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Mrs. Stanwick Recap

Chet says that it's the fight that they've all been waiting for: good versus evil, light versus dark. Owen has no idea what he means. Danny tells Owen that he's got it, and Owen says that they should fight with dignity and then throws dirt in his fight. He then kicks Owen in the groin.

Jess tries to shut down the generator. She tries kicking it and knocks over a crowbar, picks it up, and starts hitting the controls.

Outside, Todd tells Pack to give Jess some time. Todd hears Martha approaching on a four-wheeler, and comes back to find Pack trying to climb the wall to hide. After a moment, Todd realizes that Pack has a good idea.

Owen continues fighting dirty, knocking Chet to the ground and ripping out his nipples. He prepares to kill Chet, and both Chet and Danny tell Owen to do it. Owen stops and says that Declan wants him to kill Chet, and then releases his opponent.

Martha walks over to the pylon, and Todd jumps down on her and they fight. Todd yells at Pack to join in, and Pack thought that they were just going to hide.

Jess knocks out the generator.

Martha tries to activate her remote but nothing happens. Todd and Pack's bracelets come off.

As Owen unties Danny, they realize their bracelets have shut down.

Florence and Kate realize their bracelets have shut down.

The electricity in the main house flickers, and Declan realizes that something is wrong.

Martha punches Todd in the face, and they fight. She's a better fighter, and Todd yells to Pack to do something. Pack asks Martha to stop but she doesn't, and Todd grabs Martha's leg. She grabs her baton and prepares to knock Todd out, and Jess remembers and tells hits Martha with her staff. Jess tells Martha not to touch her husband, and Todd realizes that she remembers him. Together they knock out Martha.

Owen grabs the first aid kit, and Danny wonders what they should do with Chet. Chet is running off and tells his tribe to come with him. Owen tells them that the Hunt is over and they should come with him and Danny, and everyone chants Owen's name. Owen tells them that they don’t have to chant and they stop.

Jess and Todd kiss, and Pack comes down and says that they did it. Todd points out that he bolted, and Jess says that they need to find the others. Pack wonders what to do with Martha and Todd gets an idea.

Florence and Karen return to the circle, and find everything gone. Bruce tells them that the Dark Prince took it all, and says that Danny and Owen went searching for Chet and they're probably dead. Danny and Owen return with the tribe, and Karen yells at them to come over and bind her wound. Once they did, Todd, Pack, and Jess return on the four-wheeler with Martha in tow. They confirm that the bracelets are dead and they all hug and high-five. Danny figures that it's a sign that they made it all back except for Steve.

At the main house, Declan tries to raise Martha on the radio but gets no response. The hunters suggest that they should run, but Declan refuses to go anywhere. He says that they'll fire up the backup generator and then find the survivors, and insists that they won't call in reinforcement because they are the Hunter. He takes down a machete and says that the survivors are the only ones crying.

Todd figures that they should take the hunt to the Hunters. They imagine what Steve would say, and Danny remembers that Steve said there was a radio in Declan's study. The survivors figure that if they get to the radio, they can call for help. Declan's voice sounds on Martha's radio, and Danny tells Martha to tell Declan that she should call on them to help her get the survivors, who have holed up in the power station. Martha spits in his face, and Florence tells her that they'll make her. Jess is the only who knows how to make her do it.

The survivors hook up jumper cables to the battery and Jess prepares to attach them to Martha's nipples. Martha doesn't budge, and Jess puts the clamps on her neck. Nothing happens, and Danny gives it some more juice. The four-wheeler takes off into the distance, dragging Martha with it, and Danny admits that he may have knocked it into gear.

The Hunters find the discarded bracelets and figure that the survivors are close. Declan finds Martha's corpse nearby, next to the overturned four-wheeler. He assumes that the survivors killed her, and tells the Hunters that Martha was his wife. The Hunters say that it was obvious, even though it wasn't. Declan tells them that he wants the survivors dead.

The survivors argue about Martha dying, and the Hunters arrive and open fire. Everyone runs, zig-zagging, and they finally get into the jungle. Declan tells the Hunters to split up and runt hem down.

Todd and Jess carry Karen, who finally tells them to leave her behind and she'll hold off their pursuers. When she says that the survivors are her family, Jess is touched. Todd isn't, but Jess insists that they stay and fight. Her husband is impressed by her confidence.

Danny leads Florence and Owen to the cliff, but gets turned around and takes them to the cliff. Another survivor arrives, says that they have to jump, jumps, and explodes when he hits.

Brewster is on his own hunting for survivors. Todd blows a raspberry at him and runs away. When Brewster goes after him, Jess hits him with her stick. She breaks it and says that she'll never find a better one, and Todd finds her a better one.

A guard arrives at the cliff and spots Danny, Owen, and Florence on a ledge below. He prepares to shoot them, but Steve arrives and throws a rock, knocking a guard off the cliff. Steve explains that he woke up in a crevasse, his bracelet pinned between two boulders. He couldn't pull it free and started to accept that he would die. Then he remembered Luther and the man who killed him, and refused to die there. Steve pulled the arrow out with his bare hand then failed to use the chess piece he stole to chisel his way out. He peed on his hand and it slipped straight out. However, Steve figures the bishop's character will still help them. They realize that the main house is wide open.

The quartet enter the main house and look for the radio, and hear someone come in. They grab weapons and prepare to fight... and Todd and the others come in. Steve takes them to the radio.

The Hunters realize that the survivors got inside, and Declan says that it won't be a problem if they find the radio.

The survivors find the radio... smashed to bits.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 3, 2018

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