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No Good Deed Recap

Fisk goes to the shower, the monitor bracelet still on his ankle. He remembers what happened to him earlier:

The FBI take Fisk to an arrested broker's hotel penthouse. As they go in, Fisk's lawyers Benjamin and Nicholas come up and Fisk tells them to make sure that Vanessa is safe from the Albanians. The agents, including Dex, take Fisk up to the penthouse floor and Ray tells Dex to check in with the SAC and get back. Once Dex leaves, the other agents take Fisk to the penthouse and Ray says that Fisk is allowed no outside contact with anyone except his lawyers. Fisk points out that Ray almost got him killed, and Ray says that Fisk will make the dead agents' worth something.

Benjamin and Nicholas arrive, and Fisk goes out to meet them. He demands to know if Vanessa is safe, and Benjamin says that she's missing.

Karen meets with Mitchell , his brother Jason, and their aunt Lily. When Karen realizes that Mitchell is trying to set her up with Jason, she talks to Mitchell privately and says that she's not ready. Karen stays and chats with Jason about cats and dogs. The talk turns to siblings, and Karen says that she had a brother but he died. Mitchell takes a call from work and Karen gets a call about the attack on Fisk. As they leave, Mitchell says that Lily and Ben were close and someone in their office was working for him. The editor tells Karen to stay away from the story, figuring that she's biased against Karen, and leaves.

Foggy is sleeping on Marci's couch and he jerks awake. She 's next to him working on her brief, and figures that he was dreaming about Matt and says that he has nothing to feel guilty about. Foggy disagrees, saying that he has it all and Matt is gone. She suggests that he talk to someone about his grief, but Foggy tells her that he can't. As Foggy goes to get a sleeping pill, he checks his phone and sees an article about Fisk being out.

The next day, Matt goes to the building where they're keeping Fisk. Protestors are already out yelling to lock Fisk up. Matt imagines that Fisk is there, telling him that God knows that Matt tried to kill himself. God restored Matt's hearing just in time for Matt to learn in the long run that he won and Matt lost. Karen arrives and Fisk tells Matt that in the end, he'll kill Matt just like his father, Stick, and Elektra. He says that they all died because of Matt and disappears. Matt leaves and Karen catches a glimpse of him.

An officer directs Karen to Ray, who insists that Fisk is a cooperating witness but is treating as a prisoner. She asks why Fisk is living in a $20 million penthouse, and Ray directs her to the press area. Karen asks how it's justice, and Ray tells her that FBI agents lost their lives and she should write about that.

Matt walks to the rear entrance and hears agents entering the security code for the door to let delivery men in. He then gets into the back of a delivery truck, puts on a delivery man's jacket, and goes in entering the pass code. Once he's inside, Matt removes the jacket and uses his hearing to locate the agents on guard. "Fisk" appears to him and asks what Matt is going to do when he finds him. Matt figures that Fisk will manipulate the FBI, but Fisk says that he might become more valuable to the city than Matt ever was.

The real Fisk sits and stares at a blank white wall. Dex and Agent Lim are watching him, and Benjamin and Nicholas come in and tell them to turn the cameras off so that they can speak with their clients. Once the cameras are off, the lawyers tell Fisk that Vanessa is moved every 72 hours and is currently in a safehouse in Barcelona despite Fisk's instructions that she should be in Spain. Fisk tells them to call her bodyguard, Felix Manning, and have him put Vanessa somewhere safer and closer.

Foggy goes to Blake's office and finds him rehearsing a speech for his reelection. Once Blake is done, Foggy applauds and Blake gives him five minutes. Foggy says that he wants to provide his full support for the Fisk case, pro bono, and asks Blake to tag him in. Blake says that he already fought Fisk's house incarceration but there's nothing that he can do, and he's moving on and advises Foggy to do the same. Foggy asks if Blake would care more if he wasn't running for reelection, and reminds him that Fisk had Cardenas killed. Blake tells him to leave or he's calling security, and Foggy says that he's cancelling his donation check and leaves.

Matt follows Benjamin as he brings food up to the penthouse. When Matt sits down at the bar, "Fisk" appears next to him and tells him that there's only one way to stop him but Matt won't do it. He points out that since Matt refused to kill him, everyone who died and everyone who will die is on Matt. Fisk tells Matt that he can follow Benjamin to the real Fisk.

Matt goes to the elevator and Dex on guard asks to see his key. Fisk continues taunting Matt, saying that he can't kill himself much less Fisk. Matt backs down and leaves rather than take Dex out.

Ray goes to the hospital and finds one of the dead agents' wives sobbing in the hallway. He offers his condolences to the other agents' wives and goes over to Tammy. She assures Ray that no one blames him and that she agreed to let them move Fisk because it was the smart move. Tammy tells Ray that losses is what happens and tells him to hang on to all of the lives that they've saved. Andrews' wife comes out and she and Ray hug.

Lim brings Fisk food and leaves Dex to watch the prisoner. Fisk acknowledges that Dex saved his life and figures that it gives the dead agents' family comfort to hate him. He asks if Dex thinks otherwise, and Dex tells him to eat faster. Fisk says that he owes the agents a debt that he can never repay, but he also owes Dex and has never seen a talent like him. He asks where Dex acquired is shooting skills, and Dex takes the food and tells Fisk that he's done.

Later, Dex meets with Dr. Myman, who says that they have to talk so he can clear Dex for duty. Myman points out that Dex is still on duty instead of on administrative leave, and Dex says that if he wore a mask then he'd be a hero. The doctor asks what he's really feeling, and Dex tells him that it's hard. Myman notes that Dex has killed before in the line of duty, and Dex insists that he processes it with the help of his girlfriend Julie. Dex talks about their lives together and how he tells her everything, and Julie is just there for him. Myman clears Dex for duty but tells him to check in daily with him for a while and go see Julie.

When Benjamin gets into his car, Daredevil is in the back seat. He wraps a garrote around the lawyer's neck and asks what Fisk gets out of the deal. Benjamin finally says that Fisk turned to keep Vanessa safe, and Matt leaves. The lawyer yells for the FBI, claiming that Daredevil is an Albanian. Daredevil takes out two of the three agents, goes to the stairwell, and hears more agents coming. Another agent gets a drop on Daredevil, who gets close enough to take him out. The other agents arrive and open fire as Daredevil takes the third agent down, and Daredevil doubles back and takes them out as well. "Fisk" tells Daredevil to let the devil out, and Daredevil beats the last agent unconscious. The hallucination promises that he'll kill everyone that Daredevil loves and there's nothing that he can do about it.

At the newspaper, Karen is working on a story when Mitchell comes in and realizes that she's working on Fisk. He knows that she was at the hotel, and Karen says that there's a connection between Fisk and the former hotel owner, the Kazemis. The hotel is currently owned by a shell company represented by Benjamin's firm, and they recently bought it from Kazemi, and he was planning on buying it back. Karen figures the kidnapping attempt against Kazemi isn't coincidental. Mitchell closes the office door and has Karen lay out the story, and she asks for two days. Mitchell congratulates her on her work and says that he's giving it to another reporter, warning that it will compromise the paper. Karen says that she has to do something about it. and Mitchell gives in and walks out.

In the basement, Matt washes the blood off of his hands. Maggie comes in Matt asks her if she believes people can change. He says that they can't change their fundamental nature. Matt tells her that he's talking about Fisk, and as she tends to Matt's hands Matt figures that the FBI don't know Fisk like he does. Maggie says that love can redeem a monster and asks Matt what he's going to do, and he suggests that he might stop Fisk for good. She tells him to be careful not to become a monster himself.

Dex waits outside of the bar where Julie works and takes some pills. When she closes up, he watches her walk by and go to a nearby pizza place. Dex watches her through a telescope as she orders a slice and eats one himself.

Foggy goes to a bar to drink, and crumples up a Blake flyer on the counter. Matt appears next to him and assures his friend that it's real, and Foggy hugs him. They sit down and Matt says that he's leaving "Matt Murdock behind". He just came there to warn Foggy and Karen that Fisk is out and they're both in danger. Matt explains that he's going to bring Fisk down, but can only do it if he knows Foggy and Karen are safe. He tells Foggy to let him handle Fisk, and Foggy refuses. Matt says that he was wrong to become Foggy's friend and putting him in danger, and tells him that it's over. When Foggy says that there's something seriously wrong with Matt, Matt agrees and repeats his warning. Outside, Matt checks Foggy's wallet that he secretly pickpocket and leaves.

Fisk meets with Benjamin, who confirms that Daredevil attacked the agents.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2018

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