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Daddy Lessons Recap

At the morgue, Waverly and Nicole look at Charlie's corpse and figure that they shouldn't tell Wynonna that Doc killed him. Randy calls Nicole and says that things are going to hell and they need backup. Once Nicole cuts off, she asks Waverly if she's okay. Waverly tells her lover to stay safe, and Nicole kisses her briefly before leaving. Once she's alone, Waverly looks at Charlie and touches his throat... and he comes back to life and says "Hi". Shocked, Waverly runs out.

Wynonna sits on the porch of the homestead and watches the blood moon over Purgatory. She looks at a photo of Xavier and the others and says that she tried. A horse walks past her and out of the yard, and the tornado siren goes off.

In Purgatory, the deputized Robin tells Nicole that most of the people have been evacuated out of town and the wildlife are fleeing as well. He wonders if the moon is ever going to set, and says that Jeremy has been up all night trying to come up with a scientific solution. Wynonna pulls up and Nicole sends Robin to check out some buildings. Once they're alone, Wynonna tells Nicole that evacuating the town is smart. Nicole says that Waverly was at the station, and Wynonna tells her that she stopped by and the station is deserted. Once Wynonna confirms that Waverly hasn't told Nicole about Kevin, she mutters that she doesn't think Waverly would do it and drives off.

At Shorty's, Tabitha and Reid look for their dog Penny. Reid says that they can't leave the town behind... unaware that Doc is hiding in the shadows. He steps out, snarling, and says that the dog isn't there.

In the forest, Wynonna finds Waverly at the base of the stairs. Wynonna still can't see the stairs, and Waverly says that she raised someone from the dead using the ring. She tells her sister that if Wynonna isn't going to let her climb the stairs then Waverly will make her. Waverly insists that it's bigger than Wynonna, and Wynonna punches her unconscious. She puts Waverly in a tool locker in the back of her truck and drives off.

Later in Purgatory, Wynonna tells Nicole what she did. She tells Nicole to drive Waverly out of the Triangle, but Nicole says that she can't abandon the town and Waverly can convince her to do anything. Wynonna says that she has to take on Bulshar, just as a barefooted Charlie walks up to them. Nicole is surprised to see him walking, and Charlie asks if they need him to do something. As Charlie agrees to help, a car alarm goes off and Nicole goes to check it out. Wynonna tells Charlie to get Waverly out of the Triangle and he agrees. She opens the locker, revealing Waverly tied and gagged inside.

Kate goes down into Shorty's basement looking for Doc in response to his text. He steps out and kisses her, and says that Wynonna won't love what he has become. Doc tells Kate that he wants to eat, and calls out Tabitha and Reid. They kneel to Kate, and Kate realizes that Doc has learned to glamour. Kate objects and Doc says that it's what she wants. Tabitha and Reid say that they love them and ask Kate to come play, and they bare their throats to them. Doc and Kate feed on Tabitha.

The Revenants, led by Jarvis, come to the BBD office looking for goods. Bobo asks them to open the cell door, but they refuse and point out that Bobo betrayed all of them. He tells them that Wyatt doesn't have Peacemaker anymore, but they still refuse to let Bobo out and leave.

Charlie takes Waverly to the train station and tells her that Wynonna is going to build an arsenal while he takes her out of the Triangle. Waverly insists that she has to climb the stairs, and Waverly tells him that he's going to have to tie her up to stop her. Charlie refuses and they both get in the truck.

The Revenants approach Wynonna as she loads up her truck with improvised weapons. They dare her to shoot them, and Wynonna says that Bulshar is going to enslave the world and kill them all. The Revenants figure that Wynonna doesn't have Peacemaker like Bobo said, and Wynonna takes out a rifle only to discover that it's unloaded. They take the rifle and say that she's their gift for Bulshar.

Once they take Wynonna to the abattoir where the beekeepers are, the Revenants string Wynonna up. She tries to remind them of their humanity, but Jarvis says that Bulshar is their only chance of survival. Wynonna points out that the beekeepers are essentially zombies and the same will happen, and Jarvis considers her words.

Charlie takes Waverly to Michelle's greenhouse and they find it filled with fog. Waverly figures that the fog wanted them to come there, and Charlie talks about how the plants are waiting for spring, figuring that it will always come. He sees a statue of an angel and stares at its face, but then shrugs it off to Waverly.

Doc wakes Kate up and she figures that they should go. Doc warns that once Bulshar rises to power, there'll be nowhere to hide from him. Tabitha and Reid are dead, and Doc says that he took nothing from them that he didn't want to give. He chokes and says that it isn't enough, and tells Kate that he can smell it. Kate realizes that the fog is moving in like someone sent it to them, and Doc tells her that he'll find Bulshar with or without Kate. Kate angrily agrees to go with him.

At the greenhouse, Charlie ties Waverly up. She says that she's sorry about Charlie and Wynonna, and Charlie figures that they never had much. He changes the subject to Nicole, and Waverly says that Nicole likes Waverly when she isn't everything that Nicole is. Waverly asks where Charlie is from and what his family is like. Charlie says that he doesn't know because all he remembers walking into Purgatory. The doctors said that he must have had a head injury. Waverly takes his hand.

Charlie remembers talking to the Fire Chief, who said that job takes a certain type of person. The new arrival says that all he wants to do is help people.

Waverly shares Charlie's memory when the ring touches his hand.

At the fire station, Doc approaches the Fire Chief and says that he's looking for Charlie. The Fire Chief says that they're evacuating everyone and Doc repeats his demand. He draws his gun, and Doc draws his gun and says that if he wanted the Fire Chief dead then he'd be dead. An armed Kate steps out and tells the Fire Chief to tell Doc what he knows, and the Fire Chief says that his phone will give them Charlie's GPS coordinates. Doc shoots him dead also hits Kate on the other side, and says that he needs the blood so bad. Kate warns that there's something wrong with Doc, and he tells her that it's her fault. He tosses her a rag to bind her wound and says that if he doesn't drink from Charlie again, he won't be fine.

Bulshar arrives at the abattoir and feasts with the Revenants. They bring Wynonna out, wearing one Revenant's wife's death. Mercedes is with Bulshar and as Wynonna pours drinks, Mercedes says that she's Bulshar's "lady friend". She tells Wynonna that she's doing what she needs to do to survive, and she's not going to lose her healed face by angering Bulshar. Mercedes points out that Bulshar has Peacemaker and should think about surviving the coming apocalypse for Waverly and Alice. She admits that she might love Wynonna but she won't let her interfere with her plans to survive.

Once Mercedes goes back to Bulshar, one of the Revenants--Kevin--comes over and hesitantly takes a drink from Wynonna.

At the greenhouse, Waverly offers to touch Charlie with the ring and help him remember more. Charlie notices flowers blossoming since they arrived and tells Waverly that they need to leave. He says that he knows the greenhouse and the ring, and starts untying Waverly. A car pulls up and Charlie hustles Waverly out.

Nicole calls the Fire Chief, who is lying in a pool of his blood. Kate crawls over to the injured man, grabs the radio, and tells Nicole that she and the Chief both need help.

Bulshar thanks the Revenants for their hospitality and respect, and says that their fealty has been accepted. He says that his fiercest warrior was defeated by some local rabble, and he will take one of the Revenants as his first lieutenant. Rolf immediately says that he's worthy, and the dinner and his offering of the Heir was his plan. Wynonna steps forward and tells Bulshar to pick her, reminding him that she was his strongest opponent. She says that she only wants one thing: to keep Waverly safe. Wynonna tells Bulshar that she'll do anything he wants as long as he keeps Bulshar safe. Everyone except Mercedes laughs, and Wynonna kneels and begs Bulshar to give her the last chance to save his family. Suddenly scared, Bulshar backs away from Wynonna and tells the Revenants to put Wynonna in a cell.

Charlie hides Waverly beneath a bench, and touches the ring. He remembers a young Michelle making him promise to come back, and they kiss. Waverly realizes that "Charlie" is actually the angel Julian, and Charlie says that he's not doing it. Doc breaks in and says that he knew Charlie's blood was special, and tells him to come out. Waverly crawls out and says that Charlie isn't there. She claims that she stole Charlie's fire truck, and Doc doesn't believe her. Doc smells Charlie on Waverly and figures that she has angel blood just like Charlie. Waverly tells him that "Charlie" is Julian, her father.

After they put Wynonna in a cage, the Revenants celebrate. Mercedes comes over and Wynonna admits that she's scared and figures that if she touches Bulshar, something bad happens. The other woman figures that now that they have a weapon against Bulshar, it's time to switch sides. Jarvis comes over and says that there are no Revenants without the Earps, and Wynonna says that Bulshar cursed all of them. Mercedes says that if Wynonna touches Bulshar then she'll kill him, and Jarvis figures that when Bulshar cursed the Earps, there was a price to be paid. Jarvis starts releasing Wynonna and Mercedes says that she'll distract Mercedes. Wynonna yanks off the dress pieces and takes out the hairpin the Revenants forced her to wear.

Doc finds the whole idea of an angel being the father of his former lover's sister funny, and Waverly insists that Wynonna and Doc love each other. He says that he doesn't feel anything at all and grabs Waverly.

Nicole picks up Kate and takes her to the Gardner house, and tends to her wound. Kate reads her Tarot cards and says that they all predict death. She tells Nicole that she won't heal as fast in the endless daylight of the blood eclipse but she will heal, and continues foreseeing death. Kate tells Nicole that she has to find Doc because Doc drank something he shouldn't have: something inhuman.

Doc demands to know where Charlie is, saying that he'll die without it. Waverly tries to get through to him, slapping him, and Doc shoves her to the ground. She says that he'll never forgive himself for what he's going to do, as Charlie reaches out and touches the ring. He's able to remove it from Waverly's hand, and Doc comes over. Charlie tells him to leave Waverly alone, and Charlie casually tosses him across the greenhouse into the angel statue as his angel wings sprout from his back. He tells Waverly that he drifted outside of the Triangle for years until he saw the light of Waverly crossing over. Charlie tells Waverly to come with him, saying that they have no time for petty humanity, but Waverly goes to the unconscious Doc. Waverly whispers that she's sorry and kisses him on the cheek.

Kate finally draws a card and says that the cards are changing, revealing hope.

Rolf confronts Wynonna, who is wearing his dead wife's dress. She tells him that if Bulshar dies then the curse is ended. Rolf attacks her and they step out into the feasting area. He draws a knife and attacks her, and she stabs him dead with the hairpin. Bulshar steps out and orders Mercedes to take Wynonna back to her cell. Mercedes dares him to touch Wynonna, and Bulshar says that he will get to the Garden. When Wynonna reaches for him, the beekeepers block her long enough for Bulshar to depart. Wynonna tells the Revenants that Bulshar wants to keep them hating each other so they don't take him out. Jarvis asks if she can do it by herself, and Wynonna says that she can't and asks if they're going to help her break the curse. After a moment, the Revenants cheer.

Doc wakes up sees the broken angel statue. Inside of it is a sword, and Doc mutters Charlie's name.

At the BBD, Robin works on a crossword puzzle with the imprisoned Bobo, while Jeremy works on his research. Jeremy says that he's drowning in information, and Bobo tells him not to give up. Robin agrees and Jeremy figures that he needs to pinpoint what is in Bulshar's DNA that lets him control the beekeepers. He tells Robin that he can't trust Bobo and goes home to get beakers. Bobo asks Robin not to leave him alone, but Robin goes after Jeremy and asks what the plan is. Jeremy says that for his plan to work, they need a miracle.

Wynonna, Mercedes, and the Revenants march down the street.

Bulshar enters the BBD and tells Bobo that he's alone and abandoned. He says that Bobo isn't one of them, and Bobo asks what he is. Bulshar asks what Bobo would say if he offered him a job, and Bobo says that he'd ask what took him so long.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 29, 2018

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