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The Darkness and the Light Recap

Eight Months Ago

On Earth Two, tech entrepreneur Harrison Wells holds a press conference and talks about the emergence of metahumans. However, since most of them have turned evil, he and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs have designed a new line of metahuman awareness apps. The wrist unit lets anyone detect the presence of a metahuman. The device goes off and the Flash--Jay Garrick--arrives. Everyone applauds and Jay tells him to admit that he created Zoom and the other metahumans. Harrison mocks Jay and tells him to do his job and stop Zoom, and Jay speeds off. He assures his daughter Jesse that he's okay and returns to discussing the future.

Earth One – Now

Harrison reads the autobiography of his Earth One self, and Barry introduces him to Caitlin and Cisco. They're less than impressed, but Harrison insists that he's his own man and insists that he had nothing to do with the death of Barry's mother. He explains that the other end of the breach is in his S.T.A.R. Labs, and he was hit by Caitlin's device when he came through. Harrison still has the device, and points out that a DNA test won't confirm anything. Barry wonders why he saved his life, and Harrison says that he traveled between dimensions to meet the Flash and help him stop Zoom. The team explains that they've already encountered Zoom's breachers, and Harrison says that he created Zoom and he's responsible for all the Earth-2 metahumans... until now. He warns that Zoom will keep sending the metahumans to kill the Flash unless they stop him, together.

Joe comes in and shoots at Harrison, but Barry catches the bullets and tells Joe to put the gun down. They go outside to cool down, and Caitlin says that they know someone who can confirm Harrison's story. Outside, Barry tells Joe that McKee saw Harrison, and Barry assures him that the new Harrison is someone else. He's trying to deal with confronting a man who looks just like the person who killed his mother, and Joe goes to brief Iris.

At the newspaper office, editor Eric Larkin tells Linda that Tanner's lawyers are threatening to sue them. Linda insists on running a story about Tanner beating his wife, and Larkin reluctantly agrees. Iris congratulates Linda, just as Joe comes in and they go outside to discuss the situation. She assures her father that she's fine, and Joe gives her a gun to protect herself from Harrison if she has to.

At Jitters, Cisco and Barry come in for coffee. Barry insists that Cisco give Harrison a chance, and Patty overhears them discussing time travel. They assure her that time travel isn't real, and Patty says that King Shark almost ate the Flash. She's fine with what she saw, and invites Barry to help her write her report. He turns her down and Patty leaves, and Barry tells Cisco that he was going to ask Patty out before King Shark attacked. Cisco tells Barry to be bold and eyes the barista, Kendra Saunders, and Cisco goes over to hit on her. He finally asks her if she wants to go out with him, and Kendra tells him no. As Cisco walks away, he has a vision of men robbing a bank, with a woman accompanying them. She fires a blast of light, and Cisco snaps out of his vision. He tells Barry that the new breacher is at the Central City Bank. Barry speeds there as the Flash, and finds the female breacher robbing the bank. She fires a blast of light and the Flash dodges it, and she sends the customers flying with another blast. By the time the Flash collects them, the breacher has escaped.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harrison explains that the breacher is Doctor Light, a small-time thief who became a metahuman and absorbs starlight. He wants to capture Light and lure zoom there. Jay comes in with Caitlin and says that they're not going to lure Zoom anywhere. Harrison says that Jay is in hiding, and Jay tells him what happened. When Harrison says that Barry has to defeat Zoom before he gets any faster, Jay objects and points out that Light is a thief, not a killer. Barry interrupts to say that they have to find Light first. Once he leaves, Cisco claims that he got an alert on his phone warning him about the bank robbery. He uses the STAR satellite to scan for solar radiation, and Barry calls Joe to see if the GCPD has any leads.

At the station, Barry runs into Patty and Barry finally asks if she'd go out to dinner with him. He assures her that nothing will interrupt and Patty agrees to dinner the next night.

Cisco finds Harrison in his workshop as he goes through the business news. Harrison says that his counterpart made almost the same mistake that he did with the particle accelerator, and Cisco says that his Harrison's plan was no mistake. The newcomer wonders what his counterpart did to Cisco, and Cisco explains that Harrison killed him and he only survived because Barry changed the timeline. Harrison says that they have to work together to stop Zoom, and asks to examine his satellite program. Cisco refuses and leaves.

In the main lab, Caitlin picks up a silent alarm from the Bank of Central City. They figure that it's Light and Jay tells Barry that he can talk to Light because she's no killer.

At the bank, Light cuts her way into the vault and the Flash tries to get through to her. He points out that he and his friends can help her, but she figures no one can protect her from Zoom. The Flash calms her down and she removes her mask... revealing that she's the Earth Two Linda. She blinds the Flash and runs, and he tells his teammates that he can't see.

Back at the lab, Caitlin warns Barry that his sight will return due to his regeneration abilities. Harrison complains that they should have stopped Light instead of talking to her, and Barry explains that Light looks like his ex-girlfriend. When Harrison warns that Zoom sent her because he knew the Flash would hesitate, Barry warns that he said Linda's name so she'll go after the Earth-1 Linda. Barry tries to leave and Jay says that he can't do anything until his sight returns. He goes to warn Linda and Caitlin goes with her. Iris arrives and stares at Harrison in shock, and Cisco explains that their Harrison killed Iris' fiancée.

Barry asks Iris how she's handling meeting with her mother, and Iris says that she's fine. His phone goes off and Iris tells Barry that Patty sent a text message that she's running light. Barry admits that they were having their first date, and Iris figures that there's someone in the lab that can help Barry on his date.

That night, Barry arrives at the restaurant wearing a pain of sunglasses. They have cameras mounted on them, and Cisco guides him to Patty. She explains that she's had bad luck with boyfriends before, and Cisco tells Barry to compliment Patty. The feed is black-and-white so Barry can't compliment her dress color, but he talks his way through it. The waitress brings the wine list and Barry has Patty order.

Jay and Caitlin stake out the newspaper, and Caitlin asks what Jay's connection is to Zoom. The ex-speedster says that Zoom scared him, and doesn't want Barry to face the same fate. He warns Caitlin not to trust Harrison and figures that something has changed since Jay disappeared. Caitlin assures Jay that she trusts him.

At the restaurant, Barry describes how he was hit by electricity. She talks about how she drowned when she was 9 and her heart stopped for two minutes. Patty figures out that Barry can't see her, and Barry removes the glasses. He claims that he had his pupils dilated earlier and didn't want to cancel, and Patty buys it.

Caitlin and Jay talk about the differences between their worlds, and they start to kiss. Light blasts their van, knocking it over, and then goes into the newspaper. Light greets Linda and orders everyone else out, When Iris objects, Light summons a bolt of light and prepares to kill them both.

Jay and Caitlin wake up and realize what happened, and Jay runs to the office.

Light says that she can only survive by killing Linda. Larkin attacks her with a letter opener and Light blasts him to death. As she stares in horror, Iris shoots the helmet off of Light's hat. As Linda stares in shock, Jay runs in and Light releases a blast of light, knocking the others back. The breacher flees, leaving her husband behind.

Patty guides Barry out and points out that they're holding hands. They arrive at her car and Barry suggests that they share a goodnight kiss. They kissand Barry's sight recovers enough that he can make out the color of his dress. As they start to kiss, bot their phones go off. Joe is calling Patty and Cisco is calling Barry.

At the newspaper, the EMTs take away Larkin's corpse. Linda tries to deal with the fact that she has an evil twin, and Joe assures her that it isn't her part. Barry arrives and Linda thanks Joe for saving her. Patty takes Linda to the security detail they have prepared, and Barry blames himself. He takes the helmet with him and promises that Light won't kill again.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin tends to Jay's wound. Harrison insists that they can't argue with someone under Zoom's influence, and points out that Jay is responsible for Larkin's death. He says that Jay spent the last two years running from Zoom, and Barry runs toward danger because Barry isn't a coward, Jay punches Harrison, and the two men fight. Barry finally breaks them up and talks to Harrison privately. He says that Barry should be teaching Jay, not the other way around. Barry says that he looked up to his Harrison, and Harrison insists that he's not that man. He says that Barry can take care of Zoom if they capture Light, and Barry shows him the mask.

Back with the others, Harrison says that they can have Cisco hold the helmet and find Light. He explains that his app detects metahumans, and it shows that Cisco is a metahuman. Cisco admits that it's true and that he was afraid because he worried that he would become evil like Harrison. Caitlin doesn't believe it and Cisco admits that he should have said something. He explains about his visions of the breachers , sometimes when he touches something of theirs. Cisco touches the mask but nothing happens. Harrison yells at him to do it again, and shoves the helmet onto his chest. Cisco has a vision of Light at the train station and gives them the number, and the Flash speeds off.

At the station, the Flash discovers that the platform is crowded. He spots Light and tells everyone else to flee. She insists that she killed Larkin by accident, and she can only be free of Zoom by killing Linda. Light fires a blast at the Flash, who dodges aside. Jay tells him to find her blind spot, but the Flash can't get close enough. Harrison tells him to confuse Light by giving her multiple targets. He explains that the Flash has to run fast enough to create a speed mirage, and the Flash runs at his fastest speed. Light finally unleashes a wide-range blast, knocking the Flash away. Jay tells the hero that he's fastest and better than he ever was, and tells him to show Light what that means. The Flash speeds up and leaves enough after-images behind to get close enough to Light to knock her out.

Later back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin locks Light up in the pipeline. Iris thanks Harrison for his help, and Barry says that they use Light to lure Zoom there. Jay warns against it, but Barry refuses to be afraid any more. He says that he won't fight Zoom alone, but Jay refuses to help him. Jay says that Harrison has as many secrets as the one they knew and starts to leave. Caitlin asks him to stay, but Jay refuses and leaves.

At Jitters, Cisco approaches Kendra and orders coffee. She asks if that's all that he wants, and explains that she just moved to Central City. She's a small-town girl and has never seen metahumans before, and explains that Cisco caught her off-guard. Now she's s prepared and repeats her question, and they introduces themselves. Meanwhile, Barry and Caitlin are seated nearby and Barry figures that Jay will show up. Cisco joins them with coffee and shows off Kendra's name. He's still not sure about his powers, and Barry assures him that he won't go through it alone. Cisco realizes that he needs to come up with a superhero name, and decides on Vibe. Harrison stands outside Jitters and watches them.

On Earth-2, Zoom confronts the captive Jesse and says that Harrison has abandoned her. Jesse insists that Harrison will find and save her, and Zoom says that what happens to her and her father is soon to be decided before speeding off.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 4, 2015

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