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The Perfect Game Recap

The next day, Dex gets up, cleans after himself, makes sure everything is precisely in its place, looks at a photo of the group at his suicide squad prevention hotline--including Julie--and goes out. When he slams the door, the photo on the wall goes askew and goes back to adjust it.

The workers pull the cab out of the river.

Benjamin meets with Fisk and says that there is no corpse. Fisk tells him to remind Felix that he doesn't tolerate loose ends, and Benjamin says that a blind man couldn't have swum to shore. Fisk shows him video of Matt at the prison and asks if it looks like a blind man. Benjamin insists that all of their sources confirmed that Matt lost his sight at age 9, but Fisk isn't convinced and figures that Matt could have survived.

Dex and Ray come in and Benjamin says that it's time for the government to honor the deal. He reminds the agents that the Albanians have been totally wiped out thanks to Fisk's information. Ray states that the DOJ won't file charges against Vanessa, and Benjamin says that Fisk is entitled to the return of his belongings and supervised movement within the hotel. Fisk says that the FBI have sacrificed a great deal for him and he will continue to cooperate. he tells them that a criminal has acted on his behalf doing illegal activities: Matt.

Later, Dex goes out jogging, following Julie as she jogs. She stops to give money to a homeless man and then continues jogging, and Dex continues following her.

Ray leads agents to Matt's old apartment. They break in but there's no sign of Matt. A wet suit lies on the floor, and Ray figures that Matt has been there recently.

Karen is sitting in a bar drinking. Felix sits down nearby and Karen comes over and says that she's giving him a chance to speak up about the allegations she's making in the Bulletin about his laundering money for Fisk. She promises to keep his name out of it if he helps her off the record, and warns that he'll lose his other clients once the story goes out. Felix recites Karen's family names and address, and says that her brother destroyed the family with his drug addiction. He then tells Karen that he makes problems disappear.

Karen leaves and sees men following her. A SUV pulls over and a man gets out and calls to Karen by name. He identifies himself as FBI Agent Fremont, and Karen warns him that she has a gun in her purse and a concealed-gun permit. Fremont removes the gun and says takes her to Matt's apartment. Ray says that he asked Fremont to bring her there, and tells her that he'll be the one asking questions.

Ray escorts Karen into the apartment where the FBI are searching for evidence. She says that she hasn't seen or spoken to Matt in months, and Ray asks why she's been paying his bills. Karen says that she did it out of her friendship, and figured that Matt would come back when he was ready. Ray asks when Nelson and Murdock started working for Fisk, and when Karen denies it he shows her a retainer check for CGI. Karen says that Matt took one case for CGI, and they didn't know that it was a front for Fisk. She says that an executive hired them, and Ray shows her a photo of Wesley. Karen says that it was Wesley, and recites the information that Ray should ask Fisk if he uses Felix and Red Lion. She points out that Fisk has bought the hotel, and Ray asks if she has proof. Karen asks if she's under arrest and leaves when Ray says that she isn't... yet.

Benjamin brings Fisk a box of everything that Felix's investigators were able to deal up on short notice. Fisk says that it will take some time to go through the files provided, and Benjamin waits while Fisk reads the psychiatric files on Dex. The criminal visualizes Dex's life.

Coach Bradley comes in and says that it's time for practice. He gives Dex a new baseball glove and tells the boy that he's an all-star pitcher. Dex shows Bradley his new wind-up.

Dex strikes out his opponents and Bradley pulls him. He says that he has to give the other kids some field time, and Dex insists that he has to to keep going and pitch a perfect game. When he breaks into tears, Bradley tells him that pitching perfect games won't bring his parents back and Dex goes to the bench. He picks up a baseball, throws it against a post, and the ricochet hits Bradley in the head, killing him.

Later, Dr. Eileen Mercer asks Dex what happened at the game and how it made Dex feel. Dex says that Bradley was a jerk because he never let him do what he wanted. Mercer points out that Bradley named Dex MVP, and Dex says that Bradley used to be awesome. The therapist writes down that Dex has a borderline personality disorder, and asks Dex if him hitting Bradley was an accident. Dex is drawing and snaps his pencil, and says that it wasn't an accident. He asks if he's in trouble, and Mercer assures him that it wasn't his fault as she writes down "psychopathic tendencies" on her pad. She says that it's not Dex's fault, and points out that he's drawing a picture of himself alone. Dex admits that it's been his way most of his life, and Mercer says that when his parents died there were things that he never learned but now he has her. She says that they're going to establish some routines and first they'll practice empathy. Dex recites the world and Mercer says that they're going to make a terrific team.

Years later, Dex visits Mercer at her apartment for their last session and offers him some of her champagne. Dex offers her sympathy on her retirement, reciting the words she taught him years ago. He breaks into tears, saying that Mercer can't leave, and she tells him that they prepared for it. Dex will get a steady job, stick to his meds, and listen to the tapes that she's made of their sessions if he gets off-track, to remind himself of how far he's come. Finally, Mercer gives her the name of another therapist. Dex angrily says that he doesn't want another therapist, and Mercer asks him to be honest about his intentions. He says that he wants to kill her to punish her for dying and leaving him. Mercer tells him that death always wins eventually but they never hasten it with violence. Dex says that he can't do it alone, and Mercer tells him to find any good person with a decent heart to look up to. She hugs Dex, and the phone rings.

Dex is working at a suicide hotline and recites from the script. He talks to a caller, Craig, and works his way through the script. Julie comes over and says that Dex is doing amazing. Once she leaves, Dex sets the script aside and asks Craig what kind of gun he has. He then asks Craig why he doesn't kill the stepfather he's angry at rather than take his own life. Julie comes over and Dex reverts back to the script, saying that he's not going anywhere.

Later, Dex and Julie have pizza at an office party. Dex watches Julie when she isn't looking.

Fisk looks at the photos that Felix has gotten of Julie. Benjamin asks him what it's all about, and Fisk tells him that he wants to distract the public by giving them a scapegoat: a new villain. Fisk figures that he might have found him.

Dex sits at the hotel bar, and Julie is the waitress and approaches him. She recognizes him from the suicide hotline and offers her hand, and Dex shakes it and assures her that he remembers her. She explains that it's her first day on the job, and Dex says that the FBI has an office upstairs regarding Fisk. Julie goes to help a table, and when Dex asks when she gets off, she suggests that they hang out afterward and catch up.

At Nelson's Meats, Theo offers free meat to anyone who votes for Foggy. Ray comes in and an elderly woman, Mrs. Callahan, fills in an absentee ballot and says that when Fisk set off the explosions in Hell's Kitchen, she lost everything except her vote. Mrs. Callahan tells Foggy to get Fisk, and he promises that he will.

Ray comes over and asks Foggy for subs. He then asks the last time that he saw Matt, and identifies himself. Once they're alone, Foggy complains that Ray is dropping his friends' names to intimidate him, and he's not going to back off of the FBI's arrangement with Fisk. Ray figures that Foggy ditched Matt because he's a good guy, and Foggy insists that they didn't do anything unethical. He says that he saw Matt in a bar in Hell's Kitchen two nights ago, and all Matt said was that he was sorry that their friendship wasn't what it used to be. Ray points out that Matt took Foggy's bar ID to get into the prison and contacted an Albanian gangster. Foggy says that he didn't give Matt the ID or was aware of anything Matt was planning, but says that Ray has Matt wrong. Ray figures that Matt is hiding a double life and is a criminal by night, and Foggy and Karen know about it. The agent warns that Foggy is an accessory, and Foggy asks what Matt is being charged with. Ray says that they're not charging Matt with anything--yet--and Foggy tells him to get out.

Julie meets with Dex after her shift and Dex claims that they have the same habits. She says that she left social working to work as a dancer, but tore her ACL. Dex tells her that her parents weren't that involved, and Julie says that he did great on his own. She asks what it's like working for Fisk, and Dex says that he works for the federal government. Julie wonders if Fisk deserves a second chance, and Dex says that in her three years at the hotline she should know that everyone deserves a second chance. She wonders how Dex knew that when he only worked there for one year, and Dex claims that she mentioned it when she said that she quit to do ballet. Julie points out that she didn't mention ballet, and quickly excuses herself to go home and feed her dog. Dex tells her that he doesn't have a job, and then says that she's misreading it and suggests that they go for a walk and he'll explain. He grabs her arm and Julie yells at him to let go, pulls away, and leaves.

Karen meets with Foggy at the deli, and Foggy warns that the FBI know that they're hiding something. He blames himself for telling Matt to tell Karen his secret, and says that he'll plead guilty in return for her immunity. Karen says that she's in trouble and asks for attorney-client privilege. Foggy gets five dollars from her to hire him as her lawyer, and she says that Wesley worked for Fisk and he disappeared. She explains that she killed Wesley and the FBI will find out if they keep investigating.

Dex returns home and punches the wall, furious. The blood from his knuckles gets on his shirt, and Ex rips it off and rinses it in the sink. He then smashes his plates and throws things around the apartment, then picks up a knife and throws it precisely into Julie's face in the photo. Dex then listens to one of Mercer's session tapes, trying to calm down.

Earlier, Matt staggers into his apartment and removes his wet suit. He collapses on the floor, gasping, and dozes off. The next morning he wakes up when he hears the FBI at the apartment door. Matt gets out via the window as the FBI break in and listens to them as they declare Matt armed and dangerous.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 27, 2018

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