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coMplications Recap

Six Years Ago

At a church outside of Bogota, Columbia, Marcos tells his driver that he needs to do it alone. A nun comes out to see him and says that they don't want any trouble when he asks to see Sebastian Diaz. Marcos offers them some money, and the nuns let him in. Sebastian is lying on a bed and Marcos tells the nun that he wants a minute alone with Sebastian. Once the nun leaves, Marcos heats the soup with his powers and Sebastian asks what his son wants. The mutant says that they told him that he came there to die, and offers to take his father to a hospital in Bogota so he can see a cancer specialist. Sebastian says that Marcos uses his demon powers for the cartel and now he's trying to buy his love, and orders Marcos out. Marcos reminds him that he abandoned his son, and Sebastian says that he gave him the choice to hide his powers. Sebastian gave his wife the same choice, and Marcos says that living a lie drove her to an early grave. He tells his father that they both know where Sebastian is heading and it isn't Heaven.

Present Day

Lorna tells the Frost triplets that she wants to bring Marcos there to help cure Dawn. The doctor admits that he can't do anything further, and the light therapy isn't working against Dawn's jaundice. Reeva comes in and says that Lorna is right and Dawn needs her father.

Marco wakes up with a hangover after a night of drinking. He goes to the kitchen where John and Clarice are cleaning up after breakfast and discussing contacting Erg. Marcos comes in and John says that Marcos is going to sit it out while he and Clarice meet with Erg. The leader warns that Marcos endangered them all sending out a light signal. as they walk away, Clarice asks John what's going on. She points out the bruises on his hand and points out that it takes a lot for him to bruise himself. John insists that there's nothing wrong and walks away.

At their apartment, Reed looks at himself in his mirror and remembers his power running out of control. he tells Caitlin that he's heading to Baltimore, and Caitlin admits that she went too far with what she said to him. Reed admits the same, and Caitlin says that there was something in the air between Reed and Lauren and now she won't talk to Caitlin. She asks Reed to talk to Lauren, and suggests that he take her with him to Baltimore when he picks up medical supplies.

Andy visits Lorna and says that he heard Marcos is coming. He wonders if it's a good idea, and Lorna insists that it's for Dawn. Lorna refuses to leave Dawn so she'll be there when Marcos comes, and tells Andy that she'd do anything to save Dawn. Andy wonders if Dawn is a mutant, and Lorna says that they won't know until Dawn is old enough to manifest.

Marcos goes to a diner and looks at the baby rattle that he made for Dawn. A voice calls to Marcos in his head, but when he looks around no one is there. Marcos goes outside to investigate and sees the Frosts' SUV. He walks over and the Triplets step out behind him and says that they need his help with Dawn because there's something wrong.

As they drive to the Underground base, the Frosts insists that Marcos put on a hood so he doesn't learn where they're going. They read his mind and point out the storm brewing inside his head, and then tell him that if he wants to redeem himself as a father then he should do what he's told.

Andy is playing video games when Reeva comes in. She says that she wants Andy at her side for Marcos' visit, and Andy points out that they were friends. Reeva explains that she needs someone who is strong enough to stand up to their friends, and Andy assures her that she can count on him.

John and Clarice enter a basement with a tunnel that leads to the sewer. They go down and John realizes that people came through there recently. He follows the trail and then tells Clarice that someone is trying to get them lost. John discovers that a stretch of wall is immaterial and steps through, and Clarice follows him.

Jace arrives at a police station and calls Paula, and leaves a message saying that pursuing what he is to finish the job will be worth it. He goes in and tells the desk sergeant, Officer Wilson, that he has information about the previous evening's light show. Wilson refuses to let him speak with his superior, and Jace finally says that he used to be on the same job and he lost his daughter in 7/15. Wilson relents and says that he'll see what he can do.

As Reed and Lauren drive back from Baltimore, Reed says that he's glad she told him what was wrong. Caitlin calls Reed and says that she can't find the file cabinet with the Inner Circle files. Reed remembers that he broke it with his powers, and tells Caitlin that it was broken. Caitlin finds a crack in the wall behind the cabinet, and Reed starts to lose control of his powers. He hangs up and his hands glow, and the steering wheel falls apart. Reed manages to brake the car and they slam into a parked car. Lauren asks what happened and her father admits that he doesn't know. They get out of the car, grab the supplies, and run off as two workers from a nearby site come to investigate. The workers see the glowing steering wheel and figure that it's a mutant thing.

Reed and Lauren duck into a railyard, Reed apologizes for not pulling over sooner. Lauren wonders how long he was going to hide that he has powers, and asks why he didn't tell them. the police drive by and Reed says that they have to leave.

John and Clarice continue walking through the tunnels, and realize that they're going in circles. He figures that someone is interfering with his tracking and refuses to head back to the surface. Clarice uses her ability to see energy fields to look past the illusions. She portals them to where several mutants are waiting, training guns on them.

Jace shows all of his research to the officer in charge, Lopez. He explains that he was with SS, and Lopez tells him that if Jace doesn't tell anyone then he can look at what they have. As Jace goes through the files, He hears a radio report about the incident with Reed and Lauren, and writes down the address.

Reeva and her people remove Marcos' hood and she tells him what has happened to Dawn. She reminds him that he's a guest and tells him that his only conversation with Lorna will be about Dawn. When Marcos turns to Andy, Andy tells Marcos to be grateful that they're there. Reeva insists that Marcos will help the baby and then leave.

Lorna is discussing Dawn with the doctor when Marcos comes in. She says that she's fine and tells Marcos not to talk to her and make things harder than it needs to be. Lorna says that she named the baby Dawn, and Marcos asks to hold his daughter. He picks her up and says hi, and tells Lorna that she's beautiful. Marcos then uses his light powers and finds the right frequency to cure her jaundice.

The mutants lead John and Clarice through the sewers to Erg. Erg steps out of the shadows and asks why they're there. John explains that Evangeline sent them, and Erg says that he'll talk to Clarice alone. When John refuses, Clarice says that she can do it and goes with Erg. Once they're alone, Clarice explains that they're looking for the Inner Circle. Erg says that he could use someone like Clarice with her portals and her connections. He tells her that she's a visible mutant and thus has a link with those of them in the sewers. Clarice insists they're helping mutants, and Erg takes her to show something.

The police are securing the car when Jace arrives. He talks to the workers, who say that the car was empty when they got there. Jace looks around and notices the nearby railyard. He goes over just as Reed hotwires a truck. Jace sees them but Lauren drives the truck off before Jace can get there.

Erg shows Clarice the mutants with him and explains that they're the Morlocks: mutants who live openly and choose freedom. He says that the X-Men fought for tolerance, and people tolerate those he hates. Erg points out a girl, Mara, and says that she didn't look normal. Some Purifiers cut out her voice box that she uses to emit echolocation. Erg insists that his mission is to protect his people, and tells Clarice that he needs a spy in the world above.

As Lauren and Reed drive back, Reed says that they shouldn't tell Caitlin about his powers. Lauren says that their family is a mess because they lied to each other. She tells him about a sophomore party when Reed picked her up after mutants broke the windows. Lauren explains that she broke the windows with her powers, after some boy tried to grab her. She was going to tell Reed, but he told her at the time that he'd protect her from mutants. Lauren didn't say anything after that because she didn't want to hurt her family, but wonders if things would be different with her and Andy if she had.

Clarice goes back to John and says that Erg told her that the Frosts were in the tunnels tapping into a health department data cable. The Morlocks release them and John leads Clarice out.

Marcos tells Dawn that he will always be there for her, and the doctor says that they'll take it from there. After Marcos reluctantly hands the baby over, he gives the rattle to Lorna and asks her to give it to dawn. Marcos says that he let Lorna go but he was wrong, and asks Lorna to come with him. Lorna assures Marcos that she loves him, but Dawn needs more than love. The mutant says that they're building something for Dawn's future, and Marcos wouldn't fit there. Marcos insists that real men don't abandon their children, and Lorna says that he's not his father.

The Frosts say that it's time for Marcos to go. He reluctantly goes to the elevator with the Triplets, but then yells to Lorna that the Frosts are in her head. He fights off their mental control and burns one of them, and then goes back to Lorna's room. Reeva and Andy step out, and Reeva emits her sonic blast negating his powers. Marcos collapses and Reeva asks if they're done. She then tells Andy to lead Marcos out as Marcos passes out.

Back at the police station, Jace tells Lopez that he spotted Reed and Lauren. Lopez says that they made some calls and know that Jace was thrown out of SS for his "frivolous reports". Jace insists that the mutants aren't dead, and Lopez tells him that it's time for him to go home. After a moment, Jace walks out.

Back at the Underground base, John asks Clarice what happened. She claims that he just showed her around and he talked Erg into helping them. Clarice says that John should explain if there's something wrong with them, and John tells her that Evangeline told him that he failed and they'll probably have to kill Lorna and Andy. He wonders if he could kill them, just as Marcos staggers in. Marcos tells them and says that he wants to hit the Inner Circle back.

Reed takes the medical supplies to the hospital and tells Caitlin about his powers. Lauren arrives as Reed tells Caitlin that he doesn't know what is happening to him. After a moment, Caitlin takes his hands and then hugs him.

Lorna magnetically levitates the rattle for Dawn.

One of the Triplets tells Reeva that Marcos' feelings were strong enough to break their telepathic control. Reeva says that they need Marcos alive because they're creating something special, and it's time to start the revolution.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 10, 2018

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