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Three Women and a Baby Recap

Each of the Spies wakes up in the morning and check about their bruises from the night--and fight—before with ninja. They meet in the kitchen and commiserate over their injuries, and enjoy their day off. D.D. describes her dream about taking out Ewan McGregor with a groin kick. Cassie asks what they want to do, and the Spies discuss options. Cassie and Shane eventually figure that they want to fight and go on missions, but D.D. says that they owe it to themselves to relax. She goes to get the paper at the door and finds a baby girl in a bassinet on their doorstep.

D.D. brings the baby in and all three Spies admire it. They argue who will change the baby and once Cassie decides she'll do it, Shane and D.D. argue over who will do it next. Shane takes the diaper out for the next magazine salesman, and Cassie says that they can't keep the baby and should turn it over to the county. D.D. says that they have some very important errands to run and they'll have to take care of them first. There's a note in the bassinet explaining that the mother didn't know what else to do. She says that the father is an important man, and he won't stop until he finds the baby: Molly. The mother figures that the Spies can take care of themselves and Molly, and they can't turn Molly in to Child Welfare. She 'll come for her daughter when it's safe, if she's okay.

The Spies go to the store and shop for diapers. D.D. tries to imagine the mother being so scared that she'd turn the baby over to strangers, and Cassie says that they can't imagine it because they don't have babies of their own. She talks about how they never think of settling down, and look at a mother and her young son walking by. Shane wonders if she'd be a great mom, and D.D. assures her that she would. She says that it's instinct and they'd be fine, but Cassie points out that they have to change their lives and doesn't figure any of them are ready to do that. She wonders if they'll have room for families in their lives.

The father, Antonio Ronoso, gets a call from his men saying that they haven't found Molly. He tells them that he's leaving the country the next night and he's not going to go without his child. His men are to eliminate anyone who gets in their way.

The Spies return home with the sleeping Molly and carefully put her to bed. D.D. hands out books on how to raise a baby, and Jack arrives at the door. D.D. greets him and tells him to stop knocking on the door so loudly, and he jokingly wonders if a baby is sleeping. They tell him to keep his voice down, claiming that they did some after-work partying. Jack talks really loud for a moment to annoy them, and then tones it down and gives them their reimbursement check for their last mission. D.D. starts to usher him out and then distracts him as Cassie and Shane hide the baby supplies.

As he yells at them once more and starts to go, Molly starts crying. He goes into bedroom and starts to call Child Welfare. The spies take his cell phone and say that if they send Molly to an agency then it will endanger her life. Jack admires the baby and starts talking to it, then says that it's Agency policy not to have babies. Shane and D.D. take him out and explain what the note said, and Jack suggests that the mother might be the bad guy. He points out that their spies and not qualified to take care of a baby, but D.D. says that the baby is in trouble. Cassie is holding the baby, and Jack gives the Spies two days to take care of things.

Cassie tests Shane on her baby knowledge and Shane fails miserably. D.D. tracks all of the items in the bassinet and discovers that there's only one store that sells the pacifist, which is imported. The diaper only comes from one diaper service. The Spies decide to split up, with one going to the store, one going to the service, and one staying with Molly. They argue over who will stay with Molly, and D.D. finally says that she'll stay because she suggested it first.

Cassie goes to the store and the proprietor, Ross Perdue, greets her. Cassie claims that she's a single mother and asks Ross to provide her with Molly's mother's address. She describes the pacifier and asks Ross to check his receipts for the last six months, and says that if she could drop her daughter off then she'd have time to play with her own toys that Ross might like to see. Ross eagerly orders everyone out so he can check the receipts.

At the apartment, D.D. watches TV with Molly. D.D. finally finds something about teenagers who smoke, drink, and have sex. Shane calls and says that she found four Mollys in the diaper service records. Cassie found eleven mothers who bought the pacifier brand, and D.D. determines that the common factor is Sara Hills.

Shane goes to Sara's expensive house and breaks in. She deactivates the alarm and discovers that they're very sophisticated. There are pictures of Molly with her parents, and mail addressed to Antonio. D.D. checks his name and discovers that he's a licensed arm trader that is apparently legit. However, the Agency has a file on him and he's been suspected of illegal sales and murder.

Antonio and his henchman come home and Antonio has his henchman search the house. The henchman confirms that "it" is still in the safe, and they spot an open window. Shane slips out the door when they're not looking, and Antonio gets a call. He tells his men to bring Sara back to LA so they can make her tell them where Molly is.

The Spies are sleeping and hear Molly crying. Cassie gets to her first and brings her to the living room. They spot someone outside and Cassie reads to Molly while D.D. and Shane confront Antonio's henchman. He demands they hand Molly over and calls in his two armed thugs. A fight breaks out and Cassie replaces Shane, who continues reading to Molly until D.D. takes over for her. Shane and Cassie are distracted by Molly, and the thugs capture all of them. Molly "tells" them that their spies, not mothers, and should be content. With that, the Spies wake up from their dream sequence.

The next day, Cassie goes to Antonio's weapons warehouse where he's selling arms to terrorists. She recognizes the henchman from her dream, and tells Antonio that she represents an oversee buyer. Antonio says that he needs to run a background check and offers to show Cassie his weapons while they wait.

D.D. and Shane tend to Molly and Shane figures that she could have one of her own.

Antonio shows Cassie a rocket launcher and then invites her into his office. They go in and Antonio reveals that he knows who Cassie really is as his henchman draws a gun. Antonio ties her up and finds her earbud, and crushes it. He explains that he monitors transmission and heard her talking to the others, and knows that they have Molly. The henchman brings Sara in and Antonio says that she left his daughter with strangers. Sara apologizes to Cassie, saying that she saw them in a fight and followed them home. Antonio insists that he loves Molly, but he can't trust her. Sara says that he sells guns to anyone who can buy them and gives thugs nuclear weapons. He admits that he sold a radioactive isotope to a South American concern. Antonio says that he and Molly will soon be leaving by plane for a foreign country. Sara begs him not to do it, but Antonio tells her that it's too late and she shouldn't have brought outsiders into it. He explains that he's going to the South American country because it has no extradition treaty with the U.S., and Molly will have everything she could ever want.

Jack arrives at the apartment and D.D. tells him that they lost contact with Cassie. They explain that Antonio is Molly's father, and Jack says that he should have been told before Cassie left. The Spies ask Jack to watch Molly while they're gone, and hand him the bassinet before they leave. Molly starts crying.

Shane and D.D. go to Antonio's house and spot his office door. D.D. tries to flirt with one of the guards without any success. Shane takes over and says that they have urgent business with Antonio. She starts to lose her cool, and D.D. tells her that they need to come up with a plan that doesn't make them mad. She grabs a rocket launcher and threatens all of the men there, and talks about how they have bare arms. Shane corrects her, and D.D. tells the buyers to convince the guards to let her in. They all draw guns on the guards, and they let D.D. and Shane in. Antonio has left to get Molly, and the two Spies untie Cassie and Sara. When they get to the apartment, they find Jack tied up and no sign of Molly.

Once they ungag Jack, he says that four men took Molly. Sara apologizes to them for involving them, and Jack assures her that Molly is okay. Antonio demanded her pacifier, and Shane has it from when she took it out of Molly's mouth earlier. Cassie realizes where Antonio will go.

Antonio is at the pacifier store buying a new pacifier and telling Molly that he can't stand the noise. The Spies come in and fight Antonio's three men. They beat them up with toys and turn to Antonio, and argue about who will fight him. Shane says that she'll do it because she hasn't won one yet, and easily knocks him out.

Later at the apartment, Jack says that he intercepted the isotope shipment and put Antonio away. Sara thanks them all for their help, and suggests that Molly have three godmothers and a godfather. She promises to write them all once they get settled, but it's best if she makes a clean start. Jack takes Sara and Molly to the airport, and the Spies figure that they'll miss Molly. D.D. suggests that they get out and explore a little by going to a street fair at the pier. She points out that they'll be surrounded by baby strollers, and they quickly agree to go.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 30, 2018

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