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The Virgin Gary Recap

The Beatles arrive at JFK in 1964 and the Legends are undercover among the crowd to protect history. Paul reverse arrives and warns that the British are coming, and Mick goes over and punches him in the face. Nate goes back to 1775 to ring the alarm, posing as Revere.

Later on Waverider, Sara finds the team sitting around, depressed. They're bored with the fact that they've spent four months returning displaced people to their proper times. Nate wonders where the mysterious monsters Constantine described are hiding, and the team would rather be fighting monsters. Sara says that Constantine was wrong and they're finally heroes. Ava calls to tell the Legends to report to the Time Bureau immediately at the Bureau's HQ.

Waverider arrives in DC in 2018 and Gary greets them. Sara and Mick threaten him until he tells them why Ava sent for them. He leads them into the room where all of the agents greet them with a surprise party. Ava presents them with medals for fixing the final anachronism, and explains that Revere was the final crack in the timeline. Mick heads for the open bar, and Sara asks Ava for a tour of the HQ.

Ray finds a wanted poster of Nora, and Zari sarcastically comments on her escape. Her teammate hesitantly suggests that someone must have given her Damien's time stone and Nora is turning over a new leaf on life, and Zari says that the someone who helped Nora must have had a really big heart to give her a second chance.

Ava and Sara end up in bed, and Sara finally says that she has to go back to Waverider. The agent says that she was hoping that Sara would spend more time with her in 2018, and it would be fun to come home to Sara. Ava then apologizes, and Sara tells her that she's ready to take the next step, to be a partially kept woman. Sara goes to get a bottle of champagne, and Constantine appears from the shadows. He says that the darkness is rising and explains that Mallus isn't the only prisoner who hasn't escaped. Constantine says that she should get ready for the fight that's coming, and figures that she's not meant to be a kept woman. Sara tells him to go, and Constantine casts knuckle bones and explains that they detect beings not belonging to their world. Sara points out that the Legends found nothing.

Ava comes out and asks what's going on, and Sara says that Constantine came to tell her about an exorcism and ushers him out the door. Sara says that it's their apartment and Ava kisses her before going back to the bedroom. The knucklebones form into a pattern and Sara sees them and curses.

At the party, Mick is drinking and Nate figures that the Bureau will retire them. Gary comes over and tells them that he has to take the medals back to keep them secret. Mick suggests that he and Nate find some action. They go outside and Mick breaks into a car, and tells Nate that they're going to rob a house. Nate figure that he knows just the neighborhood and when they get there, he finds the spare key. They go inside and start robbing the place, but the husband draws a shotgun on them. When he starts to call the police his wife dorothy stops him and hugs Nate, calling him by name. Nate tells Mick that the couple is his parents and tells Mick to hand over the candlestick that he stole. Dorothy says that her husband Henry just took a job at the Pentagon and offers to fix them all sandwiches.

Sara goes back to the party, wakes up Gary, and tells him that there's a monster loose in history. She has him do a scan but Gary finds nothing. Sara figures that there might be a monster hiding at Woodstock in 1969, steals Gary's time courier, and heads for Waverider.

Zari finds Ray dressed up for 1969 and leaving. She demands answers and he explains that someone pulled up unusual activity in 1969, and if it's Nora then the Time Bureau finds her then she'll tell them Ray let her escape. Zari insists on going with him and Ray agrees.

At Woodstock, the hippies are partying and one of them gives Ray and Zari fliers to end the war in Vietnam. Ray uses his old Boy Scout compass to locate the anachronism's epicenter. There's no sign of Nora, but there is a puddle of multi-colored goo. More of it drops down from a hippie corpse in the tree above, with a hole where its heart was.

Nate and Mick have sandwiches with Dorothy and Henry, and Mick eats a lot of sandwiches. Henry is not amused, and complains that Nate hasn't called them in two years. Nate says that he's been taking history stuff, and Henry never took it seriously. Henry snaps at him that historical reconstruction isn't a real profession, and then asks if Nate wants his money. Nate says that he doesn't know why he's there, and Henry talks about how hippies were slaughter at the '69 Woodstock Massacre. Realizing that there's something wrong with history, Nate and Mick quickly leave.

Ray and Zari check the crowd looking for Nora. Sara joins them and talks to them over the earbuds, and then Nate finds all of them. Nate explains that reports from survivors indicated that grisly massacres led to a stampede when 400,000 people trying to escape the festival at once. Sara figures that they're in the clear because the Time Bureau let Nora escape, unaware of what Ray did.

The Legends find Mick preparing to flame a unicorn. The others stop him, and the hippies all stare at the glowing unicorn in awe. It goes over to a woman, impales her in the chest. As it eats her heart, the hippies run and Mick shoots it. The unicorn resists the flame, and it fires a burst of rainbow energy goo and glitter at them. Sara figures that they can fix it before the Time Bureau finds out about it, and doesn't want Ava to know that there's a new problem with history that they created. She tells the others to find the unicorn while she goes after Constantine.

Sara goes to a hotel in 2018 and finds Constantine there. He says that he's got a threesome with contortionists, but Sara tells him that he was right. Sara explains that the unicorn has already gored two hippies, and Constantine asks if any of her team were musked by the peace. When Sara says that they were, Constantine warns that they're in for a hell of a ride.

The Legends clean the goo off of them, and Mick asks Nate what the problem. Nate says that Henry was emotionally unavailable to him when he grew up, and Mick isn't impressed. As they talk, Nate sees Mick as Henry and starts arguing with him. Mick sees Nate as Axl the rat, and they express their love for who they think the other is.

Zari and Ray wander through the woods, and Zari admires her hand glowing with wood. She figures that Ray likes Nora, and Ray insists that he doesn't love her. Ray then hallucinates seeing Nora.

Constantine and Sara arrive and Constantine realizes that Sara didn't tell Ava about the Legends' new screw-up. Sara says that Ava invited her to move in and doesn't want to rock the boat. Constantine tells her that they're alike and advises her to end it with Ava before it's too late. Sara says that she's not willing to turn her back on life and says that Constantine is doing it, and tells him that he needs to be part of the team. Constantine sees the team rolling on the ground and hugging trees.

Back on Waverider, Constantine shows Sara King Solomon's original grimoire. He figures that there's a spell to defeat the unicorn in it. The others recover and Constantine explains that the unicorn sprays a hallucinogen to neuter its prey. He says that he needs the ingredients for the spell, including saliva from a nine-fingered man. Nate points out that Jerry Garcia is missing one finger.

Nate approaches Jerry and asks for a hit from his doobie. He grabs it and runs.

Mick steals the "protection stone of a powerful shaman" from Jimi Hendrix.

The Atom takes a lock of hair from a doomed woman, Janis Joplin.

The final ingredient is a virgin. Constantine knows one, and they get Gary from the Time Bureau. They give him a pomegranate to lure in the unicorn, and Sara assures Gary that they wouldn't put an interim Legend in jeopardy. Constantine assures Gary that he's not a virgin, and Gary calls the unicorn. While they watch, Sara figures that Constantine likes working with a team.

The unicorn arrives and comes over to Gary. Gary sees the blood on its horn, and Constantine prepares the spell. The unicorn sniffs at Gary and snarls, and turns into a hell beast. Constantine finishes the spell and creates a portal to send the unicorn away. It grabs Gary as it's pulled into the portal, and Sara runs out and grabs Gary's other arm. Ray and Zari help her, and Sara finally cuts the unicorn with a knife, breaking its grip. The unicorn bites Gary's nipple off before it's sent to Hell, and Constantine suggests that they get a beer and discuss Gary's virgin situation.

Later, Nate goes home and tells Henry that he decided to stay in town a couple of other days. He suggests that they have a beer together. Henry says that they don't do that, and Nate tells him that maybe they should start. After a moment, Henry invites Nate inside.

On Waverider, Zari finds Ray. He says that he felt a spark when he touched Nora's hand. Zari tells him that Nora is beautiful and dangerous like a unicorn, and will eat Ray alive. He figures that they're both doomed, and Zari takes Ray to a park. Zari's younger self is on a swing with her mother, and Zari says that it would be easier to change the future and tell her mother to get out of the U.S. before the government betrays her. She knows that there's no loophole but she feels guilty about doing nothing.

Sara returns to Ava's apartment and finally tells Ava that the Legends accidentally released magical monsters into the world. Ava says that she knows because Gary told her, and assures her that she'll love Sara no matter what. She tells Sara that she's a damned fine Captain faced with extraordinary circumstances. Sara kisses her and then asks if the two of them think that right now is not the best time for her to move in. She says that she needs to be out there with her team. Ava understands but asks that their relationship continue evolving, and Sara agrees.

Later, Sara visits a drunken Constantine in his apartment and finds him sitting in the dark. He immediately refuses to join the Legends, and Sara wonders why he's more miserable than the last time they met. Constantine merely says that he won't move in with them, and Sara walks out. He takes a shower and continues drinking, and the lights flicker and a creature snarls from the darkness. Constantine dares the creature to come out, and something invisible throws him across the room and twists him around. Writing appears on Constantine's mirror in blood, saying "I'm coming for you, John."

Written by Gadfly on Oct 23, 2018

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