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The Final Showdown Recap

Concierge explains that Hotwire broke into Awesome Mountain and obtained some info. She tells the team and Malocchio that Awesome had two sons: Prock and Perfect Man. Prock is furious that Awesome denied him an older brother to grow up with, and Jill tells her son that it isn't about him. Awesome needed to be the greatest superhero so he kept his love child secret. Tim points out that Perfect Man never knew his father, and Prock figures his father was always a villain. Lady Malocchio points out that nobody is just one thing, and they're neither entirely heroes nor villains. She insists that the one thing that is sure is that Prock is the leader, and they look to him for guidance.

Prock agrees and apologizes to Hotwire for not seeing the truth about his father. Concierge confirms that Perfect Man is trapped in a cryogenic pod beneath Awesome Mountain, and Prock figures that they have to rescue him.

At the White House, the President watches as President-Elect Awesome addresses the nation. Awesome then barges into the Oval Office and says that he needs access to the Destroyo Bullet ASAP. The President explains that Awesome can't access it until after he is sworn in, and Awesome threatens to melt his brain unless he reveals where the Bullet is. The President quickly gives it up.

At his home, Prock is going over their plan when Frantic speeds in and says that it's done. They'll neutralize the New Awesomes, break out Perfect Man, get his blood, make the cure, and give it to Awesome. He admits that he's not sure how they'll give the transfusion to his father. Hotwire describes the cryogenic pod and Malocchio realizes that it's the Ice Prison he designed. There's a code but he doesn't know it, and it would take an atomic blast or sonic boom to break it open. Prock sends the rest of the team to Awesome Mountain while the Malocchios come with him.

The President calls Joyce and tells her what happened. She initiates a Code 5 just as Awesome enters her office and says that her staff is incapacitated. Joyce guards the Bullet and says that it isn't there, and Awesome knows that she has a safe behind her painting. She turns into Fireplug and attacks him, but Awesome easily catches her and takes the Bullet. He then shoves Joyce in the safe and seals it shut, but leaves her two air holes so she can the humanity enslaved.

Prock drives to Maximum Penitentiary and asks Malocchio to use his mind control powers to break Giuseppe out. The former villain doesn't want to backslide and refuses.

At Awesome Mountain, the Awesomes confront the new Awesomes and prepare to fight after Frantic hands out business cards.

Hotwire and Lady Malocchio fight their way into the prison while Malocchio apologizes to Prock for not helping. Concierge hacks the prison computer and guides them to Giuseppe's cell.

The Awesomes make short work of the New Awesomes, and Silent But Deadly joins their side after revealing she helped Hotwire escape.

At the Space Center, Awesome makes a call to some aliens. They say that it will take a year to get there and collect their new labor force.

At the prison, Malocchio has Lady Malocchio remove Giuseppe's gag. Giuseppe blasts his father back with his sonic powers, and Lady Malocchio regags him. They head back to Awesome Mountain after Malocchio realizes that the evil serum is too strong.

The Awesomes tie up their replacements just as Awesome arrives. Concierge calls Prock and tells him what's going on, and Prock hopes his teammates can hold his father.

Awesome takes out everyone except Gadget Gal, who says that she brought some friends. All of the heroes and villains arrive, as does Joyce after she escapes. Awesome dares them all to come at him.

Prock and the Malocchios enter the base's sub-basement and find the Ice Prison. Concierge says that she's on her way.

Awesome fights all of the supers and wins.

Hotwire taunts Giuseppe into attacking Perfect Man, blasting open the Ice Prison. Prock tells his step-brother what happened, and Perfect Man thanks him for everything he's done. When Prock tells Perfect Man that they're brothers, Perfect Man breaks into tears and they hug. Concierge arrives and takes some blood, and Prock whispers something to Perfect Man. Perfect Man says that he trusts him and flies through the ceiling, and the others follow him up.

As Awesome breaks a sweat, Perfect Man grabs him. They fly into the sky and fight, and Awesome insists that he didn't tell Perfect Man they were related for the greater good. They slam to the ground and Awesome is beaten... but has the Destroyo Bullet. Perfect Man charges forward and Awesome shoots him. Awesome breaks down, realizing that he's killed his son, and Prock injects him with the cure. As Awesome prepares to kill Prock, the antidote kicks in and he's back to normal.

Perfect Man gets up and Prock reveals that he substitute a decoy for the real Destroyo Bullet. He made the decoy and called Joyce after the election, and Frantic deliver the decoy to her. Prock figured that Awesome would drop his guard if he killed a family member, so planned with Perfect Man to have Awesome shoot him. Everyone congratulates Prock, who freezes time and vomits from the stress. Impresario calls for a group hug and Perfect Man invites Awesome to join them.

Italy: One Year Later

The Awesomes and the Malocchios are relaxing at a villa, and Prock plays with his child. The new President--Joyce--calls to offer her congratulations on the one-year anniversary of Prock saving the world. Awesome admits that he's jealous of Prock because he can create families: the Awesomes, the Malocchios, and Perfect Man and Silent But Deadly. The elder hero admits that he can't remember everything that he did when he was evil, and is sure he had more planned than becoming President. The alien spaceship arrives above the villa and the aliens demand the seven billion humans that Awesome promised them.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 4, 2015

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