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War Paint Recap

At the homestead, Wynonna tells the Revenants that she loved hunting and killing them all even though she knew Willa was supposed to be the Earp. She admits that the only thing she's ever been good at is killing, and is willing to give it up to being not much of anything. Wynonna offers to share the Earp land just like they've been forced to share the Curse, and no matter what else happens they'll be free when they take down Bulshar. She tells them that they'll fight and they'll end Bulshar once before, and offers her hand to Jarvis. Wynonna breaks the barrier, pulls Jarvis onto the homestead, and says that it's time for a drink.

At the stairs, Bulshar transforms Peacemaker into a sword and drive it into the stone. A door appears and Bulshar sends one of his beekeepers to the door. His empty helmet falls back a few seconds later, and Bulshar tells the other beekeepers that the dead beekeeper isn't righteous or mortal. He tells the beekeepers to slaughter all of them. Bobo walks up to Bulshar, and Bulshar tells him to bring him Wynonna's blood so that he can ascend.

Waverly returns to the homestead and asks Wynonna if she's mad. Wynonna says that she's happy to see her face and is glad to see Waverly there if it's going down. One of the Revenants, Keith, comes out and says hello to Waverly. Wynonna says that she has an army of Revenants and they're in the house, and Waverly tells her sister that she can top that. She explains that Charlie is her father, and in the nearby field Charlie sprouts his wings so that Wynonna can see them.

At the BBD office, Justin tells Jeremy that he hasn't found the missing Bobo. Jeremy figures that he's going to fail how to figure out how to use Bulshar's severed arm to stop him, and Robin tells him to calm down and breath. They kiss and Robin tells Jeremy to get back to work. Jeremy clutches at his groin and tells Robin that Doc isn't okay and they have to get going.

In the barn, Waverly tells Wynonna about Charlie and Doc. Wynonna says that the whole thing is ludicrous and finding out that she shtupped her sister's dad isn't much compared to the coming apocalypse and Revenants in her kitchen. She tells Waverly that she needs to find Doc, and Waverly says that she needs to find Nicole.

Kate tells Nicole that her wounds hurt less than Doc shooting her, and Nicole admits that she's worried about Waverly. She tries to call Waverly, and Kate tells her never to apologize to her for love. Kate reads her cards and says that Waverly is with Wynonna, and is of Charlie but not with him. The beekeepers breaks in and Nicole and Kate shoot them down. One of them gets close enough to hit Nicole in the side. Once the rest are down, Mercedes comes in and says that Bulshar has released his beekeepers on all of Wynonna's friends. Kate smells Nicole's blood and Mercedes realizes that she's a vampire, and Mercedes tells Nicole to go while she stays with Kate, who can't fully heal while the blood eclipse is extending the daylight.

At the BBD office, Robin comes back with coffee and tells Jeremy that he's been deputized. Jeremy says that he's created anti-venom from the arm but it will take four months to synthesize. Beekeepers come in and surround them but don't attack. Randy arrives and opens fire on the beekeepers as Jeremy and Robin duck.

Nicole walks along the road, clutching at her wound. She finally collapses from shock and blood loss. As she passes out, a man walks up to her.

Wynonna approaches Charlie and says that his wings are nice. He tells her that he didn't remember that he was Julian until Waverly touched him, and is tasked with guarding the Garden. Charlie admits that he's never been in the Garden, and he truly loved Michelle. Juan Carlo left his post first, entering the Triangle disguised as a padre, and removed the Garden's key: a flaming sword. They sought a mortal champion, Wyatt Earp, to wield the sword. Wyatt left without finishing the job to see Doc before he died. Doc arrives carrying Nicole and they take her to the barn. Wynonna gives Doc permission to enter the homestead and tend to Waverly.

Waverly goes to her bedroom and leaves a message for Nicole. Bobo is in the corner and says that now he's sure that Waverly--his angel--didn't deserve the home. He knows that Waverly met her real father, and coughs up dirt. Bobo tells Waverly that he's with Bulshar now, sits down next to Waverly, and tells her that he's calling in his favor. When the time comes, he wants Waverly to set him free.

Charlie says that he can heal Nicole but there will be a price to pay. He concentrates and heals her wound, and tells Wynonna to stay with Nicole while he goes to Waverly. Doc shows him the sword from the greenhouse, and Charlie takes it and says that he lost it a long time ago. Charlie points out that Doc couldn't have held it if his soul was truly compromised, and leaves.

Once Randy kills the beekeepers, Jeremy gets an idea and gets a blender. He says that if they mix Robin's immune blood with Bulshar's arm, he can create the anti-venom.

Outside, Charlie removes the ring from his finger. and goes into Waverly's room. Bobo says that it's been a long time, and says that Waverly became what she is on her own. He coughs up more dirt, and Charlie says that he can't save Bobo because Bobo gave up his free will. However, he offers to end Bobo's existence. Bobo thanks him but says that he's already chosen his exit strategy, looks at Waverly, and leaves. Charlie tells Waverly that Nicole is okay but he used everything he had to save her. He gives Waverly the ring and says that she'll need it soon.

The Revenants hear a horn and go outside. The beekeepers have surrounded the homestead, and Doc leads the Revenants in a cheer. The beekeepers open fire with artillery, and march onto the homestead, using metal shields to protect themselves. They then open fire with a Browning, and the Revenants are unable to penetrate their shields with their small arms. Wynonna says that there are real guns in the house. Hui draws the beekeepers' fire so that Wynonna can get into the house. Waverly and Charlie toss her a shotgun, and they return fire.

Doc runs to the barn and assures Nicole that he won't hurt her. Beekeepers come in and Doc guns them down.

Beekeepers enter the house, and Wynonna shoots them until Bobo grabs her and drags her outside, saying that Bulshar will have his gift. Outside, the beekeepers hold her down on a chopping block as Bulshar looks on. He grabs an axe and polishes the blade, and steps aside as a beekeeper brings a chainsaw over. As he prepares to cut off her head, Charlie arrives and stabs the beekeeper. He says that Bulshar cannot enter the Garden, and Bulshar tells him that he'll never see it. Bobo uses his powers to pull the sword to him, and Bulshar magically forces Charlie to his knees. Bobo stabs Charlie in the back.

Bulshar walks off, and Bobo prepares to kill Wynonna. Doc arrives and shoots down the beekeepers with Bobo. Bobo tells Doc that mortal weapons can't kill him, and Waverly comes out and touches Bobo's face with the ring. She tells him that he could have been better, says that he's free, and releases his body. As Bobo dies, he thanks her.

In the forest, Bulshar burns the Tarot cards on a fire made of skulls. Wynonna and the Revenants arrive and says that all she has to do is touch him and it's over. Bulshar says that it is over, the Revenants disappear, and when Wynonna lunges at Bulshar he teleports away. Waverly arrives and points out that Wynonna's nose is bleeding, and Wynonna realizes that Bulshar broke the Earp Curse.

The sister return to the homestead and Waverly kneels by Charlie's body. Jeremy and Robin arrive and Waverly tells them that the ring wouldn't bring him back. Robin looks at what's left of Bobo's body, and Waverly tells Jeremy that Wynonna and Doc are in the barn with Nicole. He says that he can see Waverly's power on her face, and shows her a vial with the anti-venom.

Wynonna approaches Doc in the barn and he says that he drank the last of the beekeepers' corpses and dumped their bodies in the back. He offers his condolences on Charlie's life, and Wynonna says that he died for Waverly. Wynonna points out that their daughter is free and Bulshar used her blood to break the Curse. He needs to be mortal to get into the Garden, and he used her blood to unlink them and became vulnerable like her. Doc says that he's done terrible things but promises to fight at Wynonna's side if she'll have him. Wynonna kisses him and then asks how she could trust him, and handcuffs him to a ladder. She then surrounds him with a rope soaked in holy water and leaves.

Nicole is sitting on the porch when Waverly approaches her. Waverly sits down and Nicole offers her condolences on Charlie's death. They look at each other and Waverly says that she won't lose anyone else that she loves. She assures Nicole that she loves her and puts the ring on Nicole's finger. Before Nicole can say "Yes", Wynonna calls them in.

In the homestead, Jeremy explains that they need to dab themselves with the fluid he created, a "crypsis", so the beekeepers can't see them. Wynonna serves drinks and says that she's mortal, and says that Bulshar showed her that she's most afraid of losing them. Jeremy says that he's going with them and then passes out. Robin realizes that she drugged them . Wynonna tells the fading Nicole that there's only enough crypsis for one of them and can't handle seeing their faces if she fails.

Wynonna and Waverly go to the stairs, and Wynonna says that she didn't drug Waverly's drink. She takes out the sword and says that she's Waverly's backup. They dab the crypsis on themselves and walk past the beekeepers. They call out Bulshar, who has partially transformed into his snake form. Wynonna figures that she can kill him since he's mortal, and Bulshar invites her to try.

Bulshar avoids Wynonna's first swing and teleports away, and then grabs her by the throat and takes the sword. He hacks at her and Waverly pulls the Peacemaker sword from the stairs. Bulshar tells her that only a hero can wield the sword, and Waverly says that Charlie taught her that she can name a hero. She names Wynonna the chosen and tosses her the sword, and Wynonna can see the stairs. The sword burns with flames, and Wynonna slashes at Bulshar. The two of them fight, and Waverly discovers that a magical shield has trapped her on the stairs.

Wynonna cuts Bulshar down, saying that it's for Charlie, for humanity, and for Wynonna's family. Bulshar suggests that they enter the Garden together. When Wynonna refuses, Bulshar tells her that she'll die. Wynonna stabs him through the chest and Bulshar transforms into his snake form and bite her in the neck before disintegrating. Wynonna collapses, dying, and Doc arrives and feeds on her blood. He sucks out the venom and spits it out.

Waverly is still trapped on the stairs. The door opens and vines emerge.

Wynonna thanks Doc for sucking... out the venom. He says that she tasted heroic.

The vines grab Waverly. She tells Wynonna that she killed Bulshar. As the vines pull her to the doorway, Waverly asks Wynonna to tell Nicole that she loves her. She begs Wynonna to rescue her, but the field prevents Wynonna from getting on the stairs. The vines pull Waverly through the door, and a high-pitched ringing noise deafens Wynonna and Doc. When it ends, Doc removes his gun belt despite Wynonna warning him that he's not mortal. He steps through the barrier and tells Wynonna that she's the only one who can wield the flaming sword. Doc looks back at Wynonna and then walks through the door. Wynonna picks up Doc's gun belt and says goodbye.

Wynonna returns to the homestead and calls for the others. They're all gone, and the word "Valdez" is scratched on the wall. Wynonna goes into Purgatory and discovers that it's abandoned. She enters Shorty's and finds Randy pouring drinks. She tells him that everyone is gone, and Randy confirms that everyone in town is gone and it's just the two of them. Wynonna says that the Garden isn't the paradise that they thought, but is sure that everyone inside of it is alive. Randy wonders what they do, and Wynonna grabs a shotgun and says that they'll get them back. The ex-sheriff picks up the other shotgun and agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 29, 2018

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