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The Forecast Manufacturer Recap

Unexpected winter in New York City, and Rusty looks out the tower window and tells Billy that they should test their thermal regulation suppository. Pete is at home with mono and Rusty isn't going to do it, so Billy is chosen. In the bathroom, he inserts the suppository and Rusty comes on the video screen. Billy comes out and hears a beeping noise. Rusty figures that it isn't good.

Rusty goes to the danger room and takes Hank with him. Hank get a call out to Sirena. Hatred calls and says that Brock is securing the perimeter and they're evacuating the building. Billy calls and says that he pinpointed the beeping to a closet. He tries to send in but the robot doesn't want to go.

Brock returns to the lobby and tells Hatred that there's no one out there. He refuses to wear a helmet, while Billy discovers that there's an old OSI phone in the closet and it's ringing. Rusty figures that it's for him. He comes out and takes the call, and suggests that they send someone else deal with it. Billy wants Rusty to take the job, and Rusty finally agrees.

Monarch, 21, and Girlfriend go to a strip mall dojo to recruit new henchmen. Girlfriend says that the Guild needs Monarch and 21 for an important special mission that will boost Monarch's EMA level. Monarch insists that they're the dream team and accepts, but 21, says that first he tells one of the students, Madison, to kick him. He tells her to think, slaps Madison, and the sensei comes over and tells 21 not to hit the kids.

Billy figures that there's an old school weather machine causing the snow. Rusty tells Hank to get dressed in a suit, but Hank refuses to go until he contacts Sirena. He figures that she's in danger, and Rusty asks Brock to go Team venturing with him. Billy wants to go, but Rusty would rather check Hatred. Despite that, Billy insists on meeting Rusty in the X-12 and demands a "Go Team Venture".

Dr. Z and Girlfriend meet with Monarch and 21, and explain that a rogue version of the Peril Partnership has been muscling in on Guild territory. The Guild has had no luck with diplomacy and the OSI won't engage Peril. The OSI sent a communique telling the Guild to handle the disease and there will be no inquiries made into Guild methods. Girlfriend explains that the head of the rogue branch is The Creep, and he commands his secret Partnership from an island upstate. Dr. Z says that they're going to assassinate The Creep, and he's the one who made the blizzard after stealing the Guild weather machine.

The X-12 launches, and Rusty wonders about all of the loose wiring under the fuel gage. They check with Brock over the radio, and he says that he was putting in a tape deck. Rusty and Billy tease Brock about his pronunciation of "paghetti".

Hank prepares to go outside and find Sirena, and tells Hatred that she's been ignoring all of his texts. Hatred warns that Hank is getting obsessive, but Hank figures that Hatred is a copy and the real hatred would never stop a man on a mission of love. With that, hank walks out.

On a junk in the river, Monarch and 21 prepare to snorkel in. Z and Girlfriend point out their equipment and explain that they have to convince The Creep that he wants to defect to his organization. Then they will kill him, and Z talks around telling them to assassinate The Creep or not. Girlfriend finally tells them to kill The Creep.

In the park, Hank makes a football out of snow and imagines making the winning touchdown. He hits his head on a fire hydrant and knocks himself out.

Rusty and Billy fly into the epicenter of the storm and start scanning. Billy takes off his clothes and says that the thermal regulator works too well. They spot the weather machine floating at the center of the blizzard, and it launches something at them.

Monarch and 21 go ashore on the secret island, and The Creep arrives and demand to know who they are. Monarch takes out his wallet and shows them his Monarch ID, and 21 complains that Monarch isn't using the wallet he gave him for Christmas. When they say that they're defecting, The Creep says that they're going to play the most dangerous game and then flies away.

Hank wakes up and a figure in a Scare Bear costume looks down on him as he says that he needs help to find his girlfriend.

Rusty realizes that they stop cold air from going into the machine. He tells Billy to get his thermos of hot coffee.

Monarch and 21 walk through the forest and come to a force field enclosing a warm area. They walk inside.

After drinking the coffee, Billy hovers over the intake port and Rusty tells him over the radio that he has to get the suppository into the intake fan. Billy struggles to do it.

Monarch and 21 discover that the area is filled with old Guild equipment. The Creep steps out and says that now he's going to steal them from the Guild if they survive his game. He challenges them to a game of lawn darts--banned across the world--and they'll play the sinister version of the game where they toss the darts into the air and run at the last minute. 21 grabs a dart, confident that he'll win.

Scare Bear carries Hank away.

Billy returns to the X-12 and says that he did it, and Rusty takes a photo of him for the Ventech Christmas Card. S-464 is standing on the machine.

As they play Dive Bomb, The Creep says that he's tired of the Guild and its rules. OSI threw him out when he was Mission Creep, their most valuable operative. A lawn dart lands on his head, and he explains that OSI kicked him out after he slaughtered Boy Scouts because they were wearing paramilitary clothing.

Scare Bear takes Hank to a bodega and lets him buy some food.

When Rusty and Billy bring S-464 aboard, he says that he was trying to get his OSI love Kimberly's attention. He defected and took the machine, and hoped that Kimberly would come to investigate. Rusty pointed out that he tried to date a Black Widow and she got a restraining order against him, and insists that he doesn't play fast and loose with super science.

The Creep throws the last lawn dart into the air. Rusty and Billy emerge from Grover Cleland's and Rusty calls Monarch "Malcolm". The lawn dart lands in The Creep's head, killing him, and future Rusty and Billy go back into the time machine and leave.

Scare Bear takes Hank to Dean's dormitory room. When Hank knocks on the door, Dean figures that he's his roommate Jared and tells him to get out. Hank goes in and finds Dean and Sirena in bed. Sirena says that they didn't think that it would happen, and point out that there's a bear behind Hank. Hank is relieved that they see Scare Bear and then passes out.

Later, Girlfriend takes Kimberly into the Guild HQ and takes her to S-464. She says that they adjusted S-464's temperament, and leaves them alone. Once they're alone, Kimberly tells S-464 that he loves her. He doesn't remember her, and calls in an OSI incursion as Kimberly screams in anguish.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 1, 2018

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