Todd to the pylons that he saw in the monitor room. The hunters watch as Jess approaches the pylons, but Todd stops her and says that...

Karen tells Florence that she told Anthony that she loved him. Florence cries and says that it was the most beautiful love story that she's ever heard, and promises that she'll get the first aid kit and get Karen back to her family.

As Chet prepares to burn Danny and Owen, Owen says that the two leaders should fight. When Owen points out that he's already run, Owen says that Keith is the one in charge. When Chet objects, Danny tells Keith to tell Chet to calm down. Chet jabs a knife into Keith's head and then tells Owen that they'll fight.

Todd tells Jess that whatever happens, she's not a total brat. She kisses him and uses a lot of tongue, and Todd finally objects. He assures Jess that he's not rejecting her, but the kiss made him realize that he wants the amazing grown-up Jess. Jess says that old Jess is lucky to have him, then walks between the pylons. Nothing happens. Martha tells Declan that Jess' bracelet isn't responding, and Declan orders her to get down there.

Florence leads Karen through the jungle.

Chet tells Owen that he's going to crack his skull open and drink his blood.

Jess can't figure out how to turn off the power.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 26, 2018

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