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Mr Teddy Bear Recap

In a TV studio, an interviewer for The Man and the Place talks with author Colonel Vernon Wayne-Gilley. Wayne-Gilley writes about "hard travel and hard politics". The Interviewer sits down with the colonel ad asks his first question. Wayne-Gilley twitches nervously, and then stands up and collapses clutching at his throat. In a few seconds, he's dead.

Later, Steed goes to Dr. Gilmore's lab. Gilmore tells him that Wayne-Gilley was murdered, poisoned with a heavy dose of cyanide. Steed says that he was watching and confirms that the cyanide was in Wayne-Gilley's stomach. He explains that Wayne-Gilley was taking pills for an allergy. There was a jeweled watch mechanism inside one of the capsules that he took. The mechanism shot the two parts of the capsule apart, releasing the cyanide and killing Wayne-Gilley onscreen. Steed wonders how Wayne-Gilley knew that he was going to take one of the pills.

Steed meets with his superior, One Ten, who is speaking with his superior after Steed tells him what happened. All of Wayne-Gilley's pills were tampered with, and all came apart at 8:30 pm: the time that Wayne-Gilley died. Each of the pills cost 1,200 pounds, and Steed and One Ten both figure that the killer is Mr Teddy Bear, an alias for an assassin who has been active during World War II. Mr Teddy Bear specializes in practical joke-like booby traps and currently charges 100,000 pounds per killing. Wayne-Gilley was a double agent for several countries. The only photo of Mr Teddy Bear is of a child, and he was reported in Rome 18 months ago. Sources have said that he has another job in England before he leaves, but they can't say who his target is. One Ten tells Steed to get Mr Teddy Bear and dismisses him.

Later, Steed goes to Cathy's flat and notes that Mr Teddy Bear likes to work alone, and figures that Cathy will put word out that she's looking for someone to kill Steed. They review slides of Jeffrey Bridges, Cathy's immediate superior, and a cover for her story. Next is Slieberman, her Brussels contact who is an undercover detective. Slieberman will arrange payment for the job, and Steed explains that Mr Teddy Bear demands 20,000 pounds in advance. He dropped the one client who tried to welsh on him in the middle of a square. Cathy reviews her cover as a double agent who now works for a European contact. Steed tells her to tell Mr Teddy Bear the truth as much as possible, and not to get any ideas about trying to capture the killer. Cathy warns that there may not be a later chance, and that Steed will die if they don't get Mr Teddy Bear.

Back at her apartment, Cathy checks her mail, and then calls Bridges and leaves a message saying that she has an appointment that night. Once she gives the address and hangs up, Cathy leaves. Steed gets the address and confirms that the location, Mantle's Hall in Barton, is near a marsh and 40 miles from the nearest village.

Cathy drives down the highway and spots a man on a motorcycle following her. She stops at a cafe and asks for directions from the café girl, claiming that she's with the preservation society. The girl warns that it's been abandoned for years and gives her directions. The motorcycle man, Henry Farrow, comes in and orders a cup of tea. Outside, Cathy sabotages the motorcycle engine and then drives off in her car. When George tries to follow her, he discovers the engine won't start.

When she arrives at Mantle's Hall, Cathy goes inside and enters the study. There's a teddy bear sitting on the desk, and a man speaks to Cathy through it, addressing her by name. He directs her attention to a camera on the wall, and offers her a cigarette. When she refuses, Mr Teddy Bear tells her not to be nervous and says that he's found her credentials satisfactory. He points out that she's contacted Steed recently, and Cathy claims that they tried to make a deal with him. Mr Teddy Bear quotes her double his normal price because it's Steed, and tells her to pay his advance fee with the diamond pendant that she's wearing. Cathy puts the pendant on the desk, picks up a cigarette case that is laying nearby, and as she leaves, Mr Teddy Bear says that she'll see him again in five days to get the rest of his payment.

Steed and Cathy meet with a technician and try to identify Mr Teddy Bear's voice. She admits that she didn't find out anything useful, and Steed says that he has Henry at his flat. Steed gets a call and afterward tells Cathy that there were prints all over the case and is amused to tell her that they're those of an adult chimpanzee.

Later, Steed goes back to his flat and meets with Henry. He points out that Henry just got a license for the motorcycle and the man's record says that he's driven a truck for years. Steed says that several people would want to talk to Henry about his various crimes, but he's rather talk about teddy bears. Henry angrily denies knowing anything about teddy bears, and Steed immediately tells him that he can go, but it will be very hot for him and advises him not to let the bears get him.

When Cathy comes by, she and Steed listen to a report on Mantle's Hall. It was rented under a dummy company and paid for with cash, and no traces of other residents. Steed admits that Henry couldn't tell him anything but figures that he's scared, and is using him as bait. They review Mr Teddy Bear's MO and Steed figures that he's vain. If they tempt him to come out in the open then he will respond. Steed wants placed a personal column ad daring Mr Teddy Bear to come see him.

Later, Steed gets an invitation to a meeting with Mr Teddy Bear at an imports warehouse. He goes there at midnight and finds that the office contains dismembered mannequins. Steed finds a camera and puts his hat over the lens, and then Mr Teddy Bear addresses him through a mannequin. When Steed pulls off the mannequin's mask, he finds Henry's corpse underneath. Cathy's diamond pendant is on the corpse. Mr Teddy Bear continues speaking, saying that the pendant is worthless and Cathy and Henry both hired him to kill Steed. The assassin admits that he has another camera, and Steed confirms that the first one is a dummy. After exchanging barbs, Steed quickly leaves.

Later, Steed calls in two technicians to check out the place. They find nothing there except Henry's corpse and expensive camera equipment. The two men check Steed's clothing and car, and make sure that Mr Teddy Bear hasn't left him any booby traps. Steed figures that Mr Teddy Bear is starting to show himself, and his sense of humor will push him over the edge. The head technician isn't convinced, pointing out that they're wasting time checking for clues while Mr Teddy Bear goes after Steed. The doctor points out that Steed put the ad in the paper and wonders if he's relishing the challenge, and Steed admits that he enjoys facing a fellow professional. The technician warns that Steed's judgment is impaired and he's taking him out of the game. Steed agrees, and his associate advises him to go back to his flat and read a good book.

When Steed enters his flat, a technician says that the place is clear. The phone rings and when Steed answers, Mr Teddy Bear bids him a good night. After Steed hangs up, he realizes that there's liquefied nerve gas on the receiver mixed with a blistering agent. He wraps the phone cord around his rest to cut off the flow of blood and then gets a syringe with atropine. After he injects himself, Steed collapses from the poison.

Cathy is having breakfast when someone delivers an envelope through the flap. Mr Teddy Bear calls and says that Steed is died. There's a photo of Steed in the envelope, and Mr Teddy Bear demands the rest of his payment. Cathy says that she'll have to contact her organization, and Mr Teddy Bear demands payment within 24 hours in the form of industrial diamonds, and will send a representative to get it. Once Cathy hangs up, she calls to leave a message. Steed cuts off the phone and Cathy tells him what Mr Teddy Bear wants. He gives her the remaining payment in diamonds and Cathy says that she has a lecture with Dr. James Howell at a conference that night. Steed confirms that she knows Howell by sight, and tells her to stay there and let anyone know if she makes contact. As Steed goes, he asks Cathy if she leaves her bathroom window open deliberately.

At the office, Steed tells One Ten what happened. His superior says that things have gone far enough and Steed isn't taking the matter seriously. One Ten tells Steed to go home and they'll see what they can salvage of the mess.

Cathy meets with Howell, who checks her native masks that she brought back with her. He makes some comments about whether one mask maker is alive or dead, and thanks Cathy for inviting him to her flat. He says that he's been staying at the Voyager's club and is leaving London the next day. Howell gives her a note and asks for what the package she has for him. Cathy stares at him in shock, and Howell says that someone gave him the note and said that Cathy would know what it meant. The note is signed "Edward B", and he says that Teddy Bruin gave him the note and he plays bridge with him. Howell repeats his request for the package, and Cathy gets it for him. She asks what Bruin looks like, and Howell checks his watch and says that he has to get back to the club and pack. Cathy insists on going with him to meet Bruin. Steed calls and tells her to bring the package to an import office Cathy is unaware that "Steed" is a voice on a tape. When Cathy asks what she should do about Howell, the caller plays a message telling her to do what she told and hangs up. Cathy quickly escorts Howell out, saying that she has other business.

When Cathy goes to the office, she finds Mr Teddy Bear waiting at the desk. He invites her to sit down and figures that she left an emergency message behind. Mr Teddy Bear explains that Steed is dead and he used a recording to fake Steed's voice. He wonders why she thinks Steed is alive and figures that it's a trap, well aware that she's a member of the organization. The killer talks about how he killed his first man when he was 16 and the man deserved to die. Mr Teddy Bear talks about how the issues aren't as clear, and notes that she's the first of his opponents to get close to him. He says that it's the first time he's needed to kill a woman, and hopes they can come to some other arrangement. Mr Teddy Bear figures that she's armed and asks for her gun after drawing his own.

Cathy hands her gun over, and Mr Teddy Bear--the technician who inspected Steed's flat--says that he's going to retire and take Cathy with him. He offers to drop her off at the Mediterranean once their underway. Cathy asks what he will do if she agrees and then calls for help later on, and Mr Teddy Bear gives her a sleeping tablet so she won't interfere for six hours. She immediately accepts, and Mr Teddy Bear checks the package. The package is a jack-in-the-b ox, and Cathy takes his gun. Steed speaks over the intercom from the next room, saying that he's across the next hallway.

Mr Teddy Bear lights a cigar and points out to Steed that they met earlier. Steed says that he wants Mr Teddy Bear alive and has Cathy move to the door. Mr Teddy Bear says that the door is locked and he's not going to open it. Cathy confirms that he's telling the truth, and the room is fireproof and the walls are steel-clad. He tells Cathy that he'll jump her when her attention wavers, and he has nothing to lose. Cathy is too much of a lady to shoot the killer in the kneecap, and Cathy tells him to take one of the sleeping tablets.

The killer swallows the tablet and then says that he's going to open the door because there's no reason to stay. He would rather walk out then be carried on a stretcher. Mr Teddy Bear opens the door and apologizes for lying to Cathy, and then staggers down the hallway and dies.

Later at Cathy's apartment, Steed reads his report on Mr Teddy Bear. He reported that Mr Teddy Bear committed suicide, and figures that Cathy would be dead assuming the sleeping tablet was legitimate. Cathy gives Steed a strongbox key that she found in Mr Teddy Bear's pocket, with a note addressing it to Steed. Steed figures that it has money and leaves for a vacation.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 1, 2018

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