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Resurrection Recap

Matt lies beneath a sewer outlet, bruised and bloody. He wakes up and pulls himself away, and then collapses.

The next day, a taxi driver spots Matt lying unconscious and goes over to check on him. Matt wakes up and instinctively grabs him, and whispers "Father Lantom, Clinton Church". The driver takes him to Clinton Church and Matt lies half-awake while Lantom tends to him. Lantom argues with Sister Mary, arguing that Matt belongs to them and that they can't call the police because he's a vigilante. The priest explains that Matt is Jack Murdock's son, and Maggie gives in. They cut Matt out of his suit, while Matt remembers Elektra and the two of them beneath the building as it collapses.

Later, Matt wakes up and the sisters tending to him call for Maggie. Matt tries to get up and collapses on the floor, asking what happened to Elektra. Staring at the ceiling, Matt says that he can't see.

Back in bed, Matt discovers that he's deaf in his right ear and his touch is muffled. Lantom comes in and tells Matt that the nuns know who Matt is and Maggie swore them to secrecy. Matt asks about Elektra and explains that she was there even though they buried her months ago. Lantom tells him that the witnesses didn't see Elektra get out of the building, and says that it's a miracle that Matt survived. Matt rolls over and refuses to talk, and Lantom says that he'll be there when Matt is ready to talk.

Later, two orphan boys come in and wonder what happened to him. Maggie arrives and tells them that the room is off-limits and sends them to class. Once the boys leave, Maggie changes Matt's gauze. As she works, she talks about how Matt is the "Devil of Hell's Kitchen" and confirms that he is blind rather than faking. Matt explains about how the accident sharpened his other senses, but he's lost them. Maggie tells him that he's badly injured but will get back on his feet. Matt figures that she wants him to go and says that he'll figure something out. She asks if there's anyone that she can call for him, and Matt says that there's no one.

Karen goes to Matt's apartment and hesitantly knocks on the door. There's no response, and she goes in, picks up the mail, and checks the chest where Matt kept his costume and finds nothing.

Matt talks to Karen in his apartment, tells her that he's Daredevil, and describes his abilities. Karen points out that Daredevil helped her twice and is furious at Matt for breaking her trust. Matt gets her drink and admits that the cane is an act, and says that Frank was a killer but he's not. He assures Karen that he'll never lie to her again and invites her to ask him anything. Karen asks where he keeps his costume and says that he's leaving Daredevil behind. Karen asks if Matt was addicted to being a vigilante, and Matt takes her hand and puts it on his chest so she can feel his heartbeat as he says that he doesn't need Daredevil to be a part of him anymore and he doesn't want to be. She wonders if Daredevil is the problem.

Foggy arrives and Karen explains that she needs Foggy's help to convince the landlord to give Matt an extension because she's behind covering his rent. Foggy says that she has to face the fact that Matt is dead. He blames himself for bring Matt the Daredevil suit, and Karen admits that it's irrational but she feels that Matt isn't dead. When Foggy says that he'll pay the rent, Karen tells him that they'll split it 50/50 and then that's it.

Lantom and Maggie take Matt to the basement beneath the chapel where he can rest as long as he needs. Once Lantom needs, Maggie sarcastically says that they'll come running if Matt needs them. Matt says that letting people in and he paid a price, and won't let it happen again. The nun has taken some Braille books out of storage for Matt, and Matt tells her that he and God know where they stand with each other now. He describes Job from the Bible and how God killed Job's children and destroyed his life, and says that Job was a pussy. He talks about how he suffered willingly even though he thought he was God's soldier, and he's done with it. Now Matt only bleeds for himself. Maggie gives Matt her crucifix and he tosses it on the bed. Maggie picks it up and puts it on the lamp, and says that Matt might hate God but the feeling isn't mutual. Matt says that he just sees God for what he truly is, and he's letting people believe that he's gone because he is. He now knows the truth that he'd rather die as the Devil than live as Matt Murdock.

In prison, Fisk eats an omelet in his cell and imagines cooking a gourmet meal in his apartment. When the prisoners jabber away in the background, Fisk yells at them to be quiet. His lawyer Benjamin Donovan and his partner Nicholas Lee come in and tell Fisk that his appeal is proceeding as discussed. He warns that Vanessa's return will be more complicated than anticipated because the federal government is charging her as an accessory. If she sets foot on U.S. soil then they'll prosecute. Fisk tells them to leave and once they do, he stares at the blank white wall.

In the basement, Matt tests his senses and confirms that he still hasn't recovered them. He trips and falls, Maggie comes in with a hot toddy and tells him to keep taking his antibiotics. Once Matt does so, Maggie tells him to give it time for his swelling to go down, and sarcastically says that he's a hero compared to the children in the orphanage. Matt tells her that she knows nothing about his life, but Maggie says that she knows self-pity. She relates how she saw Jack fight and always go down, but he never stayed down.

Matt tries to sleep and then gets up and goes the basin. He spits out blood and touches the mirror, and feels the vibrations of the E-Train passing by. Matt takes off his shoes and runs back and forth across the room, and then exercises. He makes a crude boxing bag and attacks it, but then twists his back. Ignoring the pain, Matt gets back up and continues punching the bag.

Maggie comes in and Matt tells her about the passing train. He can tell what food she brought him by smell. Later, Lathom and Maggie watch Matt and the priest says that he's not comfortable with Matt training to regain his physical prowess. Maggie figures that Matt needs them and the exercise is the only thing that's gotten him out of his bed, and tells Lathom to do it.

Later, Maggie provides Matt with wrappings for his fists. Lathom comes in with a parishioner, Edmund, to spar with Matt. Matt says that he can't wear his helmet because he needs to have his senses unimpeded. They spar and Edmund lands the first few blows. Matt hits him back and dodges Edmund's next few blows, then beats him until Lathom calls Matt off. Maggie tells Matt that she's impressed, and he says that something is off. They go at it again and Edmund hits Matt in the right ear. He loses his senses and Edmund knocks him down.

That night, Matt sits on his bed and Maggie tells him that Edmund got it worse. She tells Matt that he was incredible and puts the crucifix around his neck. She admits that she's been patient and kind with him. Maggie invites Mass to Mass, and he says maybe next time. Once she goes, Matt listens to the music from the Mass. He creates a makeshift costume and goes up on the roof, and listens until he hears two kidnappers. Daredevil attacks them, and one of them breaks his fingers until Daredevil knocks him away. They continue fighting and the kidnappers beat him as the victims drive away. Daredevil gets to his knees and the kidnappers prepare to kill him, but the police arrive and the kidnappers drive away. When the police get there, Daredevil has left.

At a house in the suburbs, Rahul "Ray" Nadeem is helping his wife Seema with their party. Seema explains that one of their cards bounced when she tried to pay for the food. Their son Sami comes in and Ray makes sandwiches for him. When the family gathers, Ray announces that his sister-in-law is cancer-free, and says that it hasn't been hard with the insurance company denying her payments. Ray's brother NIhar says that they couldn't have done it without him, and Ray says that all he did was write a few checks.

Later, Ray finds Sami outside. Sami says that he isn't hungry and complains that he could be at his friend's party and they have a bowling alley in their basement. Ray tells him that the pool is happening later that year. As Sami comes in, Seema comes out and says that she might be able to get another job. Ray refuses and insists that he'll fix everything.

The next day, Ray opens a secure box and takes out a loaded gun. He then goes to work at the FBI building in NYC and goes to see his boss, SA C Tammy Hattley. Ray asks to have his performance review moved up even though it isn't due for a month, and points out that his has been deferred twice. He accuses Tammy of denying him the advancement chances that he deserves and threatens to file a complaint. Tammy says that she has deferred his reviews because she's trying to protect him. She points out that his FICO score is low because he's in debt and vulnerable to payoff. Tammy understands his circumstances and says that he's a fine agent but she can't make it happen for him until he fixes his finances. She gives him a case file and says that Ray's number is up. Ray points out that they talk to the same guy every month and he gives them nothing, but Tammy insists.

Later, Ray drives to the prison and meets with Fisk. Ray says that the FBI would like Fisk's assistance, and then figures that they should cut to where Fisk says "No". Fisk asks if he has anyone in his life that he loves so much that he would protect him, and admits that he's made many mistakes. He refuses to accept that Vanessa should have to pay for his mistakes, and would do anything to protect her. Fisk tells Ray that he wants to make a deal.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2018

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