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Bravo Lead + Loyalty + Friendship Recap

Matty is looking at a video memorial of Jill when the team come in and tell her that there's nothing she could have done to protect Jill. She says that she brought Jill into Phoenix out of college, Jill was like a daughter to her, and she doesn't know what to say. Mac says that Matty should start with what she just said.

After the funeral, Mac is at Jill's station with Matty. He says that he wants to find Murdoc, and tells Matty to tell Oversight that he'll rejoin Phoenix as long as he has access to the organization's every resource to find Murdoc.

Jack is entering his apartment when Ryan Thorpe comes up behind him and says their Delta Company's motto. He tells jack that he needs his help because Caleb Worthy is in trouble. Inside, the two men watch a video that Caleb sent to Ryan's old email. Caleb was on a contracting job in Honduras protecting workers threatened by terrorists, and was caught on video setting up an IED. Jack doesn't believe Caleb wouldn't have done it, but the Honduran government has issued a shoot-on-sight order. Caleb says "jungle book" before he signs off, and it's the company's old oath meaning that Caleb didn't think he's coming home. Jack apologizes for not seeing Ryan since he lost his legs, and Ryan assures him that it's fine. The U.S. government won't get involved and Caleb's former comrades are his only hope.

At Phoenix, Wilt, Leanna, and Riley arrive in the war room for a meeting that Matty called and discover that she isn't there. Matty video-conferences in from DC and says that she can't tell them why she was there. She explains that she's letting them go on their own mission without Mac and Jack, and explains that they're going after Terry Penn, an underworld "connector" who hooks up criminal organizations with terrorists. Phoenix discovered that Penn is going to be in LA, and he cashed his accounts and chartered a flight. Matty figures that he's going off the grid, and tells the trio that they need to get Penn's phone with all of his contacts. Riley warns that his phone is encrypted and unhackable, and Matty says that they're going to steal it. They're going to intercept Penn at the Sparkman house. Sparkman is a crooked Internet mogul mining bit coins, and his house is known for parties. Riley and Leanna will go there as guests, shadow Penn, and steal his phone. Wilt will outfit them and run the mission from the war room, and Matty warns that it's going to be dangerous.

Mac calls Jack as he packs, and Jack initially assumes it's Steve, his financial advisor. Jack quickly hangs up when Mac doesn't buy his story, and then Jack calls Steve and tells him to max out his credit cards. When Jack arrives at the airport to take a Phoenix jet, Mac shows up and surprises him. Jack confirms that Matty isn't there, and Mac says that he had Riley determine that Jack closed out his accounts and took the Phoenix jet. His friend says that he's going to save a friend, and didn't tell Mac because he didn't know where he stands since he left and came back. Mac explains that he's been reinstated at Phoenix and he's going with Jack. Jack explains that the government cut Caleb loose and no one is going to stick their necks out except him and his old Delta company. Mac insists on going with him.

Bogota, 10 Years Ago

Jack, posing as a tourist, is in contact with his Delta company. As soon as he confirms the hostage location, the others will go in. Jack arrives at a warehouse and feigns ignorance, and a terrorist yanks him in. When Jack gives a description of the terrorists in the warehouse, the company blasts it's way in. Caleb warns that the terrorists have a lot of friends as the opposition opens fire.


After remembering the past, Jack goes back to Mac. He's in contact with Riley, has the video of Caleb planting the IED. Jack doesn't believe that Caleb would have set out the charge, and figures that he was disarming it. Riley says that Caleb is with Jacob Lawlor, a freelance contractor that Caleb was working with. She signs off when Leanna and Wilt come into the lab. Mac points out that Jack's company may be difficult to recruit after ten years, but Jack is sure that he can get them... maybe.

As Riley works on a fake of Penn's phone, Wilt equips Leanna with a bulletproof vest and a clutch with a holdout pistol. Wilt is unhappy that Riley and Leanna are bonding.

Jack and Mac go to San Diego to pick up Paul "Deacon" Hem. Deacon is busy arguing with his children. They talk privately and Deacon admits that he hasn't kept in contact with Caleb. He explains that Caleb needed money to pay for his kid's surgery, and he took the job and planned to retire afterward. Jack tells Deacon that he's coming with them.

Next, Mac and Jack go to Taos and meet with Judy Munoz. He claims that he's trying to get his old company together for a fishing trip. Her husband Oman comes out and says that they're going hunting. Judy, clearly unconvinced, walks off and Oman tells Jack that Judy still hates him after the Jell-O incident. Next they need to pick up their demo guy, Fitzy Cheng.

In Houston, Fitzy is blowing up model trains in his workshop and says that he promised his wife Rachel that he was out of business. However, he tells them that he's in for Caleb. They go to Kansas City to get their last member, Sid Lanier, who is working as a crossing guard at a school. When one of the parents honks his horn at Sid, Sid tells Jack that he's in. As they go to the jet, Jack tells Mac that Caleb is the only reason that the others are alive.

Ten Years Ago

The team retreats and Ryan is hit in the back. One of the terrorists tosses a grenade into their truck, and Caleb tosses it out just before it explodes. Jack tells Caleb that he got them all home and they drive off.


The jet arrives in Honduras and the men meet Lawlor, who says that the police have upped their efforts to find Caleb. Mac calls Riley, who tells him not to give them any intel. She's cleaned up the footage and discovered that Lawlor and his men blew up the tracks. Lawlor has been taking payments from the governments and the insurgents: protecting the tracks and blowing them up. Mac figures that Lawlor wants to silence Caleb since he found out. Lawlor comes over and picks up on the fact that Mac is hesitant around him, but Mac dismisses it as logistics.

Jack's team drives into the jungle with Lawlor's men, and Lawlor shares jokes about Jack's past. Mac starts up a conversation with Jack about the plot of Die Hard 2, mentioning when Bruce's character meets the fake soldiers. Jack finally gets the idea just as the truck slows down. Jack tells his team about Cambodia, and they pick up on his hidden message. As they leave the truck and Lawlor's two men prepare to shoot them, the explosive that Fitzy planted blows up, taking out the would-be killers.

As they trek through the jungle, Fitzy and Omar argue about Kandehar. Jack has lost his phone with Caleb's location, and they steal a truck. Mac bypasses the ignition uses their dog tags. In LA in Jack's apartment, Ryan is running surveillance via a satellite and tells them that the road ahead is clear of hostiles. As they drive, Jack figures that Lawlor found the video and knows they're saving Caleb. Mac wonders why everyone is willing to rescue Caleb, Jack says that they got back home thanks to Caleb. it was a rough assignment, and Jack Was in a dark place.

Ten Years Ago

Caleb visits Jack, who is sitting in his apartment in a bathrobe. He's brought pie from Jack's favorite place, and gets Jack to talk. Jack says that his girlfriend couldn't stand being around him, and admits that he's no good. Caleb says that he's been there and tells Jack that he's going to get out even though he has two years until he makes major. His wife Olivia is pregnant, and Jack offers his congratulations. Caleb doesn't want to make his son an orphan, but tells Jack to concentrate on himself and making each day of his life count.


Jack says that after Caleb left, he got back into the CIA and ended up at Phoenix.

Riley and Leanna arrive at the Sparkman house while Wilt monitors them via a hidden camera in Leanna's broach. They meet Penn and flirt with him even though he says that he's looking for someone. Riley feigns being sick and Leanna says that she has chills with an audition coming up. She asks Penn if they can borrow his jacket, and he takes out his phone before giving it to Riley.

The former company arrive at the coordinates that Caleb sent and hear gunfire. They move off into the jungle and find Lawlor and his men shooting at Caleb. One mercenary hits Caleb.

Wilt spots a four-man team coming in the back of the house, and tells his friends. Leanna tells Penn that they're government agents and know who he is, and opens fire on the four men that break in. Riley grabs Penn and the two agents get him out.

Mac grabs a walkie-talkie and says that they're going to bring the noise. He makes earplugs out of the foam padding inside and hands them out to the men. He then sends feedback over the walkie-talkie, deafening Caleb, Lawlor, and his men. The company opens fire and Lawlor orders his men back. Jack and Mac run over to Caleb and give him earplugs, and confirm that his wound is a clean through-and-through. Ryan directs his friends to a nearby structure.

As they drive through the city, Penn says that he accidentally put a Mafia don in contact with an undercover FBI agent. The don greenlit him for death, and he threw the party because he needed the money. Leanna offers to save his life if he gives them the phone, and he finally surrenders it. Wil gives them directions while the Mafia hitmen pursue them.

Mac and the others arrive at the shack and set up for the coming attack.

Leanna comes to a dead-end alley following Wilt's directions. He says that they've got it as the hitmen move in. Phoenix soldiers drop down and take the hitmen out, just as Wilt planned.

Mac asks for the rest of Fitzy's det cord to make Bangalore Torpedoes. The two of them improvise the weapons and put them outside, and then get back in as Lawlor's men approach. Mac tells Jack that it reminds him of Cairo, and Caleb thanks them for coming to get him. Deacon apologizes for not staying by Caleb when he refused the money for his son's surgery, and Jack says that none of them are alone as long as they stick together. Mac says that they show their opponents they're not going down without a fight.

Lawlor and his mercenaries move in, and Fitzy lights off the Torpedoes around the shack. The blast knocks the mercenaries back, and the company opens fire. They soon run out of ammo, and their opponents move in. The ex-soldiers draw their knives and prepare to fight, but a helicopter arrives and opens fire on the mercenaries. Lawlor runs off, and Mac figures that it's Matty sent the helicopter.

Back in LA, Wilt, Leanna, and Riley celebrate at the house. Outside, Mac and Jack are with the ex-soldiers. Mac has learned that the Honduran government capture Lawlor and his men, and they confessed and cleared Caleb's name. Caleb thanks them all for coming to rescue him, and Jack says that they should stay together and get together at least twice a year. They all agree and Deacon says that Mac is welcome if he wants to join. Mac agrees and they share a toast to "Dalton's Heroes".

Inside, Jack tells Mac that he wanted him to know that he appreciates Mac always being there for him. They bump elbows and Mac says that he won't drop out of contact again. Matty arrives and tells Jack to never mention what she did again. Once Jack goes back outside, Mac wonders why Matty is smiling. She says that her best agent is back and welcomes Mac home, and gives him his Swiss army knife.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 6, 2018

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