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Dia de Muertos + Sicarios + Family Recap

At a shrine in his home in Leon, Mexico, Don Luis Gomez lights a candle at the shrine of his wife and daughter. His lieutenant comes in and reports that the man they've been interrogating has admitted is a contact with the Americans. Luis goes in and faces the prisoner, and a team wearing Dia de Muertos masks break in, free the prisoner, grab Luis, and get out to their SUV. Oversight removes his mask as they drive away.

In the suburbs, Riley jogs up to where Wilt is decorating the lawn of their house. The neighbor, Ms. Glass, comes up and says that while they're glad to have newlyweds in the neighbor, the association has lots of rules. Riley pulls Wilt away and they go inside and call Matty on the radio. They report that there's no sign of Daniel Kettner. Matty reminds them that they need to find evidence that Kettner is spelling documents to the Chinese. Wilt reminds her that they've set up an x-ray scanner in a ghost on the front yard and Matty signs off.

At home, Mac is Skyping with Nasha and showing her how to set up a condenser fan. He wishes that he was there, and Nasha asks if he's any closer to finding Murdoc. Mac says that he hasn't, and Jack breaks in wearing a Halloween costume, trying to scare Mac. Mac isn't scared and signs off. Jack suggests that they have a slasher movie marathon, and then asks how Mac's lunch went with oversight. Mac says that they agreed to start over, and takes his father's call. Oversight says that his tac team in Mexico is down, his informant is dead, and he's wounded. However, he still has Luis. Mac tells him that they're coming for him.

Later, Mac and Jack arrive in Leon and go to the location where Oversight called from. Jack explains that he loves Dia de Muertos but doesn't want to be around when the sun goes down. They confirm that Oversight's phone is in a church and goes inside, and discover that Oversight tried to barricade the door to the office. There's no sign of Oversight, but Mac sees the numbers "457" written in the dust. He tells Jack that when he was a kid, Oversight taught him how to make an avalanche beacon. 457 kilohertz is the frequency that avalanche beacons use. Mac tunes an AM radio to the frequency and hears a signal.

In a junkyard, Oversight and Luis are hiding, and Oversight is trying to stay awake despite his blood loss. Mac and Jack arrive and Jack punches Luis unconscious, and Matty says that she has a dentist office with medical supplies two blocks away. They go there and Mac ties Jack to a chair. Maribel Vargas comes in and assumes their thieves, and Doc explains that they need her help. Luis says that there's a Vargas pharmacy a few blocks away and threatens Maribel's father who owns it. Maribel says that she'll do what she can.

Wilt hands out candy to the neighbor children and Riley tells him to sop handing out large handfuls. He says that he doesn't feel like he can let his guard down with Leanna, and worries that Leanna will see the real him and leave. Riley assures him that he's awesome, and spots Kettner taking out a laptop that he has hidden in the floor. They can only get to it physically, and Kettner only spends 30 seconds with each group of kids. wilt comes up with a plan but says that he'll need backup.

Maribel wipes Luis' mouth, and Oversight wakes up. Mac is building an electrical decide to shock Luis if he gets out of line. Oversight apologizes for getting Mac into the situation, and Mac says that it makes sense to take Luis off the board. They finish the device and strap it to Luis' chest, and explain that they'll zap him if he gets out of line. Oversight tosses a scalpel onto the floor and invites Luis to try and get it. He goes for it, and Oversight shocks him.

Matty calls and says that Luis' sicarios are heading there. Maribel trains a gun on them and says that she called them because Luis will not only kill her but her family. Mac apologizes for involving her but asks her to put the gun down. Luis says that he'll make her family rich. When Maribel is distracted by cars pulling up, Mac swings an x-ray camera into her arm, disarming her.

The men break in and search the place but find nothing. Outside, one sicario stops Maribel as she tries to drive away. The others are hiding in the back, with Oversight threatening to electrocute Luis if he says anything. After a moment, the thug lets Maribel pass. Jack figures that anyone in the city could tell the sicarios.

Once Mac puts Maribel on a bus out of town, Luis says that if they let him go it will give them a head start. The sicarios are checking helicopters, and Jack figures that they should go to the local police station. Mac agrees but says that Jack will go alone while he and Oversight keep Luis on the move.

Jack enters the station and tells the sergeant in town that he needs a police escort to get Luis out of Leon. The sergeant says that none of them can help, and Jack asks if anyone can get him a helicopter. The officers refuse, and the sergeant says that it's Mexico and walks away. One officer, Enrique Cardoza, asks Jack what they'll do with Luis. When Jack says that they'll squeeze him for information, Enrique says that his people live in terror of Luis and offer to help.

Wilt gets a boy, Calvin, to help with his plan. he says that Matty is delivering a truck full of candy bars to Calvin's house, and Calvin knocks at Kettner's door. Calvin distracts Kettner while Riley sneaks into Kettner's house, gets his laptop, and downloads the information.

Wilt pretends to be Calvin's father, while Riley tells him via earbud that it will take time to clone the laptop. Kettner says that he needs to get back inside, and finally tells Wilt that he's coming in. He tosses a handful of candy at Calvin, and Wilt fakes offense. Riley finishes cloning the laptop and hides in the closet as Kettner comes in and takes a phone call from his contact.

As Mac and Oversight drive around, Oversight describes the Halloween they had when Mac's mother died. They talk about her and Oversight says that he took every overseas op he could get to keep Mac safe. He admits that it was just him avoiding his grief, and a fresh start with them would mean everything to them. Luis, listening in, says that he death was the best thing that could happen to him. He says that he lost his wife Isobel and daughter Fior in a car bombing, and realized that they made him weak. Matty calls and says that Jack gained access to a small plane and they need to meet him at a landing strip. She sends them the coordinates, but the road is blocked by a parade.

Mac has the group take the rooftops as the sicarios search the car. Luis knocks the remote out of Oversight's hand and yells to his men, and they open fire. Luis runs off and Mac and Oversight go after him. He jumps across an alleyway and Mac jumps as well. Luis' man Rafa arrives on the rooftop and asks Luis for help. Rafa prepares to shoot him, saying that he's taking over. Oversight grabs the remote and triggers the shock device, knock Luis over, and Mac knocks Rafa over the edge of the roof.

The sicarios arrive and open fire, and Mac grabs a nearby exhaust fan, wrapping a rope around the spindle. They jump and the rope plays out, running out just as they hit the alleyway below. They knock out a sicario but Luis grabs the man's gun. Oversight's remote broke in the fall, and more sicarios arrive. Luis kills them, and says that if they don't work together then they'll all die.

As night falls, Jack reaches the airfield with Cardoza and discovers that the plane is in pieces. As he inspects it, Cardoza admits that it hasn't run in ten years. He talks about how the sicarios took over and killed his grandfather when he refused to help them. Cardoza joined the police a year ago and discovered that everyone is either paid off or too afraid. He figures that it will send a message to the cartels if they put Luis away in an American prison. Jack says that Gomez is no god and that people like the two of them can take Luis down, and assures Cardoza that his friends will get there.

The trio take refuge in an abandoned warehouse, and Luis refuses to give up any information until he's safe. Oversight then tells Mac that Luis knows how to find Walsh, and Mac figures that's why Oversight initiated the op. Mac tells him that they'll focus on finding Jack and the plane. Luis tells them that there's a cemetery with an old tunnel leading to the airport. Mac figures that Luis will do anything to save his life and they should use the tunnels to escape.

Riley tell Wilt to get her out of there, and Wilt watches Kettner via the x-ray scanner and tells her when she can move. She slips out and hears Kettner on the phone to the Chinese, and Wilt tells her to hide as Kettner comes back. Riley knocks over a lamp, and Kettner hears the noise and picks up a gun before going to investigate. Wilt starts beating on Kettner's car, setting off the alarm. Kettner comes out and wilt yells back that he's teaching him a lesson. Riley sneaks out, and Wilt tells Kettner that he overreacted and wishes Kettner a Happy Halloween.

Later at Wilt, Riley and Wilt give Matty the data from Kettner's laptop. She congratulates them and jokingly says that they can get divorced.

The trio enter the cemetery and head for the tunnels. They kneel at a grave and light candles, and the sicarios move on without seeing them. The trio enter the tunnels and head for the edge of the city. There's a breeze, indicating that the sicarios opened another entrance. Using light-enhancing goggles, they make their way through the tunnels.

Realizing that the sicarios are closing in, Mac and Oversight blind them with their candles and knock them out. As they go, Mac grabs a grenade from one sicario. The trio run as move Sicarios move in, and Mac goes back and uses wax from the candle to stick it to a support beam. He pulls the beam and runs, and the explosion brings the tunnel down. Oversight comes looking for his son and finds Mac, and Luis says that he's found another way out.

Jack is working on the plane when his friends arrive. He checks to make sure that they're not ghosts, and says that a Phoenix jet will meet them at a landing strip over the border. Jack introduces Cardoza, and Luis is surprised to see an honest cop. Cardoza handcuffs Luis, and Oversight tells Mac that his mother would have loved the two of them working together. He assures his son that she is very proud of him.

Cardoza shoots Luis dead and says that he got justice.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 27, 2018

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