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Haunted Recap

A waitress takes the garbage to the dumpster in the alley, and two men attack try to attack her. Sara drops down and kills them, but then grabs the waitress and speaks in an unknown tongue. A police car pulls up and Sara runs off.

Thea and Oliver meet with Alex Davis, Oliver's new political strategist that Walter recommended. Oliver wonders why he needs a political strategist, and Alex says that they need to look out for any skeletons that Oliver might have in his closet. Oliver is going to do a sit-down interview with reporter Bethany Snow, and Alex warns that she'll bring up the yacht disaster and Sara's death, and his involvement with Laurel. When Oliver says that he doesn't think the voters are worried about his past given the city's disintegration, and Alex warns that Oliver needs to distance himself from Laurel.

Five Years Ago

Conklin takes Oliver's car and takes him to where Reiter is beating a prisoner. The mercenary shows him Oliver's communication gear, and points out that two men are dead and drugs have gone missing. Oliver tells them the truth, and Reiter tells Conklin to focus on spies like the one he's beating. The man, John Constantine, insists that he wasn't spying, and Reiter punches him.


The waitress tells the police what Sara said, and Laurel talks to him in private. He figures Sara is responsible for the two deaths and three other men, and Laurel says that she's been looking for Sara ever since she disappeared. She reminds Quentin that he was going to kill Sara, and he admits that he's not proud of it, and Laurel goes off to find her.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity asks Curtis to do her a favor before he goes. He points out that he's a bronze medal decathlete, and Felicity tells him that there's something off about Ray's dying message. Intrigued, Curtis comes back and checks the flash drive, and they both hear a background signal. Curtis agrees to try and decipher it.

Damian summons Quentin and confirms that Quentin didn't kill Sara. He wants Quentin to plug a device into a Federal server farm outside of Star City. Damian assures Quentin that it won't destroy the city.

Oliver and Thea are sparring in the lair, and he comments that her technique has improved since she went to Nanda Parbat. He admits that bringing in Alex was a good call, and that his friendship with Laurel is complicated. Thea points out that Quentin and Laurel have been there, and it doesn't seem like he's united people by separating himself from the Lances. Felicity calls on the PA system and says that there's a blonde woman attacking people at a nightclub.

At the club, Sara is attacking a woman when Black Canary arrives and tackles Sara. She tries to get through to her, and Sara grabs Black Canary's nightclub. Green Arrow shoots it out of her hand, and stares in shock at Sara. She runs away as Green Arrow and Speedy stare in shock.

At the lair, Oliver demands answers from Laurel. He realizes that the Lazarus Pit is responsible and figures that the bloodlust is worst with Sara than Thea. Laurel says that Sara is changed and Oliver tells her that people are dying because of her poor judgment.

Five Years Ago

John introduces himself and Reiter says that he has a map on him. Oliver confirms that he recognizes the landmarks, and Reiter tells him to find what John was looking for and bring it back. When Conklin insists that they can't trust Oliver, Reiter tells him to go with Oliver. John starts muttering an incantation and then reveals that he's slipped his handcuffs. He knocks Conklin down, grabs his gun, and takes Oliver hostage. Reiter drops his gun and warns John that he won't escape. John takes Oliver out and shoots out the tires on the cars, and tells Oliver to take him to the place on the map.


Quentin comes to the lair and Oliver realizes that he's not okay. He shows him the device, which stores a remote access Trojan that will erase certain levels of data. Felicity tries to crack it, and Oliver suggests that Diggle go with him. Quentin meets with Diggle, who explains that HIVE his brother killed. He demands to know why Quentin is working with HIVE, and Quentin explains that Damian initially presented himself as a concerned citizen. Later, Damian blew up the fire chief at his cabin and then showed Quentin photos of Laurel. Diggle says that Quentin is going to help them take down HIVE.

At the loft, Felicity confirms that Sara has been killing skells but there's no connection between her victims. Oliver says that the world is more complicated than most people believe, and Felicity tells him about Ray's message. He admits that he hasn't gotten over the grief of losing Tommy or his parents, but warns that what is happening with Sara is just making everyone's pain worse. Felicity confirms that the two women that Sara attacked look like Thea.

Thea is at home and ignores Oliver's call. Sara bursts in and starts choking Thea, muttering in Arabic. They fight and Thea manages to slash her with a piece of broken glass. She runs to the stairs and goes down, and Sara comes after her. Thea manages to knock a door open and when Sara reaches it, assumes that Laurel went through it.

Thea gets to the hospital and Oliver and Felicity meet her there. She wakes up from anesthesia and tells them what happened, and knows that Sara is going through the same thing she did. Thea admits that she killed two guys in Nanda Parbat, and the deaths keep her bloodlust at bay. Laurel arrives and Oliver talks to her privately. He explains how Malcolm let Thea kill two people, and Laurel complains that he didn't tell her about Thea seven months ago. She figures he doesn't see her as an equal and never has, and would never have told her about using the Pit. Laurel apologizes about what happened to Thea, and wishes that Oliver would care about hers.

Five Years ago

Oliver drives to the spot on the map, and John says that Reiter is doing more than producing drugs. When Oliver points out that John is pointing a gun at him, John puts it away and says that he's on the side of the angels. They go to the spot and John casts a spell to reveal a trapdoor.


Diggle gets himself and Quentin into the server farm and Quentin plugs the device in while Diggle stands guard. The virus erases files on specific people.

At the hospital, Thea wakes up and finds Laurel at her side. Laurel apologizes for bringing Sara back without knowing how to control her, and Thea admits that she killed her. She warns that Sara is after her because of that, and will be okay once she kills her. Laurel insists that it's no cure at all.

Andrew's name comes up on the list of deleted people. The alarm goes off as Diggle tries to access the file. When Diggle refuses to go, Quentin knocks him unconscious as the security guards come in. he flashes his badge and says that he tracked a hacker there, and they buy his story. John recovers and they leave.

Sara sneaks into Thea's room and goes over to the sleeping girl.

In the hallway, Oliver finds Laurel there.

Thea wakes up and says that she knows why Laurel is there. She says that it's okay that Sara kill her. Sara starts choking her and knocks over an IV stand. Oliver and Laurel run in, and Sara leaps out the window.

Back at the lair, the group brings Thea in. Oliver says that all that is there is Sara's body, and the Pit didn't restore her soul. He figures that Sara and Thea are connected because they both emerged from the pit, and everyone agrees to support Thea's plan.

Five Years Ago

Jon says that the island is a nexus, and it drew Oliver there. There's a message saying that only the pure of heart can proceed, and John chains Oliver to the wall and says that he can't go on. In the next room, John finds a scepter. Oliver slips h is cuffs and comes in, and John pulls the scepter out. A spiked trap drops down and Oliver shoves John out of the way.


Quentin returns to Damian and tells him that he succeeded. He says that all of the names he erased were military, and wonders why he's erasing the file of a dead man like Andy. Damian admits that HIVE hired an assassin to kill Andy, who was a rival criminal in Afghanistan. When he ran up against HIVE, Damian had him killed.

At Verdant, Thea goes to the dance floor while everyone else hides in the rafters. Sara bursts in and attacks Thea, and the others move in. Diggle gets Thea out, and Black Canary draws a gun on Sara. Green Arrow shoots Sara with a tranq arrow, and tells Black Canary that they'll get Sara's soul back. He then calls John and reminds him that he owes him a favor…z and tells him to get to Star City.

When John arrives, he meets the team at the lair and explains that he needs to perform a restitutionem. He has a list of ingredients that he gives to Felicity, and Oliver brings the unconscious Sara in. Quentin arrives in response to Laurel's message, and John says that he only has enough power to send himself and two of them to the other realm and back. Thea offers but John warns that she's not bringing out the best in Sara. Oliver asks Laurel to trust him, and she takes his hand. John warns that whatever locked Sara's soul away won't give it back without a fight. He then casts the spell and the lights go out. The building shakes and Sara writhes in pain.

John, Oliver and Laurel find themselves in the other realm, with Oliver and Laurel in costume. Sara calls to Laurel, but she runs to the voice and finds herself back where they started. John casts a spell to guide them and they find a representation of the Pit. Two demonic assassins attack them and Oliver takes them out. Laurel pulls Sara out of the pit, and another robed figure comes in and draws his sword. John tells Oliver to help Laurel while he takes care of the figure, grabs a sword, and fights hi while trying to cast a spell. He finally immobilizes the feature and then runs it through, and they all return to the real world. Everyone turns to Laurel, who opens her eyes and stares around her. Laurel and Quentin go to hug her.

As John leaves, Oliver assures him that he'll be there for him anytime he needs him. John says that he can sense a mystical force and Oliver explains bout Damian. The sorcerer warns that Damian is far more dangerous than what they faced in the other realm. Once he leaves, Thea comes over and asks if they're okay. Oliver points out that she lied to him about Nanda Parbat, but admits that he's in no position to get mad at anyone for keeping secrets.

Five Years Ago

Outside, John explains that the scepter is the Orb of Horus, an ancient grimoire. He's going to hide it somewhere safe, and warns that Reiter is there for more than just narcotics. John suggests that Oliver come with him, but Oliver refuses to abandon the slaves. When Oliver says that he needs to go back with something, John breaks off the sphere and says that the power is in the handle. He etches a rune on his arm and then transfers it to Oliver's chest. John says that it's insurance against Reiter, and Oliver will know how to use it when the time comes. They shake hands and Oliver tells John to punch him in the face.


At his campaign office, Alex tells Oliver to stay in message. Laurel comes in and Oliver tells Alex that he's not going to abandon his friends. Thea, who has seen the entire thing, tells Oliver that she's very proud of him. Laurel comes in and says that Sara is resting, and thanks Oliver for what he did. He says that she was right about how he hasn't always been the best friend for her, and wants to start to be.

As Diggle watches Oliver's interview, Quentin comes over and tells him what Damian said about Andy. He gives Diggle the file that Damian gave him, and warns that it says things about Andy that Diggle didn't know. Diggle reads it and thanks Quentin, and says that he wanted to know why Andy was killed.

At Palmer Tech, Curtis is drinking energy drinks when Felicity comes in. He plays the rendering and they listen as Ray says that he's alive and in trouble.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 5, 2015

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