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Blindsided Recap

Fisk gets up for the day and Dex and Lim check his room and pat him down. Once they're done, Dex stares at Fisk for a moment and then declares all-clear. As he goes, Dex looks back and sees Fisk studying him.

Matt goes to his former apartment and lets himself in, and notices the bills on the end table. He gets a suit from the closet, puts it on, and leaves. On the street, Matt hails a cab.

Foggy tells Marci that Matt is alive and nervously checks to make sure the apartment door is locked. He complains about how Matt wants him to stick to the sidelines while he deals with Fisk, and tells Marci that he has no idea what it all leaves him. Marci tells him that they'll go on the offense and suggests that Foggy protect himself by running for DA and going out in the open. Foggy says that he can't win and Marci agrees, and suggests that he run as a write-in with a platform of putting Fisk away. He tells her that he won't let anything happen to her and Marci kisses him. Foggy realizes that his wallet is gone.

In the cab, Matt checks Foggy's wallet and takes out his bar card. He tells the driver to wait for him and then goes up to the prison entrance and tells the guard that he has an appointment with his client. Matt claims to have lost his wallet with his photo ID, and presents Foggy's bar card. The guard checks it and lets Matt in.

Matt meets with the firm's former client, Michael Kemp, and says that he and Foggy aren't working anymore. He asks Michael not to tell anyone that he's there and asks if he worked for the Albanian. Michael confirmed that he once did and Matt asks for an introduction to Vic Jusufi and explains that he wants to know why Fisk turned on the Albanians. The inmate advises Matt to let it go, and then punches Matt. As the guards take him out, Michael tells an Albanian prisoner that he said nothing. The guard tells Matt that he has to sign a liability report before he goes, and Matt follows him out.

Seema comes to see Ray with spare clothing and food. She says that Sami is in the car and she's taking him to stay with her sister. Seema explains that Sami waits up all night for Ray to come home and is scared that he's not going to come home. She admits that she's scared as well, and Ray assures his wife that nothing bad will happen to him. Seema says that the agents who died said the same thing, nothing is worth his promotion, and leaves.

A guard takes Matt to the infirmary past the prisoners in their cells.

At the paper, Karen works on her story and makes calls. Foggy comes in and Karen tells him about Fisk's financial dealings. She realizes from Foggy's reaction that Matt is alive. They go to Matt's apartment and Foggy says that a neighbor saw Matt come in. Foggy explains that he didn't see the real Matt and something was missing. He thinks that part of Matt was buried beneath Midland Circle and isn't coming back. Karen is furious that Matt let them think he was dead, and figures that Matt is abandoning them. She says that she's not going to wait for Matt to come to her senses and has to stop Fisk. As she goes, Karen sees Matt's discarded sunglasses on the dresser.

A doctor finally enters the infirmary, checks Matt, and Matt asks for the paperwork. The doctor tries to inject Matt with a syringe, and Matt stops him but not before the doctor jabs it into his hand. Matt knocks the man out and pulls the syringe out, and discovers that the door is locked. The phone rings and Matt finally answers it. It's Fisk, who says that he knows Matt isn't Foggy and that Matt threatening Vanessa can't be forgiven.

Fisk hangs up and the door unlocks. Matt walks out and finds three inmates waiting for him. They attack and he finally manages to defeat them. Matt walks out and two guards order him down on the floor. They prepare to beat him, and Matt fights back. He knocks them out and the alarms go off as a lockdown goes into effect. The prisoners start rioting, and another inmate attacks Matt and drags him into a supply room. Vic is waiting and asks why Fisk wants Mac dead. Matt realizes who he is and explains that Fisk hates him as much as he hates Vic's people. Vic says that his people didn't try to kill Fisk in the weight room, and that Fisk paid a lifer to attack him. Matt asks for the lifer's name, saying that he won't miss Fisk if Vic gets him out.

Vic has his men dress as guards, give Matt the lifer's name--Jasper Evans--and tells Matt to make good on his word or they'll come after him. The disguised inmates take Matt out through the meeting room. They fight their way past the inmates who are attacking the guards, get to more disguised Albanians, and they get Matt out of the prison through the tear gas. Matt gets to the waiting cab, tells the driver to drive, and collapses in the back seat.

Later, a hotel staffer brings Fisk's food to the penthouse. Dex and Lim check it and Dex takes a bite, and then two more agents take it to Fisk. The two agents watch on the monitors, smirking, as Fisk cuts away the eaten part with a spork and eats the rest. Tammy comes in with Ray and Agent Winn from OPR, and Winn tells Dex to get a cup of coffee. Ray goes after Dex and tells him not to sweat it, and explains that OPR wants a private interview with Fisk. He says that the OPR has launched an investigation into the motorcade attack and there was a slight discrepancy between Dex's report and the forensic analysis of the shooting. Ray thanks Dex for saving his life and goes back inside.

Foggy goes to a police union function and greets Detective Mahoney. Mahoney figures that Foggy needs a favor, and Foggy explains that Fisk's situation is a slap in the face to every officer there. He wants to say a few words and express his solidarity, and hopes that Mahoney will give him his support. Mahoney tells him to leave, and Foggy walks to the podium and gets the officers' attention. There not happy to see him there after he's sprung many of their arrests, and Mahoney says that Foggy is all right and they should give him one minute. Foggy says that he's there to talk about Blake and his deal with Fisk. He explains about his write-in campaign to put Fisk back in prison and wants their endorsement. The officers consider and then agree.

Karen walks home and sees three street thugs harassing a couple. The couple move on, and Karen walks over and tells them to get out of her way. When they don't, Karen draws a gun and two of them run off. The third one says that they were just having some fun, and Karen asks why he's still there. The thug runs off and Karen walks away.

Tammy and Ray leave Winn with Fisk and Tammy asks if Ray is having trouble at home. Ray says that he could use some advice and Tammy figures that Sami is having trouble with the shooting. She advises Ray not to talk to Sami about it because it'll freak the boy out. Tammy advises Ray to treat Sami like a snitch, keeping the boy safe. She talks about how her father parked tankers of chemical at home and she was scared until he explained how the safety system worked, even though he lied to her about it.

Karen goes to the home of FDIC Field Supervisor Tanya Mills and says that she wanted to talk to her earlier about Fisk's bank, Red Lion. She says that Fisk is laundering his money through Red Lion and she asks for a contact to get proof. Tanya tells her to check Felix Manning and orders Karen off of her property.

Dex goes back in, confirms that everyone is gone, and tells Lim to take a break. Once Lim leaves, Dex plays back the video of Winn and Tammy meeting with Fisk. Fisk covers for Dex's claim that he took down the Albanians after giving them a chance to surrender, in self-defense. On the playback, Fisk glances up at the camera, well-aware that Dex would watch it. Dex shuts off the CCTVs, goes in to see Fisk, and asks what his game is. He insists that he doesn't need any favors from Dex, and Fisk says that he sympathizes with him. He shows Dex an issue of the Bulletin with a headline about the FBI botching the transfer. Fisk says that Dex saved his life and the lives of FBI agents, but the paper isn't reporting that.

Fisk stands up and says that the world is changing, and the real heroes are ridiculed and dismissed. For that he offers his sympathy. Dex turns and walks out without a word.

Matt wakes up in the cab, and the cabbie jumps out the door. The back doors are locked, and the cab goes off a bridge and into the water below.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2018

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