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Gemini Recap

Kathy Sellers calls the phone number of Ray's Stingray ad and leaves a message that she needs help and has nowhere else to turn. Later, the Stingray driver picks her up and drives off.

The next day in the park, a child playing in the park finds Kathy's body among the trees.

Ray is at a "borrowed" house and hears a TV report about the discovery of Kathy's body. Kathy is the third victim in a series of strangulations. Witnesses reported seeing Kathy enter a '65 Stingray, which has been connected two previous killings. Ray picks up on the report, and then takes a photo of himself and Kathy out of a hand-delivered envelope. There's a tape cassette and Ray plays it. It's Councilwoman Sondra Decker, who says that she needs him to call her and it's important.

Ray calls Sondra and she warns that they'll be looking for him. She suggests that Ray turn himself into the police, and warns that they'll find him if he doesn't. Ray says that she's already repaid his favor and hangs up, and the police finish tracing the call from Sondra's office. The detective in charge thanks Sondra for her help and leaves.

The police pull up to the house and spot the Stingray parked outside. They surround the place and go in the sides, and the head detective bumps into a chair. Ray hears him and runs out the back into the woods to a dock. He takes off in a speedboat and police arrive in time to see it depart. They open fire and it explodes... unaware that Ray rigged it to go off on its own. They hear Ray drive off and realize that they've lost him.

Later, Ray goes to a bar and hears a news report about the attempted arrest. The police found the fake photo of Ray with Kathy and the other two dead women, and Ray leaves before anybody in the bar recognizes him. He drives to the city hospital's parking garage, parks the Stingray, and puts fake plates on it. Ray then leaves in a backup car.

That night, Ray drives to a secluded spot, parks, and looks at the original photo that was used to make the composites. In it is Ray and another man, and Ray mutters the name "Gemini".

The next day, Ray goes to the library and goes through the microfiche records. He finds an article on an American businessman killed in a Paris car explosion, and a CIA source saying that the dead man, Edward Benton, may have worked for them. There's another article about Benton's wife Jenny disappearing five weeks later.

Another prospective client, Lynn Williams, leaves a message for Gemini saying that she needs help

Ray goes to the CIA headquarters and "accidentally" bumps into a woman, pickpocketing her security badge. He then uses the badge to bring up the computer information on Edward, code-named Gemini. Edward is listed as deceased, and Ray determines that Jenny was renamed Barbara Samuel and is living in Oregon. Ray flies to Oregon and goes to Jenny's house. Jenny and her husband Jeff are barbequing, and Jenny recognizes Ray. She meets with him inside and says that he shouldn't have come. Jenny insists that "Jenny Benton" died 13 years ago in 1973, and explains that her new family doesn't know about her past. Ray says that Edward is alive and figures that Ray knew, and explains that he sent Edward to drive the car that blew up. Jenny explains that the CIA contacted her a month ago and revealed that he was alive, and the other side kept Edward and switched his body in the car, and brought out on some kind of trade. She tells Ray that she hasn't seen Edward, and Ray explains that Edward is trying to destroy him. Ray talks about how his superiors didn't want Edward for the job but he sent him. Jeff calls Jenny out, and she tells Ray that he has to go. As he leaves, Jenny says that she remembers more then she lets on and Ray tells her to take care.

On the flight back, an airline hostess recognizes Ray from his wanted poster. When the plane touches down, the police are waiting and arrest Ray. Edward is watching from nearby as the police drive off with Ray.

At the station, the head detective says that they know the photos are composites and asks why someone is trying to frame Ray. He's been unable to find any information on Ray and asks what he was doing in Oregon. Ray claims that he went fishing, and tells them to find Edward. The detective says that Edward is dead and goes to the observation room where Sondra is watching. Sondra says that she doesn't know who Ray is and refuses to explain what Ray did for her. The detective tells her that she'd better get an attorney, and Sondra tells him to take Ray's advice and check further on Edward.

Sondra meets with Ray who asks when the rules changed. He says that he did what she asked, and warns that Edward won't stop until he draws Ray out and that will take another killing. Ray tells Sondra that she's the only one who can change things, and points out that they can't prove anything. He wants her to go to court and get him out, and she's going to have to trust him.

Later, the police are forced to release Ray due to insufficient evidence. Edward watches the TV news report and calls Lynn, saying that they should meet the next day in the park.

The next day, the news is reporting on Lynn's death. Ray and Sondra are watching, and Ray points out that Sondra is his alibi. She asks who Edward is, and Ray explains that he used to be his friend. Some of the people they worked for thought that Edward was too flashy and made some preliminary moves to put him out to pasture. Ray tries to help him and apparently got him killed, and Sondra points out that Ray would have done it himself if he could have. She prepares for a council meeting and Ray finds the fake wanted ad in the paper. He calls the number and confirms that it's fake, and hangs up. Ray says that he and Edward are evenly matched.

Later, Edward gets a message from a woman asking to meet with him at the river bridge at midnight. He drives there in his Stingray.

Sondra is waiting on the bridge and Stingray pulls up. She gets in and finds Ray at the wheel, and Edward's Stingray arrives. He parks and revs his engine, and Ray has Sondra get out. As Edward backs away, Sondra tells Ray to follow him. They chase through the streets and into a parking garage. Edward reaches the top and comes back down, and Ray backs up after him. Back on the streets, a police car joins the chase and Edward brakes, forcing the squad car to flip over.

Another police car joins the chase and gets the first officer out of his car. More police cars chase both cars, but trolley cars cut them off. The two Stingrays drive into a construction yard and pull over. Ray tells Sondra to stay in the car and gets out. Edward drives at him and Ray dives out of the way, and Edward comes around again. Ray dives into an inspection pit, grabs a hammer, comes out, and throws the hammer at the other Stingray, shattering the windshield.

Edward brakes to a halt and shuts the engine down. He gets out, gun drawn, and Ray says that it could have happened to any of them. Edward isn't impressed and points out that Ray and Jenny walked away. Jenny was Edward's wife because she couldn't have Ray, and asks if Ray is still looking. Ray says that he does what he has to, and tells Edward that Jenny is dead. Edward doesn't believe him and asks where she is, and says that his big mistake was that he loved Ray.

After a moment, Edward shoots Ray in the shoulder. Police cars arrive and Edward yells at them to get out or he'll kill Ray. The head detective tells Sondra to get in the car, and she does so. The police then leave, and Edward finally lowers the gun. He gets in his Stingray and drives out, and Ray screams at the police not to shoot. They open fire, blowing up Edward.

The next day, Ray meets with Sondra and reads a newspaper article about Edward's second death. She figures that it hurts, and Ray says that it happened a long time ago but it still hurts. He tells her that now he has to go. Sondra wonders what happened in Oregon, and Ray says that he went fishing. She figures that it's tougher on him then the people that he leaves. The doorbell rings and Sondra answers it. It's a bouquet of flowers from Ray with a note saying that he owes her. When Sondra comes back to thank him, she discovers that he's gone.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 15, 2018

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