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outMatched Recap

Atlanta, 16 Years Ago

An OBGYN tells Reed and Caitlin that the prognosis is worth than expected. She recommends termination of Caitlin's unborn child Andy. The OBGYN says that a successful pregnancy is technical possible, but there's a great risk of death for Caitlin as well as Andy. As the couple leaves, Caitlin says that she's not going to lose their son and he's going to make it and be amazing like Lauren.


Caitlin makes a special meal for herself, Reed, and Lauren. Reed says that he and Caitlin have been talking, and he's going to work with John to figure out his powers. They both apologize to Lauren for ignoring her in their search for Andy, and Lauren says that she's sorry for being so scared of what happened in her dreams. She thinks that the dreams were telling her that she needs to be the one to bring Andy home.

The next day, the underground meets and Marcos says that Reeva is powerful and has a hold on Andy and Lorna. He explains that Andy is a believer and that Lorna said that what they're doing them means more than their love. Caitlin says that they need to find out what the Inner Circle is up to, and Marcos suggests that they reach out to Wire again and see if he knows what the Inner Circle is doing with the data cables. They realize that no one has a better idea.

Afterward, Reed asks John for his help mastering his newfound powers. John tells him that he needs training and warns that his powers are linked to his deepest emotions. He says that Reed doesn't want to go down the road of using drugs to suppress his emotions. Marcos calls John over, and Reed quickly goes as John joins Marcos and Clarice.

John, Marcos, and Clarice drive to Wire's hideout and Marcos figures that if Wire won't deal then another one of his hackers will. The door is locked and no one answers Marcos' knock. John listens and hears someone inside, and Marcos to the surveillance camera. The person inside shoots through the door, hitting John in the chest. He shrugs off the wound and goes inside, and confronts Wire's brother Graph. Graph says that they got his brother Wire killed, and prepares to shoot John with his shotgun. Marcos arrives and blasts the shotgun out of Graph's hands, and John knocks the mutant out. They hear police cars coming, grab Graph, and leave with him.

Jace sits in an apartment alone and looks at the text messages that he's sent to Paula without getting a response. He finally gives up and starts to do a web search on the mutants. Officer Wilson calls and says that he'd like to talk at a nearby diner about the mutant situation. Jace agrees and Wilson hangs up.

The mutants go to the clinic and Dr. Kelsey removes the shotgun pellets from John. Clarice complains that Marcos' plan didn't work, and says that she doesn't want anyone vulnerable to bullets getting hurt.

In a storage room, Marcos wakes up a chained-up Graph. Caitlin and Reed are looking on, and Graph tells them that the Frost triplets mentally controlled Wire to shoot himself. Graph hacked the security cameras and saw what happened, and Reed says that they need his help and can pay. The mutant uses his power to bring up photos of the dead Hellfire Club members that Reeva killed when they got in her way. When Reed says that Reeva took their son, Graph tells him that he doesn't care. Marcos threatens to melt Graph's eyes out of his skull, and Graph points out that he can't hack without eyes.

Caitlin goes outside where Laure is waiting, grabs some drugs, and says that Graph is an addict and will do anything for affix. She goes back in and tells Graph that she's going to give him a drug that negates the effects of Kick and sends an addict into immediate withdrawal. She injects Graph with the drug and asks him to help them find Andy, and Graph screams in agony.

As Graph screams in pain, Marcos tells John and Clarice that Graph is "helping". The Inner Circle is looking at a mental facility Lynwood, and John knows that they declare mutants unstable and have them detained without trial. Marcos figures the Inner Circle is doing something important there if Lorna would go back because she spent years in one.

Graph begs for Kick, and Caitlin tells him that they need him to find out what the Inner Circle is doing by accessing the hospital records. Caitlin tells him that he'll get Kick once he gets the records, and Graph enters the hospital systems. He finds a backdoor into the system and determines all of the comm systems are down. The hospital went into emergency mode twelve minutes ago.

John, Clarice, and Marcos get into the vehicle, and Lauren insists on going with them. Reed and Caitlin reluctantly agree and Lauren gets in with the others. Reed takes pills to suppress his emotions.

As Jace prepares to go, he calls Paula. She answers and tells him to stop calling. Jace says that he's making progress and asks her to bear with him. Paula tells him to stop, saying that they have to move on. Her husband says that he needs to meet with the cop so he can move on, but Paula tells him that she needs a husband that is really with her. When he says that he will be once the job is done, Paula tells him that the job will never be done. Jace insists that he's doing it for Grace and every kid like her, and Paula says that they're daughter is gone and she has to start living again. She tells him to stop calling and hangs up, and Jace punches the wall in anger.

As Graph goes through withdrawal and throws up, Caitlin tells him to get them into the security system. She offers to give him the pharmaceutical version of Kick if he gets them into the system. Reed wonders what she's doing, and Caitlin says that she's saving their children. Graph agrees and Caitlin gives him the injection. Graph recovers and hacks the hospital system, brings up the live security cams, and Reed and Caitlin see Lorna and the Frosts rounding up the staff.

The team arrives at Lynwood and Reed calls to warn them. John has Marcos and Lauren cover the one road out while John and Clarice go in after them. Clarice teleports herself and John in, and they find blood on the walls. All of the patients are in lockdown, and most of them are heavily sedated. John says that Lorna was locked up until her birth father made a call.

Lauren and Marcos approach the front door and Marcos figures that Sage jammed the phone lies so no one could warn the police. He tells Lauren that she has to be ready for a fight, but Lauren doesn't believe that Andy would harm her. Marcos explains that Reeva was killing him with her power, and Andy stood there and watch. He warns that Andy has changed, but Lauren says that she could feel Andy the night that his powers manifested for the first time. When Andy saw her, he regained control. Lauren insists that she can get through to him.

Jace meets with Wilson, who apologizes for what happened at the precinct. He says that they need more people like Jace, and figure that he sees the mutant threat for what it is. Wilson tells Jace that "they" need people like that, and reveals his Purifier tattoo. Jace says that he's not up for joining them, and Wilson says that they're regular folk who love their species, their country, and their families. When Jace says that it's not his jam, Wilson writes a telephone number on a napkin in case Jace changes his mind.

John realizes that the Inner Circle were taking prisoners. As they continue, Clarice asks when they're going to accept that Lorna and Andy are the bad guys. The entire hospital shakes rom a blast, and Lauren realizes that it's Andy.

Graph brings up the security feed for the basement, and Reed figures that the Inner Circle is after someone locked up in the basement. Sage locks Graph out of the system, and Reed warns John that the Inner Circle is in the basement. The two mutants head downstairs.

Caitlin offers Graph more of the pharmaceutical Kick if he can get into the basement. Graph agrees and hacks the system past Sage's firewall. The basement cams go live, showing Andy and Lorna in the basement. Reed directs John and Clarice to the high-security area and Graph unlocks the doors ahead of them. They spot Lorna up ahead and John calls to her. She comes back and John says that it hurts being there but she needs to talk to them. Lorna magnetically opens the doors, releasing the prisoners. They go berserk as they run, and Lorna walks off. The prisoners starts killing each other, and Clarice tells John that they can't leave them there. John tells her to open a portal and they'll get them out.

Graph finds Lorna and Andy, and Caitlin tells Marcos and Lauren where Andy and Lorna are. Graph has a heart attack and Caitlin works to advise him.

Marcos and Lauren get to where the Inner Circle is leaving in a hummer. When Marcos summons his powers, Lauren reminds him that his daughter's mother is in the hummer and she'll handle it. Lauren steps out and halts the vehicle with her power. Andy gets out and tells Lauren to get out of the way. Lauren says that his hair is the same as in her dreams, and realizes that he's been having them as well. She insists that they belong together and refuses to get out of the way. Andy glances back at the hummer and then says that he's not scared anymore. When Lauren refuses, Andy blasts Lauren and she shields herself with his power. Andy blows away her shield, knocking Lauren and Marcos to the pavement. He then gets back in the hummer and they drive off.

At the clinic, Caitlin and Reed manage to revive Graph. Reed tells Caitlin that Graph's heart stopped and wonders how they're any different from the Inner Circle. He says that they both say that Andy was smiling and no one made Andy do anything. As Caitlin goes to get some saline for Graph, she sees a broadcast of the Lynwood staff confessing that they committed war crimes against mutants.

John and Clarice get the imprisoned mutants out, and John radios the Struckers and says that Andy escaped. They load up Lauren as well, who was hit hard by Andy's blast and is unconscious. Reed hugs a shocked Caitlin and then clutches at his head as his arms glow. He tries to take some pills but the bottle dissolve at his touch, and he drops to his knees to pick them up and take one.

Jace watches the newscast and calls Wilson.

As the Inner Circle drive away, Andy looks at the mutant in the back that they rescued.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2018

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