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Origins Recap

Kory watches from a car down the street as the Nuclear Family bring Rachel out to their car and drive off. She checks to make sure that Rachel matches the photo that Kory has of her.

Two Days Earlier

Kory breaks into the Roth home in Traverse City and looks at Melissa' bloodstains. She confirms that the photos of Rachel on the wall match the photo that she has of her, and checks Rachel's room. Kory finds a loose floorboard and a box beneath it with photos of Melissa holding a baby Rachel at a convent, St. Paul's. An armed police officer arrives and Kory greets him, claiming that she's an FBI agent. She takes out what she claims is an ID, drops it on the floor, and knocks the officer over the stairway balcony. Two more officers are in the kitchen and hear the noise, and Kory takes them out.


Kory follows the Family.

The next day in Coolville, OH, the Family stop at a gas station. When Mother, Brother, and Sister go inside, Father knocks on the restroom door where Rachel went. She's unable to get out the locked window, and her demon self in the mirror asks her who will help her.

Kory parks nearby and walks over to Father. She blasts him through the restroom door and walks inside, and asks Rachel who she is. Rachel tells her that she doesn't know, and Kory orders Rachel to come with her.

A minute later, the other three Family members arrive and find Father's charred corpse.

Dawn is in the hospital on life support, and Hank sits at her side. Dick is in the hallway watching.

Gotham City, 15 Years Ago

A social service worker, Becky, visits a young Dick in her office and says that Bruce Wayne has volunteered to be Dick's foster parents. She then says that the police suspect that his parents' deaths weren't an accident.

Later, Dick goes to Wayne Manor and to his new room. He looks at the clothes purchase for him, then grabs his bag and starts to leave. Dick hears Bruce and Alfred down below, and goes out the window, jumping to a nearby tree. He swings down and runs off, unaware that Bruce is watching him from the window.


Hank sees Dick and comes over, and asks who attacked them and why they want Rachel. Dick tells Hank to take care of Dawn and promises that he'll find the Family. Hank goes back inside, and Perez calls Dick and tells him that Forensics came back on Melissa's murder. There were fingerprints there that don't match Rachel's, and the police reported that there was an intruder in the house. BOLO has found surveillance footage of her at a gas station leaving with Rachel. Perez tells Dick that Amy is murdered.

Kory drives down the highway with Rachel, and Kory confirms that Rachel doesn't remember ever meeting her. Rachel touches Kory but can't feel anything from her, and asks who she is. Kory says that she doesn't know and asks who the Family is. Rachel doesn't know, and Kory explains that she doesn't know anything about her past life, including why she was looking for Rachel. Finding Rachel hasn't triggered any memories. She gives Rachel the photo from the house, and says that they're going to St. Paul's. Rachel asks how she burned Father, and Kory says that there's something inside of her that she doesn't understand.

The two women stop at a diner and Kory looks around to make sure that it's safe. The waitress, Sharon, comes over and takes Rachel's order. Three men come in and their leader, Travis, grabs Sharon. He says that Sharon needs to answer his calls, and Kory interrupts to tell Travis to leave their waitress alone. Travis tells her to find somewhere else to eat. Kory tells Rachel to go, and Rachel goes out to the car. She then attacks Travis and his men, beating them while Rachel watches through the window. Kory stabs one man in the hand with a fork when he tries to punch her, and Sharon gives her Rachel's food to go and smiles her thanks. Once Kory gets in the car, Rachel tells her that she's a total bad-ass and Kory smiles.

Dick drives through the countryside in his Porsche and remembers the past.

15 Years Ago

Becky tells Dick that the thing about running away is that it's never about running away. She says that it's about power and Dick feels powerless. Becky says that he can handle what he's going through if he lets other people help him, and tells Dick that Bruce wants to give him a home and a chance. She asks Dick to give it another chance.

Dick returns to the manor and looks at the paintings of the Wayne family, and then goes to the garage. He finds a Porsche and drives it out into city, and police cars chase after him when he speeds. Smiling, Dick pulls ay from them.


Dick arrives at the gas station and sees the destruction that Kory caused. The techs take Father's corpse away, and Dick downloads the security footage. Back in his car, he watches the footage and sees Kory leave with Rachel. Dick zooms the video and gets the car's license plate and traces it to St. Paul's.

In Covington, OH, Kory and Rachel arrive at St. Paul's and ring the bell. Sister Catherine recognizes Kory and says that she's back, and recognizes Rachel as well, and says that it's been a long time. They go inside and Catherine explains that Kory came there a year ago and said that Rachel was in danger and that "they" had found her. Catherine doesn't know who "they are, and says that Rachel and Melissa stayed with for a while. The nun says that Melissa was trying to protect Rachel but can't say from who. Rachel thinks that she recognizes a painting of Mary confronting the divine, and Catherine asks if Rachel see a man. The girl says that she's not sure, and takes them to Rachel's old bedroom. As they go, Catherine tells Kory that Rachel was hiding from her father, and Melissa believed that her and her baby was in fear. There were fresh strangulation marks on Melissa's neck, and the father never came looking for them.

Rachel looks around the bedroom and Catherine welcomes her home. She tells Kory not to give up, and Kory figures that she can't let Rachel out of her sight but doesn't know why. Kory asks Catherine if she recognizes the locker key, and Catherine says that it belongs to a roller palace down the road.

In Chicago, the remaining Nuclear Family goes to an expensive apartment building. An elderly women offers Brother and Sister candy, and the Family takes the elevator up to Dr. Adamson's penthouse. He points out that they don't have Rachel, and Mother admits that they failed. Adamson says that they've only recently become aware of Kory, and she is formidable but no Rachel. He tells the Family that they built them better than that, holds up a remote, and asks if they have any last words. Sister asks what's so important about Rachel, and Adamson tells them that Rachel is far more than a girl. He says that Rachel's father will scrub the flesh of the world clean and show them who they really are, but he can't arrive without an invitation and for that they need Rachel. Sister says that she'd like to see a world like that, and Adamson asks if they'd like another chance to save their last words for another day. They immediately agree, and Adamson offers to get them another Father and tells them not to eat the candies.

Kory drives to the roller palace and finds the locker that the key belongs to. Inside she finds a key to a storage unit. She goes over to where she left Rachel eating, and sits down to wait until Rachel is done eating. Kory asks Rachel about Dick, and Rachel says that he didn't really want to help her. She asks about Rachel's real father, and Rachel says that Melissa never talked about him.

Rachel goes over to the arcade to play pinball, and Gar comes over and admires her playing. They introduce themselves and compliment each other's hair.

Dick arrives and sees Kory at the jukebox, and approaches her. He recognizes her from the footage and says that he needs to talk to her about Rachel. Kory realizes who he is and takes him over to Rachel. Dick tells Rachel that they have to go, and as they leave, Kory says that the Family is after Rachel. Dick tells Rachel that he can't talk about Dawn right now and the cops think Rachel killed Melissa and are looking for Kory for assault and kidnapping. Rachel refuses to go without Kory, and says that Dick was going to leave her. She briefly unleashes her demonic self and the surrounding car windows explode, and Rachel says that she needs to go back to the convent. The three of them drive off in Dick's Porsche, and Gar watches them go.

15 Years Ago

Becky brings Dick in and recites the list of charges against him. She says that Bruce has dropped the charges dropped, and Dick tells her that he's looking for answers and plans to kill the people who killed his parents. Bruce watches from the observation room.

Later back at the manor, Dick finds an envelope left for him. Inside is a letter from Bruce offering to show Dick a different way to deal with the pain.


Dick approaches Rachel in the convent chapel where she's reading a Bible. He asks what set her off, and Rachel says that she's always scared. Rachel says that other people can't help and they just make promises and then leave her. Dick admits that she's right and no one can help her, and says that he was just like her once. He thought other people could help him with his pain but he was wrong, and tells Rachel that she can channel her pain. Rachel says that she needs to stay there a while, and Dick walks out.

Outside, Dick asks Catherine if Rachel ever showed any signs of anything unusual. Catherine claims that she doesn't know what he means, and Dick sees Kory drive off in his Porsche.

Catherine enters the chapel and gives Rachel some tea. She also gives Rachel the doll she had as a child, and says that they should never have let Rachel go. Catherine assures Rachel that she's safe there, and Rachel passes out from the drugged tea.

Kory drives to the storage unit and finds a large storage pod inside. There are photos of Rachel and ravens taped to the wall, and a tape player. Kory plays it and hears her own voice reporting that her investigations have led her to a terrestrial religious convent. The reports show that a Russian crime organization supplied Melissa and Rachel with new last names, and Kory is flying to Vienna to meet her contact to confirm. Kory finds a piece of paper with alien writing on it, and reads it.

Rachel wakes up on a gurney, and Catherine tells her that she gave her something to relax her. They wheel her into a barren room and put her on a bed, and Catherine says that Rachel will be safe there. The nun says that they were weak and "he" won't find Rachel there, apologizes, and tells Rachel that they all must make sacrifices. Catherine then leaves, locking the door behind her.

Dick arrives at the storage unit and complains to Kory that she stole his car and he traced it there. He realizes from the photos that Kory has been looking for Rachel for more than a few months. Dick takes photos of the raven pictures, and sees the alien writing. Kory can read it but doesn't say how, and refuses to say where she's from.

Rachel pounds on the door, and her demon self appears in a mirror and tells Rachel to look at her. The demon self says that the nuns locked Rachel up to protect her, but they were wrong. Rachel smashes the mirror but her demon self continues taunting her, saying that no one wants Rachel. The demon says that the people around Rachel aren't safe and begs Rachel to let her in.

Dick says that the man who came after Rachel had a raven tattoo, and Kory confirms from her reports that the mortality rate spikes each year on Rachel's birthday ever since she was born. She says that she thinks Rachel is part of a prophecy.

The demon self tells Rachel that no one will hurt her, and the bed Rachel is kneeling on shakes by itself. The mirror shard float into the air, and Rachel screams in fury.

Kory tells Dick that Rachel is the Destroyer of Worlds.

Rachel's demon self takes over and smiles in satisfaction.

The storage unit shakes, and Dick and Kory run out to see thousands of ravens fly out from the convent.

Rachel runs out of the burning convent and into the nearby forest.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 26, 2018

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