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The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry Recap

The police bring in a girl to the hospital in convulsions from Green Light. The girl breaks free, attacks the cops, and runs out. The police surround her and order to surrender, and the girl says that she has to get home and lifts a dumpster into the air. One of the cops tries to calm her down, asking her to come home, but the girl says that she can't and throws the dumpster. Black Lightning blasts it out of the air and asks the girl why she needs to get home. He asks her to let him help her, and when she takes his hand he shocks her unconscious and carries her away.

Later at the shop, Peter tells Jeff that there isn't a camera that captured Tobias or Syonide on film at Garfield. The tailor warns Jeff that the police haven't been able to find Tobias in 30 years. Jeff figures that Khalil is their best lead and hopes he can reach the boy that he once knew. Peter asks for one of Painkiller's darts to develop an antidote.

Tobias interrupts Khalil playing video games and points out that he was focused just like Syonide used to be. He has Khalil run him through the pickup schedule for protection money, gives him a piece of paper, and set it on fire. When Khalil instinctively drops it, Tobias says that he didn't tell him to let it go. Tobias gives him another piece of paper and sets it on fire as Khalil recites the schedule but then drops the paper. His boss has him repeat the exercise again, and then again. Khalil drops the blaming paper a third time, and Tobias tells him that with Syonide gone Khalil is going to have to man up and walks away.

The news reports on the potential shut down of Reverend Holt's free clinic. Vladislav Zlovac is leading a redevelopment project and has bought all of the other properties on the block. The clinic has two weeks to find a way to remain open. Anissa and Jennifer are watching the news, and Jennifer fids a photo of Anissa and Zoe together on social media. Jennifer asks if her sister has heard what the parents are planning to do about her. Anissa says that she hasn't, and Jennifer shocks her with a touch and says that Anissa needs to get into a real relationship. She warns that Zoe is a bad look for Anissa.

Lynn asks Odell if he could have the government pressure a reputable scientist to work for the project. Odell says that they prefer Dr. Helga Jace, who has her experience despite her reputation for experimentation. When Lynn objects, Odell says that he's not trying to sabotage her efforts and if he was, she'd have failed. Lynn warns him that when the kids die it's on his head, and he reminds her that she stole the job so it's on her. He tells her that he's going to set up a meeting for her to convince Jace to join the project.

At Garfield, Jeff walks down the hallway and finds workmen setting up metal detectors. He goes to his office and finds the new principal, Lowry, on the phone. Once Lowry finishes his call, Jeff introduces himself and offers to show Lowry around the school. Lowry hopes that Jeff's meeting with the students went will, and Lowry says that the metal detectors are necessary and tells Jeff to meet with him in an hour.

As Jennifer walks down the street, a woman stops are stares at him. Jennifer notices and asks if she can help her, and the woman says that she's there to meet Jennifer. She introduces herself as Perenna and offers her hand. When Jennifer shakes it, she finds herself with Perenna in a white room and tells Perenna to take her back as her powers flare out of control.

That night, Jennifer complains that her parents set up the meeting with Perenna. Lynn says that Peter suggested Perenna because of her special powers, and Jeff apologizes to Jennifer for springing it on her. He says that it's all his fault and hugs her, and tells his daughter that it's not the life he wanted for her.

Bill is called to where the charred remains of Summers' car has been discovered along with the police detective's body. An officer, Roman Hicks, briefs him on how they found the car and matched it to the unmarked car assigned to Summers. Bill tells him that it's a professional torch job which means that Summers was probably doing bad things.

Helga is brought in wearing chains to the room where Lynn is waiting. Lynn says that she wants to include Jace on a team working to save the Green Light Babies. Odell is watching from the observation gallery as Lynn recites how Helga experimented on eleven patients and the process cost them their feat. Hela says that she has her mind even if she doesn't have her lab, and Lynn says that in return for Helga's help, she'll facilitate visits with her son. After a moment, Helga says that ten patients lost their feet and the eleventh one died.

Holt goes to his office and the masked Anissa comes in. She says that she's there to give him money, and he should use some of it to save the clinic. Holt says that the money wasn’t' enough, and Anissa asks how much money Holt needs. He quotes a price of $300,000, and asks if he can pray for her. Holt does so and asks God to keep everyone safe. Anissa says amen and leaves.

Khalil brings a bag of the money to Tobias, and says that Rion was at his house with a chicken-head. Tobias says that Negroes want father figures, and tells Khalil to nip the problems with Rion in the bud. after a moment, Khalil leaves.

Jeff is in his old office packing his things. He looks around for a moment and then leaves.

At a club, Anissa finds Grace tending bar and tries to talk to her. She apologizes that she dropped off at Zoe's without a conversation, but says that they didn't have a relationship. Grace says that she was seeing plenty of people and it's none of Anissa's business, and Anissa sys that she takes her work seriously but can take other things seriously as well. Grace smiles at her and Anissa smiles back.

Bill arrives at Jeff's house and the two of them talk on the porch. He needs Black Lightning to talk to the one man who could have done the torch job on the car because his livelihood depends on him not talking to cops. Jeff asks if Bill is cool with the vigilante thing, and says that he lost his job because he apparently abandoned his students and the school. Bill says that he's sorry to hear that and starts to walk off. Jeff tells him that at some point they need to talk out the situation with his secret identity, and Bill walks away.

Khalil goes looking for Rion at a bar, and the owner Romel tells him that he was in a wheelchair and before that, a track star. When Romel says that Khalil is Tobias' bitch, Khalil grabs him by the throat, lifts him into the air, and says that he's nobody's bitch. Rion comes through and runs upstairs when he sees Khalil. Khalil shoots him with a dart and Rion falls over the balcony to his death. As the bar customers look on patron walks out of the bar.

The next day, Jennifer meets with Perenna in the park and says that Jeff convinced her to change her mind. Perenna touches her arm and they appear in a beauty salon. The older woman says that it's a place in Jennifer's mind that one day will let her control her powers. She explains that people have come there to laugh, cry, and be safe from the world, and says that she just wants Jennifer to be comfortable. Perenna tells Jennifer that she's doing better than most and they're going to practice controlling Jennifer's powers. She manifests a gold box to put her feelings in and they begin.

Later, Jennifer returns home and tells Jeff that it went well.

Lynn shows Helga around the room where the pods are stored, and when Helga crosses a line the electric implant on her ankle disables her and she collapses, while the alarms go off. Lynn explains the process and how the guards will shoot her. When Helga says that it's not the Hippocratic Oath, Lynn tells her that if she endangers the children then she'll have her thrown in a hole.

Anissa meets with Peter and they discuss Zlovac's money-laundering. Peter confirms that Zlovac doesn't have the money to buy the clinic yet, and Anissa prepares to leave. The tailor says that he wo' tell Jeff until afterward, but he'll tell her if she does anything stupid.

Black Lightning visits the torch artist, Steven Conners. Conners opens fire on him with a flame thrower, and Black Lightning magnetically levitates a propane tank between them and tells Conners to drop it. When Conners does so, Black Lightning takes him down and asks who hired him. Conners finally said that some guy with bracelets on his arms snuck up on him in an alley and paid him to the job. Recognizing Khalil, Black Lightning advises Conners to find another line of work and leaves.

Later, Black Lightning meets with Bill and tells him what he found. Bill knows about Rion's death, and Black Lighting wonders why Tobias is risking antagonizing Bill after 30 years, but Bill doesn't care and walks off.

The next morning, Black Lighting pays a visit to Khalil's mother Nichelle. She claims that she doesn't know where Khalil is, but Black Lightning says that he knows Khalil loves her and came to give her money. Nichelle says that Khalil got himself into something and there's no way out, but Black Lightning says that as long as he's alive he has hope. He tells Nichelle to Khalil and have him meet with Black Lightning.

As Tobias puts the money away, Nichelle calls Khalil. He goes to meet with Black Lightning, who warns that Khalil is no match for Tobias. Khalil points out that if Thunder hadn't shown up at Garfield, Tobias would have killed Black Lightning. When Khalil tells Black Lightning to stay away from him or he'll kill everyone he loves, Black Lighting slams him to the ground with an electricity rope. Khalil recovers and fires a dart, and Black Lightning catches it in an electrical sphere and watches as Khalil runs away.

Tobias goes to a mausoleum and places a candle for his sister. Bill and his SWAT team arrive and order Tobias to surrender. Tobias surrenders and Bill says that someone dropped a dime on him, and arrests him for Alvin's murder.

A masked Anissa and Peter go after Zlovac and Peter warns her that it's not a good idea to go down into the warehouse where Zlovac is receiving the money. Anissa jumps down and attacks the men while Peter provides cover fire. She grabs the money and runs off, takes it to Holt's church, and puts it on his desk.

Back at his apartment, Peter hears someone in the hallway. He goes out, carrying a gun, and finds Kara dead on the floor.

Jennifer meets with Perenna, and Perenna tells her that the need to know what Jennifer's feeling are before they seal them away. They hold hands and Perenna sees Jennifer's self-image of her exploding with energy.

Bill arrives at Jeff's house and tells him that they caught Tobias.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 24, 2018

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