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Let's Go Roaming Recap

Bill comes down to the living room and puts on a record.

Sadie checks Brady, shaves him, and trims his hair.

Bill east breakfast and then goes over to a house and breaks into the car. The owner, Karen Williams, comes out and says that she's going to call the police, and Bill tells her that he's repossessing her car. He shows her the repossession papers, and Karen says that she has a job interview and needs the car. Karen insults him and Bill hotwires the car and drives away, cursing himself.

At the hospital, Bill sits and watches the comatose Brady. Brady doesn't respond.

In school, Barbara and her friend Grace are among the students who get etch-a-sketches from a company donation. Ida agrees that they are pretty crappy.

At the hospital, Al wheels his book cart through the halls. Meanwhile, Sadie is downloading patient reports and goes into a fugue when she looks at the monitor. Al comes over and asks where they are, and Sadie stares off into space. He recites song lyrics to get her to snap out of it, and she identifies what he's singing.

Bill returns to the office with the child's seat from the car that he repo'd. He tells Holly that he didn't get into the business to repossess poor people's belonging. Holly says that's the job, and Bill tells her to do it next time.

Donna is on the phone talking to a client, and goes through a box and finds a photo of her, Bill, and Peter when they were much younger.

Holly finally tells Bill that Marian Natches is about to die, and she is David De La Cruz's mother. They have to deliver him to Federal court, and he bought Marian a coffin. Donna sends the photo to Bill, and Holly explains that they need David's testimony or criminals go free. David got caught driving their trucks, and has two sons Miguel and Ben, and David took them out of school two weeks ago. Bill figures that David took them to a theme park, and Holly makes Bill a list.

Jerome drives home from Harvard and talks to his father Lawrence on the phone. Lawrence and Barbara are preparing for Jerome's welcome home party, and Lawrence insists on celebrating Jerome's welcome-home party.

Sadie gives Brady a sponge bath Inside of his mind, Brady tries to hook up his "circuitry" and brings up monitor images of what he's seeing. As Sadie works, she sees the EKG readings change on the monitor and phases out. She looks down and sees Brady looking at her. Brady sees the image of his comatose body on the screens and staggers back, shocked at what's happened to him. Sadie runs out, shocked.

As Bill drives down the street, he texts back to Donna that they used to meet at the Back Alley, and asks if he can meet her there.

Sadie tells Jonathan that she saw Brady looking at her. Jonathan insists that it isn't possible, and Felix notes that Brady's brain waves are spiking. The administrator figures that Felix set the whole thing up. In the basement of his mind, Brady covers over the windows. The light from Felix's penlight shines in, and Brady covers himself over with a blanket. The EKG waves slow, and Jonathan dismisses it as a glitch and tells them not to say anything about it.

Bill arrives at a pizza place and looks for David and his kids, but they're not there. He talks to Ben, one of the mascots outside smoking and asks if he saw the De La Cruzes. Ben thinks that they've been in more than once but admits that he isn't sure.

Wilmer asks Sadie what happened, and doesn't believe Sadie when she says that nothing happened. Sadie finally tells her that Brady looked right at her and swears Wilmer to secrecy. Once Sadie leaves, Wilmer tells another nurse.

Bill keeps checking fun parks without success. Holly calls and asks if he had any luck. As they talk, Bill spots a parent getting his kids out of a camper and asks Holly if there's any campgrounds in the area. Once he gets an address, Bill goes there and spots David carrying wood. He draws a gun on David when he tries to run, and Ben and Miguel arrive and ask what's going on. David tells Bill that he doesn't have a record and was just a courier with no idea he was delivering judges. He says that if Bill brings him in, he's a dead man. David's sons run over and hug him, and Bill advises David to head west and burn his stolen credit card, and not wait for his mother die. Disgusted, Bill walks away.

Lou is doing physical therapy and overhears an orderly say that Brady is conscious. The therapist says that there was just a brief spike in Brady's EKG.

Felix talks to Cora, who figures that Sadie is telling the truth and Felix confirms that he saw activity on the EKG. Cora says that Felix can't let Jonathan transfer Brady, and suggests that Felix convince Montez that he can wake Brady up so that Brady can stand trial.

Bill goes the Back Alley, meets Dona, and tells him what happened with Donna. She tells him that going soft isn't the worst thing that could happen, but Bill says that people like Holly are relying on him and he has to be there to teach her the ropes. Donna tells him that chasing people down on their luck isn't his thing, and Bill figures that he's lost his moorings. His ex says that he doesn't need the money, and Bill tells her that he needs to give value and Brady give him that. Donna recommends that he just enjoy life, and Bill suggests that he's not built for that. He flirts with Donna and she backs away after a minute.

Felix takes Montez to see Brady and they find Jonathan outside. Montez calls Jonathan over and invites him to come with them. Jonathan says that it could be years before Brady is ready for trial, and they don't have the money or the time. Montez agrees and says that his department had to kick the can down on the road on a doctor. He threatens to ask questions about the possibility of criminal negligence at the hospital, and Jonathan reluctantly gives Felix eight weeks to get results with Brady.

Felix is called to a consult, and Montez goes into Brady's room, closes the blinds, and asks if Brady is in there. Brady stares at Montez on the monitors and watches while Montez pinches his leg. The officer grabs Brady's crotch and dares him to tell him to stop. Brady curses him and says that his mother did the same thing to him when he was a boy. Brady doesn't feel anything and Montez finally walks out.

When he gets home, Jerome unpacks and sees Barbara dressed to go out. He asks if Lawrence knows that she dresses that way, and Barbara says that a girl has to go up and walks away.

That night, Sadie goes to Brady's room and props his head up to make him comfortable. As she writes down the readings, Brady's vitals spike and she sees flickering monitors outside. Sadie goes into a fugue and Brady notices. He "talks" to Sadie, saying that she shouldn't have told people his secret . Brady mentally controls her into closing the door, then tells her that what they have is just between the two of them. He has her stroke her lips and neck, and masturbates as she fondles her brain.

At the house, Holly tells Bill that she's never been camping. She talks about the cost of David's tent, and repeats Bill's claim that he found David's empty tent and talk to a neighbor who said David left with his kids. Holly doesn't believe David would have left his tent behind, and Bill finds Jerome's cake. He says that they're going to the party and tells Holly not to obsess.

At the party, Holly obsesses about whether there's another cake. Jerome greets and hugs them, and Holly shows Jerome the cake. He assures her that she loves it.

Wilmer sees Sadie coming out of Brady's room. Wilmer asks her to watch the desk while she makes a call, and Sadie sits down. Another nurse gives her a file to put away, and Brady makes Sadie throw it away.

Jerome tells Bill that Lawrence lost a big contract and he doesn't have a summer job, and Bill suggests that Jerome help him rebuild Ida's gazebo. Bill asks if Jerome is okay, and says that he'll give him his space but will be there when he's ready for him. Lawrence comes over and checks on them, and Jerome asks for a beer. His father is briefly taken aback but then agrees.

Holly serves up the cake and apologizes to everyone for it being the red color. Wilmer calls Bill and says that Brady is awake and looked at another nurse. Bill says that he'll be right over, tells Jerome that Brady is awake, and leaves. Lawrence comes over and asks to see Jerome's grades so he can show them off. Holly asks where Bill went, and Jerome tells her that Brady woke up.

At a tattoo shop, Lou is getting a new tattoo. He wonders why she's getting it after months, and Lou says that it was time.

Jerome sits in his bedroom, smokes, and looks at his poor grades. He replaces them with high grades for Lawrence.

Ida is sitting on her porch and sees Holly come home. She asks how the party went, and Holly asks if Ida has seen Bill because he isn't answering her calls. Ida says that he'll turn off, and Holly obsesses about Bill not leaving the lights on when he leaves.

Brady tells Sadie to get him out of the hospital. She gets up and goes to the elevator, and Bill walks out past her. Brady sees him and has Sadie go after him. Bill goes into Brady's room and he tells Sadie to get a scalpel.

Bill looks at Brady's body and then the EKG screen. Sadie comes in and Brady walks Sadie through a conversation with Bill, saying that she's following protocol. The monitor bleeps and Bill goes over to check it, and Sadie prepares to kill him. Wilmer comes in and tells her to go back to the desk, breaking, Brady's connection with her. The older nurse checks on Brady and tells Bill to get out. Brady runs up to the gate barring the stairs and screams in frustration.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 20, 2018

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