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Thin Lizzie Recap

In Fall River, Massachusetts, a couple get ready for bed in a bed & breakfast. They feel the rage vibes and picked the room for its heavy paranormal vibes. As the man puts a record on, the lights flicker and go out. He reminds his girlfriend that's what they came there for, and the closet door creaks open. He yanks it open and turns to see a woman with an axe standing behind his girlfriend. The newcomer kills the woman and then kills the man as he tries to get out through the chained door.

Later at the bunker, Sam turns up the incident while looking for information on the Darkness. The B&B is Lizzie Borden's actual house, and in 1892 she hacked up her father and stepmom there. Lizzie was acquitted and subsequently hounded and prosecuted by the townspeople. There were no signs of exit or entry and the other guests didn't see any signs of the killer. Dean figures that it has to do with Sam's fetish for serial killers, and Sam suggests that they check it out. dean reluctantly agrees.

The brothers arrive in Fall River and check out the B&B museum. The owner, Mason Kemper, is dressed up in period clothing and on the phone trying to assure a guest they've cleaned out the room. Sam says that he's a history buff and asks Mason if he thinks the killings had to do with Lizzie's ghosts. Mason points out that he only talks to the paying guests. As Sam takes out his wallet, Mason's mother Mmm comes in and complains that he forgot to cancel the bakery order. She storms out and Mason admits that he's been working with her for 20 years. Sam takes the room the couple died in, and Mason says that they're not renting it out of respect. Dean pay him some more and Sam asks if he saw anything unusual. Mason ran up there and found the blow, and says that the guy was a descendant of the original Bordens.

The Winchesters enter the room and Sam says that it was Lizzie's original room. He scans the room for EMF and gets a strong reading, and checks out the closet. The meter goes dead, and Sam doesn't find any secret passages. Dean goes back downstairs while Sam follows the readings. They lead him to a door that says "staff only." It's locked, and Sam picks the lock.

Dean enters the study and finds Lizzie's axe mounted on the wall. The lights flicker and dean gets up on a chair to check the chandelier. A light flashes outside and Dean knocks on the window. A photographer is there with a camera and runs off.

Sam goes upstairs to the attic and finds a homemade EMF generator. He goes down to Dean and tells his brother what he found, and Dean explains that the flickering lights are wired to timers in the wall. Behind a portrait of Lizzie is a sound system, complete with a sobbing woman. Dean figures the entire place is a tourist trap, and isn't interested in sticking around to check oiut the murder.

Mmm cleans up the study for the night and goes to her room... unaware that the axe on the wall is gone. When she enters her bedroom, someone attacks her with the axe and kills her.

The next day, the Winchesters hear about the new murder and return to the B&B. Sam talks to the investigating detective, Madsen, and tells Mason that he and Dean were undercover. Meanwhile, Dean scans for EMF but gets no reading.

Madsen tells Sam that Mason had just finished locking up, and the staff had gone home hours before Mrs. Kemper was killed. Dean comes over and describes the photographer, and Madsen realizes that it was Len, a local man who is obsessed with ghosts. Sam offers to interview him and Madsen accepts. The brothers drive to Len's address and Sam suggests that they're dealing with a human serial killer. Madsen calls to tell Sam that there's been another victim in the next county. Sam heads for the new crime scene while Dean talks to Len.

At the crime scene, Madsen tells Sam that the babysitter Sydney found the father in the driveway. Sam talks to Sydney, who explains that she heard the father shout and went out to investigate. She didn't notice anything else unusual before the murder. The mother, Dawn Pinski, comes home and immediately tells Sam to get out.

At Len's, Dean discovers that Len has a collection of Lizzie memorabilia. Len explains that he has his own museum, and admits that he was trying to get a picture of Lizzie with an old-fashioned Victorian camera. The man says that he's seen Lizzie but she doesn't turn up on phone, and says that there's a restraining order to keep him out of the B&B. Len stayed in the basement on Lizzie's 155th birthday... for a couple of weeks. Len's chat room comes up on the computer and he goes to close it down.

Madsen warns Sam that the townspeople are starting to panic. He doesn't find anything unusual about Mrs. Pinsky's murder, figuring that it's shock.

Dean looks around Len's room and notices a piece of paper with the Darkness symbol on it. Len lies about finding it on a ghost site, but finally cracks and says that he was outside of the B&B when he saw it.

Len finds a teenaged Amara outside a window, and she wishes she was staying there. She tells Len that she read about how Lizzie killed her parents, and they both agree that Lizzie's parents sucked. However, Amara is sure that Lizzie definitely killed her parents, and smiles at Len.

Because of the restraining murder, Len didn't tell the police. He says that Amara had the symbol on her shoulder, and repeats the name she gave him. Dean claims that she's a runaway, and Len admits that he doesn't know if she's still in town. He insists that he has to find Amara.

Len tries to leave, but Amara grabs him by the head and starts to suck out his soul. She stops after several seconds.

The Lizzie fan says that he hasn't been able to eat, sleep, or dream since Amara drained him. He put his entire collection up on eBay and now he's just playing the part of what he used to be. Len went to the B&B to find Amara and have her put him back the way he was. Dean calls Sam and tells Sam what Len told him. He figures that Amara sucked out his soul. Sam meets him at Len's and they figure that Amara is growing by consuming souls. Dean has confirmed with the neighbors that Len was there all night, and figures that they can't kill him. Sam reminds him that they want to save people, and they figure the best thing is to stick close to Len. Dean wants Sam to tell Len that he has no soul, but Sam doesn't think that Len will feel any better for knowing. He tells Dean that Dawn didn't react to her husband's death and they figure she lost her soul and killed him.

The next day, the brothers take Len with them to the Pinsky house. There's nobody home and Sam calls Sydney. Sydney doesn't know where Dawn is at first, but finally says that Dawn has a special friend named Nate. She provides the address and the Winchesters drive there, while Len complains about how he doesn't feel anything good or bad. He says that he feels like something dark is hatching inside of him, and Dean handcuffs him to the car handle and tells him that he's lost his soul.

The brothers go to Nate's door and no one answers. Dean looks inside and sees signs of a struggle, and Sam spots Dawn's car in the driveway. The brothers break in and Dean checks the cellar. The lights don't work, and Dean finally locates the chopped-up corpses of Nate and Dawn. Someone knocks him out from behind.

Sam hears someone moving inside of a closet and opens it. Dawn's son Jordie is inside, bound and gagged. Sydney comes up with a shotgun and trains it on Sam. She takes Sam down to the basement and ties him to a chair, next to Dean tied up to a post. She says that the brothers are her offering to hew new friend Amara.

A couple of nights ago, Sydney got drunk when her boyfriend dumped her. Amara approaches her and tells her that she shouldn't drive, and Sydney offers to take her inside. Instead, Amara says that she's going to help her and takes her hand. Sydney laughs and says that she feels ecstatic, and calls Amara an angel. Offended, Amara grabs her and drains her soul.

Sydney wants to recapture the bliss that Amara made her feel, and reveals how her parents stubbed out cigarettes on her stomach. Now they don’t bother her, and she doesn't have flashbacks and nightmares. Sydney insists that she's free now that her soul is gone, and admits that she killed her boyfriend and his new girlfriend at the B&B. Mrs. Kemper screwed her out of two week's pay, and got in and out because she worked there for one summer. Jordie's father was a meth dealer and his mother was a slut, and Sydney figures that she saved the boy.

Dean asks how Sydney is going to bring Amara there, and the girl says that Amara can hear her praying to her. Sam manages to rub his bonds through and get free. Sydney tries to shoot him... and Len kills her with an axe. Sam takes it and a dying Sydney mutters that the Darknes sis coming for all of them, and it's peaceful.

Later, Sam and Dean take Jordie home. The shell-shocked boy wont' talk, and Sam tells him that his mother died when he was young and his father wasn't around much. He assures Jordie that he'll survive what happened, and the boy says that he has an Aunt Kathy.

In the house, Len tells Dean that he ripped his hand out of the cuff to see if he could do it. He didn't real feel anything for Sydney or the Winchesters, and wonders what kind of person can murder and feel nothing. Len says that he can feel the urge to kill rising up in him, and suggests that Dean could kill him. Dean refuses and Len says that he'll confess to all of the murders. Dean points out that a soulless kller wouldn’t give himself up, and Len says that he's going through the motions for as long as he can.

Later, Sam and Dean pick up some food and park by the lake. Sam worries that they only know the tip of what Amara is capable of, and asks Dean what it was for him. Dean says that it quiet until Amara started raising armies, and Sam figures that's their best lead. They get in the Impala and drive off... and Amara watches them go, saying that she'll see Dean soon.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 5, 2015

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