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Blocked Recap

Cicada walks to the factory where he works in his secret identity, and remembers his fight with Gridlock before killing him. He remembers his lightning bolt blade absorbing Gridlock's power. A worker comes in behind Cicada and asks if he had another fight and says that he'll see him on the floor. Cicada puts his blade and his costume in his locker.

The next day at the West house, Nora explains that she's not stuck in 2018 like she claimed. Cisco is still complaining about the fact that he and Gypsy broke up. Nora shows the others the newspaper headline from the future showing that Barry never returns after the Crisis. Iris points out that they've made the paper say other things before, and figures that they can change it when the time comes. The others agree and Iris figures that Nora will need more training after all. The baby starts crying and Barry says that they'll meet later at STAR Labs. Once they leave, Joe points out to Iris that she's dealing with a lot. Iris figures it explains why Nora never wants to be with her, and Joe says that Nora will reach out to her mother eventually and until then, Iris has to keep herself busy.

Cecile calls Joe in and says that she can't hear anything with her telepathy and thinks that she's losing her powers.

At STAR Labs, Cisco watches an old hologram of Gypsy when Caitlin comes in. She says that it's okay that Cisco is thinking about her, and Cisco explains that Gypsy is in her head and he sees her everywhere that he looks. Caitlin figures that Cisco's vibe power is still linking him to Gypsy, and says that he's a mess. Ralph comes in and asks Cisco to vibe the death certificate, and Cisco says that he's not available. Caitlin tells Ralph that Cisco will have to do it later and they have to help Cisco get over Gypsy. She asks Ralph for advice, and Ralph says that he knows all about rejection.

A man, Bobby Moretti, is checking stolen arms at a warehouse when Vanessa Jansen blasts her way in. Bobby recognizes her and she says that she's going to take the arms that Bobby and his brother are holding for sale. When Bobby objects, Vanessa seals him in a concentrated air block and then shrinks it, crushing Bobby to a pulp.

Later, the police are called to the crime scene and Singh points out that stealing from the Morettis, Bobby and Brno. Barry hasn't found any prints, and Nora comes in and assures Singh that CCPD's finest are on the case. She says that she's a CSI intern, and says that she's read a lot about Singh. Barry claims that he hired Nora to deal with all the cases that accumulated while he was gone, and Nora agreed to work for free. Singh agrees and leaves, and Nora says that she thought she should help her dad. She thinks that she can handle a 21st century robbery. There's a cube of flesh on the floor and Nora touches it before Barry can stop her and explain that they don't have future tech. Barry realizes that it's a whole human body.

Iris arrives and overhears Sigh talking about Gridlock's murder. She asks for a statement off the record, and Singh tells her that someone killed Gridlock while he was in transit to Iron Heights. They think that a meta was involved, and Iris says that she'll tell him anything that she learns. Iris turns and sees Barry and Nora working together, and leaves.

At Ralph's office, Ralph shows Cisco and Caitlin his "27 steps to getting over the love of his life". Caitlin figures that it's worth trying, and Ralph has them start with affirmations. Cisco recites Ralph's affirmation and has second thoughts, but Caitlin insists that it's time for her to help Cisco. She suggests that they do step twelve, and Cisco refuses at first. He finally gives in and walks out.

Iris visits one of the transit guards, Officer Matthews, at the hospital. The wheelchair-bound Matthews says that he's read her blog and tells her that he doesn't remember what happened. He was thrown into the transit van and when he woke up, Gridlock was dead and the other officers were concussed. Iris thanks him for his time and leaves.

Danielle returns home and tells Joe that she is definitely losing her powers. She's excited because she has a fix: a new neural activity dampener. Danielle wants to put it on Jenna, and insists that it's perfectly safe. Joe isn't convinced, and Danielle tells him that she's had a constant telepathic contact with Jenna. Her powers gave her a chance to be a perfect parent, the parent that Jenna deserves, and she's scared that she can't live up to that with her powers gone. Joe tells her that the dampener isn't the solution and they'll figure it out. Jenna cries and Joe goes to check on her.

That night at the police lab, Nora complains about the speed of the computers. She says that she's surprised that Ira took the news of Barry's future disappearance so well. They get a DNA match on Vanessa, a low-level arms dealer who works with a gang, the Skulls. They use the East Street Auto Haven as a front, and Nora is thrilled to take down her first baddie.

Vanessa is dealing with the arms when Bruno shows up. He knows that Vanessa killed Bobby and stole their stash, and Vanessa admits that when she got out, she realized that she's tougher now. Bobby shoots at her but Vanessa creates a block to stop the bullets. Flash and XS arrive and Flash tells XS to scan the perimeter. She ignores him and speeds in, whisking Bruno into a nearby van. Vanessa seals her in a block and Flash calls to her. The meta throws the block across the city, and Barry speeds after it and lowers it down with a whirlwind he generates. The block disappears and XS looks sheepishly at Flash.

Later at STAR Labs, Cisco and Caitlin confirm that Nora is fine. Cisco is staring off into space, and Caitlin tells the others that they found a scientific anomaly. Ralph whispers to Cisco and snaps him out of it, lying, and Cisco brings the CCTV on. Cisco says that Vanessa can create air blocks, and disinterestedly names her "Block". Barry figures that without their satellites, they'll have to wait until Block makes another move. Once the others leave, Iris asks to use Barry's lab and says that she's following a lead.

Barry takes Nora to the speed lab and says that she needs to get back to basics with math.

Ralph takes Cisco and Caitlin to his office and says that his "personal stylist", Bruce, agreed to take on Cisco. Bruce gives Cisco new clothing and leaves, and Cisco stares at himself in Ralph's mirror. He hates his new look and suggests that they have Joe check the death certificate. Caitlin snaps at them, saying that they should focus on Cisco, and then says that she needs a break and leaves.

Barry goes over the math involved with Block's power, and Nora says that she always knows everything that he's talking about. She says that she needs to learn how to be like Barry, and Barry says that everything he's does is beyond her skill level. Nora insists that she can handle more than Barry thinks and doesn’t have to baby him, and speeds around the pipeline to build up energy to throw a lightning. She slips and hits Barry, and admits that greatness isn't hereditary.

Iris goes to Barry's lab and finds a video on Matthews. It shows him facing a meta in a fire.

Barry goes to the West house and asks Joe for his help dealing with Nora. He describes how Nora isn't listening to him, and Joe points out that Barry was the same way when he was a child and set the school gym on fire. Barry realizes that he tried to impress Joe and Nora wants to do the same. Joe tells him not to tell her that it takes time to get things right and that's life. Danielle secretly listens to him as Joe says that parents always love their children. Once Barry leaves, Danielle comes in crying and kisses Joe. Jenna cries and Danielle says that she's got it.

At Jitters, Caitlin is staring at a pastry when Cisco joins her and says that she's avoiding her feelings. He asks Caitlin why she doesn't want to investigate her father's death certificate, and Caitlin says that if it's true then it means he didn't want to see her after he faked his death. Cisco reads Ralph's affirmation 27, to accept that someone isn't the love of a person's life if they're not still in it. They both agree that Ralph is right, and Cisco says that Gypsy isn't the one and nothing he can do will change that. It's too late for Cisco to change things with Gypsy, but it's not too late for Caitlin to change things with her father. Caitlin wonders if he doesn't want anything to do with her, and Cisco says that he may not but it would be better if she faced that truth instead of wondering.

That night, Barry has Nora watch video of him first training after he gained his superspeed. He runs out of control repeatedly and tells Nora that it takes time to hone her skills. Barry says that he wasn't a great speedster when he first got his powers, and assures her that one day she'll be better than him. Nora tells her father that she wanted to make him proud, and Barry says that sometimes they have to learn restraint.

Vanessa is loading the weapons into a truck when Bruno arrives with an energy rifle. She says that it's not happening, and Bruno's men train their guns on her.

Back in the Cortex, Iris joins Barry and Nora. Nora suggests that they need a barometer to find pockets of compressed air, and iris says that they could use Channel 52's Doppler radar. They find a high density/low pressure zone, and Nora suggests that she stay there. Barry tells her that she can put her training to good use.

Bruno tells Vanessa to hand over the keys so he can drive off with the weapons. She refuses and creates a block to block the bullets. Flash and XS speed the gunmen away and Flash fires a blast of concentrated air at Block. Block recovers and seals Flash in a block, as Cisco and the others arrive at STAR Labs.

As Block compresses the block, XS realizes dares the villainess to attack her. She dodges at superspeed as Block fires blocks of air at her. She eventually exhausts herself and XS puts the dampener cuffs on her. Vibe and Elongated Man arrive, and Cicada stabs Block in the back and then steps out into plain sight. Flash has XS take Block to a hospital.

Cicada throws his weapon into the street at the heroes' feet, there's a burst of energy, and they realize that they've lost their powers. He attacks and defeats them, and Vibe crawls to the blade and tries to pull it out of the concrete. Cicada telekinetically pulls it to him, cutting Vibe's hand, and lunges at him. Elongated Man attacks Cicada, who is making a loud breathing noise. Iris tells Flash to get out of there, and Cicada prepares to strike just as XS arrives. Cicada stares at her for a moment and then walks away as police sirens sound in the distance.

Later at STAR Labs, Caitlin confirms that Cicada's dagger is charged with dark matter at levels that she's never seen. Cisco sees the death certificate and tells Caitlin that if she wants to know, it's her choice. Ralph tells her that they'll support her either way, and Caitlin agrees. Cisco vibes the certificate and Caitlin, and sees a woman watching a man writing out the certificate. A shock knocks him back, and Caitlin says that she saw her mother.

Barry calls the team into the speed lab and says that they've had a big problem. Iris says that Gridlock is dead and she found the video of Matthews. The same heavy breathing is in the background, ad figure that it sounds like a cicada. Barry asks Nora who Cicada is, but she doesn't know.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2018

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