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Inmate 4587 Recap

Felicity and William run through the jungle, and Felicity yells for Oliver to help them. Dragon catches up to them and says that Oliver can't help them, and Felicity sends William on and turns to face Dragon. The criminal draws a gun, says that Oliver took everything from him, shoots Felicity, and says that he's going to enjoy taking everything from Oliver.


Oliver wakes up from his nightmare as the guard Yorke taps on the cell door. He exercises in his cell and then goes to the shower. He bumps into one prisoner, who tells "Arrow" to watch it. In the mess hall, the other prisoners watch Oliver as he sits down by himself. A prisoner takes a piece of Oliver's food and goes on. Back in his cell, Oliver looks at a photo of Felicity and William and marks off another day on the wall with chalk.

Out in the yard, Oliver is doing pull-ups and a prisoner, Stanley, comes up to him and says that he's Green Arrow. Oliver says that he's not that person anymore, and the inmate says that he needs protection and wonders how he can survive. Uninterested, Oliver says that he doesn't know and walks away.

In the mess hall, the prisoners pick on Stanley. Oliver sits down and ignores them. The prisoner who took Oliver's food earlier starts a fight, and while the guards are distracted two other prisoners, Turner and Brickwell jump him and say that they're there for revenge. He manages to hold his own against them briefly until the guards come over and break it up. They drag Turner off, and he yells that Oliver planted it.

In Star City, a businessman Jaso Stent is walking down the street, talking to his drug dealer on the phone. Someone shoots arrows at him, and the businessman stares in shock and says that it can't be him. A few minutes later, Nick and his partner are walking and come to the businessman tied up. From overhead, Green Arrow watches.

Oliver is in his cell and the guard tells him that if he pulls any more crap then he'll make an example of him. Once Oliver agrees, the guard says that he has a visitor. It's Diggle, who assures Oliver that Felicity and William are still safe in witness protection. There's been no trace of Diaz in five months, but Oliver is sure that he's still out there. He says that he's focusing on what he can control: keeping his head down and shortening his sentence. Diggle agrees with his plan but worries about the toll that not fighting back will take on him. Oliver says that he's always done what he's had to do. His friend tells him not to lose himself, and Oliver assures him that he'll be okay.

At Radu's Coffee, Felicity is working as a barista named Erin and a customer, Joe, says that something is corrupting his upload. She offers to help and fixes it in a few seconds.

Nick questions the businessman, Stent, who demands to talk to his captain. Dinah comes in and notes all of the allegations against him. Stent denies them, and says that Green Arrow tied him up and left him at the police department. When Dinah points out that Oliver is in jail, Stent figures that someone else is wearing the costume and asks if she's going to let him go. She says that Nick will take his statement first and leaves.

Rene is training teenagers boxing and says that self-defense isn't about being violent. One student, Tony, scoffs, saying that there aren't any heroes anymore. Zoe is training and notes that her bag is leaking, and Rene admits that all they can afford is duct tape to fix it. He goes over to Tony and asks what his problem is, and Tony says that boxing won't win a fight in the glades. Tony says that Rene used to be Wild Dog and maybe he should put his mask back on because his family got robbed a week ago and they need someone to protect them.

Oliver returns to his cell and finds Danny holding his photo. Derek Sampson comes up behind Oliver and holds a shiv to his back, and Danny explains that they were going to plant it and frame Oliver. He says that they had a side hustle with Turner and because of Oliver, they're a man down so he should take Turner's place. Oliver refuses and Danny threatens Felicity and William, and then leaves with Derek.

An arms dealer, Freddie Medina, is on the phone to Stent when Tony arrives and asks to buy a gun. Rene shows up and says that Tony isn't interested, and the dealer realizes who Rene is. His men move in and Meina says that Rene saw his whole operation. Rene tells Tony to get down and attacks the thugs, but Medina draws a gun on him. Before he can shoot. Exploding arrows hit around the area and Green Arrow drops in and takes out the thugs. He heads off on a zip line and Rene tells Tony that he doesn't know who it is.

A young man pays a captain to take him to Lian Yu and says that he's looking for someone there.

The next day, Joe thanks Felicity for her help and says that their app is number one. He invites her to diner, and she says that she's flattered but can't. The news comes on and Bethany Snow reports Green Arrow returning to Star City.

At City Hall, the reporters question Mayor Laurel Lance, who says that a vigilante is impersonating Green Arrow. She says that Star City continue to employ a zero-tolerance policy against vigilantes. Rene visits Dinah and tells her that she should be helping Green Arrow rather than hunting him. Dinah says that taking a hard-line stance is the right play and if Watson thinks that they're involved then they lose their immunity. She figures that they have to shut down the new Green Arrow, and Rene wonders if they're supposed to ignore the risking crime rate. He reminds Dinah that Oliver asked them to carry on, and the new Green Arrow is doing it instead of them. Dinah tells him that they have to be heroes in a different way, and explains that Forensics turned up nothing on Green Arrow. She hasn't figured out why Green Arrow went after Stent, and figures that he paid someone off. Rene suggests that they go after his records.

Rene and Dinah go to ARGUS and convince the new R&D head--Curtis—to check Stent's resources. Dinah thanks Curtis and Diggle for their help, and knows that Diggle is in hot water over dedicating ARGUS resources to finding Dragon. Diggle says that he wants to get the imposter off the streets so Watson doesn't suspect Oliver. He tells the other that Oliver is surviving. Curtis discovers that Stent is distributing black-market weapons and works with Medina. Stent is selling off his inventory in a big sale that night, and they figure that the wannabe will be there.

On the island, the young man tells the captain that if he doesn't hear from him in a week, he won't be coming back. He walks into the jungle and follows a map to the spot he's looking for.

Oliver is sitting alone at a table, and Stanley approaches him. Stanley asks what Oliver thinks of his replacement, but Oliver tells him that they're not having a conversation. Danny comes over and asks if Oliver is ready, and Oliver tells him that if he threatens his family then he'll expose whatever they're up to. Derek joins them and slams Stanley's head into the table, and starts beating him. Oliver tells Stanley that he can't help him and walks away, and Danny and Derek continue beating Stanley.

At the SCPD, Rene visits Dinah as she and her men arm up and prepare to move out. She says that they'll take Green Arrow down as well, and Rene tells her that his students have hope again. He figures that Green Arrow let him live and that's good enough for him, but Dinah points out that it may not have been deliberate. Curtis texts the location of the buy at an old manufacturing plant, and Dinah and her officers move out.

Felicity returns home and William says that he couldn't sleep. He says that he misses his old school and they both say that they miss Oliver. William wonders how much longer they have to stay there, and Felicity says that she doesn't know.

Stanley limps past Oliver's cell and goes into his own cell. He sits in his cell and sobs in pain, and Oliver asks if he's okay. Stanley says that he's not going to survive in the prison, and Oliver tells him that they let Stanley alive to come after him. Oliver explains that if he gets another strike against him then the guards will spot him and he'll never get to his family. Stanley says that he has family and was wrongfully accused of murder, and that's what the city is like. Oliver tells him to keep his head down and he'll be fine, and Stanley figures that there's a new Green Arrow because the old one is a coward.

At the manufacturing plant, Stent offers the criminals his guns and explains that he's liquiating. the police ware watching on surveillance camera, and Dinah says that she's waiting for the vigilante.

The buyer gives Stent $400,000 in crypto-currency. Arrows go off around them and the police move in. stent runs for it and Green Arrow drops in, shoots stent in the shoulder, and yanks him back. He says that he has what he's came for and declares that Stent has failed the city. Dinah and her officers move in and order Green Arrow to drop his bow. A flare goes off and Green Arrow runs out. Dinah looks up and sees Wild Dog watching.

The young man through the jungle at night, and hits a trapline. When he tries to cut himself free, an archer shoots the knife out of his hand and knocks him unconscious.

Oliver has another nightmare of Dragon killing Felicity. Yorke greets him as usual, and Oliver looks up at the photo of William and felicity.

Felicity wakes up and prepares for her hift at the coffee shop.

Oliver showers.

Felicity dresses and hears someone moving in the apartment. She investigates and discovers that someone has triggered the security system. It's Dragon, who says that she's a hard woman to find.

An inmate with a knife attacks Oliver. Oliver breaks his leg but the man slashes Oliver.

Dragon asks what Felicity is going to do if he hurt William, and says that Oliver is realizing how difficult prison life is.

Another inmate joins in, and Oliver fights them both off.

Dragon draws a gun and says that he wants Oliver to know that he killed Felicity. William runs out and Felicity throws hot coffee in Dragon's face and then attacks him. She grabs a poker and beats him with it, and Diaz throws her into an end table and says that she's going to suffer for attacking him.

Oliver takes down the inmates, and another one punches him. As Oliver passes out, the inmate says that Dragon found Felicity and she's dead.

Later, Oliver asks Yorke if he can make a phone call. Yorke says that he has a visitor. It's Felicity, who says that William is fine. Oliver apologizes for not being there, and asks her to tell Diggle to set them up with new identities. Felicity has William set up in a boarding school, but she's done hiding and is going to fight back. If ARGUS hadn't gotten there when they had, she'd be dead. She asks if Oliver knows what it feels like to be unable to protect him family, and begs Felicity not to tempt him. Felicity says that he doesn't get to decide and will always wait for him, but she can't let what happened happen again. She says that she's going to fight back and Oliver understands. Yorke arrives and tells him that his time is up, and Felicity tells Oliver that he loves her before he goes.

Rene tells his students that they've got some new equipment. He explains that he got some help, and Dinah comes in. Once the students go back to practicing, Dinah says that a couple of local shops called and said that they found cash waiting. Fifteen shops in the Glades got the total money that was taken from Stent. Rene claims that he has no idea where it comes from, and then says that he couldn't let Dinah lock up Green Arrow. She says that she's trying to restore the city's faith in its police, and threatens to arrest him if he goes out as Wild Dog again.

Felicity goes to ARGUS to see William, and gives him the hosen that Thea gave to her before she left town. She says that as long as William has it, she will always be able to find him. Felicity explains that William has to go somewhere safe and she can't go with him until they get Dragon.

Oliver erases the marks on his wall, goes out to the yard, and knocks Danny out. Yorke tells Oliver to stand down, but he picks up a weight and hits the other inmate in the head with it repeatedly and then punches him. As the guards move in, Oliver tells his tormentors that they should have killed him. He then kneels and lets the guards take him.

In a secret lair, Green Arrow crosses Kent's name off of his list.

The young man tells his captor that his father sent him, and explains that his father is Oliver Queen. The captor--Roy--stares at him in shock and realizes that the young man is the adult William.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 16, 2018

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