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The Longbow Hunters Recap

In his solitary cell in prison, Oliver exercises. Yorke comes in and tells him that his two days are over and there are some people who think that he's heroes. The guard says that they know better, and that he grew up with rich kids who thought they were entitled. Oliver says that his wife and son were attacked and he'll do anything to protect them.

Out on the yard, Stanley greets Oliver. He says that the Reaper got sent down to Level 2 and doesn't know anything about Diaz. Oliver tells him to keep to himself, but Stanley says that everyone is afraid of Oliver and because they're friends, people are afraid of Stanley. They figure that Brick is working for Diaz and Oliver says that they'll deal with him his way.

Felicity has wine with the others and Dinah says that Laurel is on protective detail. Curtis asks how they get to Diaz, and Felicity shows them a "DIGI Murder Board" that collects and analyzes data on Diaz and makes predictive guesses. The DIGI shows that Diaz has an electronic jammer, and they figure that Diaz has new friends that can get him the tech. Dinah assures Felicity that they all have her back, and Rene suggests that they turn to the new Green Arrow. Felicity insists that there's only one Arrow and he's in prison, and Curtis proposes a toast to friends and to bringing Diaz to justice.


An adult William sits with Roy on Lian Yu. William says that Felicity and Oliver left him, and Roy says that they were real jerks. After William explains about the hosen beeping at him and finding GPS coordinates, Roy wonders why Felicity would send him there. The younger man figures that it's a cruel joke since the last time he was there, his mother died. Roy tells him to throw the hosen into the ocean and never look back, and walks away.


A woman, Red Dart, enters a building and ask for Global Solutions, pretending to be a job applicant. Red Dart She secretly shorts out the monitors with a jammer, bumps into a man coming out of the elevator, and takes his fingerprint. A guard confronts her and a man, Kodiak, kills him from behind with his spiked shield. They use the fingerprint to enter a safe deposit room, and kill the guards when they come in. Before Kodiak can kill the last guard, Silencer comes up and kills the guard from behind. She hands Red Dart a key and they open a box and remove a small battery. The three of them go out past the guard, who is unaware that anything is wrong.

That afternoon at ARGUS, Diggle tells his agents that the battery was stolen.

Felicity tells Curtis that the battery was high-density and renewable, and has enough to power the city. The thieves used the same jammer that Diaz used to breach her security, and Felicity figures that it's no coincidence. Curtis identifies the weapons as belonging to the Longbow Hunters.

Diggle tells his agents that Diaz hired the three assassins, the Longbow Hunters, and they need to find them and shut them. Afterward, Deputy Director Bell approaches Diggle and warns that ARGUS isn't chartered for personal operations. He says that the priority is recovering the tech and leaves.

Felicity meets with Diggle and asks to help with the investigation. She figures that they can trace the Hunters to Diaz and says that she did nothing. Diggle insists that ARGUS has its protocols and she needs to trust him.

At City Hall, Dinah approaches Laurel and complains that she ditched her protective detail. Laurel claims that they had food poisoning, but Dinah knows that Laurel hit them with sonic scream. Dinah says that the Hunters are in Star City and Diaz won't be far behind. She asks Laurel to let her officers protect him, and says that it's what Quentin would have wanted. Laurel says that she can protect herself, and Dinah sits down in her office to watch her and insists the SCPD will keep Laurel safe.

Oliver approaches Brick and demands to know where Diaz is. Turner and Sampson warn Oliver to back off, and Brick tells Oliver that he's forgotten where he is. He says that Oliver has to prove himself worthy of his friendship, and Oliver asks what he wants. Brick tells him that he wants Yorke gone, and once Oliver disposes of him then Brick will tell him what he wants to know. Oliver agrees and Brick warns him that if he says anything to anyone, the deal is off.

Curtis finds Felicity hacking Interpol from inside ARGUS, and warns that he could get fired. She refuses to wait for ARGUS, pointing out that Diaz found her anyway, and Curtis suggests that they use other means to find Diaz. They trace the power surge on the city's grid and find a spike in Pennytown an hour ago. Felicity says that she's going to use one of Curtis' T-Spheres, and Curtis says that he knows a guy that might back him up.

Rene joins Curtis and Felicity at Pennytown, and says that they should have gone after Diaz in the first place. Curtis scans the building and Felicity goes in to apply a tracker. Rene and Curtis follow her in, and she sets off an alarm. Diggle and his squad come in, guns drawn, and Felicity tells him not to shoot. Felicity points out that they wouldn't have had to go behind his back if he'd let her in on the investigations. Diggle explains that the battery is a weapon: ARGUS developed an adapter that lets them use the battery to create a directed energy weapon. He points out that Felicity's stunt blew their possible lead.

Oliver and Stanley study Yorke from a distance, and Oliver figures that they need to get leverage on him. He says that they need a computer, and Oliver and Stanley manage to blow out the lines and slip away to the computers. Oliver uses what he's learned from Felicity to access the Internet and bring up Yorke's record. Yorke has been there for 12 years and has no disciplinary record. The guard has a wife and kid, and Oliver and Stanley go back to the prisoner line.


William wakes up and hears Roy shooting arrows. When William finds him, he says that Roy is with Thea and two of them were leaving somewhere together. Roy refuses to discuss it, and William says that the hosen is about reconnecting and it led William to Roy. After a moment, Roy says that he knows exactly what it is.


Laurel goes out for coffee. When she comes back, she discovers that Laurel has slipped away.

Curtis repairs the laptop and compiles a list of weapons that could use the battery. Felicity comes in and complains that Diggle blocked her computer. He says that it's not a Team Arrow operation, and Felicity says that bringing down Diaz is the only way to get her family back. Diggle tells her that their old lives are over and taking down Diaz won't change that. He says that Oliver is gone and won't be coming back for a long time, and Felicity needs to accept that. Felicity won't and can't understand that Diggle has moved on. She promises to stop Diaz no matter what it takes, even if she does it alone.

Oliver is on the yard exercising, and Stanley suggests that they blackmail Yorke. Brick, Turner, and Sampson come out and Oliver tells Brick that Yorke is clean. Turner suggests that Oliver kill him, and Brick tells Oliver to use Turner's shank to kill Yorke he will. Oliver takes the shank and walks away.

Later, Yorke searches Oliver's cell for contraband while Oliver waits outside. Oliver tells Yorke that someone inside there wants him dead, and advises Yorke to do whatever he has to that day. Yorke says that he doesn't need Oliver's help. When Oliver says that he wants to do the right thing, Yorke tells him that he turned the law into a joke and maybe all he did was make things worse. He shoves Oliver back into the cell and closes the door.

Diggle approaches Felicity and says that he understands why she's angry at him. He tells her that he hasn't forgotten Oliver, Felicity, or the team, and explains that Oliver and his family lost everything important because of the hood. Diggle couldn't put it on because he couldn't sacrifice his own family. Felicity respects that he wants to keep fighting, but notes that as long as Diaz is at large, Oliver's sacrifice was for nothing. Curtis comes in and shows Diggle the train schematics that he found on the laptop. One of the weapons is being shipped out of Star City by train. Felicity offers her help ad agrees to do things the ARGUS way.

Dinah follows Laurel trail to a building in the Quadrant that Diaz bought to renovate into his HQ. Laurel insists that it's her fight, and Dinah realizes that Laurel plans to kill him. Dinah says that they should take Diaz down the right thing, but Laurel tells her that she wants to send Diaz to Hell herself. The other woman figures that she's still the lying murderer that killed the man she loved. Laurel says that she's not that person, but someone needs to get justice for Quentin and goes inside. After a moment, Dinah goes in after her.

Diggle gets his team into position on the tracks and Felicity provides Overwatch coordination. The ARGUS team boards the train and Felicity hacks the train computer and locates the weapon.

Laurel and Dinah search the building.

Curtis is with Felicity, and they spot two of the Hunters ahead. The third one is above them, just as Kodiak drops in through the roof. He takes out the agents, shrugs off Diggle's blows, and cuts his rifle in half. Diggle orders his remaining men to retreat to the weapon.

Laurel turns to confront Red Dart, who shrugs off her sonic blast using her sonic dampener and attacks her.

Red Dart fires off a gas grenade and seals the compartment, trapping Diggle and his men inside. As Diggle passes out, Diaz taps on the window and then runs off. Felicity hears Diggle says that Diaz is there, then opens the sealed door and Diggle goes to get the weapon.

Dinah arrives as Silencer takes Laurel down. The two of them combine their sonic screams, breaking Silencer's dampener and knocking her back. She runs off and Laurel admits that she has no idea how Silencer negates their sonic screams.

Diggle gets the drop on Diaz on a flatcar and tells him to freeze. Diaz turns ad fires a portable flamethrower, and Diggle grabs Kodiak's shield and uses it to block the flames. He then charges forward and manages to throw a knife into Diaz's shoulder, then tackles him. They fight and Diaz drops the battery. Diggle grabs it and tells Felicity to decouple the flatcar. Felicity doesn't want to let Diaz escape, and Curtis does it. Diggle leaps across to the next car as the flatcar drops behind with Diaz and the two Hunters on it.

When Diggle returns to ARGUS, Felicity tells him that she thought she could do it his way but then she saw Diaz. Diggle says that he understands, and Felicity admits that she was wrong before and Diggle is honoring Oliver's mission. However, she won't rest until her family is safe, which means that she needs to work with someone whose focus is bringing down Diaz. Curtis joins Felicity and she tells him that she's going to find help somewhere else.

Brick approaches Oliver and says that their deal is about to expire. Oliver says that he's going to take care of Yorke .


Roy tells William that he found a fifth grave when he arrived on the island. The two of them dig and uncover the fifth body. Oliver's bow and arrow are inside, and Roy removes a note in the handle... and burns it. He then tells William that they're going back to Star City.


At the station, Laurel visits Dinah at her desk. She thanks her for the backup and says that she'll be accepting protection from the SCPD. As she goes, Laurel tells her that she had forgotten what it felt like to have someone who cared about her like Quentin did. She apologizes for Vinny's death, and hopes one day that Dinah will see that she's no longer that person.

In the mess hall, Oliver tells Stanley that his way isn't working and he has no choice. He goes over to Yorke, picks a fight, and mentions his wife and son Jenna and Noah. Oliver than stabs himself with the shank, falls to the floor, and says that Yorke stabbed him. The other guards take Yorke away, and brick watches and nods in satisfaction to Oliver.

Felicity meets with Watson and tells her that it's time for her to hold up their bargain and they're going to take down Diaz together.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 23, 2018

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