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Trap Recap

Cassie is on the phone to the cable company as the Spies relax at home and repairmen install their new alarm system. Jack arrives late and complains about their unauthorized cable upgrade, and the Spies point out that the new alarm system is screwing up all of their connections. He says that his job is to save their lives, and points out the newspaper article about Kurt "The Mad Bomber" Maxim escaping. His brother was killed when the Spies saved his hostages, and Kurt told his cellmate he was going to kill the Spies before he escaped. Jack restricts them to the house until Kurt is caught and leaves, unaware that Kurt is disguised as one of the repairmen.

The Spies are still bored and D.D. goes to bed. Shane and Cassie smell gas and pass out. When they wake up the next morning, they find dozens of eye beams and explosives planted around the house. They realize Kurt is responsible and the entire place is booby-trapped. They call to D.D. upstairs and tell her not to get up. D.D. wakes up, can't hear them clearly, and says that she'll come down. They yell an explanation and realize that the phone is wired.

Jack is at home exercising and talking with the Agency, trying to get into the field. It doesn't go well.

D.D. manages to get off her bed without breaking the eye beams. She goes to the door and chimneys down the hallway over the sensors. Once she gets past them, D.D. drops down and the phone rings.

Jack gets a call but the caller hangs up without saying anything. The Agency calls him and Jack asks what's involved in the physical test for becoming a field agent. It doesn't go well, and Jack contemplates calling the girl's house.

D.D. suggests that Cassie head for the front door. Shane warns that there might be Bouncing Betty bombs. Cassie feels her way across the shag carpet and one of the bombs starts beeping and then its light changes color from red to blue. It stops after a moment and then starts again... and then stops and starts again. Shane realizes that it's a decoy and they figure Kurt wants them to suffer before they die. They figure a bomb will go off when the cable guy arrives and rings the doorbell, and they have 45 minutes until he arrives at noon. D.D. realizes that the phones are electronic as well, and Cassie says that they should fight rather than contemplate all the possibilities. The phone rings but nothing explodes. Jack leaves a message telling them not to sleep the day away. He says that he's going to look life in the eyes and doing something with his life, and tells the Spies to do the same.

Once Jack hangs up, Cassie warns D.D. that one of the steps is wired. D.D. starts to come down and then realizes that the VCR is coming on in five minutes. Cassie goes to the VCR and tells D.D. to slide down the railing since Kurt couldn't have booby-trapped that. As D.D. gets down to the ground floor, Cassie finds a bomb attached to the VCR and Shane across the room is the bomb defuser. Shane tosses her a pair of nail clippers to use, and the clippers fall short and land among the sensors. Once Cassie picks them up, Shane talks her through defusing the bomb. D.D. puts a booby pin in an apple and tosses it to Cassie so she can use the pin as a clamp. Shane realizes the bomb has a collapsible circuit and they can't bypass it, and Cassie may have armed a motion detector. D.D. has Cassie check for a hidden wire and she finds one, and Shane has her defuse it. As Cassie steps away, she steps on a bomb and freezes before it can go off.

Cassie is offended that her friends think that she weighs more than 110, as they try to find something to replace her weight on the bomb. Shane has D.D. throw books to Cassie, and then makes a grappling hook and line out of a blender and electrical cord from a vacuum cleaner. It's not long enough, and Shane removes her shirt and ties it to a garbage can, puts pots in it to provide weight, and swings it to Cassie. Cassie puts all of the weight on the bomb and steps off, and D.D. wonders how things could get worse. Someone comes in through the skylight, and they figure that it's Kurt.

Jack rappels down on a line and they tell him to stop before he touches the floor. He almost slips but manages to catch himself, and they explain what's happening. Shane has Jack swing to the kitchen so she can pull him in, and he explains that he tested the alarm system by rappelling in. Jack insists that he is a physical specimen and can do things by himself. Jack manages to slide off the rope and onto the floor without triggering the bombs in the rug. D.D. goes from being overly optimistic to overly pessimistic, and Jack says that he's jealous of them because they fight bad guys while he's a desk jockey. The Spies assure him that he's given them freedom and friendship, and Jack says that he came there to prove he could do something, but they point out that they got gassed and booby-trapped in their own house.

The Spies explain that the cable guy will be there at 1. Jack suggests that they use an EMP and Shane uses the microwave oven. They go to work as a team and Shane realizes that Jack is getting off on the danger. Jack spots a camera and they realize Kurt has been monitoring them the entire time and will come to stop them. The cable guy walks up to the front door and everyone yells at him to stop. It's Kurt, who opens the door and says that he's checking on their alarm system. He removes his fake mustache and beard, and reminds them that they killed his brother. Kurt has a remote deactivation with a three-second reset so he can go wherever he wants.

Kurt goes over to Cassie, who says that he's disappointing. She dismisses him as a nut and he slaps her, and he points out that if he falls when she hits him back, they'll all die. Kurt doesn't care if he lives or dies, and D.D. points out that they were protecting people from Kurt and his brother. Kurt says that the people deserved to die, and goes over and shoves her. D.D. catches herself on the railing, and Kurt says that he came to see them suffer before they die. He draws a gun on Shane to hold her off and cuts apart the power cord on the microwave oven. D.D. says that they're not going to die. Hearing Kurt reminded her that she can't let people like him win.

Cassie has D.D. toss her the other end of the line, and she swings into Kurt, grabs him with her legs, and then swings back while holding him above the rug. Jack and Shane repair the microwave cord, while D.D. has Cassie swing to her and hits Kurt with a book. Once she knocks him out, Cassie drops him next to D.D. He wakes up and goes for D.D., who punches him. The pulse generator activates, taking out the bombs, just as Kurt falls on them.

As Shane ties up Kurt, Cassie points out to Jack that he wasn't in the van and he rescued them. Jack admits that it felt good... and he'll never do it again. Even D.D. is cheered up by hanging out with her friends and knocking out a bad guy. The cable company calls and asks to reschedule the cable appointment.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 11, 2018

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