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The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues Recap

Tobias is playing chess with Painkiller, who says that he was covering the exit like Syonide told him. the crime lord says that Painkiller should have known she was in danger and tells him to move. Once Painkiller does so, Tobias punches him, puts him in check, and says that he has to learn how to anticipate. Painkiller makes another move and Tobias punches him again and puts him in check again. When Painkiller moves his queen out, Tobias puts him in checkmate and says that Painkiller let him take his queen just like Kara took Syonide from him. He punches Painkiller again, knocking him to the floor.

At the ASA laboratory, Kam is checking the pods with the Green Light Babies inside. One of them wakes up and vomits out a burst of energy, killing the scientist. The teenager gets out of his pod and collapses, and another girl, Wendy, wakes up and tries to work out what's going on. When Lynn arrives, she tries to get Wendy to calm down. More scientists move in on Wendy, surrounding her, and Wendy smashes her way through the wall with a burst of wind and escapes out into the night.

Lynn calls Jeff and tells him what happened, and figures that Wendy is hallucinating and having a psychotic break. Once Lynn gets the video of the incident, she sends it to Jeff who shows it to Peter. Peter confirms that he was the spotter who found Wendy 30 years ago. He explains that Wendy controls Wind like Jeff controls electricity.

Lynn meets with Issa, who is locked up in a room. Odell explains that Issa's girlfriend called 911 when he came to her, and ASA picked him up. When Lynn objects that they've locked Issa up, Odell tells her to figure out what they're dealing with and that's her job. Lynn goes in and removes the bag from Issa's head.

The next morning at the Pierce house, Anissa invites Jennifer to go for a run with her. She insists that their powers are a blessing from God and Jennifer wonders if she can have kids. Anissa points out that Jeff has powers and had them, and Jennifer wonders if Jeff and Lynn are getting back together. Her older sister says that relationships are complicated, and Anissa tells her that she doesn't have anyone.

Lynn takes Issa to the hospital and brings in his sister Tiffany. She hesitantly asks how he's doing, and Lynn says that he's suffering withdrawal from Green Light. Issa glows with energy and Tiffany says that she scares him and she's not dealing with a zombie. She wonders why she's saying that, and then says that she wants to walk away and never see Issa again. Lynn tries to stop her but Tiffany walks out.

Chenoa is singing at a club and Anissa comes in and listens. When Chenoa sees her, they smile at each other. Chenoa finishes her set and goes over to Anissa, and they agree to go and talk to each other, then Chenoa sings to her naked after the guests leave. She agrees and they go off together.

The next day, Anissa finds Chenoa swimming in her rooftop pool. Anissa says that she has a medical school class to go to and Chenoa suggests that they go to New York on Chenoa's private jet and have dim sum. Anissa tells her that it's tempting, and Chenoa invites her to a kickback she's holding the next night.

Jeff arrives at his office and finds Napier there. Napier says that they found Jeff's replacement, Mike Lowry, and they want him to take over in a week. He then says that the board doesn't want Jeff criticizing them after the fact, and need him to be 100% in favor of the changeover. Jeff realizes that Mike is white, and figure that the board is afraid of the backlash from the parents, students, and media. Napier insists that Mike is highly qualified, and reminds Jeff that he didn't handle his business so he needs the good PR. He advises Jeff to get out of it alive and leaves.

Later, Anissa arrives at the tailor where Peter and Jeff are. Peter says that Wendy's mother passed away and her friends from 30 years ago are long gone. The tailor has identified four locations that Wendy might go to and has cameras in place, and Jeff and Anissa don their costumes and hit the streets.

Khalil goes to the window of Jennifer's bedroom and refuses to leave until she talks to him. Jennifer reluctantly comes out and shoves him off the roof. He lands in the bushes below and jumps back up, and Jennifer says that she shoved him for killing Black Lightning after Black Lightning saved her from the 100. Khalil insists that he had to attack the school because he has to do what Tobias wants him to. He takes her hand and figures that she still has feelings for him. Jennifer pulls away and her eyes glow, and says that she's going to call the police if Khalil doesn't leave.

Tobias visits an older man, Marselius, who Tobias is paying for his care. Marselius invites Tobias to play and says that he's doing good. He asks how business is, and Tobias says that it's great except for the fact that he's missing his best lieutenant. Tobias explains that he's close to creating an army of metahumans, and Marselius tells him that he's proud of him. The crime lord asks if Marselius remembers when they did Alvin, and Marselius remembers Tobias killing him. Tobias says that he hoped that Marselius wouldn't remember, and Marselius realizes that he's a loose end. He says that he loves Tobias, and Tobias says that he loves him... and then breaks his neck.

Wendy walks down the street, leaving wrecked cars in her wake. Black Lightning arrives and draws the loose electricity into himself, while Thunder moves wrecks and rips open car doors. as everyone applauds, Thunder takes a bow. Black Lightning says that they don't do it for the applause, and Thunder insists that there's nothing wrong with acknowledging the people. Irritated at her father's attitude, Thunder walks away.

Later at home, Jeff and Jennifer are making supper and Jeff notices that Jennifer is over-peppering the food. Anissa comes down, and Lynn brings Issa in and introduces him to her family. He asks to use the bathroom, and Lynn has Anissa show him the way. Once they're alone, Lynn tells Jeff that she couldn't leave Issa on her own.

The family eat with Issa, who looks at Jennifer. She snaps at him, asking what he's staring at, and Anissa starts bad-mouthing Jeff. Jeff argues back, telling her to act like an adult. Jennifer says that she feels trapped, and Lynn tells her daughters to stop whining. Jeff sees Issa's jugular vein twitching, and he explains that when he looks at people they tell the truth. Jeff and Lynn dismiss their daughters, and then Jennifer comes back and motions up to the roof outside her window. She assures Issa that Jeff is overreacting, and he makes eye contact with her and his jugular vein twitches. Jennifer is able to lie when he looks away, and says that she gets in trouble when she tells the truth to her parents. She tells Issa to figure out how his power works and work it, just as Lynn calls Issa in.

At Chenoa's apartment, Grace is working as a waitress sees Anissa and Chenoa kissing, and walks away when Anissa sees her. She goes to the pool and Anissa follows her, and apologizes for things being crazy so she couldn't get to her. Grace abruptly says that she has to go back to work and leaves.

Tobias meets with a detective on his payroll, Summers. Once Summers gives Tobias his money, Tobias shoots him dead and drives off.

At Garfield, Jeff addresses the parents and says that he supports the board's decision to replace him. The parents complain that Jeff is abandoning them, but he insists that it's a good change and leaves.

Back at the hospital, Lynn tells Issa that the lab results show that he has the metagene because of Green Light. She warns that some point the cells in his body will break down and he'll die. Lynn says that she's working to find a cure, and doesn't know how long he has left to live. She offers to put him in a pod to stabilize him.

Peter is monitoring the city and spots Wendy at the old youth center where she hung out. He tells Black Lightning, who flies there and intervenes as Wendy attacks a police car. Black Lightning says that he doesn't want to hurt her, but she hits him with a blast of wind. He recovers and blasts her with electricity, and then says that he's a friend. Black Lightning says that he knows someone who can help her and offers his hand, and Wendy takes it.

At the hospital, Issa makes his decision and says that he's going to stay out for however long he has. Lynn tells him not to miss any appointments, and Issa leaves with his father and sister. Odell steps out and asks Lynn if Issa shouldn't be in a pod. Lynn says that it lets them study Issa in his natural environment, and Odell figures that Issa's talents could be useful.

As Jeff returns to the shop, Anissa arrives and wonders why Jeff didn't call her. When Anissa objects, he tells her to change her tone. Jeff explains that he shocked Wendy out of her psychotic episode and she decided to go back into a pod. Anissa wonders if she could do it, and Jeff tells her to tighten up her act or she'll end up dead. Disgusted, Anissa tells him that he's getting old and walks away.

Lynn helps Wendy into her pod and tells her to say a prayer, and then refreezes the girl.

In the school gymnasium, Jeff tells the assembled students that he is no longer principal. He says that he wasn't there during the attack or its aftermath, and the board is right to consider his performance unacceptable. Jeff tells his audience that he accept full responsibility, but will remain at Garfield as a teacher and give his full support to Mike. A student asks where the future is, and the rest of the students recite Jeff's mantra. Jeff says that he is the future and he'll live it by any means necessary, and the students applaud.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2018

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