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The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies Recap

The news shows video of two policemen arresting suspected "Green Light baby" Issa Williams. They apparently kill him, choking him out.

In church, Reverend Jeremiah Holt Frank tells his congregation that Issa's death demonstrates that Green Light is a threat to their community. The police are using the drug as an excuse to hunt down young black men and women. Frank says that the police have been killing and shooting black people in Freeland long before Green light arrived.

The school board meets with Jeff and reviews how the Hundred have terrorized the school. They point out that Jeff was away, and he didn't show up at work days after the attack on the school. The head board member says that the school will stay closed until the students receive psychological counselling and the disciplinary board determines if Jeff will continue as principal.

Agent Odell of the ASA questions Lynn about how she gained access to the pods. Lynn claims that she received an anonymous call, and says that she's been studying Green Light. Odell asks whatever happened to the other scientist who was managing the pods, and Odell points out that he disappeared along with Proctor and the surveillance footage. The agent says that it's useless and tells Lynn that she can't leave town or talk to anyone until the investigation is finished, and she no longer has access to the pods. Odell says that she's lied to him and liars make his job harder.

Jennifer wakes up and Anissa shows her video of how Jennifer was floating while she swept. Anissa admits that she already told their parents.

A woman is walking to her car in a parking garage, and Syonide steps out and says that Tobias wants to talk to her. The woman, Kara, draws her gun and shoots at Syonide, who takes cover and then shoots back as Kara runs. They shoot back and forth, roll out, and discover that they've both run out of ammo. They fight hand-to-hand, and Syonide finally takes Kara down. Kara throws her high-heeled pump into Syonide's throat, then pulls it out, checks Syonide's body, takes her phone, and walks away.

In their bedroom, Jeff and Lynn discuss Jennifer. Jeff figures that he can train Jennifer in the use of her powers, but Lynn figures that their daughter needs a therapist to deal with her mental turmoil. Lynn insists that it's about their children, and then changes the topic to the board meeting. Jeff claims that it was business as usual and asks how Odell's questioning went. She relates how Odell told her to stay away from the pods, and Jeff agrees with the agent. Furious, Lynn walks out, saying they're not seeing eye-to-eye on anything.

Kara goes to Rambi's shop and says that she knows he was a spotter for the original ASA operation. She addresses him by his real name, and Peter draws his gun on her. Kara says that she's another spotter out on the cold and she knows who the briefcase is. In return for giving it to Peter, she gets papers and a way out of the life. Kara insists that she didn't know it was a rogue operation, and Peter demands to know what's in the briefcase.

Jeff meets with Napier, who warns that Jeff is arrogant and the board thinks that his mentality led to the school attack. Napier agrees with the board, and warns that the board is relying on him to explain African-Americans. Jeff reminds Napier that he was born in Freeland the board has been taken over Garfield because Jeff won't treat the students like criminals. Napier insists that his concern is the students and the situation would have been worse if Black Lightning and Thunder hadn't showed up. He says that he's trying to save Garfield, not Jeff's job.

That night, Jeff and his family go to church and lawyer Benjamin Crump says that the government won't let them see their loved ones because it's a public health issue. He tells the congregation that they're going to have to sue the government and it will be expensive, but they have to sacrifice for their children. Holt thanks him for addressing his congregation and says that they're putting together a plan to give financial aid to anyone who needs it. The reverend says that they need to raise over $500,000.

Afterward, Anissa complains about the government actions. Jeff says that they need to let the system handle it since they've exposed the ASA rogue operation. She wonders if Jeff would say the same thing if she and Jennifer were in the pods. Jeff figures that Tobias, Syonide, and Khalil will keep coming after them, and they need to be ready for when they show up.

Lynn tells Jennifer that she can't ignore her issues and hope that it goes away. Jennifer asks if Lynn is dealing with the people that they all killed, and when Lynn grabs her arm, Jennifer release a burst of lightning that burns Lynn's arm. When Lynn draws away from her, Jennifer runs away.

On the roof, Jennifer sits and cries. Lynn comes out the window and assures her that it's okay. she says that they'll figure it out together. and she's okay.

When Jeff comes home, Lynn treats her burned arm as he looks on. She points out that they're both helpless to aid their daughters, and says that she asked Peter to pull some strings to have the ASA put her in charge of the pods. Jeff warns that they've seen how dangerous the ASA is, and complains that she went to Peter without talking to him first. Lynn points out that he hasn't said anything about her killing a man during the cabin attack, and says that after seeing what happened with Jennifer, she's sure she made the right choice. Jeff warns that the situation is tearing them apart, and Lynn reminds him that she said that there would be consequences.

Anissa, wearing a hoodie and mask, breaks into a drug house and takes on the men inside. Once she knocks them out, Anissa takes their drug money and fights her way out. One man tosses her down and two other men beat her with bats, but Anissa knocks them away and takes down the first man, and then walks out.

Black Lightning meets with Bill on a quiet street. Bill has figured out that Jeff is Black Lightning, and demands that Jeff confirm it. Bill goes for his gun and Black Lighting asks if he's going to shoot him. When Bill says that he should, Jeff removes his mask. Bill realizes that Anissa is Thunder and Jeff confirms it, and is angry that Jeff has been lying to him for years. Jeff wonders what they do know, and Bill walks away without answering.

When Jeff returns home, he watches a TV opinion piece about the government experimenting on the poor. Lynn comes in and says that she figured there was no better place to be. She says that she went to Peter to stop the madness on the streets, and would appreciate his support. Jeff figures that Freeland will start turning on metas, and Lynn assures him that they'll get through it with their family intact. He tells Lynn that Bill knows that he's Black Lightning, and he told Bill the truth because he was too tired to lie to him anymore. Lynn suggests that Bill would be a good friend to talk to, but Jeff points out that anyone who knows Black Lightning ends up hurt, physically or emotionally. His wife suggests that he talk to a therapist after everything he's been through over the years. Lynn jokingly suggests that Black Lightning losing his powers was a form of erectile dysfunction, and Jeff offers to test out her theory and have her help him with his stress.

Anissa returns to the house and goes to her bedroom. She hides the money in her closet.

Jeff goes to see Peter, who explains that Kara came to see him and offered him Proctor's briefcase in return for his help. Peter warns that whatever is in the briefcase is worse than they think, and he hasn't been able to pick up Tobias. He figures that Khalil is the wild card in the whole situation.

Keisha meets with Jennifer to do her friend's hair and gossip about boys. Khalil leaves a message for Jennifer and says that she was right, and asks her for a chance to explain. Jennifer refuses to call him, and Keisha talks about how green light babies are freaks.

Holt is holding a Bible study class when the masked Anissa comes in. They draw guns, and Anissa gives them the money that she took and then walks out.

At the Blackbird Funeral Home, one of the bodies that the agents are hauling out comes back to life and climbs out of the bag. He tries to go to his mother, but she tells him to stay away. Issa glows with energy, and his mother says that he can't be her child and she was happy to bury him because she knew he was out on the streets doing Green Light. After a moment she apologizes, and the agents order Issa down. Issa runs off and the family tackles the agents when they try to shoot.

When Issa's resurrection goes viral, Keisha shows the video to Jennifer. Jennifer runs into the bathroom as her hands and eyes start to glow, and she yells to Keisha to go home.

Odell tells Lynn that he'll find out who pulled strings for her to check out the pods. Lynn says that the community will have to deal with the consequences of the government experimenting on them, and she wants to give them the tools to do it. Unimpressed, Odell promises that he'll find out what's going on with Lynn.

When Lynn and Jeff get home, Jennifer tells them what happened. Jeff goes into the bathroom and finds Anissa in the bathtub, surrounded by an energy nimbus. She tells her father that she can't stop it, and Jeff reaches his hand in and helps her out. The energy nimbus surrounds him as well, and he manages to absorb it with his own powers. Lynn and Jennifer watch from the doorway as Jeff holds Anissa.

Later at Garfield, Jeff meets with Napier. Napier tells him that they voted to close Garfield permanently. Jeff offers to step down as principal and give the board a win, and reminds Napier that he's trying to save Garfield no matter what it does to him personally.

That night, Issa sits in a basement alone.

Lynn studies the Green Light babies in the pods.

Jennifer counts out more money that she's taken.

Anissa floats above her bed while she sleeps.

Kara enters Tobias' penthouse, and Tobias knows that she's there. He says that Syonide was the only person he cared about, and tells Kara that it's time to die. He shoots her in the chest with a harpoon, then pulls her in by the wire attached. Kara cuts herself free and runs at him, but then goes past and jumps out the window.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 10, 2018

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