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Missed You Recap

The ambulances take the comatose Brady and Bill to the hospital, In the OR, Dr. Felix Babineau starts the effort to keep Brady him alive. Antonio Montez looks on from the gallery as Felix tells his team that Brady will live.

The doctors treat Bill for his heart attack.

Felix patches up Brady's skull. Afterward, he talks to Antonio, who says that he runs the DA's homicide unit. He asks if he can prosecute Brady, and Felix says that Brady can't breathe on his own.

Later at an aquarium at a gala, Felix tells people about his efforts. His wife Cora leads him away and asks him if he's heard about the Cerebellin trials. The drug has had positive results until the swelling stage and then caused tumors. Cora says that her employers at Vitalta have a drug that counteracts the tumors, Zetacortex, and the results so far have been 100% positive. Vitalta needs someone as brilliant as Felix to test it on a human. They go over and talk to Vitalta's Chinese backs, led by Mr. Liang.

Bill undergoes therapy at the hospital.

Brady lies in his bed, comatose.

As Felix prepares to go to the hospital, Cora gives him two vials of the drug. Felix goes to Brady's room and secretly administers the drug to Brady. Later, Bill comes in to see Brady, sitting and watching him. He comes in day after day to watch Brady.

Months go by and Felix continues the secret injections.

Bill eventually goes home and feeds his turtle. A tree next door falls over, and Bill goes over to discover that the tree fell on Ida's gazebo. She talks about she and her husband Larry built it a long time ago, during their best summer. Bill suggests that they build another one together, and she prepares to go to her job at summer school.

Sadie McDonald is staring into a cabinet, and Nurse Wilmer asks if she took her medicine. She says hello to the volunteer, Al, before going to Brady's room. Sadie checks Brady's symptoms as he stares off into space, and makes idle conversation with him.

Holly arrives at the Finders Keepers office and finds a package. She goes into the office and opens the package, but is unhappy to see that the pens are ballpoint. Holly breathes deeply to control herself, and then takes a call. It's her mother, and Holly insists that it's not stress and she doesn't go to group anymore. She says that she's set her boundaries and her mother ignores him, and hangs up on her.

Bill goes to the airport and approaches Timothy Madden, who "borrowed" Dwight Cramm's small plane. He says that he needs Timothy's cases. When Timothy tries to brush past him, Bill says that he works for Cramm and he's the latest of Timothy's many conned victims. When Tim tries to get past him, Bill draws his gun. A security man arrives and Bill puts it down and says that he's a private investigator. Timothy drives off and Bill walks off in disgust.

At home, Cora is working on her Chinese lessons as Felix showers and then joins her in bed. He tells her that it's too risky to up the dosage, but Cora insists that the Zetacortex stopped the tumors and the drug cocktail is safe. Felix isn't convinced, and Cora says that the drug could cure a host of diseases. She points out that the smaller doses haven't done anything substantive, and points out there's nothing to lose by experimenting on Brady. Felix says that he can't cross another line, and Cora asks if he can't or won't.

Bill returns to the office and tells Holly that Cramm came from Texas to get his plane. Holly has run down Timothy's aliases that he's used in his scams to his brother's address.

At the hospital, the hospital administrator Jonathan Pettimore comes in as Felix examines Brady. Jonathan says that he can't justify the expenses for Brady and Felix hasn't published results about Brady in eight months. Felix shows him the results but Jonathan dismisses it as inert tissue. He figures that they could bring Brady back from brain dead, but Jonathan warns that Brady is bad PR and he's going to go downstate as soon as a bed opens up there. He warns that if Brady dies, they're going to order an autopsy to see what Felix has been doing to him.

Bill and Holly drive to the police station and tell Peter that he has the location of a fugitive but there's no money in it so he's passing it on to Peter. As Bill goes to the hospital, he sees Wilmers and says that he's there to have a disc looked at. He says that he doesn't need another bad habit by visiting Brady and walks off.

Later, Bill and Peter work on the gazebo. Pete tells his former partner about how Timothy put up a fight and had a uni take the conman down. He gives Bill a check and explains that arresting Timothy led to a federal witness. It's federal so there's a reward and Peter can't collect, so he's giving it to Bill to pay him back for giving him Timothy. They talk about Ida, and Bill says that she's a good soul. Peter smiles and goes to get another beer inside.

Felix calls Cora to his office and tells her that Jonathan is preparing to transfer Brady. Cora says that Liang called wondering if there's been any progress, and he insinuated that if they can't show him something then they're out. She tells Felix to up the dosage, pointing out that it's win-win. Felix worries about his license and his reputation, and tells her to respect him.

Bill goes back to his house and finds Peter on the floor dead. He tries to revive him without success. Later, the ambulance arrives and takes Peter's body away. Ida joins Bill as he watches it go, and she takes him into her house and serves tea. She offers a toast to Peter and Bill joins in, and Bill talks about how Peter followed a health regimen and died anyway of natural causes. Ida asks when Bill's retirement plan is, and Bill says that what he's doing is living life. She asks Bill what he wants after a lifetime of cleaning up other people's messes, but Bill doesn't want to talk about it.

When Bill returns home, he finds a Betta fish and its bowl in his living room. He discovers that Holly has moved in and she explains that Ida called her about Peter and she thought that Bill shouldn't be alone. Holly has researched the topic and says that she plans to stay for two weeks. Giving in to the inevitable, Bill goes to make dinner.

Later at Peter's service, Bill gives the eulogy. He talks about Peter's first arrest and the prank they played on him, and how Peter got him back over the years with practical jokes. Bill's ex-wife Donna is among the attendees, and Bill says that Peter never told him that his father and two of his uncles died before the age of 45 of the same heart issues that took Peter. Bill says that as police they're trained not to admit weakness, and that's what kills them more than anything. He says that he just admired Peter and never put up with anything from him.

Afterward at the wake, Holly arrives and tells Bill that she wasn't at the funeral because she hates them. She hugs Bill and goes to get some melon, and Bill walks over to Donna. Bill thanks her for coming, and she points out that Bill and Holly seem close and he has a daughter. He says that he talks to Allie twice a week and they're grand. They go outside and sit on the steps, and Donna says that Peter was there when Bill woke up from his heart attack. She tells Bill that she did come to see him before he woke up but never came back. Donna talks about how she never got used to the idea that Bill could die, and Bill figures that's not why she didn't come back but refuses to say what he thinks the reason is.

That night at home, Bill puts on a record and cleans up the trash from the wake. He eats some ice cream and sees the leftover program books for the funeral. Holly comes out and looks at Bill, and then walks away.

Felix comes home and hears Cora panting upstairs. He goes up to the bedroom and finds her on the bed masturbating. When she's done, she sees Felix and says that's how she waits for him. Felix starts to tell her something, but Cora tells him to look at the dresser, and he finds a pregnancy test pen. Felix realizes that she's pregnant and they kiss. She asks what he was going to say, and Felix finally says that they're going to move Brady. Cora tells him to up the dosage and tells Felix to fuck him while she's pregnant because she might not be the next day. She says that his isn't the only career at stake and asks if he's going to be her partner or her pussy.

The next day, Felix goes to Brady's room and gives him the full dosage.

Bill goes to the cemetery and leaves flowers for Janey. He goes over to the edge of a dug grave and sits, and Brady walks over and tells him that he's what keeps Bill alive. Brady says that no one will remember Peter except Bill, and he'll die and then no one will. He tosses Peter's funeral cards into the grave, and talks about how they spend lots of money to keep him alive. Brady says that he's a celebrity and he's famous while Peter's dead, and that they're not sitting above Peter's coffin.

Brady disappears and Bill climbs into the grave. There's a tunnel that leads to the hospital, and Bill goes to Brady's room past Al. Brady waves to him, and Bill walks out and discovers that no one is there. When he looks back, he sees Brady walking away leaving bloody footprints. Bill climbs out of the grave and sees Brady all around the cemetery, playing music and dancing.

Bill wakes up from his nightmare and looks over at a photo of Peter.

The next morning, Bill calls the hospital and says that he needs another appointment for his neck. He tells Holly that his neck is acting up and goes to the hospital. When Bill gets there, he checks on Brady and finds him comatose in his bed. Bill talks about how most of the people he knows are dead, and people die around the world every day. However, Brady is still alive. Bill grabs the respirator and tightens his grip, and Brady stares blankly up at him. After a moment, Bill releases his grip and walks out.

In the bed, Brady looks around. He imagines himself in his basement, with banner up saying "We Missed You".

Bill stands in his kitchen, looking at his reflection in the window.

Brady finds the gravestones of his family in the basement. The headlights of the stolen Mercedes come on and shine on him, and Brady laughs as he realizes that he's beaten death.

Holly stands out on the porch smoking, and Bill pours some wine into the ice cream. She glances over and sees him.

Brady goes to his computer and realizes that it's dead, and taps on the monitor.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 20, 2018

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